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Is the em dat (?) program user friendly - can you make lines - complicated to learn?nm

Posted By: kadi on 2006-07-17
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VR program. Very user-friendly and easy to learn.
Is ExText user friendly? Can you make good lines?

I will be using a foot pedal - ? Transnet.

I'm using Meditech Magic now and I can't imagine anything being worse. 

I have tried both. Smartype is user friendly, easy to learn. I'd use it again.
Invoice program - user friendly
I currently use Abacus for line counting. I need a separate program for line counting and hourly work that is very user friendly. Any advice?
I have WP 10 and I like it. User friendly. sm

I've used MS Word too, but there really isn't that much difference and its easy to learn.


Very user friendly
Although I was a newbie at the time, after finishing a MT course, they first had me on Dictaphone and then trained us on Escription/Edit Script. It was much, much easier than Dictaphone and any MT with experience would find it very easy to use. There really is not that much training needed---just to learn the commands, which is included in the tutorial. It really is a great platform.
How user friendly is it really?
It is very user friendly...
...I think you'll like it.  Good luck!
Yep, VERY user friendly...
You'll be up and running into no time. :-)
I don't think it is very user friendly - sm
I used it for a day I think and then quit, hated it. Too many steps up to actually working and it was just a pain in the butt to use. There are many platforms that are much better than EMDAT.
very user friendly, productive ...
i was disappointed my lines didn't increase more dramatically over old system -- but there was an increase. I like it well enough i hope i never have to use another system. Maybe the 'decrease' in lines others report is due to messing around on the internet instead of working, as 2 minutes here and there really can add up...
software that is user friendly (sm)
I'm not sure of the difference between software and a platform, but I just want to work for a company whose program is easy to work on, not a lot of glitches, freezes, server problems, etc. etc.  That defeats the whole purpose of what we were hired to do - TRANSCRIBE.  Also when there is a problem, it would be nice to have someone be able to help you quickly.
Is ExSpeech user friendly?
Can you make good lines on Dictaphone ExSpeech voice recognition?
Which platforms do you find to be the most user friendly . . . sm
and allow you to be more productive?  Your input is greatly appreciated!
The newest version is VERY user friendly. The one right before
it stunk. Make sure you're getting to work on one that has the very newest version that came out this fall.
I love BeyondText. User friendly
are pulled in with a simple search.  I was making my minimum line counts by the end of the first week.
Is their platform user friendly, or does it depend on the account?
One week of working on a new platform and I do not feel it is user-friendly
Editing itself is not bad. It is the documentation of the changes I made, I think for purposes of feedback to MT, which I have to do on Word (outside of the platform) that is driving me crazy and is eating up a lot of time. I do not think I am being productive. I am paid an hourly rate but I am almost embarrassed with my production. I think doing QA without going the through the MTing using the same platform presents a lot of difficulty. Is it too early to decide whether this is a good fit for me?
Has anyone used IntraScript or I-Scriptor as a platform? User-friendly, productive? Any comments?
I had to learn the same program sm
Whether it is worth it - is only a question you can answer.

Personally, the platform is so easy; however, I do not get the high line counts I am used to even with their expander. I am so used to working in a Word-based platform with over 5000 auto-correct entries. For me, the transition was not worth it. I could only average 240 lines per hour compared to my usual 350 - 400 lph.

You have to realize, every one is different with different needs and wants.

The packet of policies you mention really is no big deal. Just print them out and read them over and within a week you won't even look at them again. Starting any job is overwhelming at first, but then it becomes routine.

I would suggest you give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As for the ESL account, I have no idea which one that would be - mine is a good mix of all.
You cant make someone learn or improve their
We could learn to sew and make our own clothes.

We are expected to learn spanish, make
If you priority is to make less $ in order to learn
If I was chosen, I would learn to make fire and put on weight before leaving. nm
QA didn't make the rules or change the rule. We have to learn 'em - SM
and re-learn 'em same as you.  We just have to take the heat from MTs when we do our jobs and enforce the rules.
Does anybody have program to dle-ck MQ lines? I would like to check every report

to see if all my work is being counted on a 65-character line, including spaces EVERY TIME - or are there occasional reports through the day/times during the day that the lines actually go longer than 65 characters.

At this point I would like to take the time to verify each and every report.  Sometimes it just feels like a report should have had more lines - or that a report goes on over to page 3 and you know it should have more lines and it is not much lines and you are on such a time crunch you don't what to go and count (of course because the report IS long).

So, is there a program out there that I could use as a double check to verify they aren't turning the knob at certain times during the day to make the lines be i.e. 90 lines or so?  I hope I have explained this good enough.

Thanks if anybody knows of one.

It's not personal, it's business.  (I always like that line from "You've Got Mail")

Does Quick Books/Quicken count the lines or do you use a separate program for that?
Make sure cntr I is enabled in the program
and that you can verify your line count and how many reports you have done. Ask this right up front. If its not enabled and you have to go to the Dictaphone Ichart website then RUN! It always lags a couple of hours behind, sometimes longer. There is no reason for this to be disabled. I worked for a company that disabled this feature, my line counts were more than extremely low. When I asked to verify reports versus lines they made excuses that the headers and footers were not counted and got very nasty with me. I am now working on the Extext program for another company, the headers and footers are not counted here either but I can verify my lines within the program any time I want and # of reports, by simply doing "cntr I" Love the program and the fact that you can pull previously typed reports to use as samples or even copy - like the PE portions into your current report. Make sure this feature is enabled or you are just setting yourself up for huge disappointment.
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
I can make these lines and my QA is very high
otherwise I would not have a job but and underline that, it also depends on your platform. I in the past always got over 2000 lines straight typing at 2 different hospitals. When outsourced took another job and my count was about 1200-1300 per day. I had NEVER done so little, never. I got back with my old job where I do both VR and straight and I do high but the QA has to be high is expected to be 98 and if below, there is a problem.
Me, too. Can't make money if you can't put lines on the page. nm
Their pay is way low and you work like a dog to make minimum lines.
Much easier to make lines, but the pay sucks
When it comes to gross lines, font does make--sm
a difference, as well as the margins. I was doing gross lines at 0.675 cpl with courier new 12 font with 1 inch margins side to side and 2 inches at the top. I grossed almost 50k this past year, so to me, gross lines are much better. we recently had a management change and are now doing 65 cpl at 0.09 cpl. I figured that would be about 500 a month less and 6000 a year less. that is a big difference, to me, anyway and I am not happy about it, either. This is just to give you some idea of what gross line pay is like. good luck to you.
Geez. I do about 2800 lines a day and make right at $60K.
What in the world is your line rate? Do you get incentive?

Wow! I do 1600 lines daily and make only 9.5 cpl as employee-
SE is that without benefits.

What MQ office do you work for? Are they hiring.
So glad I didn't bust my a^^ to make the 10,000 lines!!!!!!!!!

their employees ANYTHING?

MQ acts like we are the ENEMY instead of the people that generate the

junk for their ungawdly profits.

Does anyone have to use size 10 font? Does it take you longer to make your lines? nm
When all else fails, and you've gotta make those lines,
Let's face it. We ALL do it.
Read between the lines. When a company starts saying work more to make more
and you have to work in assembly-line fashion like an automaton, they are having a cash crunch.  They held out one salary to you to get you to do the job, then they turn around and cut your pay because you make too much.  They don't sound financially stable.  If you've only been on the job 2 months, start looking elsewhere for a more financially stable company.   Send out your resume and see what other companies have to offer and check out references for those companies.  I and a friend in the past have gone part-time with a new company before resigning from the old one in order to make sure the new company is going to be compatible with us. It's hard to do, but it's short-term for only 1 or 2 weeks.   
I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.
what size package do you have? i have basic and i couldn't make good lines due to speed. nm
It's not complicated at all....
Down here in Mobile Alabama, we make Princess cake all the time. All ya do is go to Winn Dixie or Piggly Wigly and get an angel food cake. Bring it home, upwrap it, set it on a plate, and get one of those plastic tiaras you get at you local dollar store for 25 cents and set it atop.  Viola!  You got real, live, princess cake! 
It is a bit complicated. sm
They pulled my pay from me---lowered it to their beginning level and I just feel that is why they are trying to get rid of me.  So why don't they just fire me?  They took away one particular job type, which is something I do for another company all day long.  So it was a bogus reason.  Truthfully I think they are trying to cut corners money-wise but I sit and wonder sometimes if they want me to quit.  Just don't know but thanks for the information.
7 cpl gross and counts blank lines, IC status-- make a ton of money because it's easy work...nm
Do you know the song, Complicated?
Hope this works ----
Both are complicated and have their own languaged. sm
If you are good MT and have reference materials, neither are very difficult.
It's actually a very complicated question. sm
Most places I have been an employee, they expect you to work the full time, whatever it is. Since you are usually not hourly, the only benefit to working extra lines above required is the extra money you make. I think some places have tiers that raise your line rate or give a bonus for above a certain amount. For myself, I have found that if I must work 8 hours, I have to slow down because I wear out. I actually produce as much in 6 as I do in 8.

Does anyone else have another explanation?
If when you say "less complicated" you mean easier...
YES, if the pregnancy or delivery was complicated...nm