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I use a Lanier transcriber - they cost TONS

Posted By: but try getting a used one - eBay...sm on 2006-09-22
In Reply to: mini cassettes - ER-MT

eBay comes to mind - and what the other poster said about contacting Lanier for a used one.  As I know it, a new one is about $600 (?), Lanier being the BEST transcriber around, JMHO

.......with ebay though you have to be very careful. 

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Lanier transcriber - the best!.....nm

I use a Lanier transcriber but the MDs I think

I have Lanier transcriber-nothing like C-phone
I have a Lanier transcriber that I pop small tapes in to transcribe.  But Lanier is a huge company that has branched out into other areas.......but the transcriber is NOTHING like a C-phone.
Hi, Deeni! I did Lanier for several years and was always told that Lanier....sm
would only work with/accept/interface with other Lanier products, that everything was proprietary, but that was a few years ago and do not know if anything there has changed, wish I was of more help!  Have a good one!
where did you buy your transcriber....

Where? How much? What to look for?

Any help is great!

Transcriber--which is best?

Hello--I am getting ready to graduate from MT school and am researching transcription equipment.  Can anybody give me some advice about which brands are the best?  I don't need a top of the line machine, but I definitely want something that works well and that I won't have to replace in a couple of months.  Also, while I'm researching all transcribers, I'm also very interested in digital transcribers.  Thank you!

DA-128 transcriber
Does anyone know what button gets the demographics to play.  I haved tried them all and am ready to give it a heave.  No info on the net anywhere other than the price of the thing.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated.  Suppose to be starting a new job and can't get the demographics to play.  Thanks in advance.
OM's transcriber
headset is all I ever use. The brand is Panasonic RP-EP110 microcassette transcriber headset. Just go to Officemax.com and you can find them under "transcribers".
Do you have a tape transcriber, or does it have to be
voice files?  I have some practice dictation minicassette tapes here that I'd be willing to send you.  As for the voice files, you could try Google searching.  I typed in "medical transcription" practice sound files download   but don't really have time to search through the results.  I don't even know if there's anything out there.
transcriber sticking
My Pearlcorder T1000 is skipping every 2 seconds, both in play and rewind. tried cleaning inside with alcohol. any other ideas? TU
Ever heard of this transcriber?
Has anyone ever used/heard of a Digital Voice Model DVI-115 work station C-phone? It was just shipped to me for a new acct I am starting and I have looked and looked on the web and can't find a manual. Can't really even seem to find this machine anywhere. Thanks
software and transcriber
1. Has anyone used the Instant Text V Pro software?
2. I want to purchase a digital transcriber. Does anyone have a favorite to recommend?
Cheaper to buy transcriber?
If he is doing tapes it might be cheaper to go on E-Bay and buy a transcriber than everything that is needed to transfer over to digitial files as well as the time it will take.   If he does micro tapes you can pick up an Olympus Pearlcorder for under $75 on E-Bay and I have always had good luck.  
Need transcriber unit
You need a transcribing unit that has a pedal that comes with it.  Your digital pedal will not work.  Depends on size of tape -- micro, mini or standard. 
All N One Wave Transcriber
Thanks for the advice. After using the 30-day free trial I found on a web site I've decided to stick with Digital Voice Editor (FS85USB). I don't like the pedal nearly as much but I guess I can live with it because the software is excellent. The All N One is okay, the other is just better. Thanks though. I appreciate it.
My current transcriber I bought from
this site. It appeared brand new, and I paid about half of what a new one costs at an office supply store. I'm sure they are available on e-bay as well. Mine is a Panasonic minicassette, which is my brand of choice (more control over the dictation than some of the others I've tried), although I've seen it posted more than once on this site that Lanier is the best, but way more expensive.
Transcriber is a piece of equipment.

What is the best micro-cassette transcriber? SM
Believe it or not, some docs still use tapes.  I have a Sony transcriber but the tape fades in and out.  If I let off the foot pedal and then play again, the tape will get louder and clear and then gradually fade again.  It's really annoying and I'm thinking it's the transcriber.  Is there a machine out there that will play a tape with more clarity and consistency?
I have a Panasonic transcriber, if you need one. Send
me an email if you are interested in purchasing it.  Includes foot pedal.
Any opinions on All N One Wave Transcriber?
I am looking for a new transcriber software kit.  The All N One Wave Transcriber by Martel Electronics looks good but they don't have a free trial download.  I don't want to buy without knowing anything about it.  I need something that I can see all the files that have been downloaded to me and that I can listen to and name file by file.  I have a doctor that many times does not complete the dictation in one sitting - may continue it days later.  I need to be able to search through files to see if I have the continuations or not.  Most, from what I have found, don't have this option.  I have Sony's Digital Voice Editor and love it but really dislike the pedal so am trying to find something similar in another software. Does anyone out there have experience with this software and pedal (All N One)?  Thanks in advance for any advice.
FYI, did you know that a transcriber is a machine and a transcriptionist is a person?

Need a C-phone for work. Can I use a digital transcriber sm

I have 2 digital work stations.  One is Bytescribe call-in system.  The other is Philips station.  Neither have the actual phone part that you pick up.  I can call in to different numbers to get work.  Does anyone know if this will work?  I need a "C-phone" to get work for a new job, and I don't know if I should buy one or what.  I posted before, but no one answered.  Just thought I'd try and ask again.  Thanks.

AC adapter for D-Light digital transcriber?
I have an old D-Light machine that I need to put back into use. Have misplaced the AC adapter. Does anyone know what type of AC adapter it uses?

Sony M2000 transcriber question
Just bought a Sony M2000 microcassette transcriber from Goodwill for $6.99 with all accessories.  (buy of the year!!)  Can someone tell me how to erase tapes?  I currently use a Panasonic, so I'm not quite sure how it works.  I'm sure the answer is right in front of my eyes.  Thanks alot!!
I have a couple large accounts with hundreds of docs and a smaller one with 50 or so. I rarely get the same doc twice.
tons of work
im loaded to the gills...and i need some time off...crazy how some companies can be so different in there work load.
TONS today.......

Been very slow and all of a sudden BAM!

I'll take it!

and they are still making tons of $$....sm

the naysayers panning the Stones probably could never afford to go and buy a ticket even to see them today....that's how expensive their tickets for a concert are today!!!


Tons of them this week. I just sm
reregistered for the do not fall list. We will see if it changes. Very annoying.
Yeah, there are tons (sm)

Here is a link showing how to find the 'Word command list.'  The list itself is too long to post.  http://www.melbpc.org.au/pcupdate/2207/2207article6.htm

I also subscribe to Word Tips.  I usually find a tip or two in each E-mail that is useful and I save them in one document for reference.  http://wordtips.vitalnews.com/

I do PT and make tons of money...sm
very easy work. Few ESL in that field and they are very agreeable to working with you. Lots of word Expander phrases, hardly any drugs, no labs. Love it. Make more money in PT with less cpl than any of my other accounts just because I can crank it out.
There are TONS of stores that I see every place I go.
Never had a slow day, still tons of work.
STruck me funny that you said there must be tons of it. Probably mostly us MTs. (sm)

I always give tons of praise...
if I see the newbie is consistently giving her best, looking up words and even THINKING about them LOL - I find most newbies are pretty hard on themselves without my help!
or this one is my fave tons of work..

There usually is for thre first three months at most..then nothing.  I have no problem working on the hard accounts, but when it gets down to $30-$50 a day at most, it gets very frustrating.  One spends all day logging in a looking for work to find one or two jobs.  When you can't pay your bills, you have to move on.  I want to find a company that consistently has the work...have yet to find it.....

Would help me tons if all dictators sounded like
Patrick Stewart.  Ah, if only someone could make it so!  (she grins)
yes of course I use tons of expanders. At the most 25% normals though.
Tons of up-to-date resources;) sm
Make sure you have all the resources you need that will cover a lot of specialties, especially for ops. I wouldn't worry too much. You will basically just be learning more words. Just have the resources you need for quick finds to help you pick up speed. I'm sure you'll do fine!

Can you email me the name of the company you are starting with? Even though I've been in this business for over 15 years, I don't have the "recent" acute care experience most companies are requesting. However, I do have at least 10 years in the past. Thanks!
My mother in law has tons of toilet paper too!
I mean probably 30-40 rolls at any given time and always feels the need to get more. She says she does that because she was poor as a child and she feels secure when she has a lot of something. She also buys tons canned food, shampoo and soap. Everbody has their reason and it really probably is all about feeling secure having what you think you need.
Want to keep winning? Having fun yet? Got tons more neat stuff!

my 3 y/o girl cat loses tons of hair too...nm

You should be making tons of lines today. LOL!
I am making tons of money doing tapes.

Just like tapes get misplaced so does digital dictation.  Also, have you ever timed how long it takes to download and upload files?  I think it runs about the same.  I am assuming this is clinic work.  So, if you don't go the office, then you'll need patient lists faxed or e-mailed, what have you.  It also costs money to have a secure FTP site for transfer.  So, no matter how you look at it, there is that time taken for the administrative end of transcription so to speak. 

To the OP:  I would ask if the problem really is the delivery if you could cut back to two days a week and given them the option of typing STAT reports to be faxed to them OR you could ask if they'd go halfers on a courier service.  But, I think the problem is the cutting of the paper, so you may just want to mention that you'll need to attach a fee. 

I had to attach a FAX fee to an office that was constantly calling and requiring me to search for letters that they apparently hadn't filed yet, so I started charging them for that service.  Guess what?  They don't call as much.  Just a thought.

But you get tons of deductions and write-offs.
Applied to tons of companies and hear nothing!
Anyone else applied to lots of places and never hear anything?  I have 5 years experience and a good resume so I don't understand. 
but yet you would state someone's else name so freely when tons of other people read this...
that is my point...i am not trying to be mean or spiteful...i was not the original poster that is why my name is not on here...
hmmm, I have tons, but I'll list some favorites

pt=patient, hle=hyperlipidemia, hx=history, nd=and, nx=nontoxic, gm=gentleman, wsg=worsening, nt=nontender, fp=followup, fup=followup, otc=OTC, otcc=over-the-counter, gi=GI, gii=gastrointestinal, nvd=No nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.  The list goes on and on!

Those are just a few of many.  I have most brand name meds set up for auto capitalization.  I also have abbreviations for most headings, ie: alg=ALLERGIES:, pexn=PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, soh=SOCIAL HISTORY, laby=LABORATORY:.

I don't know what I would do without my expansions.  I highly recommend them.  Good luck gettin more set up.

Very technical, lots of specialized equipment, and TONS of ESLs.
I think it's the temporary files because when it starts acting like this, there are TONS of temp

Even closing Word doesn't make the files go away--I have to delete them manually.

As far as plug-ins, I have tried disabling them before but no luck. I can go months without a problem, plug-ins and all, and then, BAM, it starts happening all the time. I usually start holding my breath when I have a string of "crash-less" days (even more than I usually do to hold my gut in).

I'm beginning to think it's those automatic updates from Microsoft that are adding gremlins...can't say that I'm not beyond thinking that Mr. Gates would have his reasons for doing that, although I can't say for sure what they might be right now.

I'm open to any more ideas you might have.