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I believe Olympus is a dictation system, not a program such as Word or Meditech - sounds to me like

Posted By: you just need a good software program. (NM) on 2008-09-06
In Reply to: reply - melissa


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Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system
What is the best expander program for Meditech system?
I asked this question a while back and someone told me ShortHand worked great with Meditech.  I have downloaded the new trial version of it and it interferes with certain keys that are used in Meditech.  Such as filling out information screens and the save button in Meditech.  Things come up that I don't want to come.  I want a program that will expand only in the text part of Meditech.  Any help would be appreciated.
It sounds like he has given you the Olympus program. I would go ahead and load it and configure
your pedal to work with the Olympus program.  The files that work with Olympus are .DSS files and while your Bytescribe program may be able to play those files, it will work much better with the Olympus program.  Problem with the Olympus program is that it ONLY plays .DSS files and nothing else or it used to five years ago.  They may have come out with an updated versions since then.
Does anyone have any info on WinScribe Dictation System?? Not a transcription program but a digital
Olympus DSS system

I have a potential new client that is using an Olympus DSS system they tell me.  My question is can I just use Express Scribe to play these or would I need to purchase the something like the Olympus AS-400 system to play their files?


Question about Meditech system. sm
I have just started working in Meditech after using Word for years.  I find it to be very confusing.  Do any of you that have worked in it for awhile like it?  My first line count is running around 90 lines per hour.  That is pretty low for me on a new platform.  Is it a productive system?
Need an expander that works with Meditech system
I have tried some free downloads of a couple of programs but had problems with them.  Had to turn them off and on when I went to different screens or different aspects in Meditech.  I do Radiology and basic 4 with access to Meditech Expander which is only good for long repetitive phrases and I often go into the medical charts to look up medicines, etc.  This poses a problem with some Expanders as I enter codes to get to the different screens.  Please help!
Meditech Program
For anyone who uses Meditech Program?   I work PT for a hospital that uses Meditech.  They only have a spellchecker for their girls and myself being an IC I purchased PCShorthand years ago.   I really would like to purchase a software program spellchecker that also checks and has generic and brand names drugs in it.  Does anyone use or knows of a program like that which would also be compatible with Meditech as some things interfere with it I have been told? Thanks Pauline
Call in dictation system

I have a digital call in dictation system that is less than 2 years old that has given me nothing but problems from day one.  It has already blown 2 speech boards and a new one has to be put in.  I purchased an insurance policy for it but the company is giving me a large hassle.  I currently have a loaner system that is also acting up.  I was wondering if anyone can recommend any Internet-based call in systems that doctors could use by calling in on an 800 number and something that is easy to use and maintenance free from my end.  I have always used a computer based call in system but it is very expensive to maintain with phone lines, etc.  I am looking to get something fast that I can have set up as a backup in case my loaner also breaks down.  I am a novice as far as Internet systems go.  Thanks for any help or information about a company that you could recommend.

Phillips Dictation System

Does anyone have experience with their physician using the Phillips dictation system where they download their files and send them via email as a WAV file?  I have a doc that just bought this system and he is having major trouble getting the files to me (or to anyone else).  Is there specific software that I should have on my computer for this to work?  I'm in a panic along with him because while he is fooling around trying to figure out how to work this system, his dictation is piling up.

Thanks for any tips.

What do you mean by a Phillips dictation system?
What software are you using to transcribe?

If he is using a Phillips handheld digital voice recorder, you shouldn't have any problem opening or transcribing those files with Express Scribe and a foot pedal and he shouldn't have any problem sending the files to you. They are dss files, and most wav pedals will play them.

If you mean one of the more complicated Phillips dictation "systems" and not just the recorder/download software, that might be a different story.

Our system uses the * key to sign off a dictation. (nm)
No.....moved on to different dictation system....sm

When my PC-Dart finally crashed, I went with an Orator and now use DocShuttle and FTP site to get my voice files.

Expresiv--does anyone use this transcription/dictation system--sm
who could take some time to answer a few questions for me.
They are probably looking for a call-in digital dictation system or
if they have one in their office, a ld service for you to call in and get the dictation.

I certainly would ask and clarify what exactly they are looking for and what they want.

Good luck!
Does anyone have experience with FusionVoice by Dobley dictation system?? sm
The hospital I work for is looking for a new dictation system and was looking into this system.
PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
Instant Text works with Meditech and most any other program.
The Orator dictation system offered by Bytescribe also works with DocShuttle. I use it as well as th

I thought the price was reasonable. You can export the files into DocShuttle so that the docs can still use the electronic signature feature. I have one facility that uses the system this way.  One doc uses the olympus DS-2300 and the other two use my call-in system.


Bytescribe Company - May Purchase Their OratorPro Dictation System - Any Input?
Does anybody have experience with the company called Bytescribe and their telephone dictation systems? I am looking into buying their OratorPro system where I can have doctors telephone in and dictate onto this system.

Thank you.
System Restore does not affect documents, only program files.
System restore does not affect documents, only program files.
You will not lose any documents you've created. Restore does nothing to the normal.dot or other templates.
Dictaphone Digital Dictation Straight Talk System 7120 user manual

I had posted earlier about a manual for the Straight Talk System 7120.  If anyone has a manual, please let me know.  Apparently someone responded but now I can't find the original posted message.  Thanks!

I believe that all that is required is a compatible common program for the dictation and the transfe
Found the original post about the Olympus WS110 - do I need olympus software to convert the files?


yes, sounds like a full system...

I got mine because my brother had one and I heard his and loved it.  I don't know if they sell them in stores, but if so, go in and listen to it.  You will be pleasantly surprised!  The sound is full and rich.  Even when just listening to the radio.

What I would really like to do is hook up my TV to it and have the digital music and Sirius channels play through the Bose.  That would REALLY be amazing. 

I find it very relaxing to have calming music playing in the background while transcribing.  These docs can get so darned frustrating sometimes....

don't forget to look for interest free!! 

I still use Word to type in and then use ShortHand to drop in Meditech.
Meditech and MS Word
I have recently begun working for a company and they use Meditech as their platform. I can officially announce I HATE that platform! I have read in the past that one can do the transcription in Word and then place the document in Meditech. Is that possible or perhaps I misunderstood? I am so accustomed to using the Word commands that it is difficult and cumbersome to retrain myself to use the command keys in Meditech! I am sure in time I will get used to it, but if there is a better way and someone out there knows how to do the above, please share!
Does any one out there currently use Meditech.  Our facility has just converted to Meditech but are able to use Word 2007.  I work off site and am having formatting issues.  We type in Arial 12 pt. but is wanting to convert to Calibri 11 pt. when saved.  Just curious if anyone else out there has had this experience
I think it's for Meditech it's working for me in Word.
Meditech word expanders

I know that ShortHand and Abbreviate both work with Meditech. There may be others as well. Hope this helps.

Jeff Smith

Can you cut and paste from Word to Meditech?
Can someone tell me if I can type a report in word and use the bold function, then cut and paste it into Meditech and still have the bold sections bolded (blue)? Also, will lines wrap around correctly when using the tab key.  
Meditech word expander
PCSHORTHAND is the only one I have found to work with Meditech; www.pcshorthand.com
Sounds like there may be another program running in the background.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete ONE time and check the applications that are running. Close any that are not needed/wanted.

Also, run a virus scan to make sure there are no stealth programs such as key logger, virus, etc. that are running and could be slower your computer down.

Are you transcribing directly from an Internet download? If so, the speed that carrier is quoting is MAX speed, not constant speed; if there are a lot of other people on your "line", then speed will be slower.

Word/text expanders for Meditech
I would apprecaiate knowing word/text Expanders work in Meditech?  Thank you.
Export from Meditech to Word and back again?
Someone here once tried to explain how to have Meditech export or open a word file so you can type the report in word and then import it back into Meditech.  Something about Export?  Does anyone know how to do this and, if so, would you please break it down step by step as I've only been using Meditech for 3 to 4 months.  Thanks in advance! 
you can copy and paste from word to meditech...
It is alt V instead of ctrl V. It is VERY slow doing it that way though.
VDI call-in system sounds much better than digital recorders and easier tracking with redundant hard
You can hear a pin drop on this system. The sound is that clear. The system has a redundant hard drive and auditing capabilities. It has the capability to do everything but transcribe it. The better the sound file, the faster you can transcribe. I purchased a call-in system that used digital recorders, and the sound was so bad that I ordered this one the same day. I wasted $1200 on that system. Get the analog that uses a VDI SuperStation or C-phone (the C-phone is more clear). Even though the technology is not as new as the digital recorders, in this case it is better. Good luck!
I used Stedman's when working in Meditech, but I would type in Word and
copy to Meditech. 
I'd work in Word and cut and paste into their system. SM
Ask them if you can type it in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste (copy the Word document and paste it into their system).

It is not feasible to work without a spell checker. Word has a pretty good spell and grammar checker and there is no reason to do without it.

See if their "tech" department can come up with a macro to copy the text of the Word document and paste it into their program. Or, you could create a Word macro and paste it into their system. Either way. There is an excellent Macro recording program called Macro ToolWorks which is free for 30 days and then $40.00 that can duplicate key strokes and mouse movements, and could copy the document, go to their program and paste it in. They you'd just hit one button, like the Ctrl button plus a number. Their tech department should only take one or two days to come up with some solution.

Good luck. I just would not work without Word spell checker and also Steadman Medical Spell Checker. Essentials to any production typing job. Good luck !
Check out CoPath. It is a word-based system.
Anyone ever used this Word program?
Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003. Does this have MS Word 2003?
Cumbersome is a good word here to describe Meditech. The designer obviously doesn't type.
Word count program
I have an older model puter that is slowly going up and have word 97 count program on it.  I am looking for something that is compatible with that - that also does all headers and footers - not just the header and footer on the first page that I can put on my new puter.  I have checked in to SPellex and that is really slow counting.  I also checked in to Abacus, which was fast and pretty accurate; it actually gave me a little more on a few of my reports as a trial run.  ANyone have any ideas on this.  Thanks for any help.
Depends on what word program you are using
If you are using microsoft word 2003 or even 2000, I believe, then you only put in 1 space as there is a built in space in word that already shows up and if you try to put in a second space it will go in one space when you go down to the next line. Hopes this helps.
Does your word processing program
have "search and replace" feature? That should do what you want.
Yes, it's a word expander--can be used with any program (not just DQS)

word expander program sm

Pros and cons of word Expander programs that work with Chartscript?  PC ShortHand as opposed to Instant Text?  Which is better?  I have downloaded PC shorthand for a 30 day trial, but to me its a little slow.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Vista is just the operating system. You buy the word processing software separate...sm...


 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time `

 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time

IT - great program, great support system. nm
You need Microsoft's Word. It is a program that requires
installation. The account sounds good at 13/cent a line. Better invest in Word (costs a bit) unless you have a kind friend who will share theirs with you.