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someone here has him on their profile

Posted By: I think on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: Who the heck is Matthew McCaughnahey - nn

You can see it in their posts, but I can't remember who has it on there.

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IC profile
Working as an independent contractor in this field or any other field for that matter, requires a certain set of attributes - namely, a good business head, being analytical, having boundless energy, professionalism, talent in your expertise, and total confidence. You also have to be able to roll with the punches. Mind you, having a good business head and being a good medical Transcriptionist may not necessary always go together. I have all too often observed excellent transcriptionists who were not good business people, but had one goal in mind - to have a business doing transcription, and they would fail and wonder why. Also, the personality profile of a medical transcripitonist may encompass an individual who will go to the ends of the earth to get things "right," who will persist even when working with others who will take advantage of them. Many of us are anal about details, and let's face it, this is tedious, fine-detailed work that requires consuming attention. The medical field is a hostile and negative environment today, and many transcriptionists feel they need to stay in that environment. JMO.
I have a profile

I am 34 and have a profile.  I'm not trashy or sleazy (for whoever said that in an earlier post).  I am female and have found a lot of people from high school and even a few from grade school on there.  I have my profile set to private also, only if you are my friend can you see my profile.  There is lots of crap out there on myspace, just as with any other website but I don't think it's all bad.  I don't use mine for evil lol  I use it to keep in touch. 

I agree with the person who said it's okay for your kids to be online as long as you monitor.  I have an 11 y/o daughter and she is allowed online but there are rules and yes I do check up on her.  She doesn't have a myspace and won't be allowed to have one for a few years.  Luckily she's never asked, I don't think she's really discovered it yet.  I think these days constant monitoring of your kids' activities online is a must. 

I am 26 and have a profile...
I'm not a phone person, but rather keep in touch with my friends that way. My mother-in-law is in her 50s and has a profile, as does her son who is another state away. I can post blogs and pictures to keep in touch with my friends and family. I love it and I am not trashy or creepy. I also have mine set to private though, so you can only see it if you are on my friend's list. I also use it to keep up with bands that are playing in my town that I like. It has many uses. I agree a lot of kids are on there and a little out of control, but that's not my problem. My kid won't be on there with her clothes off at 14! My little brother also has a site and has a Christian band he is networking on there. My step-mom monitors him though. There have been sexual predators on the internet a long time before myspace came around.
Testing profile
Yahoo profile - how do you look up? n/m
Dictaphone profile
I believe that this can be set in your user profile at your company. This is where they program backspace time, the work pools you are in, etc. If the system is not ancient, it should give you that feed if your profile is set for it.
no hyphen but Client Profile comes first...SM
Too lengthy to type here - but if you can get to a BOS (Book of Style) it covers hyphens from pages 207-211 in their entirety!! 
I believe this something that is specific to your user profile, and ... SM
that is something your supervisor or manager would have to manually change within your profile.
A psychological profile? Eewwww. To me
that would be creepy and kind of invasive. If you don't hear back I have a feeling that is a good thing. It was nice of you to answer those questions, but come on, why get personal with the interview process, either you know transcription or you don't, and an objective test would be enough as far as I am concerned. Sounds yucky. Just IMHO.
I don't know, but my instructions are to follow the client profile. nm
I try to keep a low profile about $ and I am "always" going home to work sm
I have friend who has been with me a couple of times when my check has arrived in the mail. WOW he says, is that for ONLY TWO WEEKS? or that for the month? Ummm 2 weeks. OMG! Then, he says, but I know how hard you work. You are always working, more hours than I could possibly stand at a desk in the house. Truth is, I work about 5-6 hours a day, actual butt is in the chair, hands are moving time. I am not one to sit for more than a couple of hours without getting up (never last even that long) and I put in the 5-6 hours of actual typing time over about 10 hrs and I only do about 1600-1700 a day and I never push myself. (Just remember, I am lazy.)

I cultivate the perception that I am quite overworked, terribly underpaid (9.5 cents a line), very tired, always working, can't afford to wear anything other than tatty sweats and might not be able to afford that cup of coffee I am in the store to get. Most people think I work like a slave for about $2 an hour and I am starving and dying. They NEVER ask about being an MT!!!! LOL
Sorry to hijack this thread, but is that Nick Nolte on your profile picture? sm

If so, he's looking kinda rough!  JMO, of course.

We are expected to follow AAMT unless client profile states otherwise or marked down by QA for it, s