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Just some daily walking would probably shake it for you, too. nm

Posted By: Little Helper on 2005-09-09
In Reply to: Weight Watchers - MTMommy


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Health shake s/m
in my blender little bit of wheat germ, little bit of oatmeal, hunk of soft tofu, couple pieces frozen banana, half orange, pineapple chunks or other fruit of choice, canned or  fresh, about a glass of apple juice.   Whirr in blender for a minute or 2.  Tasty and nutritious!
I've got 2 that I can't seem to shake...

Beasts instead of breasts.

(mother,father, etc.) was decreased" instead of deceased.

I used the canned air also or shake it upside down.
Then I take a damp sponge and wipe it down while unplugged. I have heard you can soak in water as long as you let it completely air dry before using but I've been afraid to do that. I will have to Google that one ;)
Give your keyboard a good upside down shake

Seriously...mine gets filled with all sorts of unspeakable oogies like cat hair, crumbs, and lord knows what else (thankfully I haven't spied anything that moves--yet!) and sometimes the keys (namely the shift/control/alt keys) stick.  These are the ones that will mess up control+function capabilities.  If that doesn't work, reboot.  If that doesn't work, call tech support just in case someone fiddled with preferences or something like that. 

Another handy thing to have is one of those "cans of air" that you can blow out your keyboard with on occasion.

Good luck!

I pick it up, shake it, and dump the crumbs out. If that doesn't work sm

I email my company and they overnight a new one.  I go through keyboards about every three months. They take a beating, but I produce a lot of lines.

Your probably right, I need to get out of this chair and go outside and walk.
just walking away
I am not gonna sit here and aruge with a batch of idiots about wanting to stay home and raise my kids, and maybe try to make some money while I do that.
ROTFLMAO - NO! I would not be seen walking my cat in this - but then again
I don't buy my dog Christmas presents either. Year-round rawhides, but no Christmas, Valentines, etc. So you would never see me walking a kitty in a stroller!
Walking 30 minutes per day sm
with the dogs (all 160 pounds worth!) has my back and the leg cramps have nearly disappeared as well as the lower leg edema. I can actually sit longer now and don't need so much in the way of pain meds and no heating pad for the leg cramps. And other benefits too, lost 5 pounds, concentrate better, sleep better, fresh air.
let ur fingers do the walking
No....but I transcribed asleep once. I was working 3rd shift and dozed off. I don't know how I managed to work the foot pedal and my C-phone and go through several reports. Luckily for me I woke up and realized what I had done. I scrambled to put my last several reports on hold to check them before the doctor received them who was one hallway over. It scared me so bad I wasn't sleepy for the rest of the night. I've never let myself sit there that sleepy anymore either. I get up and walk around to get myself more alert. Funny thing was I was not transcribing what the doctor was saying. I was using some of their phrases. I guess I would hear a word and it would trigger my memory and I would type a regular phrase. Scared the bejeebers outta me that is for sure!
Keep walking. Best thing for you!

Get a pedometer, pick up the pace and the distance after a bit and keep it up.  I lost 20 lbs. walking and I felt so much better.

Don't get discouraged.  It might take a few months, but keep it up and you'll be happy you did. 

And drink lots of water too.

Good luck!!!

You act like all women are walking wombs..SM

just existing until we do the greatest of all things, BEAR A CHILD.  No thanks lady.  You have 'em.  I don't need to have a child to validate myself in the world.

I met him walking around downtown shopping..sm
basically on the "street corner" waiting for the light to change to walk across the street.  He just started talking to me...and now we are hitched.
You sound VERY down, which is why kids are walking all over you..
If mine don't do what is expected of them, they don't get what is expected of me.  All 3 of mine know that if their clothes don't find their way into the laundry room, I don't wash them.  If they don't bring their clean folded clothes up from the laundry each day, I bring it up and deliver it via "air mail" which means I carry them up and toss them 3 feet into the air and let them rain down onto the floor of their rooms.   If they don't care, neither do I.  They can let their rooms be pig pens all week long, but then they will spent hours cleaning it up on the weekend including changing sheets and vacuuming the carpet, OR, they can keep it neat, put some clean sheets on once a week, and be on their way.  You gotta be stronger and tougher than them, otherwise they're walking all over you.
like walking into a room for something but forgetting what it was !

And I always thought the idea of walking the dog was for exercise! - nm
Walking will not only improve your physical health

but probably your mental health too.  You'll get fresh air, take time to smell the roses, meet your neighbors, etc. 

Unfortunately I live in the county and we are 8+ miles from anything. 


I would agree with the walking. And drink lots of


I actually lost 20 lbs. after I started to work at home. No pastries, donuts, pies and candy in the break room anymore. :)  And I've had time to walk and I drink water instead of tons of coffee with cream and sugar.  Of course I still have my one cup in the morning so I won't yell at the kids. :)

Truth is, as an MT, I can't afford pastries or gourmet coffee.  The water comes out of the faucet and the exercise membership, i.e. walking the dog around the neighborhood is free!

Worked for me.  Give it a month.  You'll not only lose the 10 lbs., you'll really feel great.

Oh, but I miss walking over the train tracks! sm
It's Christmas, my youngest is 21 and God how I miss stepping over the trains! He had to have a new one every year and I stepped over them all year long! Miss the kids when they were young! You guessed right, no grandkids yet and am patiently waiting.... I do have a granddog though and he comes over to play.....LOL
Watching CNN - New Orleans. See people walking through water (sm)
A thought comes to mind.  I would be afraid to just walk around in the water.  Isn't there a chance that either sharks or gators could have come inland with the water? 
PB on multigrain toast and a plum after walking the pooch. nm
You have to schedule a time for 1/2 hr of walking or aerobic exercise once a day. It's the
Just add some aerobic activity or even walking to your day and cut out the white foods. Really
Start out with small amts of walking or even just marching in front of TV with a show on. Add
Leslie's walking videos might be good, or just get out and walk in general. Or do TaeBo at half
Lost the extra weight and have maintained a good weight and size just by walking him twice a day. n
This is what I use daily


This site lets you type in three or more letters of the drug, and it pulls up everything with those letters.  It's great for when you only hear part of the drug.


Daily work is exactly what the word DAILY means --> work that comes in on a daily basis.  No days pass by without an empty queue.

I must be with the wrong companies then.

By chance is this MT Daily?
Not everyone comes to this board daily!
Are we not allowed to ask questions if they've been asked before? I understand this is the main board but people complain on the company board too if you ask about a company already posted about. Maybe those people can just skip over the posts and keep going, onto another message board preferably! Sheesh.
How many authors do you have daily?

I'm with a small MTSO and for quite a while have been on an account with about 10 doctors, mostly ESL.  I was very comfortable with them.  I have been trained on three accounts, one with maybe 6 and then another very large account, but they kept me primarily on this account.

Recently I was switched to one of the other accounts - no ESL, but this last pay period I had 38 different authors!!  Am having a hard time getting comfortable, and there's other problems , but for this post I just was hoping to find out, on average how many authors are others doing?

Maybe I was really lucky before with just 10 docs - ?

Usually 2 hours daily.
Today I clocked 2 hours 33 minutes and I can honesly say I'm beat!  Almost solid H&Ps and D/C summaries too...so finger-saving normals.  Blech!
I would still flag it - he said twice daily not

Daily digest
What's the daily digest?  I had not heard of that.  How do we sign up for it?
I add things daily. sm
I have been an MT and had an Expander for nine years, and i still add things on a daily basis. Not only cos I still run into new stuff daily, but also because your mind thinks of more and more complex things to put in there as you go.

Back when I started, all I thought about was long words and two-word phrases, maybe some longer phrases. I was happy with that. But then as i went typing happily along, I discovered I could do much more -- put entire sentences in, put formatting in, create entire pick lists, call up macros, call up websites, call up templates, the list goes on and on.

How do I remember them? Well, first I realize it's missing by actually typing in the short I think would make sense if it was in there. If it's not there, I put it in. Then maybe the next time I run into that phrase, I think, "hmm, have I entered this before?" and i try out the short that would make the most sense to me (at that time of course, which could be completely different than the first time!) And if it's there, yeah! I just saved myself some keystrokes!

I also just switched to IT and about once a month I run an enrichment on my doctors to get the most out of what they say.
what is daily work?
If it's never running out, being able to work the hours you want to work and still making a decent paycheck, then yes I have daily work.
The Daily Typo: - (sm)

What was dictated:   "He had normal fundi bilaterally."

What I typed:  "He had normal FUNGI bilaterally."

Mental image that conjured up:   Dude with large mushrooms sprouting out of his ears!     

Do you currently post on MT Daily or read it?

I was thinking about paying the $48 but then I thought there are only limited amount of people who will pay so probably not as good as MTStars.  It was fun though before they started charging and if they only charged half as much they would draw more people.  $48 is way high when other boards are free.

? lidopine bis-a-late 10 mg daily
Anyone heard of this.  I posted on word board but got no help.  Need STAT.
I change mine daily
I use td for today's date and yd for yesterday's date and I just change them every day.
MSN used to send me daily e-mails SM
telling me every single website they had been to.  But this would only work if they sign in under their own name and not "borrow" mom or dad's name! 
pt does get her mammagram daily. LOL ouch sm


G2, P2.  Her pregnancies were uncomplicated.  She has not seen a gynecologist in over two years, but she does get her mammogram daily.    Uhhh.... I don't think so Mr. MD!!!   You couldn't get me to do that daily if ya paid me!

well, 4 times daily as needed...yep. i think so!
it doesn't have to be taken 4 times a day just as needed.

If you don't speak on a daily basis . . .
We speak several times daily.
Even right now while he's overseas on a business trip, we make time for a couple daily phone calls.
I'm with you ... I get enough reality just with my daily living. sm

Kinda nice to get lost and just veg with my Law & Order and CSI addictions :)

Obviously, I'm in the minority since they seem to come up with more and more reality shows .... I admit to watching the Biggest Loser a couple of times, but I can't imagine being "hooked" and watching it all of the time, sitting on the edge of my seat. 

I work with SR on a daily basis, and I can tell you...sm
...it will NOT be replacing human intelligence, now or 10 years from now or 50 years from now. The files we work on come from a VERY expensive speech recognition system and the quality is very poor. SR cannot handle punctuation well at all, doesn't know when to stop and start sentences, has problems with capitalization, and ironically enough, when the doctor actually spells something out, that totally confuses SR!

But even if technology advances to the place where speech recognition can accurately reproduce every word and sound that comes out of a doctor's mouth, so what? That STILL will not replace human MTs, because doctors do not always say what they mean, or even when they DO say what they mean, what they mean is not right! We're the only ones who can clean up that mess.

Fix Or Repair Daily = FORD....nm
It gave him daily headaches. nm
What reference do you use the most on a daily basis? SM

I lost all my reference books in a fire and I can't afford to replace them all at once.  I am buying a couple of books each pay check and I've been trying to decide what I need the most.  So far I have gotten a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Surgical Word Book, and Radiology Word Book because I do radiology a couple of times a week. 

So to all you acute care MTs out there, what books do you find yourself using on a daily basis?

I use my old faithful PRD with it daily, no problems. sm
Chartscript looks scary at first, but it's the easiest thing to use once familiar with it.