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So glad I didn't bust my a^^ to make the 10,000 lines!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Freaks. Why can't they let on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: When is MQ getting rid of the quarterly bonuses? SM - IN MT

their employees ANYTHING?

MQ acts like we are the ENEMY instead of the people that generate the

junk for their ungawdly profits.

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Be glad they didn't ding you for padding your lines.
Glad I am not the only one who didn't get it.
I am glad you didn't leave us because I like you
I haven't seen your ugly side.....yet. Sure hope you stick around because it wouldn't be fair to have anyone chase you away. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Good for U for not leaving (applause).
I'm glad you didn't do those things. I, for one, was just SM

trying to keep you from doing something so unbusinesslike that it might prevent you from getting a position somewhere else. I have many, many years' experience in all facets of medical transcription, MTSO, employee, IC, head of the department in a large hospital. You name it.

Bottom line is that your thinking was wrong. It may be your business to keep a roof over your family's head and food on the table, but it's not the doctor's responsibility and he shouldn't even know your name. His business is with the MTSO. To go around her and whine to her clients would be a very bad misstep for you.

It is MTSO's business to keep her roof and her food. She does that by meeting TAT and doing it without excuses. That's her job.

Thanks--glad I didn't miss anything! nm
Along these lines, I have another experience you will all be glad to hear...sm
I personally know of a large company that had always maintained they would not outsource but then felt forced to give it a try. It lasted one month, and they quit doing it because of the extremely poor quality of work being returned to them. You must understand that this is a company that is really needing people, as most of the larger ones are, and even in their highly motivated frame of mind to do something to fill their need for help they made the decision in one month that outsourching was not going to work. This should serve as a good reminder to all of us of the importance of exerting ourselves in terms of achieving and maintaining high accuracy. Being thoroughly familiar with the rules regarding grammar and punctuation in addition to the medical content we need to be familiar with may be a "gag-me" experience for some, but it's important that we stay on top of it. It's what separates those who do this work from those who wish they could.
I never even signed up for MQ imail. Glad I didn't
Now, back to work. :)
Glad I could make your day, then.

Home Depot or bust
well, you expressed my sentiments exactly. I just hate to see those ads that are pulling in people to take transcription classes by saying that they will be makings lots of money -- not these days!! I do the same as you do -- tell anyone who asks my opinion about becoming a MT that it's not worth the time and money and very stressful.
I think the night was kind of a bust.
I always enjoy Elliott. He makes my hair stand on end with that smooth voice. I can't wait for that Kellie to go home, but it won't be tonight. I thought Taylor seemed nervous for the first time. Out of his element. Mandisa could have picked a better song, but it was country, so what can you do? Kenny Rogers, wow, he's a trip.
I'm glad you don't make out my checks! It's
$12.00 a day, $1.50 an hour. 
He's cheap to make you drive. Be glad you are
rid of him but take him to the cleaners with the discrimination issue.
I'm glad that you were able to make a final decision...
and am sorry for your current living situation. It must be very difficult to be going through having your husband in assisted living. I sought an in-house position thinking it would alleviate my loneliness and help me to make new friends/colleagues. I was only in the office for about three weeks, had brought in donuts, bought soft-drinks, etc. just trying to fit in. My initial excitement didn't last long. The two girls in the office would take breaks and order lunch without even asking me. Maybe being home so long has made me naive or hypersensitive, but my feelings were hurt nonetheless. I heard them make remarks about how "chatty" I was. I was just excited to be around people again. After a short period of being around them, I questioned what I possibly missed.

Maybe you could get involved in a local church (if you haven't already). This has been my main source of outside interaction and support.

I wish you the best on your decision. I've been there and know how you feel. Please feel free to email me anytime you'd like to chat, give an update, or even vent a little. :)
Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, NC beaches and even mountains make great vacations.
and then everybody goes home to work in Charlotte or Raleigh. This beach I went to is only a 2-hour drive from Raleigh.
I didn't want to make anyone sad! Like I said, sm
It is not everyday that I can do this. I have bad days too! I am fortunate right now, but I also remember, good things don't always last forever. I will take advantage of it while I have it.
I can make these lines and my QA is very high
otherwise I would not have a job but and underline that, it also depends on your platform. I in the past always got over 2000 lines straight typing at 2 different hospitals. When outsourced took another job and my count was about 1200-1300 per day. I had NEVER done so little, never. I got back with my old job where I do both VR and straight and I do high but the QA has to be high is expected to be 98 and if below, there is a problem.
She didn't MAKE anything SOUND like anything.

Your perception is warped.  YOU chose to interpret it in a different way than she intended.  That's your comprehension level, not her playing cards.  My goodness!  It must be lonely up there on your pedestal telling everyone how perfect you are.  Oh, you never made a mistake.  You made all the "right" decisions.  Blah, blah, blah.  You must be really unhappy and bitter if that's all you can do is tell everyone how great you and your life are.  What's the matter?  Husband cheating on you?  Erectile dysfunction?  Evidently, something is terribly wrong in your life, or you wouldn't be here preaching and condemning other people.  You would be out living your perfect life with your perfect husband and lack of kids.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of your crap showing up on these boards all the time.  I don't care if I get banned for telling it like it is.  It's worth it to not have to listen to you.  If we parents and single mothers bother you so much, why don't you find the dried up, bitter, old crone boards to hang out on?

and, i didn't make THAT much money nm
Sorry, that didn't make sense! I mean
I put yo in the abreviated and replace with year-old. So then when I type 15-yo, it replaces yo with year-old and is perfect!
What didn't make sense to me is the first
woman was shaking in fear, yet this bomb is supposed to be so delicate that anything will set it off. You see her arm shaking. Then she pulls her hand out, and what? the other woman happened to put her hand in there and is now clasping the bomb! and shaking.

I didn't last til the end. It just disgusted me too much. Kudos to you for hanging in there. It's good when you've got a show you really like and look forward to every week, so if that's yours, more power to ya! :)
If he didn't tell her to make the macros
?????  I think this is just someone trying to "get back at a doctor".  I don't see the harm in giving them to him with a line rate charge.  But maybe I just live by karma and not using "revenge" tactics.  I believe if you are giving, then you will receive.  I am not saying offer them for free. I think I would charge a line rate just for going through the trouble of printing them.  I do believe that when a doctor dictates normals, they do belong to him and not the transcriptionist.  The Transcriptionist transcribes them.  He/she is not the "author".  It happens every day when work is outsourced.  The samples are handed right over to the outsourcing company with no charge.  The hospital/physician does not charge the outsource company for handing over the samples.  What if everytime we needed a sample to guide us, we were charged for that?  It is the same argument here.  The company I work for gladly hands over samples/templates to make my job easier, and they do not charge me for that.  JMO.  Maybe I'm just a realist.  I say be a better person and give the man the macros with a line charge assessed if that makes it more fair.  Is anyone seeing my point here?  There is something underlying in the "don't give them your macros", and I just think it is more like a way to get revenge because of the hurt feelings in the way that he may not need the typist once these are given.  I'm sure he's not looking for "the patient, follow-up, etc.".  He probably wants "normal" paragraphs that he has dictated as part of a report.  The typist is not the author of that, the doctor is.  JMO. 
Me, too. Can't make money if you can't put lines on the page. nm
Their pay is way low and you work like a dog to make minimum lines.
Much easier to make lines, but the pay sucks
When it comes to gross lines, font does make--sm
a difference, as well as the margins. I was doing gross lines at 0.675 cpl with courier new 12 font with 1 inch margins side to side and 2 inches at the top. I grossed almost 50k this past year, so to me, gross lines are much better. we recently had a management change and are now doing 65 cpl at 0.09 cpl. I figured that would be about 500 a month less and 6000 a year less. that is a big difference, to me, anyway and I am not happy about it, either. This is just to give you some idea of what gross line pay is like. good luck to you.
Geez. I do about 2800 lines a day and make right at $60K.
What in the world is your line rate? Do you get incentive?

Didn't make much money. Worth it to go on?

I'm thinking of getting back into MT again after doing something else for 5 years.  I'm just afraid it's going to turn out like last time and seem like the money wasn't worth it.  I worked for a national for 30 hours a week and my take home pay averaged $800 for a month.  This was based on getting only 6 cpl back then. 

Is anybody else coming in this low?  Did I pick the wrong company?  I could only average 125 lph.   I don't want to make the same mistake.  It just seems like luck of the draw as to what company to try to go with, especially with the IC vs. employee status.  I was an employee before.

I'd like some honest feedback of what is considered "low" income.  I know it varies a lot based on many factors!!!

I didn't post that but if I had to make a guess...

I would guess the poster meant that newbies always feel they have a high accuracy. 

Don't be offended....if that is what was meant.

Ask your QA or supervisor where you stand.  At least you care !!! 

Didn't make me cry but wasn't a breeze.
I studied when I could. After 30 years I think you'll pass.  Please let us know how you do and good luck!
Wow! I do 1600 lines daily and make only 9.5 cpl as employee-
SE is that without benefits.

What MQ office do you work for? Are they hiring.
Does anyone have to use size 10 font? Does it take you longer to make your lines? nm
When all else fails, and you've gotta make those lines,
Let's face it. We ALL do it.
I didn't make the statement that PCs can be bought in bulk
cheap to justify stealing.  I don't believe in stealing.  My mother actually trained me right.  I was just responding to the fact that the original poster thought PCs were so expensive, and she made it sound as if every MT was nothing more than a thief.  Sorry, but if I can buy a new PC with a printer for $349, imagine what a huge corporation can get 1,000 of those computers for.  They get price breaks.  And no, it does not justify stealing.  I think anyone who steals is pathetic.  Nobody has the right to take anyone else's belongings.  By the same token, I don't believe there are that many MTs stealing brand new computers and getting away with it.  I certainly never stole anything from an employer.
Yes, but didn't your line count double to make up for it? SM
I love EditScript. My only problem is that--reportedly--the profit margin for the MTSO can be very low, encouraging them to send it offshore. Does anyone else have information on this?
If MTs didn't make mistakes or leave blanks,
Cherrypicking didn't make our line rates less -
the lower line rates are what started people c-pickingin the first place, so they could make enough each week to live on. Back when I was paid by the hour (and lots more than I'm getting now per hour, I did whatever came along. But I'm sorry, I'm not gonna GIVE an employer a chunk of my change for the 'privilege' of doing a 40-minute report by a gum-chewing ESL with static on the line, partying nurses, or crying babies in the background, that I just plain can't understand, when I have the option to choose something that is at least transcribe-able.
Read between the lines. When a company starts saying work more to make more
and you have to work in assembly-line fashion like an automaton, they are having a cash crunch.  They held out one salary to you to get you to do the job, then they turn around and cut your pay because you make too much.  They don't sound financially stable.  If you've only been on the job 2 months, start looking elsewhere for a more financially stable company.   Send out your resume and see what other companies have to offer and check out references for those companies.  I and a friend in the past have gone part-time with a new company before resigning from the old one in order to make sure the new company is going to be compatible with us. It's hard to do, but it's short-term for only 1 or 2 weeks.   
Is ExText user friendly? Can you make good lines?

I will be using a foot pedal - ? Transnet.

I'm using Meditech Magic now and I can't imagine anything being worse. 

No offense, but your post didn't make any sense whatsoever.
Maybe you didn't explain it right, but I read and re-read and don't understand a thing you just said.
Is the em dat (?) program user friendly - can you make lines - complicated to learn?nm


QA didn't make the rules or change the rule. We have to learn 'em - SM
and re-learn 'em same as you.  We just have to take the heat from MTs when we do our jobs and enforce the rules.
Two of the best companies I've worked for didn't make me test. Makes you wonder if...sm
these MTSOs that mandate so many "tests" aren't just trying to see how many actual reports they can get transcribed for free. I could understand maybe a written test and one very in-depth transcription test, but 6 is utterly ridiculous. I would have definitely passed on that too and then told the MTSO exactly why.
I'm sorry I didnít make myself clear. As an employee I can only work 40 hours per week (sm)
Overtime has to be approved by manager. I have always been an SE and could work as many hours as I wanted to, such as when I had a day of bad dictators I could work until I got my daily line count. Just wondering if all states had this law. I am working in CA.
I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.
what size package do you have? i have basic and i couldn't make good lines due to speed. nm
7 cpl gross and counts blank lines, IC status-- make a ton of money because it's easy work...nm
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Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.
That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
Glad I could help and glad you got your setup going. nm