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I'm tired. I'm worn out. I can't jump through the hoops anymore. Homelessness is

Posted By: looking more appealing each day. on 2006-02-06
In Reply to:

The creature comforts aren't all they are cracked up to be.  The stress of maintaining them and the repeated and repeated phone calls to keep them in working order or to even get hooked up what you ordered and paid for is mind boggling and frankly I DON'T WANT THE STUPID PHONE ANYMORE, OK!

Or the cable, or the DSL,  I don't want the electricity or the plumber who does half the job and never shows up for the rest of the job------so that the drywall man can come and fix the holes left in the way left by the $19,000 plumber.

The car is due its tune up in order to keep the warranty in place, but I don't have time because I have to type (and there's nothing to type most of the time but I must sit there) and the kids have dental appointments I already have begged off for.

There are teacher conferences I have to HAVE TO mind you take part in and then the after school activities to oooh-ahhh over as a parent or my child won't think I love her.

My husband wants (xxx) and I'm too tired to even care - wake me when it's over.

On PBS today I heard a letter read by a resident woman of New Orleans of the conditions there.  Did you know there were indians living in TEE PEES there?  They had been brought in on the promise of work, but the work never materialized, but they were living in TeePees right here in River City. 

I find it strange that we can totally rebuild countries in 6 montsh hit by hurricanes and storms, and we can't get people a roof on their homes.  Only more plastic - make that half a plastic.  I wonder if our REBUILDING in these other countries is done as horribly as we are doing it here.

But back to me.  I long to live in the woods by the Interstate, under a lean-too and something to keep the snakes away from me when I sleep.  I have a little blue tin cup from the Wal-Mart to make my coffee over the campfire.  I'm ready.  I have already learned to eat COLD FOOD because I never have time to sit down at a cooked meal with my family.


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just another bunch of hoops to jump through. while
the creators pull in the bucks.

(buck stops here)
I get tired of daily grind. I get tired of having

horrible dictation/dictators and not able to produce lines, which directly affects my paycheck.  I don't mind doing the difficult stuff, and I pretty good at it, but it is stressful and I find it very hard to budget when you never know what your paycheck is going to be.   I hate being tied to having earphones on all day.   I have children at home (I homeschool and don't have toddlers running around) and my DH works third shift so he is home during the day.  I try to work around all this, but can't always.  If I had a "desk" job I could be part of conversations at least, but having to have the earphones on you can't do that.   I get tired of being sedentary, my feet swell, my shoulders are tired, my elbows hurt, etc.  

I stick with it because of my children, and also because I like the flexibility.  I don't have to be up at 5:30 to get the kids up and ready for school, I don't have to fight traffic to get to work at 8:00.  It is a trade-off.   Sounds like you just need a break.  


Little thing inside may be worn....sm
I wore out two foot pedals this way.  There is a protruding piece that touches something that makes it play.  I have used rubber bands to make it work.
Same here, I have a Logitech and the letters are worn off, SM
and that seems to happen to all my keyboards. I use canned air and that helps keep the keys loose. I hate having to break in a new keyboard, dont you?
Black is the color worn to funerals.

To wear black to a wedding is to imply that the marriage is doomed to fail or that you don't approve of the marriage.  You shouldn't wear white either as that's the bride's color.

Then again, what do I care?  Etiquette schmetiquette.  I never did like etiquette "rules" anyways.  Who makes up these things?  And why didn't I get contacted to vote on the rules?  It's after Labor Day, and I am still wearing my white shoes.  Silly Victorian traditions that make no sense at all.  As if we are somehow gauche or less of a person if we don't do what someone else tells us to do.

My most worn Stedman's is the Ortho & Rehab.
The binding is totally beat and I actually have pages starting to fall out...second to that would be the Cardiology and Pulmonary words.  Congratulations on your new gig!
I've worn holes in my keys.

I found a keyboard that I liked and kept it until I was forced to trash it. Who needs letters anyway? 

My Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words book is the most worn out. Love it! nm
I've worn mine working for a year and haven't had a problem. .sm
  I even still handle floppy disks all the time.  The magnets aren't that strong.
Sis worn crown of flowers and veil detached, other sis just had a gardenia pinned in her hair.
I've worn contacts for 30 years. I've had both
hard and soft.  My vision is much better with the soft ones than they were with the hard ones.   When I first started trying contacts soft ones were still new and they couldn't get me to 20/20, so I went to hard.  Hard were okay until my eyes started changing shape and then I could no longer wear hard ones.  The soft should give you better vision as they conform more to the shape of your eye. 
Hey, don't jump all over me....
I DID keep my kids at home while I worked.  However, to not help someone become "aware" of the potential stressors isn't realistic.  This original poster is a single mother, not exactly an easy situation to be under the best of circumstances.  I was married and not under pressure to produce an income to live off of.  I also did not work set hours, I had a situation that allowed me to work whenever I could.  Again, not always the way it is, especially when your choices are limited by being a newbie and having to take any job you might be offered.  Yes, lots of people do this BECAUSE they want to be home with kids, myself included, but to make it sound easy to care for small children AND learn a completely new field of work, WHILE being a single mother just isn't fair.  It's not that she's being discouraged, just enlightened, which is what she asked for.  Reality, not candy coating.
Just had to jump in on this one

After living with an alcoholic ex-husband for 20 years, I don't think this is labeling.  I think it is a reality.  He was a functional drunk.  In other words, he managed to fool the people around him at work that didn't know him well enough or didn't work with him closely.  Those that were close enough to him to see him on a daily basis could see that he only fooled himself into thinking that it didn't impair him.  He would use the same reasoning you just did and say that it affects every person differently and some have a higher tolerance.  My point to him is the same as yours:  if it starts affecting your everyday life then it IS impairing your judgment.  If you can't even wait a few hours until the workday is over to have your drink and feel you have to make excuses for why you're drinking on the job, then you're judgment is already impaired before you even take the drink.  I don't think it matters if you're a doctor, bus driver, MT, or zookeeper, you are being PAID for your skills and time while on the job.  Save your drinks for recreation.  If you can't, then either you have a problem with it or you don't respect those who will receive your finished product or those who employ you.  

Think about it....if you were on a job interview and the interviewer asked if you had a problem with drinking on the job, would you honestly tell that person, "no, I think it's okay to drink in moderation" and then expect to be hired? 

Don't jump!
When they jump on someone like below..
Jump on it sm
Forget the miles stuff, outsourcing is in, line money is down. You will make it up in that you will be getting used to the dictators, etc. and pick up speed. I would rather do one hospital than multiple other accounts. It will go fast after awhile, Keep a few small people in case this does not work out for some reason, at least you will have some small money coming in. I say go for it and accept the 12 cents or India will steal it from you at half the price. From the voice of experience, I would go with the hospital at .12 CPL, not a bad deal!
Jump for joy!
The BOS means nothing. What your account wants does.
Let me jump in, I know what you're getting at here..
Oh, long about the time Tom Cruise came on the scene as a very young actor, the hunks all seemed to be the shaven, hairless chest, short, prety boy actors.  Not that they ARE'NT men, it's just that they LOOK like young teenage boys.  Ben Affleck is another one.  Good looking, but boyishly so.  Compared to Tom Selleck, Sean Connery, Sly Stallone, Arnold Swarzenegger, and those types, these guys all like like "girly men" as Arnold would say.
Seems to me some people are just too willing to jump into
I would rather jump off a cliff!
All you get is lies, so would do no good.
JUMP code
I need to insert a "code" so I can jump from one place to another in document. using WORD 2002 XP. I had a macro set up for this and lost it and have tried to make another one, but when I try to do any macro Microsoft Visual Basics pops up. It will not allow me to assign anything to the keyboard...ANYONE? TIA
Use F11 to jump to each field (nm)
Are you kidding?? I would jump on that in a

Has anyone ever had their tax assessment jump 50%
because they have chosen to work at home doing IC medical transcription?  This may not be why, my DH is down to the TA office right now to find out why they jumped it this much.  That's enough that we could have added 2 rooms to our house.  DH thinks they may be doing this with the assessments locally so that in a few years they can raise the tax rate and say, "Well we haven't raised taxes in x years."  It's a load of bull either way, so wondered if anyone else has had this happen to them.  Thanks.
I would jump on B in a heartbeat
Not much frustration there.
just had a big ground hog jump on....sm
my glass storm door, at my front door.  Just happened to see it happen, and scared me to death.  They are such big ugly, rat on steroid looking creatures!  Now, I've convinced myself that it's rabid and going to get me if I step outside.  News last night said they had 4 dogs found with rabies in a city about 15-20 miles from us, so...??  I just think it is so strange that it jumped on my door.  Yuck!
Jump Codes
In Word -- go to View - toolbars - check forms.  Now on your top toolbar you should see a little box with 'ab' and a check mark next to it.  Put your cursor where you want the jump code and click on the 'ab.'  Jump code will come in. 
Where is the JUMP TO button?
I no longer have the boards on the left either, and have tried all of the fixes suggested by MTStars. I did see a JUMP TO feature when I checked out a message posted on one of the state boards a couple of days ago, but it only allowed for jumping to another state. Would really like to be able to use this feature. TIA for any help!
I would jump at the chance....

Could you email it to me too?  I have not had 100% success with this in Word, having typed in WordPerfect for years and years.  I appreciate any help you may provide in this regard. 

RE: Need help with jump codes - sm

Hi.  I'm use control for my jump code and works fine.  BUT....... I am using Chartscript so have headings like:<Name:>

Only problem - when I jump to the , it deletes the as it should but leaves an extra space between the : and the > so I always have to backspace - any suggestions???  TIA!!

You need a jump drive, not PCA.
Put the files you need on a SECURE jump drive (flash drive, thumb drive, whatever you call it). You need FTP software, such as CuteFTP or Filezilla, to access the FTP site and transfer files.
I use double ?? and have alt+R set to jump to them. nm
Do yo mean a jump drive?sm
Those little keychain thingies? yeah, you can use one of those. They are wonderful. I use mine all the time.
Why are you asking? I am about to jump ship here too
A post today was taken off twice for no reason really. They blanked out places just because I was asking about what company now did so and so work. I worked for the hospital before and wanted to hook up again. They are being overboard on these matters.
Jump to text

How do you jump to text in a document?  For instance in a history and physical.

I didn't mean to jump all over you...
I am just really a bit down. Without mentioning company names, I have recently found out that the part of the company I work for, which is a fairly small company, actually is overflow work from a huge national company and that it seems like they can take back work from us if they want. This is evidently what happened to the ER account I started on and was able to make lines on. I recently turned down work on a new account (from the big company) partly because I am having satellite internet problems and am working on dial up, which makes researching horribly time consuming, and partly because I thought that with a new account opening up, I would be able to get more of the ER work that I like and some others hate. I did this without being aware that we had lost a good portion of the ER account although I knew could tell we had less volume. Now I have hardly any work on my primary account and am getting work from 3 different accounts that I don't know.
One who will jump in and help when needed. sm
I know this doesn't always work but in instances where you are paid hourly, it helps. I have only one who actually jumped in to help when the backlog would get ridiculous.

Another would be keeping it fair.
Jump codes - sm
Well, that didn't work either. Nothing happens when I do shift+F11 or just F11. Thanks anyway.
Bayscribe jump
alt Y will take you to your marker.  Sometimes I have to place the cursor in the report and listen in the report before it works, but usually it works great.  Fiddle with it a bit before giving up if it doesn't work the first time.
Bayscribe jump
LOL...still don't think that is what you are asking.  To actually make the marker in the report do alt Q and type in 5 underlines.  Hope that is what you were wanting and that it works for you.  It looks something like [??**12.34-_____**].  (you put the line in x5 spaces)
Don't jump to conclusions. Make sure you have your
dates right and that they have your correct bank info and that it was entered correctly. Call the office or your lead. They can help. No payroll problems here and I have been there 4 months. My first one came by mail though.
True ... sometimes I wish I could just tell her to take her ccompany and go jump .... sm

But I've gotten used to those luxuries like food, clothing, shelter, etc.   Bottom line, she pays better than anyone I have encountered so far, so I swallow my self-respect and take whatever is dished out.

In all fairness, it is not always unpleasant.  I just do not understand why she can never EVER say she is wrong, much less she is sorry.  I thought that was part of what "normal" people do -- you mess up, you admit, say your sorry, and go on.   One time a few months ago, I was "yelled" at for not doing my part and causing everything to be behind (everything is always directly my fault, of course), and actually, it was my scheduled day off!  Not only that, but I HAD worked that day anyway because I saw we were behind and so I did 2000 lines anyway.  When I emailed her proof, again ...... no acknowledgement at all.  VERY frustrating ........

Too bad I don't drink ... this might be a good night to kick back with a bubble bath and maybe a bottle of something (ha). 

Happy New Year to all of us working slaves.  :-)


Don't be to quick to jump to Target
You may need to investigate what Target stands for. A good start would be the American Family Association's website which will clue you into whether Target is for you. I haven't shopped there for well over a year because of discrimination against Salvation Army, the sale of sexually explicit material (sold in XXX stores), etc. Target is not even an option for me! Sometimes in today's society, we have to choose the lesser of "evils". I would rather shop at Wal-Mart than support Target.
Creating Jump Codes
Can someone help me, please?  I'm trying to set up my own templates and need to create jump codes.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I did the Ctrl F9, but when I saved the template and reopened it, the blank symbol was gone.  If anyone has suggestions, I am willing to try them.  Thanks everyone.  Have a blessed day.
If you want to see the jump code, turn on the
Choose "Tools" then "Options" and on the "View tab" under "Formatting marks" check the "all" box. You will then see all codes including hard returns, spaces, etc., but it will show you the jump codes then.
Jump markers in Word
Can you please tell me how you created these in Word. Still trying to figure that out. TIA!
RE: Can someone help me - how do I set up the jump code in Word??
Need Word help again please :) (jump codes)

I posted yesterday about the jump codes. I put the brackets in by ctrl F9 and that worked great. The problem is that once I save it, I have to get the normal back to the screen when I want to use it by going to insert and then file and clicking on that normal. Once it loads the normal, all the brackets I inserted have turned to little square symbols and the F11 function is not working on them anymore.

Any ideas on what else I could do? I have to use the file and then insert though to retrieve the normal.

Thanks in advance!!

For jump codes in MS Word,
I believe that when you are setting up your template you use F9 to create the jump to field, and then use F11 to jump to it when you are transcribing.
shorthand on a jump drive
I work for a company that utilizes Meditech with its horrible, cumbersome canned text. I downloaded and started using ShortHand and it was like a revelation, how much faster and more efficient. My output shot up at least 20%.

Now the company says I have to use their computer... won't let me download shorthand... and I've tried to use a jump drive, but that doesn't work. Technician tells me there have to be some files installed already on the computer for the Shorthand-via-jump-drive idea to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm about to start working twice as hard for less money and the idea is unpalatable to say the least. I've gone into desperate mode.

TIA for any solutions, any other word Expander that'd work via a jump drive or whatever.