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Posted By: Alma Brewer on 2007-10-17
In Reply to: WordPerfect 5.1, typing as one long document, using - Flash Forward. Those were the days.

Yeh, loved those good ole' days... How about that one started First _______? that was a good program...Or.. am I giving my age away....I don't care I am 68......

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WP51 help

Can anyone tell me what key I am hitting?  - Sometimes in WP51 I accidentally hit some key that locks my keyboard and the only way to get it to work again is to shut down, then I lose anything I have not saved, seems to be happening more and more, are t here any WP51 gurus out there who know what I am doing?


WP51 help
Many new keyboards assign new functions to the F1 through F12 keys that conflict with WP51. On Logitech keyboards, the "F Mode" key will swich between the original functions that WP51 expects and the new functions. On Microsoft keyboards, the "F Lock" key does the same thing. If the F1 through F12 keys are using the new functions, none of the WP51 functions such as F7, F10, F8, etc. will work until you press that F Lock or F Mode key.
WP51 and PRD would be my favorite, but unfortunately with Windows XP you can't do that.
I'm giving my age away, also.  I'm 62 and up to 1 1/2 years ago I was still using it.
I know exactly what you mean.  Until 1 1/2 years ago I was using it.  Everyone laughed at me.  Some people said what is DOS?
WP51 and PDR - sm

So glad to find someone who also believes in WP5.1 and PDR - after much prodding from new partners I am now using MSWord and have gone digital. I am not doing a better job, my work is not getting done any faster or better, and I have more things that can go wrong. It's called progress I think.

I can't think of a function in WP51 that will go with autocorrect (sm)
unless you are talking about converting autocorrect list to PRD+ ShortHand program? Or maybe you are talking about a later version of WordPerfect...?

As far as transcribing it, could you transcribe it in Word, save as a WordPerfect file then count, then reconvert?
I still use WP51 and PRD+ for my local accounts ..
I actually found a laser printer 2 years ago with a driver that will still work with WP! (a Brother)

I honestly don't know that I will EVER get the speed in any windows-based application that I get with WP and PRD!

You should see the computer techs laugh when I mention I still use DOS and WP51 ..

wp51 - dos .. local accounts .. love it!
I still use wp51 for dos with PRD Plus ... for me .. it is just plain faster ... LOL
you are not alone ...

I switched from WP51 to Word a couple years ago
I chose InstantText as my Expander because it would import my PRD list and that was important to me to make me feel comfortable out the gate. Several of my co-workers didn't really like IT but at the time, it was the one that had the easiest import function and I *had* to have my PRD to type! IT's not cheap, but I think it's well worth the investment.

Also, I highly recommend Laura Bryan's book on Word. There is another lady who is a Word guru, Cheryl something (I'm sorry I can't remember her name at the moment) who is also very good. Basically these are MTs who know you have to keep your hands off that mouse to make money, so they show you the keyboard ways to do things, in contrast to other Word how-to books for the general user which focus on the mouse.

It's a moderately painful switch, in my opinion, but once made, definitely makes one feel more 21st century. :)
SmartType sm
I would not know what to do wihtout my Stedmans SmartType. It is a lifesaver. I do not know what my percentage increase would be but it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking up words.
If you buy SmartType it comes with its own words (tons of rare medical spellings), however, if you want definitions you would need a dictionary.  I love SmartType.
I tried SmartType sm
and I was like you with Instant Text.  I couldn't get used to it at all.  It drove my lines way down to like 45 lines an hour.  I said to heck with that!  I correspond with another MT who endorses SmartType, too, and tells me it has increased her speed.  To me it was too distracting seeing the SmartLine and all that other hoopla on the bottom.  Is there a secret to it?
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
Smarttype and Meditech
Can anyone tell me if Smarttype works with Meditech.  Just started account using Meditech.  I have Smartype, but did not install because program I was using had its own really great expander,  But of course, Meditech does not.  Help?
It's not just you! I HATE DQS. Especially coming from WP 5.1 and Smarttype! UGH!! nm
Dictaphone Extext & Smarttype
Does anyone use Stedmans Smartype in conjunction with Dictaphone Extext/Word Client?  If so, how do you disable the cc (shortcuts) in Extext?  I am using Word 2000 so I know Smartype works with that but not sure about using in with Extext/Word Client.
I've heard that Smarttype is exactly like SH, so . . .
SH may not work either. You might want to go to the SH website and contact tech suppor. They may be able to tell you. Good luck.
My apologies. I believe it is SpeedType not SmartType
that is supposed to be like Shorthand. But, in any case, check with tech support at ShortHand about compatibility with your program.
Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription?

SmartType vs Smart Type Assistant

Are these one and the same or different?  Does Smart-Type work in Dictaphone Extext platform?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.


SmartType will run in Word client programs sm
I know this because I have used it in MedRite XL, Extext, MTWorld and Winscribe. There are a couple of others out that it will run with. Sometimes you have to futz a bit (Extext), but it will run.

SmartType is wonderful and I am VERY productive with it, BUT it will limit your career and flexibility somewhat if that is all you can or will use. It has to have Word or an actual Word client, you can't link it to IM, email or a funny platform like you can IT for instance. (SH will also do this.)

Unless you tend to stay at a job for years at a time, AND it is a Word client like Extext, it is best you have IT or SH because they are portable from one system to another. Much as I love ST and have used it for over 10 years, I can't unreservedly recommend it to anyone.
I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm
Yeah, just like ABCZ which I used in auto correct and SmartType, I think.
Bottom line, they increase production, TAT, quality and salary. My company provides us with 2 different ones because they are like a raise in wages. And companies have less employes and taxes, everyone is happy.'

Sorry about confusion and typos, I do not have my glasses on lol (they are in this house somewhere, i just know it!).
Smarttype - Adding a text file list?

Is it possible to add a text file word/phrase list to Smartype? If so, how do you do this?


This is funny blaming it on Microsoft. SmartType only works in Word and they need to keep up with
Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
I just work with ShortHand minimized. Smarttype doesn't work the same way? nm