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I would agree with HP being good. I'll only

Posted By: buy HP printers. Also bare bones no Vista on 2008-01-20
In Reply to: my recommendations - Patti

is better in this profession because most won't accept Vista anyhow.  The OP might want to try a secondhand computer store and then just purchase the Office Suite you'd like.  I did this and have good luck so far knock on wood with Office 2003.

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good for you; you'll get more from it, with good socialization,
I'll agree with that one

If over, say, 10 years you worked for three services ... how many times can you write, "transcribed pathology reports." ("we get the picture already").

Get (and hold onto) their attention right from the start. You can always list the companies and dates of employment later on.

Also, make sure you don't use white paper. That blands in too much with other people. You don't want to be "one of the crowd." You want to stand out. Make the paper soft gray if you're printing in black or soft beige if you're printing in brown.

Agree....sad. We'll soon be outnumbered. nm
Agree, especially if you'll need them as a future reference. nm
I agree, fishy. If you're an IC you'll have to take out approx.
30% on top of the 25% they're going to keep, but will you have to claim earnings of it all, even their 25%. Hmmmm, I think I'd be asking a LOT of questions because why aren't they just saying you'll make 9.75 cents instead of 13 cents that you'll really NOT be making.
Agree with other poster.. good price..good service
I definitely think they are one of the best out there. We also have been talked through issues over the phone and also had a warranty in which they came out and fixed it right at our home. My only complaint..and I am sorry for saying this.. but... when you call their customer service 9 out of 10 times...you get someone who barely speaks English and I just hate that. I think that is true of a lot of customer support centers these days, ironically they are rarely American anymore. I am not prejudice at all. I just find it frustrating to call in for help and the help you get barely understands you and you do not understand them, thus making the experience very frustrating..
Good idea! I'll do that now.....nm
You'll get some good tips here. sm
First rule: Use your expander. You can't use it enough. Put all the medical terms in, general phrases from basic English, words you make typos in, medications that needs to be capitalized, Dr.'s names, anything you can think of. It takes time at first, but saves you hours later.

Also, if you have to find difficult words, keep a list. That way you won't have to look it up twice. You always think you'll remember it, but you probably won't.

The biggest thing is not to let the job overwhelm you. There is so much to learn. I don't know how it is for those of you coming out of a school, but when I started with no training, it took about 3 years to really train. So don't get discouraged. It gets easier. Best of luck.
Good luck, but you'll need your CMT...
The only other way possible I can think of, and someone above already mentioned it, is have another Transcriptionist train you. That's how I got into this field. However, most transcriptionists aren't in the situation to train to nor do they probably want to. If you do choose to do online courses, I would personally recommend CareerStep... just stay away from PCDI! I have two friends going through CareerStep and they both are enjoying the course.

Otherwise, this isn't a job you can just walk up to and start without any knowledge. If you want an easy job like that where you need no training, or training on the job, try a gas station or fast food restaurant. Sorry, I'm not trying to sound harsh, just truthful. You need a lot of training before working as an MT, as another poster said, it really is like a second language! You have to learn terminology, pharmaceuticals, anatomy, etc. However, I wish you the best of luck. If you *really* want to become an MT, then you can do it!
Maybe someday you'll be good enough
to be a QA, since you obviously have no idea at this point what the job entails.
I'll agree. Have had the bait n switch happen to me several times. nm
If your trainer is as good as mine, you'll do just
fine.  The auto correct, auto Expander -- very easy to use and easy to access while transcribing so you can add as you go. 
Good idea...I'll check into it. Thanks!
I'll consider it--that sounds good and low tech, lol--NM
Good advice...thanks! I'll save my $$ (NM)
I don't think you'll get a good answer from the info...
you provided. It varies too much from location to location.

I've seen some MTs on here that say inhouse in their area make less than $10 an hour. Our local starts newbies (providing they pass the tests) at $16.79 an hour.
I agree with MOMT, but be careful not to print company names or you'll


Good thing you kept all your wage statements. You'll have
a fight but at least you have the proof you'll need.
I've been using it a few years now. It's pretty good. You'll get used to it. -nm
Sounds good to me! I'll take it. Unless their lines are skewed.
Thanks!...good idea about adding the def to the glossary...I'll try that too
Good girl Laurie...now you'll have a nice night
and the evil doers can spread their evil elsewhere!
well oldtime, I'll bet that you have good work ethics. But, people like you are far and few in
6 to 8 MTs only a couple actually work out.  That is an absolute shame, but it's the truth.  How do I know this?  Because I surveyed several services asking the very same question to each and this is what the averages were.  Of course, someone here will whine about how many services I surveyed, were they friend, etc., but I can say with absolute certainty that I was completely fair in my end figures.
I'll be here! Good luck tonight!! Hope you have work
They're supposed to be good luck. He'll find his way out when he's hungry. nm
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Agree! As in "A Few Good Men"
"You can't handle the truth!"  Go Kikki, don't let the rightwing shut you up!  That's what they count on.
I agree! To be a good MT we must take the good with the bad!
It sometimes takes longer to learn ESL docs and is a pain in the butt, but all that does not kill us makes us stronger!! I don't love doing ESL docs by any means, but if I want a job - I need to do what my employer asks of me. Take the good and bad - or find a new job! I applaud you for working with your MTs, but you really shouldn't have to! I have only been an MT for two years and I cannot imagine telling my boss that I am not willing to learn something. How rude!
Agree, good post!

Good post. I agree.
I didn't care for his last sentence tho!
I agree...this seems like a very good offer.
NM :)
I agree with having a good relationship.
Patti, you have probably earned respect because of your excellent turnaround, attention to detail, and responding in a timely fashion when things can get "hairy" so to speak and the office is in need of a report.  I also have that kind of relationship with the offices I transcribe for and it is very nice.  When I lost my mother, one of my docs, called me personally and told me that he was not at all worried about late dictation because "family comes first".  I know these docs are hard to come by, but I have also responded to his STAT requests in a timely manner.  I have managed to please his staff and do not come off (just because I'm an IC) that I am not a part of their team and feel the same stresses that come along with being part of the staff.  I have been offered lunch if I'm there and a rep has brought in some sandwiches.  I have sat and eaten that lunch, too (not everytime) but I want to be part of the team.  I think this very much increases your productivity and then like you said when it comes time that you may not have gotten that report back, it is not taken as such a bad thing.  We are all human.  I feel the OP should have a contract with this office and specify her charges as such.  I'm sure glad someone understands though that there are some great offices out there that really do care about their staff, including their IC transcriptionist.    
I agree. Good post. sm
"I do not understand how medical documentation ever transpired into a production-oriented job. Production WILL have priority over quality when it comes to a paycheck. Why bother looking up terms in reference books or on the internet? That takes a lot of time and can affect an MT's paycheck. "

I agree 100%. Though I remember back in the olden days when I worked in the hospital, some people would work and others would socialize and not work. Maybe this is a backlash of that. But mostly I just think its corporate greed.

Good post. I agree with you.
I think someone mentioned once about the garment industry workers, when they started rising up in the 70's (remember "look for the union label"?), some people thought it was much ado about nothing, others ignored it, but people did not change their spending habits. And now if you want US-made clothes you are in for a real challenge finding them. The winds of change...and it ain't good.
So agree! Good to see other perspectives,
That was a good post! Totally agree.
Agree - stay away from as-carolinas. No good! nm
I, too, agree with Stephanie! Good Luck!

Got cut off, but I agree with the above poster. As I said, good luck. nm
I totally agree. He's a very good-hearted person. nm
Bravo! Good post. I totally agree. sm

I too have been in this business for a long time (almost 20 years).  I also have a good friend who is an RN who will ask me questions about certain things that she hasn't read up on because it is not in her field of "expertise". 

If someone I know says something like, "I have this pain that won't go away. . ..", I say, "you need to make an appointment with your doctor.  If someone says the doc put them on a drug and can't pronounce the name, I can give them the correct way to say it.

But in my experience, I can tell (in my areas of expertise) when something is wrong.  I would never say, "I think he has this or that."  I would say, "I really don't like the looks of that and it might need to be looked at by the doctor. Even if I do know from experience what it may be. 

In the case of an NP ignoring the MT's concerns, I find that disturbing.  That seems to say that personal objections are getting in the way, which should never happen in the medical field, regardless of what level you are at, if there is even what may apper to be a valid concern.


It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
agree; openmindedness, respect for others' beliefs also a good thing
I agree. It's an impossibility for me even with years of experience AND good dictators. nm
Didn't see your post but apparently we agree it is a good site! lol
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
As far as company VR for critical care it is not very good and I agree with the other poster. I tend
to leave little words in or if I have to take a lot of words out an extra word gets stuck in. It is a mess. If you are speaking of your own person VR at home to help I know nothing about that. With companies at this stage of the game you will not increase your productivity as you think.
Not to discourage you, my concern would be if you can find someone to hire you. Good luck. I agree
Agree! I hate Daylight Savings Time. It takes me a good two weeks
to get myself and everybody in the household adjusted to the time change every six months. If the farmers need to get up earlier, let 'em! That doesn't mean I should have to, also! DST has definitely outlived its usefulness. I stay up later and get up earlier in the summer, but go to bed earlier and sleep later in the winter. It's like my mind and body are tied to the sun, not the clock. I never got an extra hour of sleep last night anyways because the neighbor's stupid dog barked from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.