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I've worn mine working for a year and haven't had a problem. .sm

Posted By: casey on 2007-02-27
In Reply to: Magnets and tapes if you transcribe - those do not go well together either.

  I even still handle floppy disks all the time.  The magnets aren't that strong.

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Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.
I've been working just under a year and am on ER.. LOVE it!



I've worn contacts for 30 years. I've had both
hard and soft.  My vision is much better with the soft ones than they were with the hard ones.   When I first started trying contacts soft ones were still new and they couldn't get me to 20/20, so I went to hard.  Hard were okay until my eyes started changing shape and then I could no longer wear hard ones.  The soft should give you better vision as they conform more to the shape of your eye. 
Mine isn't working either. Wonder if they've taken that ability away or archived stuff so we
I've worn holes in my keys.

I found a keyboard that I liked and kept it until I was forced to trash it. Who needs letters anyway? 

nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
They haven't taken mine.
I'm in upstate New York, haven't had a problem. Mine is hvc. Where are you?
Our 16 year old son has been working for a year now to pay for his truck.
He's learning how to sand and do body work and how the engine and transmission go together. My parents didn't buy cars for my siblings and I either. I had a 20+ year old beater car until I could afford to move up to a a newer one.

I see all the nice new cars parked in the high school parking lot every day. It's nice that so many disrespectful punk kids get handed something nicer to drive than what all the teachers drive. Oh, well. Honestly, I think most of them borrow Mommy or Daddy's car or are the child of a doctor who can afford to hand them everything.

Hopefully, my kids will take better care of their cars because they bought and built them on their own. You're not going to grow up to be responsible if you don't work hard for something and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail you out all the time.

Oh, my Dad lectured us on even allowing our child to have a vehicle because Dad didn't have one until after he had worked his way through college, lettered on the football team, got straight As, lettered on the baseball team, yadda yadda. He either walked or hitched a ride. Yeah, well, times were different back then, Daddy-O. LOL At least my kid has the opportunity to work and earn his own car.
Congrats! But you haven't started working for the
"new" company yet...try not to burn bridges, cause chances are very good that MQ will look like Heaven after all...Been there - done that so many times!
LOL. Wow, you've thought about that one a lot, haven't you?

It's good to have a plan, I agree.  I'd like to set up an SEP retirement account for myself because I know social security won't be there for me.

No, I'm just really tired of job hunting.  My perfect job would be parttime with regular steady hours.  I don't care if I'm SE or IC.  It's not about only wanting to work when I want to.  I know that the company needs coverage.  However, I'd like to be able to take a day off when I'm sick instead of being told, "No, we need this work done.  Nobody can do it except for you."  I could even make up my hours, but IC seems to mean you're not allowed to get sick or anything.  It just seems like you sell your soul to the devil just for the "luxury" of working at home.  I'm so extremely tired from everyone demanding from me all the time.  I pitch in all the time when they're out of TAT or someone else is absent, but I'm not allowed to have needs of my own.  The more you give of yourself, the more everyone wants.  I feel as if there's nothing left inside of me.

I haven't tried it, but I've wondered about it. nm
If they haven't paid you, are you SURE they've
I've been down that road before. Filled out the forms, had money taken from each paycheck, only to find out about a year later that I'd never had insurance at all during that time. Only found out when I finally needed to go to a doctor. Then WHOOPS! No insurance. I filed with the State Labor Board, won the case, and put them out of business. That sure did feel good, too.
Umm, actually you haven't been "saying" anything. You've been causing
If you don't like it here, you know what you can do, right? For one little newbie, you're sure causing a big stink, aren't you? Accept the people here for who they are, and we'll do the same back for YOU. It's a two-way street. Stop trying to cause so much trouble. You remind me of some spoiled brat having a temper tantrum when she doesn't get her way. Honestly.
I've been hearing this for years, haven' t you.? It gets boring.
I've heard of it and looked at it but haven't done much research on it.
I think that my first impression was it was NOT HIPAA compliant but I could be wrong on that. I'm curious enough now to take a second look.
What is it that everyone hates about Emdat? I've been using it for about a month and I haven'
You've got a point there. I haven't had a problem since I deleted Norton
and installed a different program.
Mine did last year and believes I could to, if I got up
Mine avg. around $2K a year that is it -- all work via the internet- sm
I cannot see how anyone can write off $10K unless they are fudging things or have a very large office area in a very expensive house with a BIG mortgage---and drive back and forth delivering tapes, print outs, etc. I do not do the mortgage/office deduction so I am sure I could write off another $1K if I did that, but as I don't know when we are moving (planning to one of these days) I don't want the hassle so I just eat that one. As for my write offs I deduct anything remotely used or needed for work, electricity, paper, ink for my printer (print patient lists), my fax service, internet, FTP, any programs/upgrades, virus protection, reference books, any equipment (did my computer a couple years ago), phone line for work, etc. I am sure there is more (i.e. a new desk, chair, etc.). If you use it for work, write if off. --From the sounds of it though your accountant is right.
Slept in a recliner for a year before I got mine....LOVE IT. sm

I have degenerative disk disease in my lumbar and cervical spine.  We got a king sized, fully adjustable because of the level of my problems.  I rarely have had to use the adjustments because having found my "number" I am provided with an incredible night sleep.  My number is 35 and it has changed my life.  I have significantly less pain, I can sleep ALL NIGHT without rolling over and over and over in pain.  Wish I would have gotten it when it first came out.  We have had it for 2 years now.  I recommend it to everyone who asks.

Nope, my hubby picked mine up last year and
hopefully his deductions will clear out mine this year.
year os working...
I agree, you weren't nasty or rude. However, I just wanted to say that unlike you, I do believe places hire untrained QA and training people - as a matter of fact, I know they do. Not making any judgments on OP's situation, but just saying it is plausible.
Mine is working just fine.

I got mine from networking and working

themselves asked me if I'd be interested.  That was 10 years ago though and still going strong, but now I think the competition keeps one from landing their own accounts.  However, it can be done.  I've heard others say they've mailed flyers or gone cold-calling to offices with a business card.  I guess if you have local medical facilities, it's worth a try.  Even mailing a letter with a business card could land you an account.  You never know who is unhappy with their current transcription provider. 

One account I had (he's since retired) asked me because his Transcriptionist was retiring.  So quirky stuff can happen. 

I have mine working with my Ooma
& I can't WAIT to dump Verizon.
Yes, and I update mine every year the same day I file my tax return! Haha nm
Like that's so easy? Divorced bud of mine at 51 graduated college w/her BS last year ...
Actually, I leave mine plugged in while working

Most of the time my laptop is plugged in. Sometimes I unplug it to play games in bed or if we are having a storm.

I wondered about purchasing a battery back up in addition, even if you can do that with a laptop that already has a battery built in, which I don't know. :) This is my first laptop and I have only had it for about two months.

I got mine on Amazon.com and had it working in about 10 minutes. nm


Amanda, did my 2 comments help you? Mine is working,,,nm
Ask about working the holidays. Recruiter led me to believe it would be their choice and not mine,
Mine are still on the left side in blue and still working. nm
Mine got worse after staying home and working...
I think having to get up and leave the house and face people daily actually helped me. It wasn't until I started staying home that my anxiety got worse and I went back to a psychiatrist and then got back on medication. I make a point to not get stuck in a rut and venture out very often. If it is severe though where someone could not work at all, then I think this would give them another opportunity to earn a living where they wouldn't have had one at all.
Mine is working fine and turning purple...
I've got it really bad, but mine is from the &$@#($@#
ESL dictators that also mumble.  Out of 28 reports today I've had 27 of these reports. 
What about benefits? I make 50k a year working for a company
out of my home full time. No gas money, no traveling, no printing, faxing, and I get full benefits. How is making 50000 as an MTSO good money? I really just don't get it!
My goal every year is $52k, which I have done for the past 2 years working sm
for Keystrokes. I do radiology only, I should mention. I took the amount I wanted (actually needed) to make in a year, divided it by 52 weeks, divided it by 5 days, came up with $1000 per week or $200 per day. I divided that by 8 hours and by my report rate ($1.25). I know that I need to transcribe 20 reports per hour on average. I keep a tally. Some days, it takes me longer to do than others, but I sit down and do my 8 hours every single day. I use my Expander a LOT (literally for all but a few words). I am on one account, so I know those doctors inside and out. If I am short at the end of the week, I ask if there is work available on the weekend for me to do. The most I end up with 2 hours to make up what might have been short during the week.

At $40k, you would need to make $153.85 per day, or $19.23 per hour. At $0.07, you need to type 275 lines per hour, or 2200 for the day. This should be very easy to get with using an expander and sitting down with a set schedule.

It takes a while to get used to making sure you hit your internal quota every day. I have to think of it daily and make it up on Saturday or Sunday so that I never start a week behind my personal goal.

I also take an incentives that are handed out (for instance if they are asking for help in a backlog situation at increased rate) and work at least a partial shift on holidays. If I am ahead at the end of the week, I carry it to the next week and know that I have some lines in my internal quota bank.

I know this sounds weird, but it works for me. I have helped a few others to get to their goals as well, and this seems to work for them too.

I would also look for something that is more in the 0.08 to 0.09 per line range. Ask your lead for production tips. Ask other transcriptionists. It is very possible for us to make good money, we just have to focus on our goals.

I have a sales background, which involved sales quotas. This is easier as I am in control of my daily production, not on someone else's decisions.

Good luck!
I made 21,000 last year working part time...
hoping when my youngest gets a bit older (she is 16 months) I can make a bit more...
If U R making 40-45K/year for working half-days,
Something doesn't add up.
Got mine on Amazon too. I've really liked it... will have to look around too then. nm
I've never used mine for anything but definitions! But
I've scheduled mine too (sm)

On my authorization letter to test it said CTMC and so I registered for test C on the Prometric site.  I paid $150 with the current discount.  Hopefully that is all that is necessary for you too.  Good luck getting it figured out and good luck on the test.  Mine is scheduled for December 11th!  :)

Well, I've never changed mine and
don't plan to, so it should always be me!
Your letter could've been mine ---
Two applications to 'brick & mortar' hosp. MT depts. that ARE HIRING, and yet no response, not even an email. I think age descrimination is playing a role here.
I've had mine since 2001 and it is the best - sm
Seeing as I spend so much time in this chair, comfort equals production. I paid $450 for it from a local Herman Miller furniture dealer. They had it as a demo during one of the office furniture shows.

It has a 12-year warranty and when I needed my hydraulic cylinder replaced, they came to my home, fixed it on site and even replaced the seat webbing so the chair was just like new once again.

For all the money I had spent in the past on chairs I had to replace once a year and sometimes more, I figured I'm getting a good return on my investment.

Check ebay or other places on the web to see if you can find it at a more reasonable price.
Working 2 full-time jobs (for a year now), and boy am I tired!!
Sickest thing, I made more money my first year as MT as I do now, for working
if you've been at MQ for over a year and had no raise...(nm)

Wow! Sounds like you've been through a lot this year!!! sm
I can't imagine going through all of that......Yes, taking breaks, getting up and walking around does wonders for our body. What I like to do is get up for about 10-15 minutes per 3 reports. I try not to do more than 3 reports without getting up and walking around and I've bee doing this at home for almost 8 years and I have never had problems of back, neck, shoulders. I think that is why!
Even as an employee, I truly believe that MQ will be flexible with all of us. The minute they start taking away vacation times and not letting me off once in a while after I've consistently worked my schedule is the day I give my notice.

Nice talking with you both!
I've been using Vonage for a year.