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It's cold here this morning!!! I had to turn on my office heater for the first time this year.

Posted By: WNYmt on 2005-09-28
In Reply to:

Winter's coming and it's supposed to be incredibly cold the next couple days.  YUCK  And, with the gas prices the way they are I guess I'll have to suffer with it a little colder this year.

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I turn into a prune when I have a space heater in my office, all that dry air dehydrating me!

Last year I purchased a Lasko 30" tall digital ceramic pedestal heater with remote for under (sm)
$80.00 at Home Depot.  Features include: Automatic temperature control, oscillate, timer, and high (1500W) and low (900W) power settings.  Assembling the base took less than 5 minutes. Kept me very warm last winter, and plan on purchasing another one for my upstairs. Cut down on my gas heating bill significantly. Great buy.
I wear cotton socks all year, no matter how hot or cold. :) nm
a year. After I clean it good I turn it upside down on a towel for a day and then I position it
the heat/air conditioning register so it gets good and dry for about 2 days.  If you don't let it dry good it won't work very well.    I've been washing mine about 2 years.  
Turn-around-time...that's what you are looking for.
Yes, 3x TAT is good.
Turn-around Time (nm)
Turn around time

My husband had an evaluation on 5/8 with a referral to a radiologist for an epidural. I called this office today and was told that it usually takes up to 8 days for the referring doctor to send the consult and then several weeks to schedule the injection. My problem is that it takes up to 8 days to send the consult - the radiologist is in the same practice, a doorway away.

Does HIPPA regulate turn around time?

How a pain management doctor's office can delay the care of a patient who is in obvious pain is beyond me. Does this sound fair to you?

Thanks, Barb



BTW, I have a 24 hour turn around time sm
but often will get an e-mail asking for charts I typed and sent (always check my sent mail) up to 4 days earlier. Guess maybe they really do need that advisor.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
when an account goes out of turn around time, what does that cost

the company?  does the client not have to pay or is there a lowered price for being out of TAT?  the reason i ask is i am on an account that seems way out of TAT and it seems if they offer a bonus to get the account done, it would be better than being out of TAT and losing money on it.  anybody know how TAT affects the nationals financially and why when things are falling behind they don't offer bonuses to catch up.

thanks to anyone who may have any answers on this.


I keep it on 24/7 but turn off monitor when I'm away any length of time.

I actually do turn if off every week or 2 but very seldom.  I've been told it's much better for computer longevity to leave it on.  Hope that is correct!

She is scared about turn around time of her business. Prob nothing you can do other than what you d
She does understand, just frustrated and wanting to prob, poke, intimidate, make you feel bad. Just stay calm, when giving her choices just stay calm and say which would you want me to handle for you. Say, I can HELP YOU with thus and thus. She knowwwws just scared and just remain calm, stick to your "Calm Guns" and don't take personally. Say, I know you are worried, this is how I can help, which will it be (so to speak, she will soften and might end up apologizing a bit. Remain at least another month and see how pans out.
Lucky thing for me my MD is in the office tomorrow morning, so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

If it is strep, I'll have her give me a shot of penicillin.  That's what I usually do for strep.  My stomach can't hardly handle taking antibiotics.  I end up with vomiting and diarrhea which makes me feel even worse!

Thing is, I work for a hospital and we already have one girl off indefinitely for medical reasons.  A couple of ladies didn't log on until late today because we had thunderstorms in the area.  And we are way, WAY out of TAT for OPs and Discharges.  So, I feel kind of bad taking a sick day.  My supervisor is so stressed.  She's been begging us to work OT for the last couple of weeks.  How can I call her and tell her I'm sick?

I'm halfway through my shift anyway.  I'll be all right.  The Motrin is really helping and then I can take it easy all weekend.

Thanks for listening.

press Control and at the same time turn tthe wheel on your mouse..nm
3 office chairs in a year??? What are you doing? Aerobics in them??
I replied this morning and was deleted. I asked if you're spending a lot of extra time on the ex
work.  If so, I see no reason why you can't charge her by the hour for what you do.  It could me maybe $100 a week insted of every 2.  I do think that is a rip-off and you're being taken for your generosity. 
My hands get cold, and typing with cold muscles is like (sm)
running or other exercise when not warmed up. I wear thin, warm gloves with the fingertips cut out to keep my hands & knuckles warm. For muscle pains in the shoulders, neck, biceps, etc, try Flexall cream - I find it to be VERY effective. Also try slight changes in chair height, keyboard height and angle, and monitor height. I found if I enlarge the print on my screen, it keeps me from hunching forward to try to read it. (CTL + scroll up or down on mouse wheel to make print bigger or smaller. It will not affect the size of the finished product.) Frequent "mini-breaks" to do other chores: filing etc. if in an office, quick household task if working at home, also helps relieve repetitive stress. A few months ago I thought my typing days were numbered due to various pains & arthritis; now I can work pain-free for up to 11 hours in a day. Good luck! :)
Just turn it off and wait for the electricity to dissipate and then clean it and turn it back on. nm
Morning baby, morning adult. Kids born at 11:30AM (both) are night owls, however. Go figure! :) nm
Outsourcing topic on Good Morning America this morning....
They did test first time at doctor's office.
I think it's that time of year for most men right now.

Did you ever notice how they get crotchety in the spring and fall?  I think it's testosterone levels adjusting to the change in season or something.  LOL

My Mom called this morning to vent about a tiff she and my father had over something stupid.  My husband and I have been having the same theme of tiff lately, too.  It's all over silly little things.  I actually told my husband to make out a schedule of what he would like me to be doing and when all day long because he's been a little dictator lately.  He keeps interrupting my work for help with this or that or he can't find something.  Geez, nobody helps me with squat, and I find everything by myself.  Plus, I don't go to his work to bother him.  If he'd put his stuff away, he'd be able to find it again.  Instead, he blames me for running it through the washing machine when he left it out in the garage.  OK.  He's going to be sleeping in the garage if he doesn't knock it off.

I like this time of year best...sm
Cause like in NC, it doesn't get dark until between 8 and 9 at night. I love it...
You can also pay once a year at tax time

When you are an IC....all that means to the company is that they give you a 1099 Miscellaneous form instead of a W2.  You can pay your taxes quarterly but you can also do it all at once on April 15th.  Usually people who pay quarterly do so because they make a lot of money and they don't want to pay in a big chunk in April.  I'm an IC and I love it!  Hope that helps!

I was last year for the first time...
After 11 years as an MT, thought I'd try joining for a year. I decided not to rejoin for a few reasons.

The group health insurance is not available in all states; mine is one of them.

Although I get the same discount through employer for books, I'd hoped to try some online classes. Found that after spending 7-8 hours a day transcribing, my behind and eyeballs can't handle much more computer time. For the same reason, I didn't take advantage of the online forum and classes available.

I live too far from everything to participate in AHDI chapter meetings.

As an AHDI member, you get lots of lengthy emails in your inbox (too many and too long, I think), most of which are more about AHDI activities and not much help otherwise. You also get a couple publications, Plexus and For The Record. They seem geared more towards transcription service providers than MTs. The only thing I liked were 20 CMT Prep Q and A's in Plexus, hardly enough to justify the membership cost

In summary, if you're able to take advantage of their online helps, if you're an MTSO, medical records tech, a person who enjoys being active in group organizations and have a branch near you, membership might be useful.

LPN.glorified CNA..I'd not want to work in a podiatrist office if I went through the time to get

I'd be in my pool for the 2nd time this year.

I always have more work this time of year
I have my own office account and patients try to get in their yearly appointments before their yearly deductible is due in January again so my work always picks up this time of year. January is usually a little slow for me but it picks back up by February normally and stays quite consistent the rest of the time.
I am taking for second time in the last year
I took if for a while and was without insurance so had to stop for a bit. I am taking it again. I was previously on Paxil. My doctor said that Lexapro had way better withdrawal than Paxil. Paxil would "wig me out" if I missed a day. Lexapro has never done that and when I weaned myself off before I did not notice any major withdrawal symptoms. I also did not gain any significant weight and I am not skinny so believe me I did not want to gain any, lol. We are all different though, but that is my experience. Like I said, Paxil was way way worse on both.
MIL is cooking it- IN- I did it for the first time last year, also IN-
Wow, what a nice way to help others at this time of year. nm
Used it for the first time this year and very pleased. sm

We had a deduction we had no idea existed and would not have come across if we'd done it by pen and paper. We also received our refund very quickly, less than 2 weeks direct deposited. It did take a long time to go through the whole process, longer than expected, but we will definitely use it again next year.

I enjoy this time of year when
the time changes and we start having the long days.  Here in NC now it won't get dark until about 8:00, and on into the summer it will be closer to 9:00 before it gets completely dark outside.  I absolutely hate it in the winter when the time changes and it gets dark at 5:30.  It's depressing.  I wish the time could stay the same all year.
I used Turbo Tax last year for the first time sm
last year and loved it! Only had the tuition credit, though. Everything else was just plain old taxes. I think I'll have to go back to the accountant this year, though, because now we have a rental house to claim for 2006 and I'm not sure how to do those. We have had them before and all that depreciation, etc, would confuse me. Also, I'm an IC now so I guess our taxes will be a mess in the next year since I've only been an IC for about a month now. That won't show up until 2007 taxes are due.
This is a good time of year to buy.
There are usually good sales in the week before Christmas when retailers are hoping to improve their bottom line. Also, if you wait until January, you may find good bargains from those trying to move stock during a slow time. Personally, I like my Dell. I've had three of them now and really have not had any problems. You can now get them at Staples, too.
I started part-time in a doc's office while still in high school. sm
That was in 1984. My career just bloomed from there......
Sorry, that is not uncommon at this time of year. Post SM
office employees get greedy.
Full-time without OT. Made about 40K last year. nm
I feel your pain! This is the time of year sm
when I take advantage of my Netflix subscription, having movies delivered to my home. Also, there is PLENTY of great entertaining, informative stuff on the "cable" channels (I have a dish). I'm hooked on HGTV and DIY. The Food channel makes me way too hungry so I avoid that one. You can take a "mini vacation" just by watching the Travel Channel. Even the Weather Channel has some interesting shows.
Anybody make less than $12,000/year, part time - sm
I know at just part time (minimum 25 hrs a week) I won't be pulling in a ton of $, but I thought it would be a little more than that.  Am I alone?
Any 62 year old should know by this time how to figure things out
I am older but I do not have to ask others how to get around money out of my husband's money to cover my expenses. Give me a f…ing break! All the time I have read these posts have never seen 1 person trying to be so underhanded. They are not glad to be able to make around $900- they were trying to do something against a company, IRS and anyone else she could. After all that time she comes back to rant some more and call us vipers. I am independent. Last year I sold property for $150,000. I did not pay all my independent taxes like I should but.... I had major expenses such as new computer, property upkeep on the one sold plus those taxes, my property taxes where I live and I made arrangements last year (hey, I was thinking ahead) and set up at least $46,000 in the bank JUST IN CASE I needed for the taxes this year. With all my expenses paid out, did my taxes and got back a little over $600. I did not retire, I did not flame others for what I should do, I used my head before time, not just running out and spending all and had a cushion in case I needed. I am woman, I am strong, I use my head for what it was intended. This is the way things should work, not retiring first, not having enough money, not trying to be sneaky about working and having others taking the credit and pay then paying me under the table, then trying to pull the wool over other's eyes!
Who in the heck spends time chitter chattering w/ office staff?
I deliver and it's not daily but every other day and I definitely do NOT disrupt workflow and I do not chitter chatter with the office staff. In fact, most times I go in at night when the staff is gone because I have a key. It's clear that your perception and reality are two completely different things.

Lifelong friendship -- that's a good one! Where in the world did you come up with the idea that MTs would want to be lifelong friends with the office staff?!? I work at home to avoid all that office politics crap and gossip. Why would I want to pop in daily to listen to that junk? LOL

Seriously -- I hope people don't actually take all your advice because you don't even address the important issues. You only want to try to make everyone feel smaller and less important than you feel you are.

Turn down such low low offers, turn industry around. sm
The way to figure is how many lines an hour do you do. There are 13 lines characters in a line (65 line length)
So say you TRY to average 4 pages an hour say 34 lines a page equal 139 lines, times your line rate.
139 X 4 cents a line = $5.56 an hour

and what if you don't do 4 pages even less.

MTing hourly hourly output is not very predictablel, so ya never know and predict what you can put out each hour.

If the MTs continue to accept, that is what the going rate will continue to be. Yes, Yes, it will. Just keep looking. Email for general lowest to highest line rate prior to testing and resume, just say it saves time on both sides and it DOES. Why waste time. Soon, the message will get out there.
Sedona, Arizona is awesome this time of year.

I'm 46 and I went back to school this year full time for a BSN...sm

I was worried about because, let's face it, my short term memory isn't what it used to be LOL. Plus the program is ONLY full time. They had 1000 applicants and picked the top 70 of us. If you didn't have a 3.5 GPA, you didn't get in. But I am doing really well in school - after I got past the shock of the first 6 weeks - tons of work- and I am at the top of my class. My husband, bless his heart, is doing all the cooking and we are basically kind of ignoring the dirt. My house will be clean again another day. I am finishing up my second semester, have 3 more semesters for a BSN, and then another 2.5 years to get my masters and be an advanced practice nurse. 41 is definitely not too old! You will have to work smart to save your back but it can be done. Also MT is starting a slow slide out...you would be smart to start your second career now while you still have a job... IMHO

good luck!




I made 21,000 last year working part time...
hoping when my youngest gets a bit older (she is 16 months) I can make a bit more...
Perfect time of year to get a foot in the door somewhere.
I feel for you....been there. Actually, I got my first break this time of year, doing p.r.n. work for offices that had MTs out on vacation. Get your phone book and start calling, see who might need you for a week at a time, a few months (maternity leave, sickness, etc.) You'd be surprised what it leads to. I sure wish you the best of luck with it.
generally this time of the year is slow for my hospital NM
Ok, maybe I should just stay in bed LOL How about "every morning" not everyone morning. Wow. C

Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
Working 2 full-time jobs (for a year now), and boy am I tired!!