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I think the confusion is that there are two flames!

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-13
In Reply to: Wrongly flamed - CD

One: A flame picture shows up to the left of a *hot* post or one that has been viewed I think more than 200 times.

Two: To be flamed, is an expression, like if you post something and a bunch of people post back in disagreement etc. It has nothing to do with the other.

I got a kick out of the fact that you thought you were being *flamed* (flame #2) for your post!

I'm pretty sure that's accurate and hope it helps!

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what does the yellow flame next to msg mean? I see it is on the "let's rebel msg"
You aren't alone. I have wondered too what that was. I guess now we know. LOL.
confusion is the name of the game for them -- they don't want the MTs to figure it out, but I do think that MTs do have some intelligent snap or else they wouldn't be MTs, but that's kind of hard to get across to someone who constantly puts the client first and tends to ignore or take forever to listen to MTs concerns - like the speed on the system that you can't slow down to figure out the garble that 99.9% of the docs throw at us.
I believe there is a misunderstanding -- I had said 6 cpl for her, 2 cpl for me. And true, I sure would prefer to earn 9-13 cpl, but have not encountered a situation yet which grants me as much freedoms and a good working relationship as I currently enjoy. Thank you for your input and I sure will keep you all posted on our progress.
I have added entries to my *test expansion* (auto correct) and I have also created macros for numerous addresses for doctors envelopes. I want to save both of these, so I can reformat my hard drive without losing all of this valuable information. Again, BOTH macros and auto text.
What do the little flames alongside
Are you talking about the flames?

If so, those indicate a "hot topic", meaning it has more than 200 or 250 views, that's all.

grrr - more confusion
I tried calling HP and they recommended Word Office Suite 2007 (another $400) - but I think I read somewhere that 2007 is not compatible... ??   and that Transcriptionists are going with Word 2003 ?? 
normal.dot confusion... plz help!

Surely someone else has encountered this problem.  Well, we got a brand spankin' new Dell XPS 420 to our door yesterday!  It is wonderful... I just have a slight problem.  Had Word 2007 loaded onto it and now trying to figure out how to convert my normal.dot from Word 2003 to this.  Any help?  It is loaded with a ton of info that I REALLY need. 


Hey Susan..I don't think it really caused any flames.
No flames here. The neighbor was definitely in the wrong. sm
I am a dog owner, too, and mine do not go outside of my yard without being on a leash and I live in the country.
Whoops! DH gave DD the car (sorry for the confusion)!
What happened was that I thought a second hand car was fine and she should pay for it like I did in high school but he said, "Are you kidding? You bought your own car in high school in 1975 when it cost a couple hundred bucks. If she bought her own car now she'd need a loan for the friggin' thing. It's just not possible anymore for kids to buy anything like that from a minimum wage job at the Dairy Queen, plus if by some act of God she was able to it would be a piece of junk and unsafe."

Word Expander Confusion
Okay, I am not a veteran transcriptionist, but not new either.  I have never been taught the use of increasing productivity by word expanders, macros, etc.  I have been doing some research, downloaded some trials, but I am still very confused.  What is the difference between purchasing an Expander or just adding words to autocorrect already built in the computer?  What is the best program to get?  Can anyone take the time to enlighten me?  Thanks in advance.  If once taught, I think I could really catch on, but I am confused!!  Jill
"facility's" preference before the flames start lol
I think this post was put here to brag and incite flames.
You know from history that every time the big money makers in this field boast about how much money they make in how little time that the thread goes downhill fast. First, somebody doesn't believe. Then someone is offended at the insinuation of lying. Then someone says other people could do it, too, if they were any good at MT. Then everyone is defending themselves and name calling. Why start it? Especially during the week before Christmas? Do you really need to rub people's noses in their lousy paychecks when some of us don't have enough money to even get gifts for the people in our lives or pay our bills because there was no work this pay period? People who need to tell others how much they make suffer from low self-esteem and misplaced priorities. There are more important things in life than money.
If I had that high of an IQ, I wouldn't be doing this for a living. Please, no flames. NM
That is hysterical. When I say flames I mean "no mean posts to me." It's just a saying. nm
Hate to add to your confusion, but have you ever given thought to working as a SE ??
I know there are very few companies offering such but, in my opinion, it's like having the freedom and flexibilty of an IC with some of the benefits of being an employee. I am a SE and have the stability of a company that offers me more than enough work and the freedom of when I work with a 24-hour turnaround time. I don't have PTO, but between the increase in pay I received when hired (after being stagnant for 12 yrs with prior company) and the fact that they withhold Federal & MedCare taxes for me,I'm able to put the X-Tra money toward my own PTO, insurance,or increase my payment on credit cards.

After reading that PTO for employees at my former company is now having to be used when there is no work - I do believe I made the right decision to seek a company that offered SE status. My "stash" of PTO will be used as "I" see fit.

FYI - I have been with this company for 1 yr & have experienced only one slow-down of work which occurred over the past Fourth of July holiday. Other than that, if I've wanted to work 24/7,the work has been there.

Just something I wondered if you had ever considered. I just feel I have the best of both worlds. Just depends on you and your needs.
Please don't expect answers; bound to start flames
Every job is different, every company is different, every account is different, every MT is different.  You are trying compare apples to oranges and it just starts a huge flame war.  No one believes the big buck people anyway so it's not even worth posting.
It means hot topic (flames). After a certain number of people
To add to the confusion, a black widow is a creature of the underworld. (nm)
My service told us to use mg/dL...as well as mL instead of ml, "to avoid confusion." nm
Line count questions/confusion/upset

I would like some line count pros to help me figure this out, please!  During the recruiting process I specifically asked how I would be getting paid and I was told "per line which includes 65 characters including spaces, footers, headers, and any norms pulled into the report."  I downloaded the FlashCount program from this site and started comparing this line count against the company's.  So far, It "appears" that I'm getting shorted about 100+/- lines/day and they are using more like 74 characters with spaces.  What is the difference between cpl and gross cpl?  How would you interpret their explanation for how I would be paid?  Is the FlashCount program accurate enough?


Oops! No, I wish, but I get .065 cpl for a line consisting of 11 words. Sorry for the confusion!
MQ motto: Confusion To The Enemy. (MTs are the enemy)

How dare we expect to be paid.  We are their subservient women working "from home" (how dare hous fraus want to be paid money for sitting around in their PJs)

Have I got that right yet?

Forget that this is hard work, takes many years of training, and lots of investment of our own money just to be able to do it.

I need some coffee, brb