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SmartType vs Smart Type Assistant

Posted By: wordsmith on 2007-11-12
In Reply to:

Are these one and the same or different?  Does Smart-Type work in Dictaphone Extext platform?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.


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Smart Type
You are better off just using one Expander at a time. There are things that ST will do that IT will not and vise versa. It is a matter of figuring out what is best for your needs.

You are welcome to email me and I can answer more specific questions for you.
Smart Type with
MedRite-XL ... what would the benefits of using Smart Type rather than the MedRite expander?  Need to to anything I can to get faster.
I never used Smart Type but IT is at the bottom sm

It takes up about the bottom third of my screen.  You can change the size, but I have it set to give me about twelve lines because I have a lot of templates that start by the doc's name, so I can have twelve templates that start the same - Smithcons, Smithdch, SmithHandP - and need to be able to scroll and pick the one I want.  It may be that it can be positioned in another place, but this is how I started using it and have never checked for something different. 

It took me a couple of weeks to get real comfortable with watching the bottom of the screen, but once you get doing it, it becomes a rhythm.  I am so used to it that I am forever sending emails to my sister with my unexpanded expansions.  Like another poster said, success relies on "thinking" your Expander and constantly building it in ways that make sense to you.  

I have a massive glossary - 16869 words, 57341 phrases.  Some of it is glossaries that came with it, some of it is glossaries I downloaded (I don't remember where, it was years ago) and some of it is things I have added over the years - including full templates for every doc I can.  Some of it is from compilations - you can take a bunch of reports and have it analyze them for commonly occurring phrases and it then creates contiuations - like if you do "the patient was" then it will suggest "prepped and draped" "discharged to home" "given a prescription for" "alert and oriented" and you just scroll to the right one and plop it in.

I know a lot of it goes unused and some of it is duplicate, but I haven't taken the time to go clean it out.  It is a constantly shifting, evolving process and I think that is what makes it so productive for me.  Granted, I have never used anything else other than Auto Correct, so there may be better out there, but this works great for me.

If Smart Type is the same as Shorthand, I think it is, there should.....
not be a problem using it with any program, it works outside programs, meaning it should not interfere. I have used ShortHand for years and it has never interfered with any and I mean any program I have ever used. Hope this helps.
I use Smart Type with Extext and sm
I just love it.  VERY productive from the first day with Extext.  It is a breeze to learn and I find I make very good lines.
Yes, but can you convert a Smart Type glossary?
Any Smart Type users up? I have a problem sm

I had my computer crash this week.  I was installing everything over again, but I can't find my Stedman's Smart Type patch and I NEED IT so I can get back to work.  Anybody have it who would be willing to send it to my email?

I would really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

Instant Text versus Smart Type
Which one is considered the best and has anybody out there used both?  Which one is easiest to learn.
Smart Type, versus InstanText and ShortHand, etc.
I have used all of these. I hated ShortHand. Shortcut was not much of a short cut. Smart Type allowed me to type the most in the shortest length of time, end of the story. HOWEVER, Smart Type will limit your career since you can't use it in Windows and all these strange platforms that are out there.

InstanText versus Smart Type with the same library...only very slightly less production and I am not proficient with IT at all, not yet. I almost like IT better than ST because the order of expansions is static. ST for Word will rearrange it all for you each and every time you open it. I liked the DOS program a lot better and I can never have that back. As I am learning IT I am again becoming familiar with my shortcuts. I had gotten "sloppy" about typing my actual abbreviations because ST will let you type a couple of letters and you see the word in the line, space bar and it drops in. I am working more than one job so I have enough work and I use ST for one and IT for the other. The more I use IT the faster I am getting in both IT and ST. I am thinking that once I have adjusted the IT to the best possible fit for my needs I'll switch completely to IT.

Ladies, it is not really about the expander, it is about the library/glossary. If you only have a few hundred entries you are working way too hard. You need thousands of entries to maximize your efforts (I have about 22,000 of them). This is one of those times when it is different strokes for different folks.

There are many libraries/glossaries out there, some you can put into more than one program, some are program specific. Some are free and some you have to pay for (I give mine away). Get a good one, learn to use it, "think" in it and stick with it. That is how about any of them will pay off.
Smart Type or Instant Text for Psych?

Hi all,

I type mostly psych evaluations, but I do type some clinic notes.  I've been using AutoCorrect in Word, and I have been advised to invest in a good Expander to increase productivity.  I can't decide between smart type or instant text?  Which is better and why? 

I loved 5.1 with Smart Type and miss it, but I make more now sm
I don't think it is the platform (Extext) or the work (now acute, but 5.1 time was with clinic), I think it is me being better able to do the job and a more steady flow of work.
Med Assistant
I did the exact opposite.  I went to a community college to become a medical assistant right out of high school.  It took 2 years and I got my Associate of Science Degree.  However, when I went into the workforce I found out that Medical Assistants don't make much more than minimum wage and you are scheduled to work 40 hours a week for full time but end up working about 50-55 hours a week.  I actually got a job in a Family Practice Residency Training Program Clinic but was hired as a medical transcriptionist.  I did the transcription but "helped out" as a medical assistant just so that I could have the best of both worlds.  Good luck.  I think you get paid more for medical billing.
I use Total Assistant Pro
and it works great for me. You can download the trial version and then purchase after 30 days if you like. It does all the work for you. I love it.
(lab assistant for 7 years)
1) white fluid? sounds like a dirty needle to me.

2) a capped needle does not mean it was not used. a needle in a guys jacket does not mean it was not used either.

3) needles go into a sharps container (should have left it in the labcoat for doctor to pick up). i would not have gotten rid of left it in the jacket, in a box/bag, with a note of caution for everyone else until doctor came in.

3) gloves do not prevent a needle stab.

may sound petty to others....but unless you've worked in an area with all kinds of bodily fluids, this is pretty dangerous.
Virtual assistant....sm please
Does anyone know anything about virtual assistants? I met someone and she said that she makes a lot of money doing this. I am looking to supplement my income, because I just can't support myself and my family off 0.08 cpl. I find that I am working way too much just to make ends meet. I have noticed that some virtual assistants are required to do transcription as well as other clerical duties. Can anyone help me with some info on this? Does anyone know how much they make, and if it is worth my time? Thanks.
Medical Assistant
My sister taught medical assisting. It is a 9-month program and when you are done you only make about $8/hr. One of the modules is on MT and quite a few of her students went on to be MTs because they could make more money.

I use Total Assistant and like it. nm
SmartType sm
I would not know what to do wihtout my Stedmans SmartType. It is a lifesaver. I do not know what my percentage increase would be but it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking up words.
If you buy SmartType it comes with its own words (tons of rare medical spellings), however, if you want definitions you would need a dictionary.  I love SmartType.
I tried SmartType sm
and I was like you with Instant Text.  I couldn't get used to it at all.  It drove my lines way down to like 45 lines an hour.  I said to heck with that!  I correspond with another MT who endorses SmartType, too, and tells me it has increased her speed.  To me it was too distracting seeing the SmartLine and all that other hoopla on the bottom.  Is there a secret to it?
How does one get into being a veterinary assistant/tech? sm
Are there schools to go to or does the vet train you?
I'm a CMA (certified medical assistant)...
and can give injections with a doctor's order, so I assume a CNA would be allowed to also. Not sure about Florida rules though.
Personally, if that personal assistant was-sm
supposed to be you, I would ask for an exorbitant amount of money to do this. such a waste of time!!! Wonder who he is trying to show off for. lol.
I love Total Assistant Pro. sm
I have to work with text boxes on office letterhead and I found Total Assistant counts the text inside the text boxes while others didn't.
I am thinking about being a Medical Assistant
ABCZ Typing Assistant-

Has anyone used any of the ABCZ files from the following site, in particular this file "ABCZ Typing Assistant Version 2 - TAMed2C " ?http://home.earthlink.net/~agjon/abczTA.htm

I have Instant Test and was wondering if there was a way to create your own ABCZ shortcuts with the "importer"?





SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
Yeh, loved those good ole' days... How about that one started First _______? that was a good program...Or.. am I giving my age away....I don't care I am 68......
Smarttype and Meditech
Can anyone tell me if Smarttype works with Meditech.  Just started account using Meditech.  I have Smartype, but did not install because program I was using had its own really great expander,  But of course, Meditech does not.  Help?
There's a difference between a tech and a veterinary assistant
The main difference is that a tech is certified and has a bachelor's degree or beyond. My son worked as a vet tech while in college because he was a biology major and the vet he worked with found it easy to train him.

A veterinary assistant is more often trained by the vet since it's not so involved. They do vital signs, dispense meds, set up the room for the next patient, etc.

The difference between a vet tech and a veterinary assistant is comparable to the difference between an RN and a nurses' aide.

Either way, it's a very rewarding and gratifying way to make a living.
How about starting a virtual assistant business? (sm)

You could do all kinds of stuff (do a Google search under virtual assistant, there are some webpages that explain stuff).  U-Haul I believe also hires people to do phone customer service from home.  If you look on guru . com they have people who advertise for odd jobs and lots of them are virtual assistant kind of stuff.

Just some ideas.  You could also do daycare, pampered chef, that kind of stuff.  :)

Wanting to leave MT to be a medical assistant
I'm not sure where to post this but here it goes...I have been an MT now for a little over 2 years, I got into it because it was the only legit profession I could do at home with my newborn baby, definitely was not thinking long term career when I went for it, just something to bring in money while I was at home with the baby.

Now my newborn is going into kindergarten and I have been truly unhappy with the company I am with. So now I am looking to work outside the home and really what I would like to do is be a medical assistant (not CNA). Nursing would take so much schooling, time and money that I don't think I could handle going that route but just something in the middle where my transcription skills would come in to play and I would be working with patients, physicians, paper work and working outside of the house (which would be soooooo nice).

My questions is, does anybody know anything about medical assisting that I should know? I understand it is pretty low pay but then again I am not willing to go to school for 4 years so that is to be expected.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
It's not just you! I HATE DQS. Especially coming from WP 5.1 and Smarttype! UGH!! nm
Dictaphone Extext & Smarttype
Does anyone use Stedmans Smartype in conjunction with Dictaphone Extext/Word Client?  If so, how do you disable the cc (shortcuts) in Extext?  I am using Word 2000 so I know Smartype works with that but not sure about using in with Extext/Word Client.
I've heard that Smarttype is exactly like SH, so . . .
SH may not work either. You might want to go to the SH website and contact tech suppor. They may be able to tell you. Good luck.
My apologies. I believe it is SpeedType not SmartType
that is supposed to be like Shorthand. But, in any case, check with tech support at ShortHand about compatibility with your program.
Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription?

sounds like a job a regular assistant could do rather than higher wages for a QA to do.
no speciality needed to look up addresses.
SmartType will run in Word client programs sm
I know this because I have used it in MedRite XL, Extext, MTWorld and Winscribe. There are a couple of others out that it will run with. Sometimes you have to futz a bit (Extext), but it will run.

SmartType is wonderful and I am VERY productive with it, BUT it will limit your career and flexibility somewhat if that is all you can or will use. It has to have Word or an actual Word client, you can't link it to IM, email or a funny platform like you can IT for instance. (SH will also do this.)

Unless you tend to stay at a job for years at a time, AND it is a Word client like Extext, it is best you have IT or SH because they are portable from one system to another. Much as I love ST and have used it for over 10 years, I can't unreservedly recommend it to anyone.
I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm
Yeah, just like ABCZ which I used in auto correct and SmartType, I think.
Bottom line, they increase production, TAT, quality and salary. My company provides us with 2 different ones because they are like a raise in wages. And companies have less employes and taxes, everyone is happy.'

Sorry about confusion and typos, I do not have my glasses on lol (they are in this house somewhere, i just know it!).
Smarttype - Adding a text file list?

Is it possible to add a text file word/phrase list to Smartype? If so, how do you do this?


This is funny blaming it on Microsoft. SmartType only works in Word and they need to keep up with
Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I just work with ShortHand minimized. Smarttype doesn't work the same way? nm
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
No need to be smart with him. He's got my
respect for having earned his degree, whether or not he's working in that field and for whatever reason.

Not because they are smart...because they
IQ was never the issue!
If they are smart and get out ;)