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I'd work in Word and cut and paste into their system. SM

Posted By: lb on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: New in-office job has NO spell check - Jennifer

Ask them if you can type it in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste (copy the Word document and paste it into their system).

It is not feasible to work without a spell checker. Word has a pretty good spell and grammar checker and there is no reason to do without it.

See if their "tech" department can come up with a macro to copy the text of the Word document and paste it into their program. Or, you could create a Word macro and paste it into their system. Either way. There is an excellent Macro recording program called Macro ToolWorks which is free for 30 days and then $40.00 that can duplicate key strokes and mouse movements, and could copy the document, go to their program and paste it in. They you'd just hit one button, like the Ctrl button plus a number. Their tech department should only take one or two days to come up with some solution.

Good luck. I just would not work without Word spell checker and also Steadman Medical Spell Checker. Essentials to any production typing job. Good luck !

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We can't cut and paste from word

into that platform, they say it messes up the format in the original reports....so I don't do that, but I do copy the note from the Emdat platform into a word document to make sure I haven't missed anything because my Word program has a better spellchecker. 

I did not know that you could use Shorthand in there...I really don't know what that is...I had Stedman's word Expander program (can't recall the name right now), but my company said it won't work in the Emdat program.....is it call shorthand...do you have the link?  I would appreciate any information.


I too use Meditch and cut and paste from Word...sm

You can set up Meditch to use a Word interface, which is what i do, and then i cut and paste from my verision of Word to the Meditech version of Word. 

I have a remote desktop that i connect to and so i basically have 2 desktops running at the same time..."mine" and "theirs."  It is quick and easy to switch back between the 2 and do a cut and paste.  If you cut and paste directly into the meditech screen it is very slow and painful.  I too have found that the spellchecker and also the expansion component in Meditech is totally useless.  I use Speedtype and it will work in the version of Meditech that I am using.

If you want to know how to set up the Word Interface in Meditech just send me a pm and I can send you the instructions.  It takes just a couple of minutes to do.



Can you cut and paste from Word to Meditech?
Can someone tell me if I can type a report in word and use the bold function, then cut and paste it into Meditech and still have the bold sections bolded (blue)? Also, will lines wrap around correctly when using the tab key.  
It won't minimize so you can see Word in one and QLDB in another, and won't cut and paste. SM

There's nothing "wrong" with my CD, it's just that this edition (2007) doesn't have some of the functions of earlier versions.  It's not something you would find out unless you bought it and installed it.  If you don't care about those functions, go ahead and spend your money.  But for just the wild card or fuzzy search function there are other places on the web, that do not charge, and where you can minimize and cut and paste. 

This was discussed on a couple of other MT boards, with the same conclusion and disappointment as above. 

You decide. 


you can copy and paste from word to meditech...
It is alt V instead of ctrl V. It is VERY slow doing it that way though.
Cut and paste a report into Word and run a line count there.
As long as you are cutting and pasting inside DQS, its okay. Just don't try to paste from a Word
The state told us that MTs are employees because we they work in our system and do the same work as
maybe you can work for a company in another state.
Check out CoPath. It is a word-based system.
Vista is just the operating system. You buy the word processing software separate...sm...


 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time `

 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time

I believe Olympus is a dictation system, not a program such as Word or Meditech - sounds to me like
I work on VR and according to the system you will use
you might not be able to get double or triple the lines. My VR audio only goes so fast and it is entirely out of the question to make any more than I do. I keep the speed turned up as fast as it will go and the speed of VR dictates what you can make, not your speed.
Temp files disappear when you shut down Word. System restore does not recover documents .
Last day of the pay period. No work on the system.
It should work regardless of the programs on your system...sm
I'd try contacting their support team again.
System restore won't work for this.
The icon on the toolbar is controlled by the normal.dot file and system restore does not affect that file. You can take the icon off the toolbar by holding down on the Alt key and dragging the button down to the document window with your mouse. You can also open the customize dialog box on the tools menu and drag it off that way.
Where I work we are on a tiered system,
per pay period.

9 cpl for the first 12,000

then an extra 0.5 cpl every 2000 lines.
Does anyone know anything about the new EMR system? and how it will affect MT's work? nm

When you work in an office, you can see when others are manipulating the system.
so don't judge her for knowing
Keystrokes - Lanier system - anyone work on it?
A regular Infinity USB pedal should work with their system. Why not ask them for sure? nm
I love the night shift! No interruptions and more work on the system.
I agree with poster below - Power NAPs! I am a napper, need my nap about 30 minutes to 1 hour, before my shift and a pot of coffee sometimes 2 gets me through!
work out an indexing system that works for you and copy (almost) every report into it.

while Ops offer lot of challenges -- that's a good thing, imho, REALLY ...

I keep my op stored in WORD sorted by

(1) client

(2) specialty (general surgeon, ortho, plastic, podiatrics, ENT, GYN, GI , urology, neurosurgery etc) .... and then in word folders

(3) within speciality, within client I name individual reports like this:

470 hernia vental simple

470 hernia umbilical

470 small bowel resection 


470 would be that doctor's id number -- the file holding 470's reports would be named with doctor's last name 


works for me, although I do usually do big time "indexing" until I've gota bunch of copied reports.


It's really important to NOT consider these NORMALS until you are more familiar with the dictator ... however... this is worthwhile ANYWAY because the joy of OPs is that most doctors say pretty much the same thing in 80% of their reports ... sometimes more. Gastroenterology and GYN  are excellent "easy money" most of the time but you MUST pay attention and change every difference ...


All these saved reports need to be updated when you review your QA ... those phrases that doctor mumbled yesterday are probably mumbled 24/7/365 ... follow up and record this information.


I use Emedicine for my go-to for a lot of things... while they don't have op reports they are stellar at terminology and spelling, hyphens, and capitalization as far as I can tell.

One of the fabulous things about op reports is usually NO MEDICATION LOOKUPS!!!! (although you will spend time finding out the latest heart stents, hip replacemetn component marketing  names, etc. ) Most medical device manufacturers have "pretty good" web sites -- use them, rather than relative Google popularity wrt spelling, caps, etc.

Good luck -- there is a learning curve but imho it is more than worth it -- Surgeons understand that their dictation is in essence their "BILL" when it comes to Medicare and insurance -- they have a vested interest in it being intelligible and complete ... they may talk really fast but most of the time, if you have samples, you will find they are saying variations of the "same thing" using the same words/terminology. 

Oh, and OP pay better.

Sincerely, good luck.!

Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system
Easy to work with. You can look up old reports. Your own word expander will work
What word expanders work best with MS word? Or..

.. is there another way?   Do many use the "autocorrect" to make your own word Expander without having to purchase anything?  Does that workout well or is it best to buy expander software? 

I'm setting things up to start again after a couple years out of hte business.  My Spellex spellchecker expired and I had to purchase a new spellchecker.  Also wanting to get my expander going.  GAH!  It's a bit spendy to get things going again... not fun.

Cut and Paste in DQS
If you Edit, Select All then press the control button and the number 5 (not F5), it will change it back correctly.
First paste it to..
notepad, adjust it and then copy it from there to paste in reply to job ads.
can you copy and paste?

If not, check this site out!!!


Wow - it is interesting. You know, there is actually an organization called The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in charge of standardizing all this stuff up-and-coming.

Did you read the part about "MT changing more in the next few years than it has in the last 100"

This is it, right at this site.

It is documentation that the doctor or nurse, or healthcare provider carries and enters at the time of service...

It even automatically codes for billing, etc.

Rather than 'free text' of a doctor dictating, it is standardized text where the person enters the info...

so much to it, and it is exciting, just wished we fit in somewhere...
copy & paste
long, drawn out process which will take tons of MW space, but it can be done.
You can just copy and paste.
Yes it will conform.  Also Word allows you to use your own spellcheck.  May be a bit cumbersome at first, but should work better than typing directly in Meditech.  It lags a lot. 
copy and paste
The only way I know is to copy and paste.
Cut and paste in Radnet
That is exactly what I did. I used a macro program (Macro Express) to make the "Page Up" key highlight and cut the text from Word and the "Page Down" key paste it into RadNet. I couldn't see any other way of doing it, since I hate typing online with the delayed keystrokes, etc. I used Dragon Naturally Speaking until we upgraded to XP, then it wouldn't work anymore without upgrading, but Word/AutoCorrect saved the day.
always paste it in e-mail
I do not think I have ever sent it as an attachment, I always hit the apply now button and paste it in the box provided.
Work = word
does this only work with Word?
I type on DocQScribe, which has an Expander but I'm just wondering if something like this would be better.
Can you work in word also
Can you work in word so that they can directly download it and then make the corrections.  I have one doc that always changes his letters and so I just email them over and he changes and has his girl do them.  Again, I thought I bent over to help out my accounts but there is no way even I would do this.   Good luck, they are taking advantage of you BIG time. 
copy and paste into your address bar. x
I guess the paste and cut really works SM

Can you do copy and paste rather than writing
Yes. Hit apply and either copy and paste, or
attach resume; however, some companies will not allow attachments.
A cover letter is always a good idea; just keep it short and to the point.

Happy Job Hunting.
How to copy & paste into FTP site?
I can't seem to figure it out?
The same way you copy/paste in all versions.
Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste.

The doctors I transcribe for are specialists so I do a full consultation but the doctors only want part of the consultation sent to the referring doctor so I copy and paste part of the dictation to a letter.  This very easy, but very time consuming.  Is there an easier way than to copy and paste for every letter. I am working in Word.

Copy & Paste in EditScript

Do you need to upload the job first?
Can't you just go to the Search window and from the Search window use these functions again normally?


Thanks for the reminder, will paste it on my desk! nm
(sorry - URL didn't "take"), so cut & paste!

You would work in Word of WP5.1, whichever
you prefer.  Pay per gross line.   Work is staying caught up so not sure they are hiring, but you can apply on-line.
Does PRD work with MS Word? I thought it was for WP 5.1 DOS only? - sm
Or am I getting confused? I have PRD for 5.1; but now use Smartype for WP 5.1 DOS (like it a lot better)....yes it also works on XP but it took me me a LONG time to figure it out. I have passed the "how to" manual onto a lot of people over the last 2 years. Its actually quite simple once you know how. An inexpensive word Expander is Shortcut, and they have the one they sell here Flashtype that is inexpensive as well. I know Shortcut works fine with 98.
I work in EXText with one and just Word with the other. SM

The EXText job is a employee status job I took for benefits.  I work as a remote MT for a 235-bed community hospital.  I would say I do the same 20 docs or so on a weekly basis.  The other account is a dermatology account that is my own and I do three docs there. 

I should add that with the hospital I have a great boss who basically lets us expand everything.  Same with my derm account.  They really don't care, just as long as the works on time and the notes and letters are basically what they said.  No exactly verbatim, but close.

The wife cannot work in Word LOL sm
The wife knows WP but not Word. They have a Mac at home which cannot convert the WP file to Word or that is her excuse why I have to do the conversion for them. This whole business stinks and its just time to move on and not deal with any of this, Im tired of always feeling like a monster and having my heart beat in my throat because I never know what I did wrong this time or how I will be treated when I get in the office.