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I can't wait either!!

Posted By: csj on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: Anyone else dying for school to start? (sm) - SM

He starts back the 24th of this month, so only 7 more working days for him to be home with me-I love having him home but he is only going to be in first grade so he gets a bit antsy but luckily I start at 5:00 a.m. so am pretty much done by noon or so.  I can get so much more work done when he is not asking for a snack every 5 minutes -gotta love em though. 

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Since you are new, just wait. Newbies have to wait. sm
Just because you said a "doctor's office" that narrows it down.  No national work for private doctor's offices.  It is all acute care.  Just wait.  They will let you know how you are doing.
Sometimes it's best to wait, sometimes not
I guess it all depends on the person and the mood.  I've done both.  We most always have more than one pet, and this last time when Sally died (150 pound part St. Bernard and part mastiff), the house was so empty without a dog.  We only had my cat left.  So we waited about 1 1/2months and finally couldn't stand it so we went to the pound and got Bubba, part bloodhound and part German shepherd.  He would love a "sibling" but I had to put my old cat through another change just yet.  Soon, though.
Can't wait, but
I haven't heard anything yet!
Wait a second...JK, JJ...Which one is it???...

At least if you don't want to post as a former something, don't change names in the middle of the thread.  Someone might get bent over it,     and we sure don't want anyone getting upset over something trivial now, do we??? 

Wait and see what happens.
Can't wait!!!! sm
My DH has sole custody of SD11 (and SS7). She hasn't shown much interest in make-up yet, but I'm sure it's coming! We were visiting a friend the other night and SD11 met the next-door-neighbor girl who is 14 and dresses gothic. SD told me about it and all her skull stuff. I just told her she looks so pretty in her pink and I hope she keeps on looking her cute self. She agreed! Whew, for now!
Wait a second...
What I am saying is that the ones in gated communities ARE the guilty ones. THEY are the ones who could afford and had the means to be prepared. THEY are the ones in the lines!!

The ones who have no money or means suffer at the expense of the ones who DO have the ability to prepare.

That is what totally baffles me is that why didn't more people prepare!!!???

I'm sorry, but no, I haven't heard from this other company.  I would encourage you to wait for them or apply elsewhere.  MQ is in a state of change right now and nobody who works for them is happy right now.  There are some big changes afoot as of 1/1/06 and everyone is speculating what will happen (MedQuist NEVER tells us what is going on - we learn everything about this company by rumors and posting on this board - think twice about going with a company that keeps their employees in the dark!)  If the first company doesn't call you back, there are plenty of other GOOD jobs, but I think you would be making a terrible mistake to go with MQ.  Many, many MTs are LEAVING MQ right now.
He says he'd want me to wait until they are both 18 - sm
They are 5 & 7 now (I'm 40). He's afraid of my marrying a child molester if they were young. I told him remarrying would be the last thing on my mind and I doubt I'd be running out and doing it any time soon (or even date) should he died any time soon. (he's 46).
Cant wait to see....nm
I know, can't wait.
I don't ever watch CBS except for this time of year.  I have watched BB since the beginning.  I went online the other day to see when it is starting.  I can't wait to see who the candidates are.  This one should be good!
I would not wait to see a doc sm
It  could be a blood clot.  Let us know how you make out.   
Thank you both so much...I cant wait...nm
I can't wait...
To see the URL behind this blatantly offensive equipment he's attempting to plug on a MEDICAL Transcriptionist WEBSITE.

Why isn't this guy banned?
Oh wait...
What I mean is, the doctor may not even be aware that his/her account is SR. I don't know if they are telling the clients or not. The doctor dictates as per normal. The SR is done at the MTSO by the ME using the SR software that "listens" to the recorded dictation and spits out a document to edit.
wait for your first job

I already had a pedal and ear buds when I was job hunting for my first job, but my plan was not to purchase anything else until I landed my first job at home. I'm glad I did since the company I work for uses Bayscribe and everything was free. I only do office notes, so the need to buy references is also going to be put off until I get an account that is harder. Even then, we will see. I did purchase the new edition of the Book of Style and that has been helpful. You never know what a company may want you to have in regards to word expanders, equipment, and references. I don't think it will hurt you as a new person to wait. You will be lucky if anyone responds positively to your job hunt as a newbie. I contacted around 100 companies, some more than once, and I got one reply.

If you already have a job, then disregard my comment. Maybe my advice isn't what someone else would do, but why spend money if you don't have to. You may be buying the wrong stuff.

Wait, I think there is a misunderstanding ...
The company can "pay" on the 10th and 25th as expected.

When those funds become available to you depends on how often your bank updates its deposit files. Nowadays (yes, I know - I hate to use that word..lol), banks are in such competition that most build their deposite files at least once daily (first thing in the morning) and some twice daily (late evening as well).

MQ has the money there and your bank can "see" in their banking system the upcoming transaction as soon as it is transferred, which is usually 2-3 days ahead of the "pay date". Your bank must update its files for you to have that money accessible by ATM, debit card, or online banking. Often a bank will go ahead and cash your check at a teller's window when they can "see" the pending transaction...but until the files are built and filed, access to that deposit will not be available.

Call your bank and ask to talk to the bookkeeping department and have them tell you how often they build their deposit files. It shouldn't take more than about 1-1/2 hours once they build the files for you to have access to your money.
and get paid for every um, uh, wait, etc...nm

just wait, i'm sure they'll get to all of us
that is how some of the nastiness starts on this board, too many rumors and not enough facts. When MQ calls you, if you want you can post your facts, don't rely on others for their info
I would wait until after the first of the year...sm
Not only because it may be difficult to find a company that will allow a new employee time off, but because you'll be in unknown territory with presumably a lower line count until you get used to it...which means less money...not good at Christmastime.

This reminds of the quote from Hamlet...
"...we would rather bear those ills we have than to fly to others we know not of...thus, conscience does make cowards of us all."

Still, I would play the coward until after Christmas. Just me, though.

Can't wait for the Sopranos (sm)
That's the only reason I keep my HBO.  Does anyone know when repeats of the entire Nip/Tuck will be on?  I missed a season, I think, and my daughter has never watched it at all.  With all my raving about what a good show it is, now she wants to see it.
But I will wait for the video (sm)
Like I always do.  I think it looks really good from the previews and what I have read about it.
Didn't see it yet, will probably wait sm
for Netflix. I was more interested in seeing it when thinking it was set in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Since it is set in modern times, I'll wait.

Now wait just a minute!
"The poor" ?
Don't wait for them to give you what they want. sm
Ask for what you want. Actually, ask for a little more than what you want. You may get it, but you'll probably get slightly less. Either way you come out a winner. Rare that they'll give you nothing at all. That makes them look like the bad guy. Usually it's in their power to give you something. Something's better than nothing, right? Go get 'em!
Yes it was...can't wait for next week!!!-nm

I think you're right. I can't wait to get out of (s/m)
this stinking office and start working at home. I don't like people, so I know I won't get lonely. I can take short breaks to do useful things, like vacuuming or laundry, instead of sitting in the lunch room munching cookies. It's noisy at the office, my home is QUIET. I can see my pets more than just a couple hours a day. I can eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. No more wasting time with makeup, or wondering what to wear. No annoying coworkers/boss, etc. Yes, you are right, and I for one am looking forward to the peace & solitude.
Wait til he goes thru a tunnel!! ;-) nm
Why not wait for the Drake?

Ellen Drake is putting out a version of Saunders Pharmaceutical on a CD later this year.  Why not wait and get something that does not have the licensing hassles that the Stedman's version has?  It's about time that we MTs stopped supporting companies that make it difficult to deal with installing software on our computers after a crash, or make it difficult for us to use software on multiple computers.  Some of us have laptops, a computer in our home office, AND a computer in the bedroom.  We should not have to call the software vendor to get a code every time we have a crash or upgrade a drive.



LOL....can't wait for vacation!
Still here. Now just wait 1 minute!!!!!!
I never said you should say that Laura Bush is a great role model. She obviously is NOT in your opinion. You are entitled to that; however, the thread was asking who people felt were good female role models. The poster who started the thread did not say "Please, anyone who does not like one of these named role models PLEASE, PLEASE turn this into a nasty thread, PLEASE."
The people who named Laura Bush had every right to post her and also had every right for you to keep your opinion to yourself rather than spoil and ruin their post. You could start a separate thread asking who everyone felt were negative female influences. Then you could name Laura Bush. You just like to turn every single thread on this board into one of your nasty little rallies.
Geez. Get a life. You really have some issues sugar -- no make that -- sour foot. LOL.
Don't wait any longer...sm
contact an attorney.  You don't have to pay the attorney until he gets your money, then it's a certain percentage.  I know it's a killer to have to pay, but if you don't you're probably not going to ever be paid.  I had to sue a client for 3K.  I still walked away with a good hunk of the money and my pride.  It was well worth what I had to give the attorney. 
can't wait.....thx for the info! (nm)
Yeah, but wait until he gets to the ROS. :)

What a joke!

I think you should hang in there and wait for

People like her don't last long, the ones who appear to let their *title* go to their head(s).  If I were you, and I am not you, I would hang in there for a bit longer and see.  Take the best and leave the rest - good salary because of the benefits and just convince yourself that the witch will be gone someday and hopefully soon. 

Best of luck whichever way you choose!! 

i personally would wait
i have HEARD that it is first for gamers. dont know if that is the targeted market or not but either way i would wait until all the dust settles.  unless, of course, you feel you are getting your money's worth with tons of patches and fixes 
How long do you wait?

This recently happened to me. I received an email saying I passed the test and that they would call me shortly after they found an account to put me on. How long is a reasonable time to wait? How long should I wait to follow up? I don't want to be a bother, but I also really want this job!


Wait, are you saying that you work for
a company who lets you get in any of those ways? They all post DSL or cable Only. You mean at some companies, it doesn't matter how you connect? Say I wasn't traveling, but just couldn't get DSL, could I use WiFi instead at home? Thanks.
Just wait until that baby
turns into a TODDLER!!! There goes yer time.
I guess I will have to wait and see about that. n/m
if you wait til a crash,
i guess you would have a 'vacation' while you shop and wait for your new setup.
There is a wait for elective
surgeries in those countries. My sister in England is in charge of an operating theater there and can attest to the high level of medicl care there.

The doctors are paid for keeping their patients healthy. What a concept!

There are millions in this counrtry who can't afford health care and go without, until they're so sick and present to an emergency room, costing the hospital and eventually the taxpayer many dollars.

As you said, we have THE BEST care in this country. Not in the world! In this country people die from lack of health care. What is BEST about that?

You need to understand that the insurance companies are in business to make money, not save lives. That is why so many people WITH INSURANCE are denied procedure and surgeries, many bankrupting themselves to pay for it.

The system as it stands is obscene. One day if you are unlucky to face the situation of a denied claim, then you might have a different opinion about the state of health care in this country.
I have had to wait maybe 15 mins before, that that was
the longest. They have helped me on all problems but 1, which was something other than my computer itself it turned out. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to go through everything, but I think the longest I have ever been on line with them has been 45 min. to an hour. Luckily, have had to use it with my new computer.
How long do you wait...
I'm pretty sure I've been offered a position at a company via email.  They told me what I would be paid and the fact that my rate would go up after I'm off QA, etc.  I emailed the person back 3 days ago accepting and have not heard anything more.  How long should I wait before sending another email asking what's up?
wait a minute

I tried to post earlier and not sure if it went through.  WHat happened to friendly advice for a fellow MT, not blame for things.  You say you easily make $200 a day...really??  I find that hard to swallow.  Don't get me wrong...you must have some great tricks for the trade, maybe you can share with us how to get to where your at.  Not just with the pay, but it sounds as though you are pretty fast and may have some short cuts we could all potentially benefit from.

You are delusional. Just wait.
Exactly what happened to me but wait until you
start to really love them, because you will, (trust me - just hang in there and makes lots of samples because they are very repetitive) but as soon as you love them and count on them to make money they most likely will be taken away from you.

This has happened to me at every single company I have ever worked for...not sure why though but always different excuses. It seems to me larger companies just keep hiring and moving people around, and as soon as someone else comes along with for whatever reason they will probably end up going to someone else.

My advice? Enjoy them while you can - Buck up and learn them because the money will make up for the 'boredom.'
stay and wait?
How much notice do I need to give? Our old contract, which hasn't been renewed in several years, said one month. I told the office manager that I would give two weeks and her only worry was whether I could find them backup (I asked two of my friends who said no thank you). What if I give a month's notice and they say goodbye in the meantime? Then what? Is two weeks enough? I mean, it's not like I owe them anything and they obviously don't owe me anything. I had asked for an office position, but they say they are not going to need to hire anyone else, for any office positions. I always thought with EMR that I could be an Editor or something, but apparently not? I may already have something in the wings. Would you give 2 weeks or wait out the month? I don't want the possible new position to go by the wayside, either.
Wait. ''Not being an MT myself...'' ??
Oh wait, what about Ohio State and the guy who
held all the people hostage and killed some? 
whoa, wait a minute sm
I said "acting like a fool" not calling anyone a fool.  There is a difference! Come on, guys.  My point is simply this...if your job makes you so unhappy that you feel the constant need to post negativity all day, then perhaps it's time to find something that will make you happy, it's that simple.  And consistently posting silliness, i.e.; foolishness, here on this board is NOT helpful! Point Blank...sorry, sometimes the truth really, um, SUCKS!