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You have to have somewhere for them to dial into.

Posted By: me on 2008-03-26
In Reply to: Another C phone question(s) - bgs

They can't dial into the line that your C-phone is hooked into.  To access the dictation it has to be recorded somewhere for you to get it.  They can dictate to handheld recorders and transfer it to your computer or put it on their computer and you access it from theirs, but you can't use the C-phone for it, you would use a foot pedal. 

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I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

How do you dial in...lanier, Cphone???? I'm wondering will this work with a Lanier voicewrite EX
Dial Up
They do make surge protectors that will protect your phone line. You can find them at Best Buy or any other local computer store. Don't but the cheap version either, I made that mistake once. Look to spend about 20 dollars or so on a nicer unit. This will protect the phone line, but I still would not trust it in a thunderstorm.
Dial up
Looking for an at home position but have dial up internet. I just moved to an area where no high speed internet is available (which is killing me) and did not know before we signed our lease there was no high speed internet. Does anyone know of companies that employ MTs with dial up internet access. Any information is greatly appreciated.

You may want to look into satellite. Dial-up is a dinosaur. Most hospitals are VPNs and web sites. You would be lucky to get anything dial-up. It is not MQs fault that you cannot get anything but dial-up. Look into other avenues and get with the program of the future.
Dial up for DQS
How does DQS work with dial up?  The manual does not state you have to use DSL, just an internet connection.
DQS on dial up
I had dial up the first couple weeks on DQS.  The worst part was the first download of the day -- sometimes it took an hour or more!!  I just switched to high speed and love it.  However, if you can't have high speed, the dial up works okay, it is just the first time you download for you day/shift.  I wold recommend dialing into the system an hour before you want to start to actually transcribe.  Really, the first download is the worst; once you get going and start uploading it isn't too awlfu bad.  Good luck!!
DQS with dial up?
I don't believe you can use DQS with dial-up - you need a fast internet connection. I believe this is what I was told as I had to get a cable internet connection.
dial up-56 K
Not sure which board to post this on. I would like a list of MT companies that accept dial-up.  Anybody know of any.  Can email me or list on the board.

Are you using dial-up?  When I was using dial-up Bellsouth was going to put a whopper of a bill on my phone because of all the usage (unlimited long distance they say.... yeah, right!).  I went with AT&T and they never once said there was a limit on my long distance usage.  I was using MEGA time on my second line for my dial-up usage (working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day!).

Precyse solutions does - I have the same situation as do many others I work with. You would probably need to sign up for a high speed though, which is only a few more dollars per month. FYI - they are hiring!
I am an ME/MT for MQ and am still on dial up. sm
I have a feeling that if you are a new employee they will require high speed. I have looked into getting a part time job with another company so as not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, but most companies are now requiring high speed/cable. Dial-up has never been a problem for me, uploading, downloadint, whatever, no problem. An afterthought, how would they even know what kind of internet service you have as long as you can produce?
I don't know as I have dial-up BUT if it is 10 Gig - sm
then I highly doubt you will ever go over, if it is 10 meg then you will go over. I download about 200-300 megabytes of sound for a small local account, i.e. ~1000 lines a week, in 1 month. Is the $80 on top of your cable TV or is that all-inclusive? Personally I'd just tell them it was for personal use and leave off that you will be using it for work, none of their business.
I'm on dial up also.
Stuck in the past.
They are different, but you can use a DVI to dial into SM
a Dictaphone system.  The function keys will be a little different, if I remember right.
not dial-up
high-speed cable.
No, do not have dial-up, is that still around?
I had cut off my long distance some years back but as per my post, they said if did not carry, then they would deduct an extra $10.00 from the supposed credits I got for some other deals. I did have AT&T and this morning just got my fill and have switched over to Charter, everything except cell and they do not offer that or I would switch that also. Am tired of being nickle and dimed to death by AT&T, absolutely ridiculous.


 I go after the small offices, not companies and they usually want their stuff delivered and don't care what kind of internet you have.  I normally have my docs use a DVR but an office called me who still uses tapes.  So, there are those docs who still do it the old fashioned way.

Hope that helps.


DQS does work with dial-up
I've used dial-up and high-speed, and trust me, you are MUCH better off with high-speed. Even though it is possible to use dial-up, if you have to do a lot of ADT searches, it can slow you down a lot. Also, splitting jobs is slower because you have to wait for the next job to download, the upload is longer, and it's just a waste of time IMO. Also, signing on and off takes twice as long.

Don't be mad. You are definitey better off in the long run and probably will make up that connection fee and modem cost soon.
Okay, everyone, I do have dial-up and it is with Earthlink, because that is all i can get here in my
They changed my access number and I now cannot stay connected - this causes my MT program to hang up and then I have to restart and it is wasting more time than I have! - But my sister has no problem with the same computer, access number, and provider.
Are you using dial-up? The last 3 weeks
when I come to the main board I get a page loading message and it takes a minute to load.  I have high-speed cable, so if you have dial-up the connection may be timing out and you need to adjust settings.  l
Dial-up internet
Does anybody know of companies who will hire those of us who only have dial-up.  We live so far out and cannot get high-speed internet.  Every place I have applied says I cannot use satellite or wireless.  What's the deal?  I was able to get 1000 to 1400 lines without all that.  Now I'm aced out.  I could use some help.
companies who allow dial up
If anyone has any info on companies who hire us unfortunate dial-up interneters, I would appreciate it.  It seems that all the decent companies I look at hire only high-speed.  Thanks! 
Companies who allow dial up
A few that I know who allow dial up are Transolutions, SoftScript, and Precyse.  I can feel your pain...our options are really limited without having high-speed internet.
Companies who allow dial-up
Add to the list QT and FutureNet
Dial up or satellite?

I have noticed on most job requirements they say no dial up or satellite internet.  High speed isn't available in my area and my only option is satellite for high speed.  Anyone know why lots of companies don't want satellite?  I thought it was a good thing?


I look but am limited because I only have dial-up - SO I look to see if I can -sm
find something that is a little better than I have now (.09/line without spaces)---would love to find a .09 a line (or .10 of course) that paid spaces had consistent dictators so I could get a good rhythm going. So I look a lot, but cannot apply to many since I don't have high speed internet. I could get satellite of course but many don't want you to have that, so I am kind of limited and always on the lookout for a MTSO that allows/uses dial-up.
I always wondered that as well - how do they know if you do/do not use dial-up?? (nm)
Dial Idol
It's at www.dialidol.com.  It's free to download.  I have high speed internet on my laptop but also have the regular old phone line modem.  It was so easy.  I just downloaded the program.  Plugged in the cord from the phone.  It pretty much configured itself.  Then when the show was over, I opened up the program.  This last week, they only did two lines for each contestant instead of three.  You don't have to put in the phone numbers or anything.  You just select where you want your votes to go.  You can split them if you want...but being you are Soul Patrol (Whoooo!) I don't think you will :)    It does all of the dialing and redialing for you after that. I just walked away but came back to check on how it was doing.  It also tracks who, according to it, is ahead based on number of calls, percentage of busy signals, etc.  It's been about 85% accurate, and Taylor has been on top every week.
I have the same problems (only have dial-up too) - sm
as for burn-out, try to take some time off, or cut back for a month if you can. I cut back in the summers generally because it is hard to work with my kids home even though they are pretty good at entertaining themselves. So my salary is in half right now, and I feel much less stressed and burned out. I have been majorly burnt the last few months, but this reprieve is actually helping me recharge and concentrate on typing smarter and faster as I have more time now to enter in shortcuts and macros and save/check addresses for correctness. Try looking locally for a small MTSO and see if they have any openings, etc. You will probably get better work and pay, and not feel so stressed and maybe not have to work as long. Good luck.
Companies for dial up
Would you mind sharing names of companies that will take those of us who are doomed to dial up?  We'd sure appreciate it.  TIA
Dial up is my only option

Believe me, if I could get cable or DSL I would.  There is a rumor that a wireless internet tower will be going up in a few months.  I have also considered satelite.  I will just have to see how my companies platform works with dial up and then I will probably get satelite or the wireless because it will be cheaper, but it won't be here for another few months if it is approved by the county. 



Dial-up is my only option too
I'm in the same boat but I refused to go onto DQS/DEP after a disastrous experience trying to move over in 2004 - using dial-up. Some MTs have been able to make it work, I was not. It was a production nightmare. I was told by techs very clearly that DQS/DEP is not designed for dial-up and requires broad band (high speed) to be efficient. The company is keeping some dial-up accounts for those of us who this is our only option. I posted this before not long ago - there are plenty of accounts that ARE going to DEP/DQS and that is company goal (to have all accounts on DEP) but there are accounts being kept for dial-up only MTs. Check with your supervisor. My current dial-up account is moving over to DEP next month. I will have to transfer to another office in order to go to another dial-up account (that will NOT be moving over to DEP). I don't know the office because... I have a PS who does not respond to emails and phone calls, so I'm working on that aspect... Good luck.

I use dial-up at home.
I have an office with DSL 10 miles from here. At first I started loading files there and bringing some home at night. Then one day had had to download a file here and was surprised how well it worked out. Later I moved back home. As the other poster said, I download files when I am working on another, or when I am doing something else. Unless you have to dial into a system to work, I do not see how the MTSO can tell what you have. My MTSO did not know when I started doing my work at home. With dss files, there is really no real problem. A lot of my files are over 60 minutes in length. I do still occasionally work at my other office, and it is wonderful, I admit. The only real problem I have is when I have to Google something for my work, but even with that I will not give up working at home.
Frustrated dial up
You may not be able to do much about the speed of your PC but do you have options re. the type of program you are using. Some programs allow the work to come in while you are typing the current job, therefore the work will continually flow in enabling you to work without interruption.
Spheris has dial up
Yes, you can dial in using your C-phone (sm)

just like a regular phone line.  Check out the AT&T CallVantage or Vonage website to make sure there is service in your area.  Do you have any techie/IT friends or family?  Ask them to explain VOIP to you, too.  Seriously, I think it helps to actually hear the explanation in person; at least it did for me   Then ask them if they want to install the VOIP box and set if up for you after you order it.     I'm technically inclined, and my techie hubby and tell me it was a fairly easy installation, but it took me a bit to grasp the concept.  But the non-hassle (no more ULD headaches) and saved $$$ have been well worth it!

One suggestion - keep another phone line with ULD handy to which you can plug in your C-phone in the event that your Internet goes down, as 0 Internet = 0 VOIP.

I use dial-up- no cable or DSL here.
Satellite? Forget that. Wireless would consider, but if no better than cell phone coverage out here, then that is not an option either.
Dial in dictation
Hey everyone. We need some SERIOUS guidance here. We've recently obtained a local clinic with 3 drs. They have been doing dial in dictation for the past 4 years and they want to continue with that. We have been researching to see what all we need. We are not sure if we should go with a TASP or just get an 800# line of our own and then get the appropriate software? We've also seen the dial in dication systems as well. So many companies offer the dial in dication but we have no idea what we need or how it all works. We really are needing some expert advice here. We aren't looking to take anyone's accounts, we have our own but we need to integrate to what they have. The office manager really doesn't know what the old company used other than dialing it. Can anyone please just give us some friendly advice and direction as to what all we need? We would greatly appreciate it as this is making us brain dead.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give! :
Help -- I need alternatives to dial-up

After living in town for a year and having DSL, I have now moved back to the country where DSL is not an option.  I have contacted my local phone providers as well as Verizon wireless to see about a wireless (satellite?) connection.  Dial-up is so slllloooowwww -- it's driving me nuts.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions. 

I have tried Earthlink, Verizon, and my local phone provider.  The best I could get was Verizon Wireless, but it was $60 a month and had a limit of 5 GB per month.  I'm not sure how much I transmit/receive, so I would prefer an unlimited plan.  Any ideas? 

Also, how secure are these satellite connections? 

Don't think dial-up would work...
even accelerated. It's just too slow and undependable. Have you thought of getting Internet using an air card from your cell phone provider? To be honest with you, I don't have much knowledge on them, but I do know that friends who have them say they rarely have trouble with their Internet service and they are as fast as DSL for them. It may be worth checking into. Here they run about $60 a month for service.
satellite is better than slow dial-up for me
Good thing my employer does not really care (main concern is the cost, which is my problem anyway). I have been using direcway for more than a month now, but has not discontinued my dial-up internet for back-up purposes while I am trying to gauge its performance. I used to waste so much time downloading files instead of typing (especially when the dictator just accidentally made a blank file that runs 1 hour!). The downloading speed of sat is just awesome. My husband checks from time to time a graphical representation of (download?) speeds over time, and he conclude that the maximum speed we have had so far is 700x(?-not sure if I got the figure right) what we used to have with dial-up (which he enjoys since he is a computer-hobbyist; my computer-related work is his perfect excuse for getting the sat service!).

While there are times when it suddenly seems to go offline or slows down, these take only minutes if not fixed by my hubby's suggestion (which he observed with the technician who installed the dish) to unplug the modem for 30 secs and plug again, so that our network hub will reassign a new ISP to my PC. These "hassles" are nothing compared to having a slow dial-up in this rural area where I live!

Maybe sat is not so reliable for MTSOs, but for an MT like me who works for only several hours a day only, I'd say I have way more pros (including personal; not MT-related) than cons compared to dial-up.
I work at home with Dial-Up
I work for MQ with the DQS platform. It works find, just takes a little longer than with the DSL.
Are you trying to say you work on DocQScribe on dial-up????

And I had to pay for connection fee and modem for the DSL????

I hope I am misunderstanding you!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

If your ISP has a local number you can use dial-up
without long distance.  If they are requiring unlimited long distance though you are probably going to have to use a C-phone or similar.  I think some have used Vonage, but you need high-speed internet for that.   You can check with your phone company and see if they offer DSL, check local ISPs and see if they offer broad-band in your area, check Clearwire.com to see if they offer service in your area.  
I only have dial up too - no high speed is available either - sm
for those of us in the boonies it is unfortunate we are limited in this way. Believe me if I could get DSL I would.
If you go satellite keep dial-up backup - sm

I finally had to dump my satellite.  It was great when it was working, but weather, wind, etc. would result in interruption in service.  Biggest problem was that I have too many trees and it was either cut down the trees or switch to DSL. 

I went through a small company and told them I was losing money and they provided me with a free dial-up backup.  I found myself having to dial up at least once daily so I wouldn't lose a job I was halfway through when the satellite crashed again.

If you have no choice, I would go satellite and add the dial-up as back up. Ask the company if they can provide one for you free.  I doesn't hurt to ask. :)

 I have DSL now but I've still kept the dial up as back up because even these big DSL companies go down sometimes, although this one hasn't and I've had it for 8 months. Of course I have to pay for the dial-up now but it's only $8.99 a month.

Good luck

what if your dial-up is super slow
I sign on at 24.o kbps if i'm lucky. how much will this affect my service. i'm just a student now, but we don't have cable or DSL where i live either.
I am currently using dial-up to vent again about dway
DH took a look at the antenna and did something, so he was able to download some more stuff for his Linux. I got up this morning, and had to do the power-cycling again...had crappy connection until 9 a.m., when I had done EDITING my 3rd file (in 1 hour -- slow work because of crappy connection). I did power cycling again and waited...waited...waited. System status OK, all lights were up, but TCP protocol and web accel nada. Then suddenly system status became red (Problem) and transmit status became Tx10 (no connection to the NOC). I called up the Professional Edition support. All he could say was they had been trying to solve the problem with the satellite, and could not give me a definite timeframe as to when to expect it to get running again...It was basically the same thing the higher tech supp told me yesterday.
He told me it was the satellite that had the problem, not on my end nor at their (Control Center's) end.
Meantime, I went back to dial-up, and here I am venting...not even able to download the first file audio after hours of trying...
All afternoon I have been browsing for complaints on Dway sat. There are a lot of them. This is my third day of no sat/no work/no income. It sucks...because we will still have to pay our monthly fee of $70.
Dway does not sound like they care.
To you who have been having a good experience with Dway, I wish you the best. I hope you will never experience this much of a problem (and all those I have read about). At least we got to enjoy it the first 9 months (We loved broadband then! With our current satellite internet status, we could hardly call it internet connection, let alone broadband).
After reading all the complaints against the company, I am starting to lose hope about resolving this issue.
I wish we had not upgraded to DW7000 Professional plan.
look for wireless. We only had dial up and come to find out
there was a wireless tower just 1/2 mile down the road...that no one told ME about
MT for 9yrs w/ dial up - who will hire me?

I have been an MT for 9 years typing all kinds of transcription.  Unfortunately, I have dial up internet which is all that is offered where I live.  Are there any companies hiring MTs with dial up internet out there?