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I typed a report on the wrong patient as the doc keyed in the wrong info, SM

Posted By: MT19 on 2009-06-23
In Reply to: Please tell me I am not alone. Just got a report back where I made a MAJOR mistake. (sm) - NN

He later said the correct patient's name and I SWEAR to this day I made the changes but somehow the report when through without the correct patient and changes made. I still remember that incident.

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wrong, wrong, wrong. work is being outsourced because of $. period. not because of unqualified MTs
Sorry I typed the wrong poster name for this
Thanks. I knew it was wrong when I typed it but was too fired-up with this

concept to correct it.  But at least I'm honest.  Hey, you really don't know me.  I just really expect more intelligence than what obviously is out there and never cease to be amazed at what people think is "funny" especially the latest trend of making men look stooooopid on the situation comedies, in jokes, in commercials. 

You don't really think I am a guy do you intimidated by women?  Cause you lose all cred as far as your insight.  Actually I do think as a whole men are smarter than women but I would never be intimidated by women or men.  I believe what I believe based on my experience and background.  No dog in this fight.  No intimidation.  No bias.  Just life experience.


I received a note from QA that I'd spelled the patient's name wrong

THROUGHOUT the report.  Since I don't keep a copy of the chart on my computer anymore, I can't go back and look at it to see what I did.  I vaguely remember though, 2 days later, that I had a patient that was not on the patient list so I spelled phonetically, marked it for QA that this was throughouit the report and sent it on its way.  I questioned the person telling me about the mistake as to whether it was spelled right in the demographics and a couple more questions trying to clear my confusion about what could have happened.  This is certainly not something that is my norm, for sure.  She replied once, but after asking another question and telling her that I'm really not trying to give her a hard time over this, she has not responded again.  Is it possible that someone QA'd my report, fixed the patient's name in the demographics but didn't look at the report body.  Perhaps I should have flagged every place that it is mentioned as well?  "The patient" certainly would have been a sure thing here but not allowed. 

So now that I've ranted a little more over this I'll let it go (hopefully) but I just can't believe I'd have done this.  I even use "uj" in my Expander and change it to the patient's name with every report, just so I don't make a mistake remembering how to spell some of the names.  I guess that's the biggest reason why I'm having a hard time with this one, because I do the same think on EVERY report, uj=whatever the patient's name is as per the demographics on the patient.  AAARRRGGGHHHH.  It sure does bug me.

If they don't read their reports how do they know what's wrong with patient next time he sees

sorry for the wrong info
Fantasia wrong??? Haven't seen the OP's CD, couldn't have been too wrong.
It's about morality - not censorship! Right is right and wrong is wrong!
As far as it being wrong, well who defines right and wrong? On the
other hand, what if he were doing the same thing? How would you feel? I think that should answer your question.
You SUPPOSE it was wrong! It was way wrong.
No, it was a report I typed. Now will you tell me off
Oh, okay, like not something we have never TYPED in a report before then...



Just typed my 1st facelift report and I must say
I'll never have one done. It has to be the grossest report I have ever typed.  When I do op notes I find it very helpful to visualize in my mind what the surgeon is doing. Well, with this report, I was ready to heave all the way through it. My face can wrinkle and sag til the cows come home cause I will never have facelift done. YUK! 
I typed my PCP's report and she was upset with me.
I was an IC and typing in the evening and it was impossible to skip over it the way the system is set up, so I typed it. She clearly had a change of attitude the next time I saw her. It was a big mistake. I am lucky I was not fired
If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

I saved a copy of each report I typed to a folder on my PC and then used... SM
my line counting software changing the variables to gross lines.  I'm sorry that this subject offends you so much, but there is a difference between line definitions and all MTs should be aware of this.
I always have it in a place in the report where patient's
name isn't given.  Most likely the account is not a local account (it isn't in my case), the patient's name not given, so I don't think there is any harm done.  I wouldn't make an every day practice of it, but patient's privacy hasn't been violated. 
When an account specifies no patient information (as in no name, etc.) in report does that mean no f
information in the reports also, such as spouse name and family phone numbers?
Patient info?
Where is my post on typing in patient information???????????
Is it common for doc's to change or add more information to their patient's original report af

prior?  I am an IC for four doctors, and they are constantly adding or deleting information from their already signed reports.  Is this the norm?  They keep telling me it is because of insurance issues. I was just curious.  Thank you. 

Of course you can provide details as long as there's no patient identifiable info. nm
Depends. Is it strictly transcribing? Is all patient info provided so you don't waste time? Any d

you are wrong
it is harder to prosecute someone in a murder trial w/o a body, but not impossible.  It is a case that would be based on circumstantial evidence.  Perfectly legal and done before.
I have lectured her. She knows we are against it. My husband and I do not drink at all. What I was saying is she can sit here and tell me she is not drinking which she has said she does not but I know better. I know every kid drinks at collegea and no I don't like it. I know her room mate drinks and my daughter has told me. There is nothing I can do about it if she is at college 100 miles away. She clains she does not drink. She has been told she has to pay the consequences if something happens. I tell her not to drink but if she does it won't be my fault because she should know better. I can lecture her at home by not allowing it in my home. I know a few of her home friends drink and I have told her if the parents ask me if it is so I will not lie. Obviously you don't have teenagers. Also Natalie's parents could have lectured her to about drinking but obviously she did it anyway.
to 'study and show thyself approved...rightly dividing the word of Truth'.

Well, I don't think you are doing anything wrong ...
I've been with these companies 3-1/2 and 2-1/2 years.

Do you know which accounts at your company are large or have a lot of overtime? I would ask to be put onto a super large hospital account as a primary. Being a large hospital account and/or overtime requirements will tell you how much work is usually there.

I have been very fortunate on my accounts but I asked for large hospital accounts up front for that very reason....????
Ur wrong...
Been an MT for 10 years and with MQ for 8...so much for assuming...
please, if you think something is wrong...sm
do whatever you can to get the person help. My nephew was bipolar/scitzophrenic (s/p?) and we didn't know until it was too late.  Please try to help this person...it's hard to live with the consequences if you don't. Good luck and I will be praying for you and your friend.
I will take it to heart if it is from the administrator.  The post was addressed to her.
what's wrong with me
I'm wondering what's wrong with me too.  I just did 50 exams and realized I put the date of service 8-15-04 on all of them.  Fessed up when I realized.  I try to work when I don't feel well and this is what happens.  Darn.
No, you are wrong
They have known about this being a potential disaster since Betsy in 1963, but since it was such a monumental task, and people in, for example, Washington State or Idaho, (just an example folks) would not have wanted their tax dollars being spent to fix the levees in New Orleans, and the senators and congressmen in these other 51 states wouldn't push it, because it was not a popular thing to do. 
You are wrong!
Your eyes are mistaking - She never got out of her lawn chair - it is stuck to her butt because she is so darn fat and she can barely run at all, it is more of like a wobble, wobble, wobble!
She's wrong, isn't she? You and I and everyone else
knows that. MQLover is wrong to be ugly and make assumptions.

She will never win the Nobel Peace Prize or even any type of Employee of the Year award with her abrasiveness. It's uncalled for. It really just shows her ugliness inside.

I'm a supporter of MQ; I don't agree with all they have done or will do but in general I've had a good relationship with them. It is difficult for me to hear some of the nastiness from complainers. It's one thing to state clearly and plainly what a problem is, it is another to do the name-calling, etc. Both sides are doing it now. It's sad.

The BEST plan of action for those who are upset with MQ, though, is to do what another poster suggested in an above thread --- go to the Employee Complaint Form on QNet and fill it out. Swamp them with those complaints. Have them swamped with complaints.

No changes can come about if MQ isn't directly contacted about the complaints.

I hope everyone can take a breather, relax, and allow each others opinions but be more respectful in their statements.

Have a good day, everyone.
Don't take this the wrong way, but
you're getting yourself all worked up over something you don't even know to be true.  Shhhh, deep breaths.  No worries.  Everything will work out in the end.  Even if MQ eliminates SE, what's the worst thing that could happen?  So you go job hunting or switch to employee status.  There are tons of IC and SE jobs out there with companies that are way better than MQ.  I can relate, though.  I've got three kids and a mortgage.  Honestly, there are so many MT jobs out there that you can quit a job one day and start working again the next day for another.  I understand that you have security and longevity with MQ, and the unknown is a scary thing.  However, you need to stop worrying and imagining the worst.  You're a good worker, right?  Do you think they're just going to dump you with no notice?  Why don't you talk to your supervisor?  Ask her straight out what's going to happen.  You are allowed to know how these new changes are going to affect you.  In the meantime, stop catastrophizing and make yourself a nice cup of tea.  It'll be all right.
Nothing wrong
with having 6 accounts or 7, 8 and so on but WHEN THERE IS NO WORK ON ANY OF THEM what do you do? Still sitting here waiting to work and NOTHING. There is something wrong with this picture.
Nothing wrong?
Boy, you don't get it do you and yet you continue to bicker. No work IS the problem and only getting from your 5th, 6th, etc. when you get the scatter report means that there are too many people on the accounts. That is the point.
Wrong again!
After the ER visit.  I went to 'see Alice'.  She did a better job taking care of me than you could ever do.  I called you after I left her and told you 'she' made me see stars.
Not getting paid for spaces. They just tell you that they do, but they are lying
Sorry, you are wrong.
I do have an extremely handsome husband. I do go to the spa and get pedicures. I also MT. There is nothing wrong with that. It really ticks me off when ugly people come down on me like you are. Hey ugly, where is pretty? Not anywhere around here, that is for sure.
They are a public company and the privacy laws only apply to patient care.
Ha Ha You got me all wrong!
I, also used manual typewriters. I am 53 years old, knew how to keyboard Qwerty, and switched within the last 2 years to Dvorak.

Qwerty is not the "correct" keyboard, just the more common one. Actually, the Dvorak keyboard layout is older than Qwerty. Qwerty was developed specifically to slow down typists as there was a problem with the keys sticking together on the old manual typewriters because the typists would be able to go too fast using Dvorak keyboards. Qwerty was specifically developed to slow down typists and keep those keys from getting all clogged up. Then qwerty became the 'standard' because everyone was using it.

The world record speed typist, Barbara Blackburn uses the Dvorak keyboard. It reduces hand movement by about 10 times. All the vowels and most common consonants are on the home row. When I decided to become a medical transcriptionist, I decided to switch to Dvorak "'cause I ain't no spring chicken" and want to do all I can to make these old fingers last longer!!!

I actually am using the Dell keyboard that came with my computer because my Dvorak keyboard would not interphase with Windows XP. I have the keys memorized, and I simply changed the 'keyboard language' in my computer settings to Dvorak. It is hilarious when someone else tries to type on my keyboard using qwerty because what they type comes out jibberish!

So much for Dvorak 101 !!! Have a nice day!
so tell me what I did wrong
Don't get me wrong...
I think that is a rotten thing for an employer to do, but it is the apparent policy that once an employee exhausts all available sick time and vacation time, they need to return to work before missing an entire pay period. If that makes sense. Believe me, I didn't like having to leave my newborn for that reason. I know she could have been in a different situation, but I'm just making the point that the same thing could have happened somewhere else. My experience was actually with a hospital.
I see nothing wrong with...
saying that "there are 2 different theories, one is evolution and the other is intelligent designed, generally held by religious  people."   Just as you can can teach ABOUT a religion, you can tell kids what the theories ARE.  Kids learn about the history and  beginnings and practices of religion all the time in history class.  I see no harm in presenting ID in that context.  As for evolution versus creation...I've got it all figured out and put to bed in my own  mind, which is what I tell my kids.... Evolution IS God's creation.  Very simple, very logical, and mutually respectful of both sides. 
Wrong, wrong, wrong
One thing that truly stuck with me DISC for eyes --- DISK for back
Once again, don't tell anyone they are wrong...

on this issue.  Most of us have conformed to the way we have been told to type it over the years.  In 13+yrs of typing radiology, I have just in the last year only come across a facility that has asked me to type "disk" in reference to the spine.  All others have been adamant about seeing "disc" on their reports.

Noone can "win" this argument...it's a matter of choice. 

I had the same experience with Sandy, SouthScribe, Georgia. I helped him out on a project until he got someone else. He lied about sending out my check too (even gave the check # and amount he supposedly sent out to me when I called about it!). He never paid me, even though I reported him to the BBB. I would suggest to you to report too; even if you don't get your check (I hope you do), it is on record, and the next person is not as likely to get ripped off.

I don't see anything wrong with that at all. nm
i see something wrong with it!
Why should she get holiday pay for christmas when she doesn't celebrate the holiday? that would be like catholic ppl expecting a day off on jewish holidays. you cant have it both ways, if you boycott the holiday, then you can't expect to reep the benefits from it too. thats ridiculous.
There is NOTHING wrong with
your feelings or reaction!  I really don't know how I would react to this situation, so I certainly wouldn't tell you what to do or how to behave.  Just know that your feelings are only natural and human, and you have done nothing wrong.  I hope you get the love and support you deserve now and in the future, and I wish you the very, very best.  Hang in there!! 
Wrong once again.
I had a perfectly normal childhood, no one molested me or mentioned the word homosexual to me - I just knew at age 5 that I was attracted to men. Sorry if this seems so hard to accept but it is reality. I had no idea about homosexuality whatsoever - just knew even at 5 that I had feelings for my own sex. But don't take it from me, after all I AM the gay one who has the experience. Better to listen to all these kind folks who aren't but think they know everything there is to know about being gay. There is no reasoning with people like you so I gave up many, many years ago. Have a great day!