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We homeschool and we are all looking forward

Posted By: Yes but for a different reason on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: Anyone else dying for school to start? (sm) - SM

to getting back to a structured learning time.  Homeschooling is not something we do, it is a lifestyle, and we are constantly learning, but we have an "official" 180 days as required by our state. 

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Well I did that and I can get it to go forward now but I can back up the dictation only go forward.
Homeschool sm

Pros:  Wonderful bonding.    Flexible schedules.  We "do" school on our time frame, no getting up at 5:30 a.m. to get the kids ready for school.  We can take vacations whenever we want.  My children have thrived.  My oldest was in public school for 3-1/2 years, nearly destroyed not only his love of learning but his spirit.  My children have had time to explore their own interests in detail.  For us homeschooling is not what we do, it is a way of life.  We do everything together - grocery shopping, doctor visits, yard work, cook, etc. 

Depending on the laws in your state you can teach whatever you want, however you want.  What works for me might not work for you and that is okay.  It does take some trial and error though to find what works. 

Unless you live in a very rural area there are lots of support groups with field trips, park days, activity days, etc.   Most people think socialization is an issue, can't figure that one out though.  Our kids participate in community sports, scouting, play with kids in the neighborhood, plus in my area we have a weekly activity day during the school year, we have park days throughout the year, we have at least monthly field trips, the Y caters to homeschoolers with all kinds of classes, we visit nursing homes and do a lot of socializing with young and old. 

You don't have to worry about bullies, you don't have to worry about someone bringing a gun to school, you don't have to worry about having a school lock down while they bring in the drug sniffing dogs.

No one loves your child more than you and while there are some good schools and some good teachers, you can still do better.  It is not written in stone either that if you homeschool you can't later put them in public/private school. 

CONS:  It is hard work, especially if you work FT on top of it.   If you've ever had a child in school you may be like a lot of us who have a public school mentality and think you have to mimic the school situation, where you do every subject every day for 7 hours a day and it just isn't so.   If you're child helps you cook that is life skills, not only learning to cook but learning math by measuring.   You'll probably get lots of flack, especially about the "S" word as we call it (socialization), you're raising a momma's boy or a sissie, someone who will never be able to do for themselves, you're kid needs to learn the hard knocks of life. 


Actually I think we'd both get out more when we homeschool
with the homeschool group activities, etc., but getting into the whole homeschool/perceived need for socialization with peers topic would really open a can of worms, wouldn't it? :)
homeschool and work
Hi, I homeschool my stepson, who is 10, and I also work full time at home.  Please email me.  The company I work for is hiring.  They pay well and very flexible schedule.  I also use an online homeschool program that is free.  If your interested, email me and I can give you more information. 
I homeschool and work...
It is not easy. I work at home at nights part time. I school a 2nd and 3rd grader during the day. I had my children in public school when the youngest was in Kindergarten and ended up pulling them out. The whole school situation was awful. I won't go into it all here but I was dealing with a child that needed help and a school that was not listening to me. Again my case was extreme but the whole situation stressed my husband and I out so much. We ended up pulling both children out because we feared for their safety, literally.

Our choice was to private school. Ha! Naive we were. Private schooling is very expensive and we did an exhaustive search in the area. The cheaper ones were awful, the most expensive were what we wanted, but couldn't afford.

So we turned to homeschooling and have kept at it. I cut back to part time work. "Home" though is a laugh - we do classes at home twice a week. The rest of the time we are at other groups to do classes. We do math and language arts at home. History, science, PE, music, Spanish, art, computers are all done in groups. Homeschooling here where I live is huge and many business have sprung up catering to this. We are able now to pick and choose classes to pay for. So we do 1/2 homeschool, 1/2 sort of private school. For us, it works great and I feel the kids get the best of both.

Is it easy? NO. Is it worth yet? YES. Until my kids can handle the pressure of a public school setting (or we move or win the lottery for private school placement), then this is what is best for them. My kids are protected from the worst of a group setting but I feel also exposed to the best of a group learning environment by the way we are educating them. Good luck to you. I hope it all works out.

First, be very sure of the reasons that you want to homeschool.

It is tougher beginning at such a late grade, but it can be done.  I started my son in 9th grade 9 years ago, so obviously I know a little bit about it.  I also had a great friend who homeschooled her high school kids, so she could get me started with a lot of support and encouragement.  Be sure you're ready to be with this child 24/7, because that's pretty much how it will feel.  We did have problems with the school but tried every avenue to solve them before saying, "We don't need to put up with this, we do have a choice," when the school counselor said that we didn't have a choice.  They thought they ruled my son's world;  they were WRONG.  I AM HIS PARENT, I believe I do have his best interests in mind when making choices for him.  We are a Christian family, so it was easy to start by investigating Abeka Books for materials;  bear in mind you'll have to buy all your own materials, nobody helps with that.  My son now has his degree and is IT manager at a bank, looking to make VP. 

You'll need to check out the homeschooling laws for your state, they vary.  Just do an internet search for homeschooling laws for your state.  Check around for homeschool groups, there are several out there.  But, the biggest thing is just to make sure that you and your child are committed to working together to do this.  It does take a lot of commitment and communication to do this and do it right.  BEST of luck to you whatever your choice.

So, PFFFT to the person who says kids need to be in school.  I know better and obvious hundreds or thousands of others do too.

Maybe you should homeschool your kids if you don't want sm
them to be exposed to other religions and cultures? It shouldn't be offensive to hear songs about others' cultural and religious beliefs. If you feel so strongly, and you're not willing to examine yourself over the issue, then why not homeschool them or put them in a Christian school where they'll only be fed what you want and not have to hear anything else?
I homeschool my children and I get so very

tired of the "S" word.  I think most people feel like we keep them locked in the house all day, doing school for 8 hours a day.  They are community sports teams, the kids in the neighborhood, homeschool activities, park days, church, etc.   There are some families who isolate themselves, but the majority do not.   My kids are extremely social and on weekends we have a line at the door wanting them to come out and play.   I told DH we needed to put up a sign on the door that they aren't here so kids will stop knocking.    Not only are my kids very social, but they are as comfortable with someone 65 as they are with their own peers.  My oldest DS has kids 5 to 6 years younger wanting him to come play because he plays so well with them and they look up to him. 

Kids don't have much time to socialize in the public school setting and the socialization isn't always positive. 

you will have more time when you homeschool
Your schedule is dictated by you, not by the gov't school.
Well I homeschool and that isn't the reason I do. Homeschoolers

for the most part are just  normal people, some do it for religious reasons, some do it because they have a special needs child whose needs aren't met in the public school system, some do it due to medical issues.    There are extremists in every segment of society, homeschoolers are no exception.   This is a very sad situation and I knew that the homeschooling issue would be picked up on and picked to pieces.   It is funny hearing all the news people trying to figure out how these 2 could have possibly met since they were homeschooled.   Unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance out there and people are quick to condemn that that they know nothing about. 

Since this has been on every news channel the past 48 hours I'm really surprised it has taken someone this long to post the comment you did. 

Homeschool, so year-round fun! nm
Anyone homeschool their children and do MT from home? NM
Anyone homeschool their children and also work at home?
I currently work for a hospital but am considering get a home job so I can also homeschool my 6-year-old. He is just having an awful time in school and I am getting sick of trying to work all day at the hospital and get phone calls from the school EVERY DAY.. I just feel like I need to be home. Any suggestions?
Honestly, I homeschool. Never once have my kids had a bellyache. nm
Homeschool! Freedom! Great family bonding!
Still looking forward
I have been reading this board for a short time now and have been pretty grateful for a lot of the information and advice.

What I am not grateful for? The sense that MT completely sucks and is the worst career choice anyone could make. I understand that people like to vent but there are some posts that just come across, to us who are learning and just getting into the field as very, as very bitter and very discouraging.

I am only posting this because I have a voice, too. I am looking forward to working from home, having people ask me how to do "do what you do at home", making some extra money (though I DO know that I won't be getting rich in this field), and learning all there is to learn about our language and the language of medical professionals.

Every job, every career, every field has its share things to hate. I'm sure MT won't be any different. But please, remember when you post that there are some of us who really want to enjoy and succeed in MT. Advising us to turn the other way and run just doesn't seem a fair thing to do.

I'm just sayin...
You could also forward your sm
calls to your cell phone while you're working.
Definitely looking forward to seeing it. sm
It's unfortunate that politics and business so strongly influence the health care we and other patients get, but they are, and his films provide additional information that is for the most part all too appallingly accurate on review. Those most surprised and disbelieving would benefit most by researching its veracity for themselves and not relying on the word of others. Besides, the films are always fun to watch if maddening.
forward it
There is a place somewhere on Homeland Security or FBI site where you can forward them suspcious emails and they check it out. Let the sender who told you to get screwed know that you are planning on doing this even if you don't forward them. I too am sick of the scammers and Viagra ads. Viagra doesn't qualify, but those money things do! I have even gotten "bank statement" things and I block them out or forward them over. After that, I don't hear from them again. Anybody else been getting junk faxes lately?
I am looking forward sm
to being back.  I have done a little here and there when needed but nothing where I could say I am "working."  I had some health problems of my own that are now resolved so it has been a long period.  Truthfully, I wish everyone could AFFORD to take a break.  I found out I also had burn out and the break (regardless of the reason) really has helped as far as MT goes.  I am looking forward to getting back to it.  Thanks.
I look forward to talking with you again
in the future.
I look forward to hearing more
...especially about satellite connectivity. That is my big issue at the moment. We have high-speed, business-grade satellite with Direcway, but some companies cannot work with this. Do you know if DRC can?
flash forward
Those were the days!  My production dropped significantly when i had to switch from flash forward to shorthand.  But at least I have a job!
yep, IC..and looking forward to retiring!
Hoping to get off the merry-go-round next year, am very hopeful anyway.... My New Year's resolution....LOL.
Spring Forward,

Don't know about elsewhere in the US, but here in the east tonight is the night we turn our clocks ahead one hour. 

I had some pretty serious medical problems a year ago and was completely out of it from the middle of March to the middle of April so I have no recollection of time during that period.  Does anyone recall the exact date that we "sprang" forward last year?


Never liked Gayle, not looking forward to her nm
The one I looked forward to...

He did his dictation at home I suppose and every night..."Daddy, stop talking, look at me".....for what seemed like hours on end.  Never took the child out, just let her screeeeeaaaam into the mic the entire time, while the wife talked in the background, oblivious to the child...I suppose she was glad someone was taking it off her hands. 

Thank you!! I look forward to recieving it!
That and 'pay it forward'
loved that movie too!
Anyone have any fall TV shows you are looking forward to?

Two of my favories: Judging Amy and American Dreams, have both been cancelled. I'm down to ER now - can anybody point me at something that I should be watching? No HBO at our house, just regular satellite programming, broadcast channels. I started to get into Everwood last spring....

Mine was quite a bit more. Hmmm looking forward to that
Was this about the shorthand tips? Looking forward to that.
It does feel good looking forward.
Thanks MTPockets! You bring up a good point. I AM moving on and it is going to be okay. My kids need to see me normal and happy. That's two things my younger two have never seen because he's their daddy. This post became so fun and I love that! Thanks again to everyone to who posted!
Many thanks - look forward to hearing about the keyboard (nm)
Pay It Forward........Kevin Spacey....
*Notebook* was also VERY sweet!!!
Isn't THAT pretty straight forward!?
He wants it on there because he wants the transcript to go out NOW!!  Perhaps he doesn't have time to read it NOW but you can bet your sweet bippee they read ALL transcripts unless they all have photographic memories, and half these doctors don't even have the common sense to press pause on their digital recorders, so assuming they have photographic memories or just naturally remember what each and every patient's problem is and everything they did for the patient and said to the patient, well, it's a REAL long shot.  USE YOUR HEAD. This is common sense!
I'd "accidentally" forward it to a higher up.
Fast forward, very little stopping, no
calls. I have done this hospital so long that very easy for me, know the dictators, these are the 4s also. I do some straight (training hospital). My favs are ops also and it is just fast, fast typing and fast forward on the VR. I did not want to work fulltime anymore so set this 3000 per line on the days I work so I can still bring home what I want to make.
New Owner Please Come Forward And Show Yourself
Have you heard the rumor the Writer's Union is the new owner of this board and they will be promoting a Transcription Union? With Google's new Medical Record Depository, the public actually viewing their own records, our skills will be in demand and we can set our own standards of reimbursement. Supply and demand.
Flash Forward SNAFU

Working in WP 5.1 for DOS.  System is set up to automatically install Flash Forward when I boot up.  As the Flash Forward bar is running, it stops and gives me a pretty  blue flashing prompt saying "Attempt to add duplicate Abbreviation: blah, blah, blah.  Has anyone experienced this?  How do I get out of it?  I assume there must be some way to search for and delete the duplicate abbreviation, but beats me all to you-know-what.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

fast forward audio?...
what does that mean? and are you really editing all for 99% QA or just fixing the "bigger issues." i'm not being snide, i really want to know your secret; my system is anywhere between regular typing speed to 1500 per report but averages out much lower than what you are getting.
Me too, but also looking forward to 24 and that prison show sounds
Please forward the Paypal notification to me and I will check into it.
It is where the doctor tells you to "pull forward" SM
something from the patient's last visit. For example, he will say pull forward my problem list, medications, and allergies from job # whatever and you will go back and copy and paste that into the patient's new report. Sometimes they will make changes and sometimes they won't. I didn't know what it was until 2 years ago when I started an account that did it.
WP5.1, Flash Forward, drooool! I liked Smartype too (NM)
I just forward my calls to my cell and answer that way...
if important. Or I can just get the call on the computer through my email.
Thanks for the replies. He is looking forward to the Tacos in Mexico! He is a great kid. Will Pray!
Pretty cool. I'll be looking forward to a Discovery program about this. nm
Forward it to spoof@paypal.com, also check your acct directly through their web site...
just don't click on a link in the emai. The hackers are getting better all the time.
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