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I thought they can only audit you or send you a tax bill 2 years prior. It is now 2006 - the 2 year

Posted By: Thinking here on 2006-03-06
In Reply to: IRS says I owe $$$ for self-employment tax (sm) - need some moral support until I call

I may be wrong here - maybe it is 3 years, but I thought the law changed and it was 2 years. Check into it.

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That thought crossed my mind prior...LOL..nm
think.....many years of MTg prior....sm

I started MTg in 1984 and by 1997 I opened up my own little MTSO business.  I believe the level of self confidence plays a huge part.  All I did was make up business cards and I went and solicited myself in medical centers weekly.  I also brought a resume just in case they wanted to see one (that was rare that they wanted to see a resume in my experience).  I only solicited the fields I was very familiar with and got a pediatric and adult neurosurgeon, 2 plastic surgeons, and 2 neurologists right off the bat.  I keep ledgers and used to do microsoft Excel (which I no longer do the latter). 

Regardless of what the other poster said, I do print for the private MDs, sometimes on my plain Xerox paper, other times on their letterhead, and I give them free paper and free delivery.  Most MDs want to see something for free.  I give them their headers for free as it's only 2 Keystrokes for me on a 5-line header.  I have kept my doctors for 10 years now and they appear very happy to me.  I give them 24-48 hour TAT (turnaround time) without fail.  When I go on vacation (early autumn) they usually go at the same time.  I never have to farm my work out, I simply juggle my days around.

And to cap it off, I then moonlight for a national for 3-day weekends!!  I love that too because it's always a NEW learning experience for me and I polish up my knowledge of all the other fields that I do not do during the week.

BEST OF LUCK.  If I could do it and be a success, I believe most self-confident people can do the same!! 


$35K in 2006, PT. Last year sm
Argh! Probably about $28 to $30K. Took a job that kept running out of work. I have a full time job now and a PT IC. I think I will break $40K for 2008. I HOPE I do anyway.
I have been at the same company for 6 years, prior to this job

was at the same company for 8 years.  I left company #1 because they lost the account to MQ and the company only had clinic work after that and I do acute care and didn't want to do clinic.  While searching for another job I tested and was offered positions by 6 companies.  I took PT positions with 3 of them.   I had been using a C-phone with a small local and really had no clue about other companies.   One job I kept for 1 year until they got rid of my account because they were such a pain.   I quit one after 4 months. 

I know someone who had 7 jobs in 1 year and that was only about 8 months into the year.   She was a CMT and wanted the whole world to know it and treat her special, but the quality of her work was very poor.  I don't know if she voluntarily left all those positions or was let go.   When I was testing I was trying to get a feel for what was out there and thinking that company #2 might offer me better than what company #1 was paying.   While this wasn't that long ago, it was when you could still get a decent line rate and I never heard of offshoring.  



Happy New Year 2006 to you! ...nm
Send him a certified letter with bill demanding payment within
within five days from receipt (make it RRR). You have your proof that you notified him. If it is not picked up or signed for, you have your proof that occurred to. All these things go in your favor when trying to collect money. that's just a starter. I would never have let him get away with it this long. Once would have been it.
well, years prior, they sent pens and clocks..nm

Saw on job board, Webmedx AAMT Employer of year, 2006 trying to pull

MTs generally don't give a RIP about AAMT? I doubt seriously that this will entice MTs anymore than if they just left that ridiculous blurb out.  I, frankly, think AAMT is an embarassment to the MT industry.  Sharon (Ace) Ventura

She was going to send it after the first of the year to
everyong who emailed her by a certain time that day.  She had originally said to the first 10 but then had more people than that asking, so she changed it to a set time.
I think it's unprofessional not to pay..I simply state, if you don't bill, I bill directly...

This has only happened once, and I had my check cut same day.  This is business and I will not beg someone to give me my money.  I simply stated it as a fact. 

I thought I was being so smart last year m
by buying  a space heater for my office.  I thought it'd keep me warm during the day (I'm naturally pretty cold) and I could still dial down and save on fuel oil.  Well, I did those things, BUT our electric bill jumped about $50/month because of the space heater.  At first I couldn't figure out why it had gone up so much.  It was up more than the 40%+ that the electric company raised their rates.  They told me to turn off all appliances and then turn them on one by one and watch the meter.  THe meter didn't really increase at all from it's slow turn for any appliance until I turned on the tiny space heater I used and it started spinning like crazy.  Turns out that heater was the cause of the increase in the bill.  So just a warning about that.  Others may know of heaters than don't pull that kind of juice.  If you do, please post! 
LOL. maybe they thought it would age another year in the next 5 minutes!. nm
i don't send stuff to editing. i have been doing this for years. it's easy money and my QA r
And I got all my hair and my BP is fine.
What did they get you for in the audit.
I bought mine as a download a few years ago. If you want to copy it to another puter, just send
I'll trade you your $88 bill for my $350 bill.
I would love to have such a small bill like that.
No, they can audit much farther out. Been there,
done that.
What happens if you fail your QA audit?
Do they fire you or help you or what? I know it is different at every company. Just curious what might happen.
I can think of a good reason why...CYA and audit!!!!!!!!!! nm
i thought on their ad, it said you had to have 5 years' exp.?
They hire ppl w/o that much experience?
35 years this year, hmmmmm
My income?
Me 2, 15-20 years ago I was making about $70,000 a year

Now it seems, I'm just scraping by, juggling the utility bills and paying whichever one has sent me the 24-hour disconnect notice this month; it's become a grim miserable job compared to what it was.  I'm nearing retirement age, but I doubt retirement is going to be in my future for a very long time.

The single worst thing that ever happened to us was going from the gross line count to the character count, and not adjusting the line rate upward to parity -- not to mention the adjustments that should have been made to accommodate all the extra time spent struggling to make sense of huge increase in ESL dictations that has occurred over the last 15 years, and of course there should have been COLAs as well, which we all know has not happened.

In the 1980s, with the advent of powerful and affordable PCs, free lance transcription became much more common.  So if you were experienced, disciplined and organized, you could be much better off economically by working for yourself -- although there were definitely advantages to working in-hospital.  There were great benefits and the salary was indeed enough to support a small family (albeit very modestly.) 

For a number of years during that time, many of us worked part time in the hospital for benefits, but made our real money at home.

But in my case, the time came when it just made no economic sense to work in-housel, I was better buying off buying private insurance for major medical care, tax-deferred annuities, and self-insuring the little stuff. 

I would just pick up tapes from the hospital every morning, and drop off the work (which I printed out) from the day before.

I usually had 24 hours to transcribe tapes which I did during school hours, when things were peaceful and quiet. 

I transcribed a couple thousand GROSS lines day.  Every single character line counted, so by taking advantage of headers/footers, creative macros, word expansions, etc., I really boosted my productivity far beyond to what I could do in-house on the self-correcting Selectric, Wang or Mag Card, or whatever 10-years behind technology was currently being used, plus all the office distractions and politics, and I definitely did not to have to work 24/7 to earn a good living. (Oh how I loved WP5.1!)

In fact, 2000 gross lines a day, 5 days a week at 10 cents a line (courier 10-pitch font, one-inch margins) was very very do-able for an experienced productive acute-care MT, provided she had good equipment, good reference books, and stayed focused.  It would take about 5-6 hours a day to get that amount of work done.  So figure the math out for yourselves, that's just a tad under $50,000 a year, certainly not a high standard of living in those days but adequate when it meant you could stay home and be actually be a full time parent when your children were home from school, and very comfortable, if you were married with a working spouse, or had rerliable child support, or social security for your children (if you were widowed.)

If you chose to work some weekends and evenings, it was not that all that difficult to hit that $75,000 a year mark, which I did for a couple of years so I was able to pay the tuition at a good boarding school -- and cruelly thwarted my teen-aged son's only ambition in life, which was to become a high school drop-out.

Things have gotten bad, no doubt about that, and the worst part of it is, is that most of the big MTSOs are still charging the hospitals as much as we used to earn, and sometimes even more, but the MT is no longer earning it, and often can't get enough work to meet the line counts required by the MTSOs for benefits (although the cost of those benefits are reflected in the cost charged to the hospital.) 

I don't know what the answer is, as the electronic immigrant is such a huge threat.

It's pretty darn awful, and I feel very very bad for those of you starting out in this field, and I do hope things change for you (and that someday soon I can retire.)

And the point that the person made is that that she was worth $75,000 a year, not necessarily that she was getting it or could get it, and I absolutely agree with her.  This is a hard tough job if it's done right -- it's mentally tiring, it's hard on your back, your hands, your neck (and your behind.)

It requires a lot of time -- it requires focus, you must stay alert, and must give 100% of your attention to what you are doing 100% of the time, it takes education and brains -- and now a word of truth which my 35+ years experience gives me the right to say aloud -- it's not fulfilling, wonderful, lovable and enjoyable, it's often as repetitious and tedious as an assembly line but infinitely more frustrating.

PS: I recall one of my colleagues from those early years of my career, now gone from this earth, telling me that the 1960s were really the "fat" years, that things actually began to decline salary-wise, in real dollars, in the 1970s. 

The last 4 years I have averaged $48,000 to $54,000 a year
I have been in the business for 12 years, work roughly 8 hours daily, and make a decent living doing this. Paid by the line at 13 cpl. I have rougly 75% ESL and do H&P, consults, DS and OPs (the basic 4).
1 hurricane in 30 years or every year. I'd take Texas :)
Just kidding with u but I have been to Florida..... Talk about illegals! woweee. Not saying all over, just where I have been. See...... generalizations help no one. If you don't live there, you do not know so please consider your response. And, yes I was actually raised in Pasadena/Houston TX area and NO WAY would I want to live there again. :)
56-years-young, married, one 29-year-old beautiful son...
... and going to school to get into law someday - age is not a concern, it's a blessing!
Actually I remember hearing this years ago, only it was the year 2000.
It is not only for physicians. Medicare and the insurance companies have been pushing for this for years. They want to be able to just log in and get the information they need without having to send a request for it.
My goal every year is $52k, which I have done for the past 2 years working sm
for Keystrokes. I do radiology only, I should mention. I took the amount I wanted (actually needed) to make in a year, divided it by 52 weeks, divided it by 5 days, came up with $1000 per week or $200 per day. I divided that by 8 hours and by my report rate ($1.25). I know that I need to transcribe 20 reports per hour on average. I keep a tally. Some days, it takes me longer to do than others, but I sit down and do my 8 hours every single day. I use my Expander a LOT (literally for all but a few words). I am on one account, so I know those doctors inside and out. If I am short at the end of the week, I ask if there is work available on the weekend for me to do. The most I end up with 2 hours to make up what might have been short during the week.

At $40k, you would need to make $153.85 per day, or $19.23 per hour. At $0.07, you need to type 275 lines per hour, or 2200 for the day. This should be very easy to get with using an expander and sitting down with a set schedule.

It takes a while to get used to making sure you hit your internal quota every day. I have to think of it daily and make it up on Saturday or Sunday so that I never start a week behind my personal goal.

I also take an incentives that are handed out (for instance if they are asking for help in a backlog situation at increased rate) and work at least a partial shift on holidays. If I am ahead at the end of the week, I carry it to the next week and know that I have some lines in my internal quota bank.

I know this sounds weird, but it works for me. I have helped a few others to get to their goals as well, and this seems to work for them too.

I would also look for something that is more in the 0.08 to 0.09 per line range. Ask your lead for production tips. Ask other transcriptionists. It is very possible for us to make good money, we just have to focus on our goals.

I have a sales background, which involved sales quotas. This is easier as I am in control of my daily production, not on someone else's decisions.

Good luck!
Very busy - just did my total for the month. This is the best year I've had in my 25 years of MT!
No complaints whatsoever! Hope the rest of my fellow MTs experience a prosperous remainder of the year!
I meant hospital for 8 years (not months)...going on 15th year.
don't do annual but do big trips every few years. Last year went to Africa including safari
spent 18 days - one day traveling there, (stopping in for a day in London), then two weeks working at an orphanage and girls vocational school, safari on the weekend, then two days of travel back. Whew!
If it were me, I would use up the PTO prior to the transition. sm
I have lost mine in the past. 
screen prior
I would say something like I would like to ask ome questions prior to sending in a resume and testing as I feel this saves time on both sides. A concern is:     _____  and also the low rates offered and the formula used to figure the payrate. Get it out of the way, don't waste time, some are down to 4 and 5 cents/line for MTs.  Less than 10 is not acceptable and even with that, it sure is not good by the time you figure the hourly rate and just what skill is expected/given and under what terms, I have seen 99.5 accuracy expected. When these bad terms are turned down by the MTs it will not turn around. 
Well, unfortunately they do not have a test that you can take prior to the first

drink that tells you if you are or are not an alcohol.  Unfortunately, many people don't realize their disease until it is too late and many people drink "socially" so who is to know what is and what is not going to happen in the future?  As far as AIDS being 100% preventable, I will agree to the point that protected sex is most certainly the responsibility of the individual, but how many people have protecetd sex with their longterm partners not expecting them to be unfaithful or someone who has contracted an illness in ways where they were not resposible?fever


Unfortunately, it is people who judge that keep people who are sick from getting help.  Of course, that does not apply to everyone and mental illness also plays a part in many illnesses, but as a recovering alcoholic I can say that I graduated with an MBA, PTA President for many years, and had no hereditary factors in my life to foresee the possibility of alcoholism to prevent it.  Fortunately for me, I was made aware of my disease and have done everything to prevent a relapse - something I have been successful at for 12 years.  However, I do believe that when people are judge as harshly as you seem to judge, they will more than likely succumb to the label you have given them. 


May God bless you!

like i said in prior post the big "J"
Prior MT..BS.Ed...job opportunities?
Thinking of returning to the MT field. Little background: I'm currently teaching high school, Bachelor of Science in Ed. I was a MT off and on for 12 years prior to starting my teaching job 2.5 yrs ago, almost all of that experience in a hospital, one year with WebMedx at the end. I also did IC here and there locally. Not sure teaching HS is for me, LOL. But I hate to waste my degree too...are there trainer jobs? Should I look into QA or editing? Am I being completely silly for re-thinking my MT career?? I miss the medical community, have been a part of it for most of my adult life. I enjoy the education aspect, just not sure HS is the right fit. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks :D
Did you work for MQ prior to...
working for this new company?

The link is not working for me, you can access it at:


Well That's IT! Lifeguarding will be mandatory prior to being an MT! Hahahahah!
Prior wedding inquiry update...sm

 Previously I had posted on this board  as my fiance and I were trying to figure out how to handle letting people know that we don't want any wedding gifts (we each have a house and don't need material things as we're giving away tons of stuff with merging the home) but had chosen a charity for anyone who would like to make a donation in our honor.

 My maid of honor and a couple of friends decided to host a party for us and on the invitations put on there that in lieu of gifts that we were requesting donations to a children's charity that we chose because of the reputation of spending the money wisely  and being well known for its work.  

This has gone over very well with the invitees.  I've had many of them call and e-mail me or my fiance saying that they thought this was a wonderful way for us to help others less fortunate and yet celebrate our upcoming marriage.   The charity  agreed prior to our announcement to not pester these people afterwards with mailings and is simply sending those that send a donation a thank you card, and then they're sending me a weekly list showing who made a donation and their address, but not the dollar amount as I don't care to know what they gave. 

So... for future brides that don't want gifts  I suggest doing what we did - it's a win for the charity and lets the family/friends that wanted to do something special do this in a way that we chose (and we aren't stuck with household items we don't want or need!)

can't find prior post answer
I read a post awhile back about fast dictators and the settings for Express scribe to slow them down without distorting the voice but I can't find it now. Can anyone help?
Link is under response to prior post
I worked on INET prior to DQS on the same account which was switched to DQS.
You absolutely w/o question need DSL or cable to work on DQS. The searches and the downloads take FOREVER with dial up on DQS.

I lost money on line count on DQS. Same account different line counts per hour. Lots of people have had the same loss. No one, but no one has increased line count on DQS from INET.
Prior to posting here, this is what I found on Wikipedia and why I assumed it was, if not offensive,

From Wikipedia, searching the term Oriental. See what I have bolded and underlined.

Perceptions and connotations

[edit] American English

Controversy surrounds connotations of the term in American English. (See also American and British English differences.) According to Abdurrahman R. Squires, "politically correct terms have taken the place of the word 'Orientalism'".[2]

While a number of reference works used in the United States describe Oriental as pejorative, antiquated or offensive in some instances, the American Heritage Book of English Usage notes that

It is worth remembering, though, that Oriental is not an ethnic slur to be avoided in all situations. It is most objectionable in contemporary contexts and when used as a noun, as in the appointment of an Oriental to head the commission. In these cases Asian (or a more specific term such as Vietnamese, Korean, or Asian American, if appropriate) is the only acceptable term. But in certain historical contexts, or when its exotic connotations are integral to the topic, Oriental remains a useful term.[3]

Random House's Guide to Sensitive Language states "Other words (e.g., Oriental, colored) are outdated or inaccurate." This Guide to Sensitive Language suggests the use of "Asian or more specific designation such as Pacific Islander, Chinese American, [or] Korean." [4] Merriam-Webster describes the term as "sometimes offensive,"[5] Encarta states when the term is used as a noun it is considered "a highly offensive term for somebody from East Asia." [6]

I think it's still $5.15 in FL until 2006...sm

it's going up to $6.15 in Florida this year I read......still not nearly enough in my opinion.....*tsk tsk*

But happy that the states may be taking it over....*S*

No kidding. I was going to buy a 2006. nm
MTme on 2006-05-02
I don't expect anybody to read anybody else's mind for me?  Unless maybe you know how to read minds??
2006 Saturn Ion
Will say it this way, seventies. Not 2006.
Class of 2006
Who said 0.00 because its just a high school graduation?  My middle son just graduated this year and we did give him a huge graduation party with a buffet, cake, ice cream, balloons, napkins imprinted with his name and "Class of 2006" on them, etc.  We did the party here in our home on a Sunday afternoon and invited family, close friends and a few teachers he had kept in touch with through the years.  Yes, it was his job to earn the diploma and such was expected of him; however, the party was our reward to him for a job well done.  He did receive lots of gifts -- some were money, some were things for college, etc.  The monetary gifts ranged from $5 to $200.  My son was just as grateful for the $5 gifts as he was for the $200 (grandparents).  He also received only cards from a few people who attended, and he was still grateful for their sharing his special day.  One of the gifts he was most excited about was a gift card to a bookstore.  He spent a couple of hours wandering around trying to decide what books he wanted to purchase.  Another gift he cherishes to this day is "A Book of Prayers for the Graduate."  Don't give more than you can afford.  If a card is the best one can do, then its enough because they're acknowledging an accomplishment and milestone in a young adult's life.
The 5th edition was put out in 2006. Definitely
Not able to see 2006 posts
How do I get to see posts from 2006?  The archives seem to show me 2004 and 2005.  Sorry if this is an obvious answer, but I am not seeing it.