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This post is correct in its content.

Posted By: Oldie on 2006-03-13
In Reply to: A flame happens - sm


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I feel kinda lazy reading your post as i'm content just

Where I feel crazy, I set a goal of around 300 lines an hour (ha! not with these dictators but 250 is still good), every two hours make a snack to get me moving.  I love juicing veggies and making fruit smoothies in the blender, coffee makes me nuts.  I also do calisthenics (sp?) every couple of hours for about three minutes to keep my blood flowing and keep toned.  I walk the dog two times a day for about 10 minutes to get energized from the sun and keep a good color.  I take an hour break to watch good ol Judge Judy, and fix myself something nice n yummy, and after Judy I crank out my last hour called the 'power hour' where I take no prisoners and smoke comes off my keyboard!  Like a race to the finish line.

I can't see how you could do the 20 and the 10 minute clean break, that would slow me down!  Maybe I should take cleaning breaks, because I never want to clean when I have a block of time off and the dirt just collects.

Thanks. I was going to correct my post.
After being told I had to download the new version for InScribe, I was told I could not use any outside player. I misunderstood the reason for that and just assumed that they meant it would not work with an outside player, Express Scribe, Gearplayer, etc.

After going back and fourth with questioning about this, I finally found out that it's the MTSO who does not want an outside player used and will only allow the built-in player.

So it has nothing whatsoever to do with InScribe and I apologize for causing problems.

However, the new version does require the USB pedal (according to the tech guy at Emdat).
This post is 100% correct in that
the way social security was set up was not entitlement. I have paid for years and I am choosing not to take retirement now at my retirement age, not because I do not have the income from retirement funds and other places but because I feel I can still work and be productive. I see no reason whatsoever to quit at a time when my skills are still good and I can contribute to my home- also I know by continuing to work just is pooling more money if and when I decide to take my social security. I would not be so ignorant to take early retirement if I did not do planning ahead of time.
You're correct on this post!!....sm

I suppose the platform used has A LOT to do with it - I didn't think of that prior to my post back at you.  *S*  I'll have to rethink it all.  But I am far faster on ASR than any regular reports (well, I get tons of ESL as we all do today). 



The post above you completely correct
and why do you have to get up on the wrong side in order to state what is the truth? You have no rights per se to work from home- it is their job and like her, I would be very glad just to have had the chance to work from home. The job owes her absolutely nothing other than to pay her for her work. A reality check is indeed in line. Too many prima donnas here thinking they should be given the ability to call the shots. Ha!
The above post totally correct
IN the 80s I made almost 60 thousand but not anymore. Some will come on and say they make that much but just with a 40 hour week, not anymore.
Now, if someone could post the correct way to insert these smileys. They are so cute! nm
Above post is correct, see link - Ashe disclosed himself...

somebody called the press and leaked the story - but absolutely no identification that it was a healthcare worker. More likely an old ex-girflriend!

"Ashe, who was ranked first in the tennis world in 1968 and 1975, said with some bitterness that he was making his disclosure only because the newspaper USA Today had called him last week and revealed that it was working on a story saying he had AIDS. "

You read my post ABSOLUTELY correct. Supervisors don't need my appreciation nor
do I need their's.  We all just want to get paid if you are honest.  I don't have time to worry if I am appreciated by MQ.  I just want them to pay me for an honest day's work.  I guess that shows they like me, they really, really like me.  Talk is cheap.  I get it all the time from MQ CEO/management, how much I am appreciated.  I just want to paid for my time and don't want to hear all the talk.  I mean who really cares.  So if they appreciate me and don't pay me for my efforts, what do I do with this "appreciation"?  Bank it?
I was not answering MT school post but the one that happened to correct an error
they made on a post with this quote "that is verbatim. QAs are only human too." So you can mind your own business and STFU. Answer your own posts if you can't read the ENTIRE THREAD and understand what post my post is RELEVANT too. You are an arrogant QA person BTW who sits in judgement of posters and what is relevant or not. Just MIND YOUR BUSINESS.
You are the Sharon who posted above correct? The post that kyradmt responded to?

I agree, nasty and rude people lately, where are the grownups is correct in a former post.
I agree with all you said. I come here sometimes just to share thoughts, experiences, and to really help others as it helps me to help. There are some unnecessary, hurtful responses on here. The admin cannot police all and she should not be expected to. Have a little consideration, people, we are all in the same lifeboat here. As for leaving the profession, think about it. I have been tempted many times, have tried working in other fields but totally boring after hearing all that I've heard as an MT. I can't read a non-fiction book as it all seems so shallow and ridiculous to me. For too many years I have shared the lives of people on a real, non-fictional basis through my work. It is an interesting and informative profession and even doctors are amazed at how much information I have  in this little brain of mine. I have on occasion saved many people in my family (including myself) from unnecessary harm or eary intervention. Please think about it before you leave us. As for this board, I llove it except for the nasty posts, but that's life. As we all know, it takes all kinds. Most people here belong in the helping profession. If they're in it for the money, it shows. Character shows up in the positive posts on here. We are, after all, supposed to be in the helping profession, not the kill or be-killed attitude some have. I would say most of us come in here for  knowledge, friendship and just plain sharing. If we have a little laugh once in awhile, it helps, but not when it turns into a cat fight. IMHO, of course!
Even on pages where no lewd content, often
Not to be unkind, but I hope the content
spelled correctly on that site. 
I used to be semi-proud! At least content that I was doing well, but hearing these #s
thrown around constantly has really done a number on my job self-esteem.  If they use normals to hit those high #s, which I really think they must, I just wish they would post that for all of us - know what I mean?  Again, I can't imagine being a newbie and reading that everyone hits those #s. I'd probably give up.  I hit a bunch of Ops once where the guy did have a standard - cataract surgeries.  I did about 20 in an hour, and the count was HUGE - like 500 lines?  I nearly fainted, but that only happened once, and my account just does not permit it, nor do most accounts I have as back-ups, come to think of it! I know a lot of MTs in my company have their "canned" text, like opening paragraphs for Op reports, and they just stick them in no matter what is dictated as the opening. I think that's terrible, and would NEVER do that.  Plus now they will be getting "canned" themselves if they keep it up!!  New company policies!
Well, I can't answer to the iodine content. It's not listed
on the nutrition information, that I've noted anyway. However, I believe the 5 and 1 program with Medifast will help us maintain our weight loss once we hit maintenance. On the 5 and 1 it's all about portion control and being sure to eat a small portion every 2 or 3 hours, even on maintenance and beyond.

Of course, Medifast, Slimfast and any other somethingFast, let alone gastric bypass will not work if we don't learn from past dietary discretions.

I know I can never go back to eating the way I did to put the weight on. I have to develop that mindset myself.

I may fail, but I'd rather have failed using Medifast than undergoing serious surgery and have the same result, ya know?
...The content stays the same - history, symptoms,
Still doesn't make sense content-wise.
A flax is gonna take care of the patient? I'm not comfortable that is correct.
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All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


Do it correct always. It will learn. Everyone has to do it correct all the time. nm
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If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
NOTE: The above sticky post prize changes as someone wins. Inside that post is
I don't understand what your post has to do with original post of TIMED tests. NM
Post deleted -- Do not post e-mail addresses. (NM)
Ignore my post. I finally found the post on how to do this. nm
Yes, I tried to post same last night about 10 times, and it won't let me post.
I used to breed lab puppies (please no activist flames)! I had a champion female white Canadian lab, and people would be on a list for years if by chance I bred her, which I did twice, and so that I could continue her line.  Anyhow, she's my sweet Skye who passed away 2 months ago? At any rate, we had the same problems with kids in the "hood" who wanted to come over and play once the puppies were old enough to be exercised daily and played with.  At first I thought, how cute, right? Puppies and little kids - what better picture! Well, the majority of kids were adorable, but there were always 1 or 2 sick ones who would smack the pups, smash and hold their heads in the dirt (a real common thing, but I don't know why - psychiatrist anyone).  At any rate, I finally had to ban the whole group due to the 1 or 2 creeps, had to call the police, the whole 9 yards, and that's EXACTLY what the police officer told me - next thing is there will be poison meat or a donut in the yard. He told me to always go out and patrol my yard, especially alone the fence line every day before I let the dogs out, particularly at night. I went out with a flashlight.  It was about a month later, but sure enough - poison meat.  Because there were so many kids involved, we obviously couldn't pin point the exact family, but the police went and read the riot act to them all. It would stop and not happen again for a year or so, but every now and again we would find something. My dogs were NEVER out and barking, so it was nothing like that - it was just over the puppies and the cruel kids.... Not trying to freak you, but that's the way these kids and their families are.  You can really judge someone's character by ill treatment of a PUPPY, of all things. And the parents??  They sound whacked.  Please be careful.
Sorry, I posted this post under the wrong post
The job post has been removed and they are unable to post further.
my post did not all post in the subject, my apologies...
I think you can get the idea.

Excellent post! I copied this post and...
am going to show it to my shrink so he can understand my frustration with my new "profession!" By the way, how much you wanna bet he pulls in 300$ an hour and has two years of schooling on me! Hmmmmmmm. Okay, you flamers, don't tell me to go back to school...I am thinking about it. Hmmmm
Because my post was deleted in reference to the above post, sm
Ladies-once again, I apologize for coming across as a witch in the above post.  I appreciate the links and the time spent on posting them. 
OOPS. Post for magnent post below...nm
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.

Here's an URL for the medical transcription division of PRN Funding, BTW:


what mean post made you post your post
Which mean post was the straw that broke the poster's back.
okay, you are correct of course, except
The below posters are correct, of course. I called my boss and they said, "No, this would PROBABLY be against the privacy laws." About the 'Googling" of names, however, the only reason I have been Googling names is because the doctors won't SPELL THEM OUT, and my accounts are not 'searchable'. I do not use any info besides just the name...no SS #... if I find a Verbatio Kertalino (not a real name)in Google in the correct city, I can be pretty darn sure this is the correct person. If there is any specific reason I should not do this, I will stop, but I do not think so! If you posters are pretty SURE this is not ethical, I will call my boss and ask about that also! I use Google also, of course, to look up the spellings of local businesses and hospital and clinic names that they do not spell out. Otherwise, every single report would go to QA! And, if you can't post in a courteous manner, please do not bother posting at all!
That is correct
Any useful tips that a QA member can provide an MT is great. Expansions, websites, etc. If I fill in a blank, I would be apt to send an MT a link to go along with it where she can find it and bookmark it for later use.
5 gm is the correct way nm
You are very correct...
and it IS bad, but ya know something? I'm thinking that even we poor MQer's have it made compared to those in New Orleans. I know I finding myself b******* a lot less these days (rare for me lol!). Just my 2 cents (which you're right about - that will soon be the going rate at MQ lol)....
whether to correct
I certainly do correct. I've had them mention hysterectomies in males and such.
Let me correct something here
I agree with you that there is something wrong with having NO WORK. Keep in mind though, that a lot of these people were complaining just for the mere fact that they had several accounts and couldn't remember all the client specifics and not because they were out of work!
you are probably correct
The poor thing obviously has some serious issues.
That is correct.
Correct way
BOS 2 says 10 to the 5th