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How to receive daily digest?-please help

Posted By: bon on 2008-01-04
In Reply to:

Many, many months ago I somehow figured out on this site how to receive a daily digest through email each day and I enjoy that.  Now I would like to tell a couple MTer's how to receive this Daily Digest as well, but am not able to find the directions on this site again.  If anyone could tell me how to sign up for the Daily Digest, would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks. 

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Daily digest
What's the daily digest?  I had not heard of that.  How do we sign up for it?
trouble receiving Daily Digest??
Can anyone tell me why I am having trouble re-signing up for the Daily Digest.  Have not been receiving now for about a month and cannot seem to re-sign up - keep getting error message??  Thanks - I miss it.
I think Reader's Digest just did an article on the top 13 foods to eat for health..sm

See if you can Google to get to their website and look for the article.

Dr. Mehmet Oz of New York City has a lot to say about food and supplements, too, and I think has a book out regarding what he considers essential for optimal health. He might even have a web site. And there's always good old Dr. Andrew Weil who's been around a long time advocating healthy eating with good health and longevity. I'm pretty sure he has a web site with recipes and info.

From what I remember of the top 13, the list includes blueberries, tomatoes/tomato sauce, spinach, walnuts, flax seed or flax seed oil, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies - sorry I can't remember the rest. Maybe oatmeal and citrus...??? Some soy and tofu are great for you, too! Meat, chicken, and fish should really be eaten sparingly and be lean cuts. Might want to search the other health/weight loss magazines/web sites (like Fitness) for advice and articles. Good luck to all of us as we strive for better health!

who did you receive it from?

Can't you ask if you can receive more of them?
where/how did you receive this?
i receive spam emails, but nothing so closely related to what i do as a job...

i dont understand how our jobs can be sent to people that cannot form correct English sentences.

i will NEVER understand this business anymore, and that is why it is time for me to get out of it.

Experience doesn't matter anymore. if they can pay someone as cheap as possible to get the work done, they will do it. And the MT's that accept it hurt the rest of us that deserve more.

im so sick of it! those of you that make good money, count your blessings! A few years ago I was making 50K... now not even CLOSE with the technology and outsourcing...

who stays in a job where their salary has been cut almost 50%?
RE: You will not receive a 1099 if
you made less then $600, but the IRS will receive a copy of your earnings regardless. You have to claim all of your income no matter what the amount. Of course, if you made under $600, most likely the tax will be minimal if any.
I receive 2 different CMT incentives.
Two of the companies I work part-time for provide a CMT incentive. One of them pays an extra 1 cent per line and the other, I get 0.005 (half a cent) per line for a CMT incentive. These are on top of my production incentives and quality incentives (at one company).

It does mean extra money and I know what it means to me personally.

Nevermind the naysayers here. They are bitter about quite a long list of things in the MT world.

Hi. I emailed you. If you didn't receive it please
let me know on here so I can try again. THX
most impacting gift I could ever receive
My husband took my two children to the local mall where an artist scetched their portrait. He put their portrait in a beautiful frame and wrapped it for me to receive on Christmas.
I did not receive your email...could you please resend? nm
She did receive helpful information.
Information that she can use and information that she may not want to acknowledge but is still true.
It is rare, but not extinct to receive a

reply regarding how you fared on your test.  For those of you who are presently going through this situation, I would suggest going back and reading the email you sent requesting the information.  Often times online, the inflections in our words are misconstrued.  You may be wasting time imaging the worst.

Second solution; just forward a copy of your original email to them; it only takes 10 seconds.

I receive dss files with new version of ES

I just downloaded the newest version of ES, 4.17, a couple of days ago and I receive dss files fine.  There was a couple of glitches in the "settings" which I had to change, but now plays fine.

Another possibility:   I know when I first downloaded the free ES on my second computer, I could not listen to the files, but it was because I had a different foot pedal on that computer and so I had to go in and make some changes concerning the foot pedal settings in ES. 

Are you able to play the files using just the hot keys? If you would like to compare the "settings" which I have on my computer for ES to yours, let me know and I can do that either by email or phone. 

How do you receive your dictation from clients
I had used transcriptiongears call in system at one time, but it was too expensive for me.  I want to try to pick up another client, but wondered what is the most cost effective method to receive their dictations.  Any advice?
It will still work, but will not allow you to receive updates.
Do you receive a statement along with the card? nm
You claim it in 2009. If you did not receive
it in 2008, it does not matter it was owed, only what you received in the calendar year.
i did receive account stability pretty much with TT sm
did not start at 9; started at 8 and stayed there. supervisors were easily accesible and very friendly. one computer tech not so friendly nor helpful. lots of bonuses when behind on work with TT. i quit due to ESLs and went back to clinic work.
You will receive an E-mail from the administrator tomorrow. nm
We did not receive your email with your glossary attachment
Hi Kim,

According to our records, Marianne sent you a file to resolve the issue. I still did not receive your email with the glossary attachment and I am not sure why it did not come through to my email but Marianne was able to receive it and she replied with the file attachment. Did you still have trouble after receiving Marianne's email? If so, please let us know and we will give you a call so we don't have to worry about having any more lost emails. :-)
welcome, you dont' pay to send out or receive until you go over a certain limit. sm
i use several different email addies with them so that when i run out of room, i change to a different acct to send work/receive work.
Most financial advisors say when you receive a windfall...

After paying any necessary debts, etc., put the remainder in a CD or money market account and let it accumulate interest for a while so you can consider your options. You don't want to jump into (or out of) anything on the spur of the moment.

I guess the question is, is this a job you want to keep? If so, I think the advice the MTSO below gave is great - talk to your supervisor or lead, explain the situation, and ask if you can take some time off and still have a job waiting for you when you get back.

If it's not a job that you want to keep, then don't worry about it. Quit, spend some time with your daughter, then look for another job. You will certainly have enough money to tide you over!

P.S. For financial advice, check out one of Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Providers in your area. (link below) Look at the top right corner of the page under Trusted Services. Their goal is not to tell you what you should do with your money, but teach you how to make the right decision about your money and investments.

Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

additionally, ask, as well as receive, written documentation.
Cannot send/receive mail in Outlook Express

I am able to connect fine to my dial-up ISP. I have not been able to receive/send any E-mail from Outlook Express today at all. I can receive the mail from that account through my Yahoo web site and am able to go to what is callled Mailstorm, through my ISP, where junk mail is filtered and so everything works fine that way. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

I have contacted my ISP via E-mail but have not received a response yet so that makes me wonder if there is not an issue on their end.

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

Looking foreward to input that you receive. Last year bought a
MatMassager by Homedics, 5-motor Full Body Massager with heat for hubby & myself - just on a fluke. I was desperate and out of ideas for something different, it was on sale, thinking it wouldn't really meet the claims that were advertised on the box.

Well, my fluke purchase far exceeded my expectations. It ended up the "favorite" choice of gifts. Hubby & I love it - as did children & grandchildren. Amazed everyone as to how fantastic it felt - with those trying it not willing to get up in order for someone else to try it out.

As far as just a back massager cushion - I really can't offer an opinion - though am also looking into this for myself while working. If I find out anything,I'll post my feedback for you.

Personally, after trying the MatMassager,with major trepidation, yet with such positive input, I wouldn't be afraid to try anything made by Homedics/Shiatzu. As with anything - read all guarantees, warranties., etc. As happy as I am with what I purchased through such, I imagine there are those with just the opposite experience. Just giving you feed-back on "my" experience to date!!

URGENT REQUEST: An MT that we sent a box of gifts to did not receive the package.

It was delivered to their porch according to UPS but she did not get it.  It contained gifts for her children.  Because we did not put insurance on the package, UPS will do nothing to assist.  The box alone to ship had cost $45.00 and insurance would have cost another $25.00.  It is a sad story, but what it boils down to is that the kids won't have a Christmas.  All monies in the Santa's House for Christmas Angels fund have been dispersed through the Christmas Angel program.

So, I am here to ask for help.  I would like to raise $150 to $200 today if at all possible and for anyone who donates $10.00 or more to this special cause, I will give a software package that contains a word Expander and spellchecker that is worth over $100.00 for your trouble.  Donations can be made to sales@mtstars.com via Paypal.

Again, thank you for your consideration.


MT week, did anyone receive recognition from your place of employment?
AND, have you ever done anything for others that are MTs?  If you work for a national, ever send them a basket of cookies or anything for MT week?  Do you really thing curiosity killed the cat?
I use efax -- can receive unlimited faxes for free. sm

I have a fax machine, but rarely send faxes, so it works out well for me.  I do not have to tie up my phone line waiting for a fax -- it just comes to me via email.  

You did not receive spam via this website. Your email address is not available

and is protected from bots that glean email addresses from websites.  As far as that email is concerned, it has been cycling around for years and anyone could receive it.

In this business in order to remain qualified to receive
those benefits, you must maintain the required line count/pay earned per pay period. Otherwise, you shall find you're working for nothing extra.

It also doesn't matter if your place of employ runs out of work, which in turn hinders you from qualifying for those benefits, you lose them regardless.

Ahh, the joys of the Medical Transcription field.

Best of luck with your new practice.
The should've just saved the stamp as it would have been less insulting to receive
And should you not receive your final paycheck in a reasonable amount of time,

notify them that you will be filing complaints with the Department of Labor, the BBB, the FTC, the state attorney general's office, and small claims court.

As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.
you proofread all business letters you receive in the mail and have fits over the errors! LOL (nm)

Joint commission is the accrediting body for hospitals to receive reimbursement. They want it to be
If you paid by echeck, you will receive your gift pull once the check clears the bank.
Phone Tools is a Bvrp software program that allows you to not only fax and receive data/documents v
your pc (including coversheet and confirmation of date/time received), but can also act as an answering machine.  It's a very good product.  The receipient/s just need to make sure that their fax machine is turned on and has a paper supply loaded (thereby saving you the expense of purchasing reams for this purpose).  If you expect to receive faxes, you also need to be sure that the program is running and set the control to fax modem, rather than answering machine.
This is what I use daily


This site lets you type in three or more letters of the drug, and it pulls up everything with those letters.  It's great for when you only hear part of the drug.


Daily work is exactly what the word DAILY means --> work that comes in on a daily basis.  No days pass by without an empty queue.

I must be with the wrong companies then.

By chance is this MT Daily?
Not everyone comes to this board daily!
Are we not allowed to ask questions if they've been asked before? I understand this is the main board but people complain on the company board too if you ask about a company already posted about. Maybe those people can just skip over the posts and keep going, onto another message board preferably! Sheesh.
How many authors do you have daily?

I'm with a small MTSO and for quite a while have been on an account with about 10 doctors, mostly ESL.  I was very comfortable with them.  I have been trained on three accounts, one with maybe 6 and then another very large account, but they kept me primarily on this account.

Recently I was switched to one of the other accounts - no ESL, but this last pay period I had 38 different authors!!  Am having a hard time getting comfortable, and there's other problems , but for this post I just was hoping to find out, on average how many authors are others doing?

Maybe I was really lucky before with just 10 docs - ?

Usually 2 hours daily.
Today I clocked 2 hours 33 minutes and I can honesly say I'm beat!  Almost solid H&Ps and D/C summaries too...so finger-saving normals.  Blech!
I would still flag it - he said twice daily not

I add things daily. sm
I have been an MT and had an Expander for nine years, and i still add things on a daily basis. Not only cos I still run into new stuff daily, but also because your mind thinks of more and more complex things to put in there as you go.

Back when I started, all I thought about was long words and two-word phrases, maybe some longer phrases. I was happy with that. But then as i went typing happily along, I discovered I could do much more -- put entire sentences in, put formatting in, create entire pick lists, call up macros, call up websites, call up templates, the list goes on and on.

How do I remember them? Well, first I realize it's missing by actually typing in the short I think would make sense if it was in there. If it's not there, I put it in. Then maybe the next time I run into that phrase, I think, "hmm, have I entered this before?" and i try out the short that would make the most sense to me (at that time of course, which could be completely different than the first time!) And if it's there, yeah! I just saved myself some keystrokes!

I also just switched to IT and about once a month I run an enrichment on my doctors to get the most out of what they say.
what is daily work?
If it's never running out, being able to work the hours you want to work and still making a decent paycheck, then yes I have daily work.
The Daily Typo: - (sm)

What was dictated:   "He had normal fundi bilaterally."

What I typed:  "He had normal FUNGI bilaterally."

Mental image that conjured up:   Dude with large mushrooms sprouting out of his ears!     

Do you currently post on MT Daily or read it?

I was thinking about paying the $48 but then I thought there are only limited amount of people who will pay so probably not as good as MTStars.  It was fun though before they started charging and if they only charged half as much they would draw more people.  $48 is way high when other boards are free.

Just some daily walking would probably shake it for you, too. nm
? lidopine bis-a-late 10 mg daily
Anyone heard of this.  I posted on word board but got no help.  Need STAT.