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Import from SFW to AutoCorrect

Posted By: G. M. on 2009-03-02
In Reply to:

I have been hired by an employer who uses AutoCorrect.  My entries are all in ShortHand for Windows.  Does anyone know how to import (COPY into, NOT MOVE) expansions from Shorthand for Windows to AutoCorrect?  Very much appreciated. 

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How to import autocorrect instructions

Okay..I went to the Escription site the other day and searched the knowledgebase on how to backup and save your autocorrect files..but that information didn't help me. It didn't work on my machine, because it said to do a bunch of steps andthen told me to find the Macros folder in the office program files folder.. but I didn't have a macros folder on my machine and the file it told me to find wasn't installed on my machine anywhere.. anyway, I contacted support at Escription and they told me how to do it, so I figured I'd post here for anyone else who needs the information. Hope it helps!

You can navigate to the following directory to back up your auto correct file for Word.

C:/Documents and Settings/your name/Application Data/MicroSoft/Office/

and back up the file named MSO1033.acl.

This is the auto correct file.

If you do not see the Application Data directory click on the 'Tools' option on the top menu and select 'Folder options'. From here click on the 'View' tab and click on the radio button that says 'Show hidden files and folders'.


oh..and just in case you can't figure it out how to import it to the new machine...once you save that file to a CD or disk or whatever, you just navigate to the same folder on your new machine and paste it, click yes to overwrite the existing file and you're done .  I know you all probably know that part, but you just never should assume that people know things. LOL

You can import your AutoCorrect list

Hi Patty,

You can import your AutoCorrect list into Instant Text so you can continue using the list that you have already created.

IT will expand using the font that is currently active in your document.  If you have an entry that you want to be in a certain font every time you expand, you can do that as well using Formatted Entries.

For more information on IT V Pro, please see the link below.  Or you can always give us a call at 800-355-5251.

Kind regards,


Is there a way to import autocorrect from Word to EMDAT?
I would still have to redo a bunch because they start with . but it would speed things up a bit!  Any tips for EMDAT appreciated.
Is there any way to import Word Autocorrect entries into WordPerfect?

I've been Googling it and there is some info about going from WordPerfect to Word, but I can't find anything about importing them from Word to WordPerfect.

I just got really screwy account where we have to transcribe the reports in WordPerfect to get the line count, then save them in Word to send to the client. 

macro to import expansion list into MSWord Autocorrect

Here is my macro that will import your expansions into MSWord.  Your list needs to be in the following format for this macro to work:

tp=the patient



There needs to be a hard return at the end of each entry.  If you have any expansions that contain an equal sign or a hard return, you will need to enter those into your autocorrect manually.  Here is the macro:

Sub Add2AutoCorrectList()
Dim AddName, AddValue As String
Dim W, C, A, L, Y, T, N As Long
Dim CountWords As Boolean
Selection.WholeStory: Selection.Collapse
N = ActiveDocument.Words.Count: C = 0: A = 0: T = 0
ScreenUpdating = False
While N > 0
x = Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward)
    If x = 0 Then
    End If
Selection.MoveEndUntil cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward
AddName = Trim(Selection.Text)
L = Selection.Words.Count
With Selection
    .Delete: .Delete
    .MoveEndUntil cset:=Chr$(13), Count:=wdForward
End With
AddValue = Trim(Selection.Text)
Y = Selection.Words.Count
AutoCorrect.Entries.Add (AddName), Value:=(AddValue)
Selection.Delete , Count:=2
T = L + 2
N = N - T
C = C + 1
A = A + 1
If N < 1000 Then
ScreenUpdating = True
N = ActiveDocument.Words.Count
End If

If A = 100 Then
'ScreenUpdating = True
StatusBar = N & " " & C & " " & " entries processed!"
A = 0
End If

End Sub

One word of warning:  When I posted a line counting macro here some time ago, I could not get a quote mark in the code to post, so the macro as posted would not work, and I had to followup with a post explaining how to correct that.  This macro is a bit more complicated than the other one was, and although I will look at the code as soon as this posts, if it doesn't come through perfectly, and you don't understand my corrections, you can e-mail and I will send it to you.

Also, I wrote a companion macro that will list your autocorrect into a document so that you can import it into another computer or just keep it as a backup in case you lose your normal.dot.


YES, it is possible to import them to Word
My husband has done this for me, but he had to write a program to do it (easy for him because he is a software engineer!). I have no idea exactly how he did it (he also wrote a program to import them into DQS from Word when I first started on the platform with all my little macros). He is currently in the Middle East working on a project and cannot help us right now, but try posting on MTDesk and see if anyone can help. The point is that it CAN be done! Good luck. :-)
Did you get to import your old expander? (sm)
I would think switching would be super hard if you didn't have your old word list. Also like others said, the marker keys are a trick. I introduced several at my old company to IT. I used to tell people to start with the spacebar as expander, then when they got comfortable with the screen at the bottom, to choose their marker keys and practice using their old list with the new keys. Once that got easier, then I had them do an "includes" to put the Medstart list under their own list and to start getting acquainted with the IT list, OR do a compilation from documents and make their account list for account-specific terms. It's easier to just to do one little thing at a time rather than get overwhelmed.

Also, on the bottom screen, people would tell me they felt like they had to slow down and look because the selections keep changing and I used to recommend only looking down there when you thought "hey, wonder if there is a shortcut for that?" and to remember that the program is basically only saying "you want fries with that?" Don't know if that's one of the issues you have, but it was pretty common IME.

Sometimes it's just too much information, too fast, and that can slow you down for sure.
Why not just import the file?
If you are already using a transcribing program like Express Scribe or Olympus can't you copy the file from the CD and upload it into that program? You need a special program to type from a CD directly, I think. Just a thought.
need to import DQS expander to Shorthand (sm)
What file do I look for and where/how do I find it?  Step by step instructions would be nice.  Thank you. :-)
How to import Shorthand macros into ESP?
Can anyone tell me how to import my ShortHand macros into ESP? My company would not help me do it. I can't believe they wouldn't when they are the ones who tolld me Shorthand macros were compatible with ESP anyway.
Can't the tech in the new account just import them for
Ha! Those jobs they'll just import the foreign PhD on
on one of those work visas as they do nurses and teachers. Pay 'em less and put another American out of work.

Wake up, America! No job is safe any more.
Instant Text is best by far and it will import your AC entries.
Instant Text can import your SH entries. nm
Unfortunately, you can't import your ESP file to EXText. It won't convert. I've tried and

I would just turn off ESP as suggested below and use your Shorthand.  I didn't do that because the hospital I work for provided my equipment and were told in no uncertain terms we could not load any software on our PCs without it being approved by the IT department and since EXText comes with its own abbreviation expander, there was not reason to approve mine.  I had to input each and every Expander from scratch!  It sucked, but in the long run it was a good thing.  My ShortHand file was geared more towards radiology because that's basically all I did on my last job.  So a lot of it would not have been helpful for the medical records stuff I'm doing now. 

Like you care why I don't use my Shorthand still!  Sorry to go on and on.  I get so bored by myself here at home, I can't help myself from virtually gabbing every chance I get. 

Instant Text can import your SH entries so you can continue
to use those shortcuts you are used to. IT can also import AutoCorrect and AutoText.

I used SH for a whole lot of years and switched to IT and have never looked back!
Or send the file to your desktop and then import into your player from there. Easy
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
I put them all in my autocorrect so I only have to look them up once..nm
under autocorrect
It has an option to check to capitalize the first word in a sentence.
I discovered (or rather, re-discovered) how to use Auto Correct to Save entire documents that can be called up with just one or a few letters (or numbers). Highlight the text IN
YOUR DOCUMENT, then go to AutoCorrect. Select Formatted text (if it isn't the default, I think it may be when you do this) and then you can save whole blocks of text.

I also recommend Instant Text. There's an importer program and I used it to transfer all my old DOS-based PRD shortcut files to Instant Text. But if you can't afford another program or work somewhere where all you have is Word, AutoCorrect is great....that's all I know at the moment, I haven't used the macros feature yet. I actually am an in-house Transcriptionist for now, though my job may be shipped offshore soon and I'm trying to refresh my memory as to available tools.....Hope this helps...

Does anyone know if you can make a copy of your AutoCorrect words and transfer them from one computer to another?


I have version 2003 on both computers.
If you type in what you need in bold then highlight it, then go into autocorrect, and put it in what you want it to be.
A way to use AutoCorrect in WP

You could use Instant Text V Pro, an Expander that works with both.

AutoCorrect lists can be converted into an Instant Text glossary with a few clicks. Instant Text follows you with your glossaries wherever you need them.

See link below.

You can use Autocorrect.
Is there any way to move all your Word Autocorrect shortcuts from one computer to another?  TIA
Help!!! My AutoCorrect is not

functioning properly . . . I know I've read on here before that AutoCorrect has limitations, but what has happened is that only my doctor's addresses and one other short are working.  With all the other shorts I had stored, they are still there, just do not work when I type the short.  I've searched for the .acl files without success, and had decided to go ahead and start re-entering the shorts (ugh!).  Anyway, when I begin entering a short, it is already in there, so I am just replacing rather than creating a new one.  The short then will work fine in my Word document.  Also, I should mention that when I go in through tools to AutoCorrect I am not seeing the shorts (except the ones mentioned above that do work, including those that came with my MS Office 2000), so I am only seeing them when I go to enter it as a new one and, again, it says replace and the short is there. 

I am baffled by this, other than from what I have read I may have done something to the Normal.dot template in Word . . . I just don't know, and any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated.


Add it into your autocorrect (sm)

it is a Word-based platform, works the same way.  Hope this helps.

What about autocorrect
What if you put the entries into Word's autocorrect.  That might make them usable in ExText.  I have never worked on ExText but in other Word-based programs it has worked for me in the past. 
Does anyone know how many entries autocorrect will store in Word?
I used to use only AutoCorrect before, so with

an expander, I'm really lost. I never really worked for a national until this past year or being paid by the line, so I've really upset over this and really don't know the "secret" to getting high line counts.

I was just checking my shortcuts for the past few days and I must have 3 or 4 different shortcuts for the expanded terms. I'm trying to get them consistent now.

I checked my Expander this afternoon and saw the same expansions with different shorts, so I decided to copy and paste the most often used phrases to word and print them out, put them by my screen one alphabet letter at a time; i.e.,  use A consistently until I get them down pat, then tomorrow, B, etc. for those terms I know are used the most often, but may take a few months. 

I haven't tried it yet but do you think this will work? I hope so, as I am spending as much time working on my expander as I am working. 

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

If you accidentally hit your "insert" key, that will effect your autocorrect function. 

I changed to a new computer and i am wondering how to copy my autocorrect ShortHand to my new computer.



I found this information a while back. I have the location of my own files in blue and the file names in parentheses. It would probably be different on your computer. These are just sketchy notes I kept. If this is unclear, you can find information online, which is where I found this.

q      To find out where your “regular” templates are stored in Word, select Tools + Options + File Locations, and note the paths listed under “User Templates” and “Workgroup Templates.” AutoCorrect entries saved without formatting are stored in an acl file; whereas entries saved with formatting are stored in Normal.dot. (Show hidden files to locate these folders and files.)
C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataMicrosoftOffice (MSO1033.acl)
C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates
(Normal.dot and templates)

The best thing to do for the future is get an expander, since your typing speed will greatly improve. And transfering to another computer is also easier. Hope this helps!

I put it in AutoCorrect
I have all of my abbreviations in AutoCorrect and then when you type ddd all you have to do is hit the spacebar and it expands it for you.
I have it on autocorrect
LOL... I know it's wrong, and I have "alot" to "a lot" on my autocorrect in Word, and I almost always make it two words when "on my own" but I figured once again I was just being too anal about the petty stuff and I let it slide. Of course, that's when you get called out, right? I don't think I have ever typed or seen noone -- that would bug the heck out of me!
don't put the ; in the autocorrect
just while typing put ; in front of the yo...like this:


and it should come out looking like 35-year-old.

Again, Thanks Cheri!

I just use the Auto Correct feature in Word.  I keep a list of all the ones I put in it and I reference it until I can remember it.  I try to keep it simple.

lx = lower extremity edema

hcho = hypercholesterolemia

inds = indicates

rrar = regular rate and rhythm

so on and so forth.  I programmed the words or pharses the doctors I work for use most often.  After I got those settled and started implementing them into my everyday transcribing, I started adding ones for long words that arent used as often, but as easy to remember:

ger = gastroesophageal reflux

shb = shortness of breath

But, seem I use Auto Correct and not a real expander, I have to be careful of what I program into it.

I would write down what you program into it and reference it as often as you need until you remember them.  I adivse not to go nuts and program a million things at first.  Start by programming extremely long words or words and phrases you hear over and over for the account(s) you work on.

Need autocorrect for cc to mL and also cc: Thanks!

My mind is not working right how to do one without affecting the other!


Thanks for the help

Could anyone tell me how to move my autocorrect entries and autotext entries to another computer?    I will be typing at my clinic's satellite office and would like to take my shortcuts with me but I am unsure if this is possible.  Thanks
using autocorrect
 found a new way to use autocorrect by turning Inscribe on first and minimizing the screen.  Then typing the file in Microsoft Word and then cutting and pasting it into Inscribe.
I used to use autocorrect and still do, but I also used to use auto text and have lost a lot of the exams I put in auto text, so now I am making an individual file in MSword for those exams.  I can't afford to be lose anymore short cuts.  Time is money.
Autocorrect help please!

Everytime I add something to autocorrect it works until I close my program. When I go back into it my new entries are not there. Any suggestions? This is driving me insane!
Do you back-up your system at the end of the day? What software are you working with?
Are you talking about Autocorrect?  I do have that but I think it has many limitations.  I have never liked that there are only 200-something characters you can type but rather have to use the recording device. 
Its just like Autocorrect isn't it?
Expanderic is just like autocorrect isn't it?  Does it have suggestions?   
I use the AutoCorrect feature in Word as an expander. The problem I am having is that this feature no longer turns on automatically when I open Word. Does anyone know how to change this? It used to work correctly but no longer does. Thanks!
That is the problem. I need to check replace text as you type every time I log into Word. I didn't have to do that before.
Yes, I am working in Dictaphone EXT but I have been working in this platform since November and this is a new problem.
That worked. Thanks!