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Incredibly it is. Check other jobs on mtjobs.com. A few are in the 9-10 cpl range. nm

Posted By: Very few on 2006-02-25
In Reply to: line rate - michelle


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Did you try Chronicle Transcripts on the jobs board? Or go to mtjobs.com. Lots of CA companies. nm
Monster search of diff. jobs showing range
Check MT Jobs, I have found

a few there.  I did talk to one of them, but they start everybody out at 7 CPL, and  they are hard with lots of ESLs.  I felt that was way too low. 

I also wonder why more hospitals don't do their own virtual transcription department.  They can get MTs all over the country and quit paying high service costs.  Don't understand why more aren't doing it, eliminate the middleman so to speak. 

I would much rather just work for a hospital so I would not have to keep switching accounts just to have enough work.


I check jobs in my specialty out of curiosity.
Have only applied for three in a year though and those were to possibly replace a PT job I have with a better PT job. The FT job I have I am content with for now.

Be careful not to become known as applying all over the place. This is when it is a good time to get information from the Company board when you see an opening. Be sure you want to be considered before you apply. It is a small MT world with the better companies. This is my thought anyway.
hahaha, check out my expander for jobs, haha!
Jobst ...what a dope!
Check the MT jobs available. Nowadays 8 or 9 cents a line is considered good for experienced MTs.
WHY is MQ recruiting on MTJobs...
when people in Amherst have NO WORK??? What's up with THAT?

Feedback on B.I. (right now on MTjobs.com)?

Does anybody know anything bad or good about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employer. 

Contact: Robin Loatman
105 Paul Mellon Court, Suite 15, Waldorf, Maryland 20602
Telephone: 301-843-9380, Fax: 301-843-7744



I hear that all the time, just tell them to go the MTJOBS and SM
apply for any job they feel qualified for.
Go to mtjobs.com, Companies, and then in the state box type Georgia and see what comes up. Do a net
Search the Job Seeker's and Company boards. Also mtjobs.com...nm
It's all about the almighty buck where MTJobs is related. Note that E-Tranz is an MTDaily paid

that is so incredibly LAME!
but the difference is that i happen to keep a better attitude, and if it goes south, i start looking for better pastures.
They work INCREDIBLY well, BUT...

You're not supposed to use them until AFTER you've had a cleaning by your dental hygienist.  The reason is because the strips can only whiten what they come in contact with.  You might think there is no buildup on your teeth, but there is usually some for us all--especially between the teeth!  I have heard of people using the strips and getting white teeth all outlined in yellow!

I used the strips after a cleaning, and I have to say they worked better than I ever dreamed they would!

You are so incredibly lucky!
I got my first gray hairs at 22 flippin years of age, courtesy of my mother who also grayed early. At least I inherited my dad's bone structure with high cheekbones so I guess it all balances out.

It's how incredibly arrogant this administration is!
How can you trust anything that comes from anyone in this adminstration's mouth?  Starting at the very top!!  I can NOT wait until his dictatorship is over.  I am really praying that the Democrats get back in office.  I can not stand the Bush administration's air of superiority.  I don't appreciate being made to look foolish on the world stage.  Bush and his cronies are an embarrassment to this country.  I can not wait until their regime ends!!
Singapore - incredibly beautiful. nm

that was an incredibly rude reply don't you think? nm
How incredibly rude! Gross! nm
I think it is incredibly kind and sensitive. I

don't think it unprofessional at all, especially if the patient and/or family are religious.  I hear something similar on occasion. 

I thinks it incredibly boring. I miss Carter. I wonder how the
That is incredibly awesome! How cool of your folks to do that. What a great
MTStars does not condone posts that are incredibly negative in
nature. Ugly, crass, demeaning posts are removed. We receive a tremendous amount of traffic to this site and we do the best we can in moderating. Please take posts with a grain of salt as you are visiting an open forum that does not require registration.

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You must be incredibly blessed with clear dictators & many templates. Wow..nm
What an incredibly fruitless effort. People, you need to realize
The chance to have done something has long since come and gone.  Just give it up.
I get fight or flight feeling socially whenever I am around incredibly dumb people and I don't wa
Am I sick? I don't want to socialize with idiots. What's wrong with me. I hate small talk. Should I see a doctor?
Here I sat feeling so incredibly lonely. Wishing I could meet my soul mate
All the men I have ended up with sound like the guy you are with. Takes all the courage I have to pick up and leave them but staying with them destroys my sense of self esteem, my sense of humor, and dulls my passion for life.

Now, sitting here, quietly, sipping a capuccino, sitting in a robe, having no expectations (unrealistic) of me, not having the guy in my world stifling me or doing something out of this world to send my spiraling into my mind trying to figure out what he is thinking ...orrr the always present poor financial state that I always seemed to end up in when with a guy (my dad was alcoholic - had tendency to be with men who had character traits of addictive personality types)and all I can think of is life is passing me by cause I am not with a man.

There are worst things than being alone. Why do I forget this???

Follow your gut. Your kids will thank you. Children deserve a happy mom and you deserve to live the life you envision.

Was going to suggest that you wait to buy as I have a feeling some homes will end up in foreclosure as the interest rate increases and the monthly payments on ARMs and interest only loans increase, but if you have a small town that may not be the case.

Let us know how things go.
You're incredibly fortunate. Many of us aren't even getting offered 8.5 cpl for years of exper
Pay range here is $13 to $19 ...
depending on experience, with a 1200 minimum per day line count. Lines exceeding 12,000 per 2-week pay period are paid as an incentive bonus at a rate of 5 cents per line. VERY strict QA department, so quality does not suffer. Seasoned transcriptionists easily exceed 20,000 lines (therefore make an additional $400 for the extra 8000 lines).  Combined with the benefits and being allowed to work on-site or at home, it's hard to beat hospital employment in my area.
Dollar range and thanks.. sm

Trying to stay around not more than 275,000.  Would like 3 bedrooms, and 2 to 2.5 baths with an office or fourth bedroom for work.  A pool would be nice.  When we were there about three weeks ago all the new tracts were on lotteries or about a one year wait to build.  Don't really wanna hassle with the lottery since I don't live local.  How about Palm Valley?  Is that a nice place?  What would you say is the community with the best schools.  My priority is location, schools, price, community amenities, not too far from everything so hubby does not have a monstrous commute, etc. 

Thanks so much for answering, it is really nice to get opinions from people who actually live there.


I do all ER work and am in that LPH range. nm
That is a fair range...sm
I make a bit more but cover everything, not just any one thing. Hourly is the way to go to keep anyone as there is a LOT of time involved in trainng MTs, time to write feedback, etc., which I would guess you know assuming you have been doing it yourself up until now.

I have worked line rates in the past. Anything less than 0.06 you cannot make a living on unless you work 15-20 hours a day as the accounts would ALL have to have perfect dictators and your MTs seasoned on the well side to make a reasonable living in the MW.
I have looked around and the range for pay is
.60-.75 and the range to charge if you own customer is .80-.95. Sad but true :(
She has a really narrow range. sm
She also sings off key a lot.  Paula has been hard on her for a reason. She shouldn't be where she is.  She's very attractive and I think that has gotten her a lot of votes like a lot of the very little talent out there like jessica simpson and brittney spears, getting by on looks and not talent.  If she beats Taylor, then I will lose all respect for this show.
Salary range

The 2-year assistant degree salary starts at around $30,000 here (the same as a beginning teacher).  The PT master's degree starts at around $60,000 per year here; other areas of the country, of course, are likely to vary.   I already have a bachelor's degree; I'm going for the master's, but I don't know how long the waiting list is.  

Not sure, but they are costly; in the 300 to 400 range. If I
.werewere going to make that purchase, it certainly wouldn't be for use with transcription, but rather listening to ROCK-N-ROLL!
Do you mind if I ask what their pay range is?
Just a general range, not specific.  I don't care if a company is located on Mars either if their pay rate is good and they always pay on time.

I think you would be very ambitious and over-reaching if you charged 15 cents a line to think that you were competing with the nationals.  It sounds like she is new to transcription and has no way to gauge what she should charge.  If she is by herself, she is not going to be able to handle a clinic account or a hospital account by herself.  They will give her over 5000 lines a day.  She needs to be realistic on what she can handle before she thinks about what she can charge them.

Any idea the pay range?
What's your dollar range? I live not too far from there.
Foot range of motion

I think he is referring to range of motion when he says 5,0,8,0,3,8,2????

Thanks Patti-Nice to have at least a range

Nice to have at least a range as a starting point.  The cpl you gave is close to what I was guessing the rate would be.  Thanks for your reply!



..maybe different now. Gave a range of what pay would be. Wouldn't pin down a cpl until after
FT range out here is 32-40 hrs. depending on company. nm
Agree with 8 cpl. Look at how many ads still start in the 6 and 7cpl range. nm
Absolutely, near the 3200+ range daily. nm
What would you say the range of pay is for a Team Lead, editor sm

and MT?  Just trying to get a feel if our pay rates are in line with the norm, too high or too low (have a feeling too low). 

Working on making positive changes.  Any input appreciated.

As background ... small national, 150 MTs, all work kept in U.S.A.  Work types:  Clinic, HIM, ortho, cardiology, radiology.  All ICs, might be looking to hire employees. 

With everyone complaining about companies, it can't hurt to ask what the norm is - the good norm :)

Everything else was within normal range, so I figured she misstated.
LOL, we used to go downtown to Minute Man because they had that "Radar Range" that they used S

for their apple pies. We were thrilled at the notion. Nobody had ever heard of a microwave before.

The biggest treat to us was getting to go out for a burger, the Radar Range was just a bonus!

What is the going hourly rate (range) for QA these days. (sm)
Give them a range. That's what they do when someone asks what the job pays. SM

Just think about what you are willing to work for and go from there.  Or you can just be honest and tell them flat out what you expect.  I did that with the full-time job I have.  I decided that if I were going to go back to being an employee, I was just going to be totally honest about what I wanted.  They pay hourly where I'm at.  When the HR girl made the offer, I countered and told her what I had hoped to make.  And in the end, I got it which was pretty exciting.  Just be professional and honest.