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I have MJ also and if I have too many programs open on my computer, my phone will not work. nm

Posted By: Amanda on 2008-06-22
In Reply to: Does anyone who uses the Magic Jack (sm) - mtmmm


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you don't have any other programs open that would interfere, do you? (sm)
I had 2 programs open at the same time and they both used the same foot pedal. I thought I broke something, but realized both were open, shut one down and viola! it worked!
If Ihave both programs open at the same time
and 2 jobs open at the same time - I get both voices when pushing the foot pedal..... so I just close one
maybe youhave too many windows or programs open or minimized?..nm
Apparently your computer programs are
not compatible with the platform you are using. I know the 2 companies I work for are not compatible with Vista.
Be surprised then b/c the TC quoted $15/pedal + $50 computer. Also had to have programs

Also as SE we should be compensated at contractor rate, not as if we are one whiff above

employee since we must make up work and eat the down time etc.

Also, when the work is low the work is GIVEN to employees with no warning and NO WAY to make up the work because there is no work there.


Definitely could be dust and dirt inside your computer. Be careful when you open it,
buy computer air cleaner at electronic store, and blow the air into all computer parts. Use a clean and static-free brush to dust all components. Be careful not to touch any parts inside with your hands to avoid static electricity whch may zap your machine. Important to unplug everything before opening up the case. If you are nervous about doing this yourself, take it to a computer tech for a good cleaning.
C-phone used to call in to dictating systems to receive work. A special phone. nm
They have always done well by me. I don't trust the computer phone systems. sm
If my computer goes out, them my phone goes out and how will I call them?  I prefer to have my eggs in several baskets.  Computer and TV cable on the same line.  Phone on a land line, Verizon.
Computer/digital phone system question - SM

I currently use a Philips digital transcriber system, which I call the number and get my recordings through the phone line.  I would like to get a laptop to start doing my work and was wondering if there was some way I could move the recordings to the laptop and just work strictly with the laptop and foot pedal. 

If anyone has any information or knows if this can be done, I would appreciate it. 

Thank you,


All my programs that worked on 98 work on XP - sm
There is a setting you can do, after you reinstall them, the "compatibility" mode. You right click on the desktop icon, select "properties", then hit the "compatibility" tab and indicate what you want, Win 95, 98, NT or 2000. It's pretty simple and all my programs work fine on XP even if they weren't made for it.
It should work regardless of the programs on your system...sm
I'd try contacting their support team again.
Dont know if any company programs work on mac
but i sure love the mac/pc commercials....have you seen the newest with the *peripherals*?
If you use a C-phone for work and have a digital phone

through cable, have you tried to take an incoming call?

We only have one phone line.  I rarely get/make calls and when I do we have cell phones.  I just started working with a C-phone and got digital phone.  I can go a month and my phone not ring, so far have gotten 3 calls today, but I'm afraid that if I try to answer the phone that I will lose my report. 

I guess I could pull up a report and have my husband call on his C-phone and test it that way and then if I lose it no biggie. 



"Do you think the option to Open With would work?
Right mouse click on a WP5.1 file and choose Open with from the pop-up menu. If Word is available, this may help to make it easier to open them using Word, although I still doubt it will search each document's content. Sorry.
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
Wild guess-borrow a wireless?? Go to an open wirless and work from the car if you have to?
Where there's a will there's a way - keep asking and keep talking, someone will help you. Ask the company you work for to help you out here, perhaps they have a plan for you if they value your association.
You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
I have one work computer (sm)

in a  corner of the living room at my real desk (with places to put reference books and such) and one on the dining room table until I can get another desk. It's Grand Central Station. Have learned to concentrate while blips and bleeps and music are coming from PC on which son is playing.   First thing people notice when they come in is the unusual number of computers in one place.

I work 2 and use my own computer, so yes
they are both on the same computer. However, if you are using a company-furnished computer, you CANNOT work your second job on that computer.
It did not work with my C-phone (sm)

The function keys were not recognized, forward, backward on the foot pedal, etc.  I did not want to re-program my phone just to use, assuming I could figure out what it would recognize.  I sent it back.  Wonderful idea, great technology.  Works with a regular phone, though.  Received a prompt refund.  Hope this helps. 

This is not my work computer and I am not scanning. This is not my job, so __
i'm glad my work computer is
separate. I thought I had good security on my home computertoo but it still makes me paranoid.
I need computer help. How do I make PRD work

PRD is on my old MQ program, but I can't seem to get it moved over to my Microsoft Word page.  I can't seem to get my Stedman's Spell check over there either.


is he playing this on your work computer? (sm)
make a password for the computer. I don't agree with be glad it's just video games -- addictions are addictions and can affect the family life just as bad as alcohol, porn or any other bad addiction.

If he's ignoring his family due to the games and it's creating a problem, then it IS a problem. I'm so fortunate in that my DH doesn't even know how to turn on a computer. He's never had an interest.

Password protect the computer. Tell him it's off limits. He will get used to not playing anymore.
Computer work area...

Does anyone have their computer work area in a computer armoire?  I am thinking about changing my work area to that, but I am used to an open desk area, and I am wondering if you feel at all boxed in by the armoire. 


           Just wondering...


They should definitely ask. I have a lap top in addition to my work computer and it is for the..sm
kids and anyone else who wants to use my computer.  I'm not saying I'd never let anyone use my computer, but I'd have to trust them because this is my livelihood.
The MTSO I work for on my own computer
block certain sites when I am connected per their system. The internet is not disabled, but I have to disconnect from them to check my e-mail. However, research sites are still allowed.
your computer will work as long sm
as your generator is running. High speed cable would work if you have that outlet hooked up to the generator. Usually a generator is not hooked up to the whole house unless you have a "whole house" automatic generator. If the power is on and the cable is not out, you can work.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
DSL does work through the phone line
I have mine through SBC. They sent filters to put on each phone line. Does not interfere with phone usage.

Since the modem is plugged into an electrical outlet as well, you will lose your connectivity if the electricity goes out.

You seem overly worried about no electricity. lol ???
RE: Need anyone's ideas on how to do this - I work via C-phone but need to go to my son's to
They do not have a land line but use cell phones.  Is there some way to use my c-pone through my cell phone so I can work while I'm there?  Thanks in advance
C-phone - How do I get the headset to work?

Hi all!

My question is "When my C-phone call is connected what is the sequence of buttons that are pushed (in what order?) so that connecting my headset doesn't drop the call?"  I have a program button set up as #*11, as per the manual for my headset.  However, when my call is connected and I press speaker/mute and then the headset program key, or when I press the headset program key first, either way, my call gets disconnected.  Any thoughts of what I may be doing wrong?  Thanks so much!

It will not work through phone lines....sm

I started on a Lanier at a hospital and then went home with it.  At the hospital it was connected directly to the computer.  I was told that you lose certain features through the phone lines and that is one of them.

Computer crashed, cannot work for two days.
How do you prepare for something like this???  I wonder if the big "S" has compensation for this type of thing.  Hard drive needed replaced.  Egads.  And I cannot work off my schedule as I would be, you know, cheating.   This is a major financial hit.
How can a backup computer be used with Spheris? You work on sm
theirs only.
...to alternate with your work computer. Not too hard to set up that way. nm
Question: If you work for national that provides computer,
can you ask their Tech support to move their files onto the laptop computer?

One other question: If you are required to have HSI connection for dictation and files, do you have access to that and how?
Anybody here work only on a laptop and not use desktop computer at all?
Does it drive you crazy with the small keyboard and small screen? Maybe it's something you get used to and compensate for when working. I'm considering getting a laptop just for work to keep things separate but looking for pros and cons of this. I figured somebody on the board has some advice on this.
I work for a hospital from home on my computer and they do this too. sm
I was told that it is becoming more and more common to see this happen as the internet can open the hospital to too many vulnerabilities. It's my computer but I am on their clock, so I am OK with it. I prefer my books to internet research though so it is not so bad for me.

Good luck with this.
Are you on a network or single computer at work?
Lots of things can make this happen. It depends on the normal.dot if that's where you are saving them. Some networks won't let you save to the normal.dot.
Two versions of Word on the same computer will only work
correctly if the oldest version is installed *first*.
Need a C-phone for work. Can I use a digital transcriber sm

I have 2 digital work stations.  One is Bytescribe call-in system.  The other is Philips station.  Neither have the actual phone part that you pick up.  I can call in to different numbers to get work.  Does anyone know if this will work?  I need a "C-phone" to get work for a new job, and I don't know if I should buy one or what.  I posted before, but no one answered.  Just thought I'd try and ask again.  Thanks.

Anyone work for co. who pays all phone costs? sm
Asked before, perhaps did not post. Anyone have a company who pays all phone costs, FTP, etc., I just want to either transcribe or edit,,, no added expenses, but they can absorb the cost for me. Sound crazy? You just never know.Doesn't hrt to ask
Could not get Magic Jack to work with C-phone
I tried it on two different accounts,and there was too much skipping or dead air to use it. I ended up sending back the Magic Jack before free trial was over. Our internet tends to run a little slow sometimes so it may depend on how reliably fast your connection is. But as I said, I tried on two accounts and it would not work well enough on either, so it was definitely my internet connection that was the problem.
Nope, my computer is owned by the hospital I work for, and does not even
I am a bit computer dumb, but what would I need with a laptop to work while at the hospital with my
Company requires a C-phone. Will a Lanier Lx-219 work as well? sm

What is the difference in a Dictaphone, C-phone, Lanier LX-219 and Lanier Expresswriter or Voicewriter?


The hospital where I work took down the no cell phone signs
last year. Apparently they aren't as much of a problem as they once were. Also, I was an inpatient last year and was allowed to use my cell phone in my room.

It seems like I was told that they have machines that block the phones from getting a signal in areas of the hospital where they may cause interference with equipment.
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
Will Meditech work with cable based phone?

Hi all,

I have been offered a MT job with another company that requires me to call into the hospital's Meditech system.  I have never worked on Meditech so I don't have the slightest idea how to use it.  I am used to signing onto my computer and getting right into the system, not having to dial in anywhere.  I'm sure I would get used to it but my phone may be the problem.  I have my phone bundled in with my cable/high speed internet through Time Warner and the MTSO thinks this won't work, that I need something like Fair Point as a dedicated phone line.  Does anyone out there in MT land know anything about this?  The MTSO is anxious to hire and I'm anxious to start a job where I can finally make $ again and I don't want to miss out on this all because of the wrong phone!

C-phone help! Dial tone ok, but keys will not work.

There is a dial-tone when handset is lifted.  Keys do not work to program, dial, ect.  This is the same for 2 different units.  Any suggestions?