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Wrongly flamed

Posted By: CD on 2006-03-13
In Reply to: Stick around - you will find out. sm - nm

Okay, I posted a job on another board.  There were no replies, yet there is a flame.  I did nothing wrong, yet, still got a flame.  I'm confused.  Thanks for your response. 

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You are steering her wrongly..what if the QA is RIGHT and she is the one
lacking?  You have no clue as to whether that is true or not.  Being that she is a newbie, I feel I would trust the QA in this area.  But again, we do not know the full situation.  We do not know what she is being corrected on.  What she needs to do is research everything that she is being corrected on via the BOS and other resources and find out if she is right or wrong THEN go from there.
You aren't going to be flamed by me. sm
I use a reputable cleaning service which is bonded and insured.  I pay the company, the company pays their employees.  Plus I wouldn't let someone I didn't know in my house without bonding and insurance.
I will probably get flamed BIG time for this, but
I have to say I agree somewhat with your friend. I do think God's ultimate plan was for the husband/father to provide for the family and the wife/mother to take care of the homefront. Unfortunately, society, myself included, has made this hard for the woman to do. In most homes, it takes two incomes to get by. I worked for most of my children's growing up years and I wish now that we had learned to live on what my husband made so I could have stayed at home with them. I missed a lot of things because I was outside the home working. I have also been a single parent and had no choice but to work to support myself and two children. Thank God, their father and I remarried after about six months apart, but I chose to keep working because the extra income was nice. Anyway, enough said. I do wish that I had chosen a simpler lifestyle without the unnecessary frills that my income allowed. I realize this is only my opinion and everybody else has their opinion, too. I'm not downing anybody who chooses to work; after all, that is exactly what I did, too.
I would but I just flamed and hissed at.
Totally with you on this one and will back you as you get flamed..been there done that.
[sigh..] I know I'll get flamed for this, but - sm

 - here goes, anyway!   ----  "How funny would THIS be?"  

I know it would be impossible to ever get MTs to stick together on anything, let alone a work-stoppage kind of strike.  But can you imagine the hilarity (at least on OUR end, anyway), if for just one week.  Heck - one DAY, even -- we all decided to transcribe everything verbatim?  And I mean, VERBATIM, not the 'fixed-up' kind of verbatim most of us are expected to do.  I mean verbatim, as in if they don't punctuate anywhere in a 3-page letter, they get a 3-page unpunctuated letter.  They screw up the 'copy-to' addresses, then instead of spending OUR time looking up the correct address or spelling of the recipient, let it go as-is.  If they say "left" and MEANT "right", they get "left".  When they bounce back and forth between calling the patient a "he" and a "she", and don't clarify it, then that will be come a report on the world's first simultaneously dual-gender individual.  All the little checks and balances, and save-their-@ss type of transcription we do automatically, doesn't get done for one day.  Unfortunately, it would probably cause every Editor in the country to simultaneously call in sick with killer migraines.  But that's okay, at least it would be FUNNY.  And lord knows, this profession could sure use a laugh now and then, couldn't it? 


Geesh, you get flamed for being blunt and you
Nope, not much help for newbies here. On the bright side, at least you didn't get flamed!!
That's the usual course of events.  Or the doom and gloom posts about how HORRIBLE this industry is, how HARD it is to get educated, how IMPOSSIBLE it is to do ESLs, etc. Nope, this board is NOT the encouragement board for anyone, let alone newbies! I would try the "other" boards.  Though that will cause a flame as well!
Oh yeah baby, just 12 more hits and I get FLAMED! Come on' give me FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nm