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I believe this something that is specific to your user profile, and ... SM

Posted By: RockinMT on 2008-09-18
In Reply to: C-phone/Dac question - NM

that is something your supervisor or manager would have to manually change within your profile.

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  • C-phone/Dac question - NM
    • I believe this something that is specific to your user profile, and ... SM - RockinMT

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I was hired for a specific account/specific

work type.  I've learned the dictators, done the macros, now  they need to hire new MTs because the workload has increased, so they switch me to a very difficult account, doing everything but my normal work type.  Does this make sense?  I'm productive on my original account, not productive on new account, plus I'm majorly stressed. I do ESL 90% of the time but the new account is really horrible, not only ESL but they mumble and the quality of the dictation is bad.  If you took a new hire and put them on this account and they stuck it out, maybe they wouldn't think these dictators would be so bad.  I've talked with the MTSO and they say they'll switch me back and that lasts 2 weeks and then back to this horrible account.   It would be different if they called and said we need you to do this account for a couple of weeks, but it doesn't pay enough for me to do from now on.

I understand this is the way the business is and my griping probably isn't going to help anything, but I just had to get it out.

Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
someone here has him on their profile
You can see it in their posts, but I can't remember who has it on there.
IC profile
Working as an independent contractor in this field or any other field for that matter, requires a certain set of attributes - namely, a good business head, being analytical, having boundless energy, professionalism, talent in your expertise, and total confidence. You also have to be able to roll with the punches. Mind you, having a good business head and being a good medical Transcriptionist may not necessary always go together. I have all too often observed excellent transcriptionists who were not good business people, but had one goal in mind - to have a business doing transcription, and they would fail and wonder why. Also, the personality profile of a medical transcripitonist may encompass an individual who will go to the ends of the earth to get things "right," who will persist even when working with others who will take advantage of them. Many of us are anal about details, and let's face it, this is tedious, fine-detailed work that requires consuming attention. The medical field is a hostile and negative environment today, and many transcriptionists feel they need to stay in that environment. JMO.
I have a profile

I am 34 and have a profile.  I'm not trashy or sleazy (for whoever said that in an earlier post).  I am female and have found a lot of people from high school and even a few from grade school on there.  I have my profile set to private also, only if you are my friend can you see my profile.  There is lots of crap out there on myspace, just as with any other website but I don't think it's all bad.  I don't use mine for evil lol  I use it to keep in touch. 

I agree with the person who said it's okay for your kids to be online as long as you monitor.  I have an 11 y/o daughter and she is allowed online but there are rules and yes I do check up on her.  She doesn't have a myspace and won't be allowed to have one for a few years.  Luckily she's never asked, I don't think she's really discovered it yet.  I think these days constant monitoring of your kids' activities online is a must. 

I am 26 and have a profile...
I'm not a phone person, but rather keep in touch with my friends that way. My mother-in-law is in her 50s and has a profile, as does her son who is another state away. I can post blogs and pictures to keep in touch with my friends and family. I love it and I am not trashy or creepy. I also have mine set to private though, so you can only see it if you are on my friend's list. I also use it to keep up with bands that are playing in my town that I like. It has many uses. I agree a lot of kids are on there and a little out of control, but that's not my problem. My kid won't be on there with her clothes off at 14! My little brother also has a site and has a Christian band he is networking on there. My step-mom monitors him though. There have been sexual predators on the internet a long time before myspace came around.
Testing profile
Yahoo profile - how do you look up? n/m
Dictaphone profile
I believe that this can be set in your user profile at your company. This is where they program backspace time, the work pools you are in, etc. If the system is not ancient, it should give you that feed if your profile is set for it.
no hyphen but Client Profile comes first...SM
Too lengthy to type here - but if you can get to a BOS (Book of Style) it covers hyphens from pages 207-211 in their entirety!! 
A psychological profile? Eewwww. To me
that would be creepy and kind of invasive. If you don't hear back I have a feeling that is a good thing. It was nice of you to answer those questions, but come on, why get personal with the interview process, either you know transcription or you don't, and an objective test would be enough as far as I am concerned. Sounds yucky. Just IMHO.
I don't know, but my instructions are to follow the client profile. nm
I try to keep a low profile about $ and I am "always" going home to work sm
I have friend who has been with me a couple of times when my check has arrived in the mail. WOW he says, is that for ONLY TWO WEEKS? or that for the month? Ummm 2 weeks. OMG! Then, he says, but I know how hard you work. You are always working, more hours than I could possibly stand at a desk in the house. Truth is, I work about 5-6 hours a day, actual butt is in the chair, hands are moving time. I am not one to sit for more than a couple of hours without getting up (never last even that long) and I put in the 5-6 hours of actual typing time over about 10 hrs and I only do about 1600-1700 a day and I never push myself. (Just remember, I am lazy.)

I cultivate the perception that I am quite overworked, terribly underpaid (9.5 cents a line), very tired, always working, can't afford to wear anything other than tatty sweats and might not be able to afford that cup of coffee I am in the store to get. Most people think I work like a slave for about $2 an hour and I am starving and dying. They NEVER ask about being an MT!!!! LOL
Sorry to hijack this thread, but is that Nick Nolte on your profile picture? sm

If so, he's looking kinda rough!  JMO, of course.

We are expected to follow AAMT unless client profile states otherwise or marked down by QA for it, s
sorry - just used a new user name
didn't know it was taken by somebody else who everybody seems to think so little of. I am NOT whatever MTMommy you all are referring to. Sorry. Just looking for a little knowledge here about what I might be reasonably be able to charge when I am asked... would not want to shortchange myself.
USER too! NM
new Cox user need help sm
I will be having cox installed next week, I understand I can get a wireless router for one computer but they said I would have to purchase a wireless "card" for my others. I have an Acer and a Gateway, plus a Dell laptop aside from the one I am having Cox installed on. How can I get a wireless card for each of these computers and are they hard to install? They are "older" but still work fine for the kids, etc. Thanks for any help.
Ex-MJ user (sm)
Is there anyone who has had phone cards work for them?  The ones I have seen are at least 4 cents a minute.  But, has anyone found that phone cards is the answer to ULD?  I am new to this and scrambling to find something to replace MJ. 
as a user of VR with my job

I gotta admit that I love these bloopers. 


You need to CLARIFY - Not sure why you can't be specific - or is it you don't even know what you are talking about?
how do you do that, could you be a little more specific?
to be more specific....sm..

You, the parent, want something done.

They, the child, want something(s).....

When the something you want gets done by the child...

The child gets something.


Deals and contracts - works every time....*S* 

can you be more specific.
How much more specific does it need to be?
It says to save the TEMPLATE to a disk, flash drive, etc. Short of coming over and doing the work for you, now sure what you are asking for. Did you know there's a Help menu in Word that spells out all the details?
More specific help?
I am only using about 25% of my hard drive, and I defrag regularly. I am always getting rid of stuff that I am not using anymore, but my computer is still SUPER slow a lot of the time. It is almost always sluggish, and seems like there is something downloading that I can't see. Does that make sense? I check the running processes and programs and can't see anything there, but there is definitely something going on.
Any ideas on how I can find my gremlins?
Can you be more specific?
There are numerous programs, legit and not so legit, which have similar names. There's a CA Anti-Spyware 2008 (legit) and then there's one referred to as "Zinaps" Anti-Spyware 2008 (which is a trojan). In any case, you need to correctly identify what's actually running in order to know whether it's a threat or not and how to remove it in either case. For the latter (mentioned above), see http://www.precisesecurity.com/threats/zinaps-anti-spyware-2008/

Beyond that, downloading and running either Ad-Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy would presumably detect (and possibly remove) what's running if it's spyware/trojanware.
To be specific...

The "account" that I do - I currently transcribe for only one facility - does not offshore - so only transcriptionists are hired that can produce the work required without needing someone to edit the transcription.  I understand that editing can be in either form - correcting or filling in the blanks of someone who isn't qualified to produce a final document (as in a new transcriptionist's work) or VR (which I have done with past accounts).   As I said, I am fortunate to have that opportunity and not all are so fortunate.  I also have the luxury, because of years of only acute care experience, to have had a choice in who I work for.  I know that isn't the case for everyone.  I am also not currently the sole supporter of my family and I have been in that position in the past. 

However, I think that if each of us who personally has the ability to do so - economically-speaking - that we try not to make it easy for those companies offshoring who are asking for our years of experience to train their transciptionists.   In a perfect world..... 

VR is only as good as the user,

and it won't pick up background noise if you have a noise-cancelling microphone (like I do).

Here's a report I dictated yesterday. I think it had one error (it typed breed instead of bleed), but that was because it was the end of the day and I was getting tired. Judge VR for yourself (and see my note after the report)-

The patient is a 57-year-old male with a history of hypertension, who was found on the floor by his son.  The son heard the patient fall and then heard banging on the floor.  At the time of initial evaluation, the patient was verbalizing although the patient could not understand what he was trying to say.  The patient had a left hemiparesis.  The paramedics were called but by the time they arrived the patient was unresponsive, however, he was reported to have a gag reflex and he was breathing spontaneously.  The patient was transported to our facility for further evaluation and management.

On arrival in the emergency department the patient was found to be entirely unresponsive, therefore, he underwent tracheal intubation for airway protection and to provide ventilatory support.  He was found to be hypertensive at the time of his evaluation in the emergency department.  The patient subsequently underwent a CT scan of his head.  This revealed a hemorrhage into the basal ganglia and ventricles.  There was mild ventriculomegaly and the basal cisterns were tight.  Additional evaluation in the emergency department demonstrated that the patient had left ventricular hypertrophy on electrocardiogram but without evidence of acute myocardial ischemia.  He was noted to have severe renal failure with a BUN of 95 and a creatinine of 9.8.  The patient's blood sugar was 229. The patient had placement of an EVD and was transferred to the intensive care unit for further management.

Since admission to the intensive care unit the patient has remained hypertensive.  His systolic blood pressure has been as high as 190.  His current blood pressure is 140/80.  The patient is receiving a propofol infusion.  He has not required any additional hypertensive therapy at the present time.  The propofol was used because the patient did become agitated, although he was not awake enough to adequately protect his airway.

Since admission the patient's intracranial pressure has varied between 8 and 16.  He has required CSF drainage of about 10 mL per hour.  His cerebral perfusion pressures have remained satisfactory.  He has been in sinus rhythm with a heart rate of 80.  He has not had any ectopy despite the acute intraventricular bleed.

The patient remains intubated and mechanically ventilated.  With slow ventilatory support, his gas exchange has been satisfactory.  We are providing assist-control ventilation to optimize his gas exchange, but we will attempt to keep his pCO2 between 30 and 35.  Lung fields are clear and there is no evidence that he had aspiration at the time of his bleed.

The patient was also noted to be hyperglycemic.  He is receiving an insulin infusion to optimize his glucose control, and the insulin infusion will be adjusted as needed.

Because of the patient's severe uremia he will require dialysis.  Currently, his potassium is not elevated and his intravascular level appears satisfactory.

The nephrologists have spoken to the patient's personal physician.  By history, the patient has had progressive renal failure although he has not require dialysis.  He is also known to have hypercholesterolemia and cardiomyopathy.  He has had deteriorating mental status over the past few weeks, which may reflect his progressive uremia.  He will require dialysis in addition to continued ventilatory support and management of his intracranial pressure.

P.S.  For the record, I dictated this report, if you will excuse the cliche, like a bat out of hell. All I know is I completed 36:23 of dictation in about 1 hour 15 min, and it had 626 lines.

Still think VR is such a bad product? 

Go to New User Registration
If you will notice, the two items that want you subscription number, etc., are NOT required fields. You do not actually need a print subscription to get the web site subscription.

Does that help you?
Just an FYI when buying it from another user
Be sure to notify Textware Solutions that you purchased it & who you purchased it from so we can update our records showing that you are now the licensed owner. This will ensure that you can receive technical support, discounted upgrades in the future, etc.
phen user
I've taken phentermine off and on for the last 15 years after quiting smoking and gaining 25 pounds. The only problem is,  once you stop taking it the weight comes back on. I have had no health problems from this medication, SO FAR.
Is there a way to search by user name? (sm)
Is there a way to search MTStars by user name?  For instance, if I want to search my past posts?  I tried using the search at the top but it didn't work. 
I have WP 10 and I like it. User friendly. sm

I've used MS Word too, but there really isn't that much difference and its easy to learn.


Shorthand user who needs help.
User software

user software

shorthand user here -
love it!
Very user friendly
Although I was a newbie at the time, after finishing a MT course, they first had me on Dictaphone and then trained us on Escription/Edit Script. It was much, much easier than Dictaphone and any MT with experience would find it very easy to use. There really is not that much training needed---just to learn the commands, which is included in the tutorial. It really is a great platform.
Not a c-phone user, however here's something



EMAIL THE BLUE "that might be beneficial (sm)" link to ENTER.  Keep in mind you are only entering the contest.  A winner will be drawn and a post will be made.

Full details about the Scavenger Hunt can be found by reading the Sticky Ad posted at the top of the Main board.


How user friendly is it really?
eScription user (sm)
Win XP, MS Word 2003 is required since 2000 is not supported by eS any longer.  At least 512 for memory.  You're going to love it.
It is very user friendly...
...I think you'll like it.  Good luck!
Yep, VERY user friendly...
You'll be up and running into no time. :-)
I don't think it is very user friendly - sm
I used it for a day I think and then quit, hated it. Too many steps up to actually working and it was just a pain in the butt to use. There are many platforms that are much better than EMDAT.
anything that does not have a specific board
look to the left

if there's not a spot for it there, then you can post it here

how hard is that? rofl
Is there a specific panel/s you are looking for?
This is specific and helps.
That's not working, could you be more specific please
Yes, you would need the specific software.
DocShuttle integrates with the other pieces of the Bytescribe system which basically allows the software to do the work of uploading and downloading. Without your piece, you wouldn't be able to send or return work.
is this regarding a specific post?
Radiology specific CMT

How can I become a CMT which is radiology specific?  Do I contact AAMT?  It is my hope that the focus of the test is primarily on radiology and anatomy as I have been out of the other fields for such a long time, it would be impossible to pass the test (I have heard the standard CMT test is quite difficult, is this true?).

Thank you and Happy Holidays Inspite of It All!!!!