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How to connect laptop to desktop sm

Posted By: Gemini on 2009-05-13
In Reply to:

My desktop will not connect to the internet, no internet explorer working yet my laptop connects so if I can connect to my desktop somehow could I start up the internet that way and download internet explorer to my desktop so I will not get an error message? Confusing, I know, but I did a disk compression and I think that's how it got messed up. A system restore will now be allowed on any old dates tried. It's very frustrating.

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A laptop is really no different than a desktop and whatever

you need on your desktop to work, you want on your laptop.   More and more laptops aren't coming with a dial-up modem and I would want that if traveling so that you have another option for connection.   Depending on how/where you travel you may never need it, but I think you always need several options for connecting.   I have used a laptop only for 5 years.   I do use an external keyboard, but it isn't wireless.   I don't know if computers have the ability to have something built-in for a wireless keyboard and/or mouse, but if not you have to have to connect something to your computer and that will just be another piece of equipment to have to keep you with. 

There are a lot of companies who advertise "internet based," but that doesn't mean necessarily that you can just download dictation and work off-line.  Many companies want you to type live into their system, so if you are going to be looking for a new position you need to be sure about the details. 

Some companies require you to use their equipment, so traveling wouldn't work well with something like that.   If you are able to use your own equipment if you had a laptop already they could load your laptop to start with. 


I have an HP laptop and a desktop....sm...

I've had the laptop since January 2007 and the desktop since December 2005. I have been pleased with both.  Tech support is from India but make sure you tell them you use your computer for business purposes and you'll get someone who speaks very good English.  Otherwise, you'll be repeatedly saying, "Scuse me.  Could you repeat that?"

My DH has two HP laptops and has been pleased.  Then again, my DD and her father, my ex-husband, both have Dell laptops and have been pleased.  They don't run theirs as much as I run mine though with several programs running at one time.

Get Windows XP Pro.  Don't go with Vista.  There are still some compatibity issues with MT software.

Laptop vs. desktop - I don't get it
The size of the computer shouldn't matter. It's probably the "wireless" that concerns them (though if a VPN is used and/or you have very good security software it shouldn't matter). Just plug in like you do at home and you should be able to connect.

I use a laptop and desktop...
The company (MQ) provided the desktop, the laptop is mine.  I do not think they provide laptops. 
I have a desktop and a laptop...
I got the laptop for Christmas just in case the other computer died and guess what, the other computer died...the motherboard...just I just got a brand new desktop instead of paying to fix the motherboard since they wanted an arm and a leg...so for me having the laptop has been a God send...but it is not something you need to do to work at home...
You need the same specs in a laptop as you have in your desktop.

You needs at least 512 RAM, a good sound card, Ethernet/wireless card, and a dial-up modem if you plan to travel and work, so you have multiple options for obtaining work.   Any computer you buy off the shelf should have everything you would need but maybe the dial-up modem. 

If you use a foot pedal you may need to be an adapter to convert your pedal to USB, if you are using serial/game port with desktop. 


using desktop computer mobile as a laptop

Anyone have an idea about using a desktop computer as a laptop?  I am wanting to take a roadtrip and I had a laptop that has a cracked monitor screen that I used a Belkin wireless internet PCI card in the side of it with WiFi internet connection.  Is there a way to use my physical harddrive and establish the same wireless internet connection with WiFi?  I do not have the same port that the laptop has on my harddrive that the Belkin wireless card fit into, but is there another card that plugs into the desktop harddrive that will have the same effect?  Thank you all.


Desktop or Laptop? Gotta buy a new puter...sm

Not sure whether I would like to buy another desktop or a laptop.  My hubby has a laptop and the only way I can transcribe on his is if I use an adaptor to connect my ergonomic keyboard.  I am wondering if the screen from the laptop would cramp my style.  I am leaning more towards another desktop because I can use my hubby's when traveling, but then still question what brand.  Anyone willing to give some suggestions as far as brand, specs, capabilities.  I would rather hear from fellow MTs versus sales people in the store selling me things I really do not need.  Thanks!!

switching peripherals from desktop to laptop

if they have previously been used on that machine, does the machine have to be turned off before attaching them?  don't know what i'd do without you guys on this board, be lost in space i guess...

Anybody here work only on a laptop and not use desktop computer at all?
Does it drive you crazy with the small keyboard and small screen? Maybe it's something you get used to and compensate for when working. I'm considering getting a laptop just for work to keep things separate but looking for pros and cons of this. I figured somebody on the board has some advice on this.
Usually one desktop install and one laptop per license. nm
Thanks! It sounds like an air card can also work between desktop and laptop
Thanks so much for all this info...It sounds like you can get air cards that plug into USB ports that you can interchange between your desktop computer and your laptop for on-the-go or if there were a power outage. Am pretty low tech but seriously considering this. A lot would depend on the dependability of the signal from my home. If it were steady, I would consider cutting (ha ha) the cable internet which is 48$ plus taxes and just have the broadband (60$ ?) which I could use with my desktop computer or take with me using a laptop and also could use with a laptop in case of power outage. hmmmmmm
I bought a desktop and laptop in December. Can I claim on taxes..
and is there a limit to how often you purchase computers for your work? A friend thought you could buy one a year and claim it.  I bought the laptop and desktop in December and already hate the laptop, but I hate to purchase another one if I cannot claim it this year. Oh, also if I charged the computers on my Dell account in December but did not start making payments in January 2006 can I still claim for 2005 taxes. Thanks.
I have a desktop Dell and it has been alright so far, but I've never owned a laptop.
What brand are you currently using then?
Made by Dell. I have had no problems with any of my laptop or desktop Dells.
I've purchased one laptop and one desktop system used/refurbished, sm
...both from that place I mentioned, and you wouldn't know them from used. I used the laptop happily for many years (still have it, though it's quite out of date now), and the PC is going on it's 2nd year with no problems. You do have to be careful when buying used, but if you're dealing with a reputable site that has a good rep, it's usually not a problem at all and the savings can be tremendous.
A computer is a computer, whether it be laptop or desktop.
I have both and use both and I bought both of mine...most companies do not provide computers...
I also used to connect (sm)
to a company VPN.  Each time I would connect, my keylogger program would alert me that by connecting to the VPN my Keystrokes and possibly screenshots could be monitored.  As another poster said, it is possible that a company could monitor your activity, but they probably do not have time to sort through all of this information.  I think the best solution is to have your computer protected and possibly install keylogger protection.  It is nice to know when your keystrokes will be monitored, then you have the choice to accept or not accept.
how to connect two computers
I am starting with a new company next week and have received their computer.  How do I connect this to my internet (DSL)?  My DH suggested that I would need a router which would plug into the modem and then something would go into the new computer, or something like that??  I am not too knowledgable about this type of thing.  Know how to use a computer but not sure about all that wireless stuff!!  If I need a router does anyone know what kind to get? Or what I need to know to determine what kind to get?  If anyone can advise...Thanks!!
DocShuttle does way more than just connect...sm

although you need to purchase all the components. DocShuttle Administrator will let you set up separate accounts for your dictators, and set privileges for which MT's work on which accounts and do they have QA privileges. Also allows you to upload templates to the FTP site for use by all transcribers. So you have to buy Administrator for sure. DocShuttle Client is for anyone who transcribes (including yourself), it lets you download files from the ftp site. When you click on the voice file, it brings up templates that you choose from. DocShuttle Dictator is for the docs. What I like about Dictator is you can set it to work with the Olympus recorder so that when the doc docks the recorder, it automatically imports to the Olympus program, and erases the file from the recorder. Then DocShuttle Dictator can be set up to automatically, say every 4 hours, import from the Olympus program and upload new files to the ftp site and download finished files. I have found that the front desk girls can sink your account by not being able to figure out how to upload or download files. I just did an install with DocShuttle and you should have seen the doc's eyes light up when he docked his recorder and it all went automatically. Also the files stay in the local box and get uploaded to the ftp site so there's always a copy at the doc's office for back up. It also marks the files with a coded number that includes the date, dictator, etc. And at the end of the month, you can run reports that will give you MSWord data such as characters or lines to you can do a line count without opening every single file. Files can be encrypted if you want.

This program is ideal if you have more than one MT working with you. If you are working alone, they just came out with an email program that would work for just an independent contractor working at home for a doc.

Scott and his crew have worked hard on making DS very user friendly, which as I said, is a must because of the front office ladies. Their support is excellent. Just get past the first lady because she usually doesn't know what she is talking about.

one more word - MAKE SURE you purchase the Dongle. You get unlimited installs with the dongle - otherwise three installs and they want you to buy another license. email me with any more questions - I've been using DS for a few years now and am very happy with it


Internet connect is bad
I have cable and upgraded to higher speed for download and upload, and it seems for every hour it works, the next is cutting in and out - worse is when I stop working the TV doesn't want to - too bad it could not connect to air -
Connect to a system via satellite
Rather than satellite, which can have "weather related" problems and so on, have you thought about a wireless connection? I am out in the country and use a wireless internet card which I got through Spring with a laptop computer. There are also companies that can put a wireless tower on your roof if need be, however, that was not an option for me so I went with the laptop and wireless internet card. I would also check to make sure that the software supports satellite or wireless. Many techs will tell you that it either does or does not.

Hope this helps.
Some companies don't really care how you connect, it all
depends on their system.   If you are thinking of working from home and can't DSL you most likely can't get WiFi either.  If you have a wireless network setup already you can use WiFi that way, but most companies will not allow for using WiFi like at Panera Bread. 
To all of you Escriptionist out there...Laptop question. Have any of you found a laptop that you can
thing. I tried one of those adapter that goes from the 9-pin to the USB but when I plugged in the USB my foot pedal did not work right. I know supposedly there is a help section on the escription website that says the adapter may work and how to make them compatible etc but it never worked for me. Has any of you find a solution or a laptop that this foot pedal with work with. I'd like to work while traveling and get a laptop but it never worked on my old one. Ideas??
Just connect your external keyboard and you won't know the difference.

You may want to attach an external monitor (I don't) or use a box of some kind to elevate the computer.  They have boxes at the office supply store in the computer area that have trays for storage or a place to put your keyboard and that is about the right height.  I would also suggest an external mouse.   If you need a new keyboard/mouse I'd go wireless.  If you want to be somewhat mobile, like sitting in the backyard in the shade unhooking and hooking everything up gets to be a pain and if you just want to diddle and not work you can use the laptop keyboard and not have to take the other keyboard and mouse. 

If you are used to a large monitor that is probably your biggest adjustment, the rest is fairly easy and may take some trial and error to get everything worked out. 

NO, you're off. 0.03 x 60 = 1.80 that's without a direct onesuite connect sm

I used them for years. I didn't pay any attention to their rate, above -- but it doesn't matter how fast you type. You could sit there and NOT type, and you're still paying $1.80 for every hour you're hooked up.

And by the way, there are several dictators I'm 1:1 on. Not many though!

Unless there is a network to connect to, you're out of luck.

Basically, you need to have an available network (also called hot spot) that will allow you to connect to the Internet. The card is only hardware, not the actual network.

I was told that it would connect directly - no ID needed. nm

When I connect to my computer via camera or memory

stick I have a menu come up that asks what I want to do, view, copy to  a file, etc.    Once they are in a folder you can send pictures as an attachment or copy the picture to the e-mail.   If you send as attachment when you request attachment it will ask you to search for whatever it is you want to attach, if you want to include a picture in the e-mail  right click on the picture and one of the options that comes up is to e-mail picture.  Just follow the directions. 


I connect a larger screen - having two desktops is nice. sm
Just got my laptop cooler with its built-in USB hub, so I am adding other things.

Of course, the greatest thing you can do is take your job on impromptu vacations and not have to worry about approval from the boss.
tech help, new wireless router, now can't connect to clients

I am using a wired PC with a DSL connection.  Last night I set up a new wireless router and a laptop.  I had to have Linksys help me so I know we did it how they told me.  Both computers can connect to the internet, but now on my wired PC I cannot connect to my clients.  I have one I connect to with VPN and another over the internet through Citrix.  That one I can connect to initially, but it keeps disconnecting itself.  Help anyone?

Yes. It's called a phone. Connect, dial, and record. NM
Is there a setting on the computer that causes your internet connect to time out - I cannot stay
You need an air card to connect to the Internet. Once you're connected, you can do what you norma
do.  I have Sprint PCS and like their service.  There are different plans you can choose from.  Some give you the air card if you sign up for their better plans.  Hope this helps.
If the home you're visiting has a wireless network, you can connect to that.

When you're there, let the computer search for the network and when it is recognized, connect to it. You will need to enter a passcode if it is a secured network (which it should be). You can save that confirguration to your laptop for future visits. It's really the same process as with a wireless router at home.

Now, if neither router is wireless, you can get a cable from places like Staples that will connect directly into your laptop and the back of the router. You will still need to set up the laptop as described above but, again, that configuration can be saved.

I live in a small town and we don't have Starbucks, Panera, etc., close by but the public library has a wireless network that I can connect to for free; you might want to check into that option as well.

The biggest thing you should be concerned with is that you are operating on a secure network and that information going across the network is at the very least encrypted according to HIPAA standards.

Can you save your files to your desktop until this is fixed possibly?
The same way you do with a desktop. It
depends on the type of connection you have/need on your pedal.   If you use a USB it is simple, just plug into a USB port, if you need a game or serial port then you have to get an adapter and then you still plug into a USB port. 
New Desktop
If under 1000 dollars is true, I would skip the used/refurbs and go directly to Costco. You or your friend must be a member but they have a system with a TERRABYTE Of memory. You cant go wrong with that much system. It is 600.00 without a monitor and you can get a compatible monitor for 100 or 200 these days.
Right click on your desktop (sm)
and select Arrange Icons and uncheck Auto Arrange.
Then seriously, save it to your desktop. That's it.
desktop calendar

Desktop Icons
go to your desktop and right click, hit new, hit shortcut, and then browse for your page.
Thanks, for that on my desktop, now where is autofill?
It says I can fill in by autofill but I see nothing like that on the top. Sorry for being such a duh type person but am struggling along today. Thanks so much!
copy that! (to my desktop) thank you! NM
Replacing old desktop
Hey, I need to replace my old desktop computer (too old and slow).  The only thing I've been told is that I should definitely go with at least a dual core, but do you have any suggestions other than that?  I work in EditScript and so need Windows XP.  Also would like to keep the price under $1000, if possible.  Any MT with a "favorite" or a "definite don't"?  Thanks!
Only when the desktop has to go into the shop,
and I have to move operations over to the laptop. I just plug my regular keyboard in, which is a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000. I like this keyboard; it's cheap, so when I inevitably kill it (I am hard on keyboards; must be a hold-over from having learned to type on a manual typewriter back in the stone age) it doesn't cost a lot to replace. (I'm on my second one.) And it has a decent enough touch. The curve is just enough to straighten my wrists out to a neutral position, but not so much that I feel like I'm typing on an alien machine.
right click anywhere on your desktop that is blank, sm
and go into properties; click on the last tab that says settings and on the bottom left-hand corner is screen resolution. slide that bar left and right until you see what you are used to. FYI mine is on 800x600 pixels.
how to move desktop icons so .
 they won't return to original positions.  I know there is something to uncheck, somewhere, can't find it.  Probably am asking at wrong board.  Thank you for any help. 
Google desktop is awesome!
I downloaded it yesterday. Now if I search for some procedures, I do not even have to make a templatey, and try to remember codes or have a list in front of me while working. All I have to do is save such files for reference. I can just type on my desktop search engine the name of the doctor or various phrases (like total knee replacement, or left ventricular lead placement), and in seconds I have a list of all files (not just word doc) containing such words. Awesome!
Google Desktop is convenient, but...
All desktop search software is capable of exposing your hard drive. As far as I know, there is only one desktop search package that maintains this information on your own hard drive only. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of it, but it is not well-known (i.e. they don't have a lot of money to promote themselves). I no longer use any desktop search software on my own computer and I advise my friends to do likewise. It is a convenience, but not worth the risk in my opinion.
Pull your spf files off the CD onto the desktop. sm
Now go to My Computer, look at Programs, open the ShortHand folder, open the smaller SH8 folder. Now, drag your spf files into that. Close all of that.

Now open the shorthand program like you are going to use it. Go to File at the top, open, and you will see your spf files. open the one you want to use, or any. each time you open one, there will be tab at the bottom to choose which one you want to use.