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3 office chairs in a year??? What are you doing? Aerobics in them??

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-25
In Reply to: IC - Lynn


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Office Depot has chairs on display U can try before you buy. sm
Got mine there over 5 years ago, fully adjustable, I think it was $129, still good.
aerobics class 3x a week
gets me out of the house and mix with other people which helps, too.
aerobics? If I want to work up that kind of sweat I'll go

delve into the pile of laundry in the basement. :)

That way I don't have to deal with other sweaty people.  Eeeeuw.

It's cold here this morning!!! I had to turn on my office heater for the first time this year.
Winter's coming and it's supposed to be incredibly cold the next couple days.  YUCK  And, with the gas prices the way they are I guess I'll have to suffer with it a little colder this year.
Need opinions on Steelcase Leap Chair. Please. Thank you.


I would not reccomend sitting on a ball for the whole day. I know there has been a lot of hype around using exercise balls as seating but it actually causes stress on your back rather then creating "good posture". Also, it is not natural for the back to be in constant "good posture". The besy posture is to constantly re-position to create movement and comfort in the spinal cord.

Yes the Aeron chair is expensive but a great chair. I work at Herman Miller so I'm lucky enough to sit in one all day. You can get a base Aeron for around $600CAD. Not everyone needs all of the add on features which brings up the price.

I'm not a big fan of the foam and fabric chairs because they tend to trap dust, dirty easily and can smell over time. I also don't like that foam and fabric chairs don't breathe.

If any of you are looking for an Aeron or any other herman miller product, feel free to e-mail me and I can quote it out for you. shannon_fitzpatrick@hermanmiller.com

Take care,



Mesh chairs??
Was wondering about the new mesh chairs, has anyone tried one? Pillow doesn't help, have tried that. I've got some serious saddle sores from sitting all day.
Mesh chairs
Herman Miller Aeron Chair, wouldn't work without it, changed my working comfort completely, no sore butt and no back pain.
Comfortable Chairs?
Anyone have any ideas for comfortable chairs, affordable comfortable chairs? I've been looking for a good chair and can't seem to find one.
Suggestions for chairs?? sm

I'm trying to find a chair that is comfortable all day (and sometimes part of the night) long.  I know some of you here have had the same problem.  Suggestions, please??? 


Most comfortable chairs.

Okay.  So, I have gone through two chairs trying to find a truly comfortable one and I am just not having any luck.  I believe because I am constantly trying to adjust myself to get comfortable in my chair, it affects my productivity.  My rear end starts to hurt and my tailbone will get sore when I shift.   I am just so tired for the search for a comfy chair.  So, would you all mind sharing with me a fairly economical comfortable chair preference? 

Thank you so much,

Balls instead of chairs - Hahaha

Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone is tired of sitting in the same old chair everyday while they work.  I've seen this "tip" before but never bothered to try it until recently. 

I purchased one of those large inflatable exercise balls and use it instead of a chair.  It's a very refreshing change.  I did have to learn to balance a bit because in a chair you can move around, even when you're not aware of it, and the chair is stable but the ball isn't.  It also helps me keep better posture, is easier on the low back/sacrum, and I think it is helping my abdomen because you are working your abdominals and legs while sitting there. 

Anyway, it was worth a try for me.  I may not use it all the time but it is a great change. 

Base for the ball chairs
I actually bought my exercise ball/chair through ebay and it came with a base which has a small back support as well as wheels.  It works out great.
Herman Miller chairs
Thanks for your advice. Both replies to my email suggested this chair, and one of my neighbors did, as well. I guess I'll have to see if the neighbor will let me come over and sit in it for a while, so I can be sure. I can't afford ANY chair right now (now 'til my production improves, as all my accounts are new to me right now), but I figured in the meantime I'd start shopping around so I'd know what I want someday when I DO have some money.
great comfy chairs
Hi!  There are office chairs by Herman Miller that offer great comfortable chairs designed for people that sit most of the day.  They are expensive starting from $500 and up.  I got the middle of the line and I have to tell you that I don't mind sitting now and worth every penny.  I still take my breaks but this chair is like heaven.  they flex with the movement of the person.  you can also go to cns.com for a full description and ordering.  you would not regret it!
Back pain and chairs.
Go for the pillows. I tried to splurge a while ago and get a new chair, took it back and got a new pillow. I use a thin pillow for my bottom and a nice orthopedic pillow for my back. I'm tempted to try the keyboard on my lap like I've seen suggested here but my husband just brought me a new keyboard tray from a teardown job he was doing that sells for almost 200.00. I think he'd be hurt if I didn't try it.
I get to take 2 Herman Miller chairs to try!
No one in my neck of the woods sells these things, except for a place 200+ miles away.  This business supply place, however, regularly makes trips out my way to set up office furniture and said they have demo chairs they would be happy to let me test out for 2 weeks at no charge!  So, I have an Aeron and Mirra Chair here in my little office and I'll be putting in a full week's work on each one!  So, if you have wanted to try one of these chairs but not pay for it before making a decision, I HIGHLY recommend just asking if you can test drive a demo one for a week or two.  I honesly had no idea they did such a thing so I just thought I'd share the fact that it is possible! 
Aeron, Mira, Celle Chairs - Anyone Have One? (sm)
Does anyone use an Aeron, Celle, or Mira chair by Herman Miller and are they worth the price?  Many thanks for any info.
Can we talk about headphones/keyboards/chairs
and other ergonomic products that help you all do your job more productively and comfortably?  


I still use the basic headset MQ supplies; however, I'm wondering if there is something better, not too expensive, that produces a bit better sound and a bit more comfort.  I'm thinking it might help out with some of the not-so-great sounding dictation and/or ESL dictators.  What type of headset do you use and why?


What keyboards do you all use and how do you like them?   I have a Microsoft Natural Ergo and I use a slight reverse tilt.  I find that angle feels a bit better on the wrists. 


Does anyone have one of those desks that you can raise/lower?  Sometimes the ol' bum goes to sleep and I'm thinking standing up at times would help. 


What about foot pedals/foot rests?  I actually have 2 foot pedals so I can switch legs quick w/o reaching down and dragging the foot pedal back and forth. 


Thanks for any and all of your opinions! 

Know of any good chairs for back pain?
I have been using a $20 task chair from Wal-Mart for the past three years, I am sitting her now six months pregnant about ready to die from upper and lower back pain.  Anyone have suggestions for a good quality chair they like, right now money is not an option,  I would pay big $$$ for just a little relief. 
Herman Miller Aeron Chairs
As a side note, for the tailbone pain, I bought a coccyx cushion and I don't have the pain whatsoever anymore. It's wonderful.
mesh chairs.....you need to email or find Hayseed.
She test sat 2 chairs from Herman Miller in the last couple of weeks or so. she would be the one who could give you the skinny on them.
I've owned cheaper chairs and learned the hard way.

The old saying that you get what you pay for is true when it comes to these cheap chairs! My back always hurt and I was having to buy a new chair at least yearly. You do the math; I've already had the $1000 chair five years and I quit having the backaches five years ago. This chair is no where close to wearing out and will last me at least another five years, probably more. So, if you think that spending $200 every year on a cheap chair is worth it, you go right ahead; I didn't hear anything but thanks for the OP for my suggestion.

Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have
things gotten better or worse for you.
Yes, I lost mine. I upgraded the Office 2000 package to Office 2003. sm
I have over 2000 autocorrect entries and lost them all as well as my supplemental dictionary for my Stedman's spellcheck. Lots of grief!

Maybe you will be lucky and not lose anything. Good luck to you.
Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
After years of sitting in "cheap" chairs, I bought an Aeron chair and it was worth it!!
Office politics. That is why I enjoy working at home. In the office,
people are in other people business. Just mind your own business.
Can anyone suggest an office in MQ that is not run like this Amherst office. They are absolutely
pathetic. I wonder how many other MTs are in that office in the same situation.
Just DQS from my office was transferred and the rest are getting on DQS before the office closes.
Pay kids work around office, renovate office.
Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.
Union diesil mechanic - good pay, great benefits. We swap year to year on who brings home more sm
money.....but I am an IC and he has all the benefits...health insurance/dental that the company pays for, pension plan, 401k, etc.  Factor all of that in and he makes way more than I do.
Office 2003 so far, but going to Office 2007 as soon as I can. nm
to cowgirl - Last I knew, last year the job paid $25,000/year no taxes, etc.
The hospital was bombed about a year ago, but not a lot of damage, very minimal damage.
44-year-old WF, M, Texas, 3 grown kids, just had 26 year wedding anv.
nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
Nothing this year. We ALWAYS got a cool surprise in the past, but this year nothing. :-( nm
After I went to a 1-year MT course at a vocational school, it was so bad that I did the 2-year colle
Not only did I finally receive the proper training, but the woman on the advisory board hired and mentored me. I also joined the local AAMT and networked. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. A community college will have a good program to include medical language, MT courses taught by local MTSOs, business English, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, etc.
Hayseed - What's the latest on the Mira and Aeron chairs? Did you get to try out the Aeron chair

The butterfly type back support?  Can't remember the exact name for it.  Do you think the chairs are worth the money?   Thanks.


I think he makes $700,000.00 a year, and if they ask him to walk before his first year MQ has...sm

to pay him a cool 1 million dollars.  You can check this out at the Medquist website.   I think the CFO makes $350,000 a year, and the head of IT makes $250.000 a year.

P.S.  This does not include the perks, like expense account, car allowance, sign-on bonus, etc. 

Our 16 year old son has been working for a year now to pay for his truck.
He's learning how to sand and do body work and how the engine and transmission go together. My parents didn't buy cars for my siblings and I either. I had a 20+ year old beater car until I could afford to move up to a a newer one.

I see all the nice new cars parked in the high school parking lot every day. It's nice that so many disrespectful punk kids get handed something nicer to drive than what all the teachers drive. Oh, well. Honestly, I think most of them borrow Mommy or Daddy's car or are the child of a doctor who can afford to hand them everything.

Hopefully, my kids will take better care of their cars because they bought and built them on their own. You're not going to grow up to be responsible if you don't work hard for something and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail you out all the time.

Oh, my Dad lectured us on even allowing our child to have a vehicle because Dad didn't have one until after he had worked his way through college, lettered on the football team, got straight As, lettered on the baseball team, yadda yadda. He either walked or hitched a ride. Yeah, well, times were different back then, Daddy-O. LOL At least my kid has the opportunity to work and earn his own car.
IC - 30 hours week, $98K last year. So far this year - 28K. sm
Individual IC - own account(s).
Not me, owed last year, and expect to owe this year- sm
or break even, had more expenses this year. Only owed $200 but still don't want to owe at all. Need to start doing estimated tax payments again so I don't owe! Guess I will get off my butt and do that this year.
30 day TAT in this office ... office politics at its best

I have kept in touch with an MT I worked with at the last in-house job (radiology).  This was inpatient radiology and also an outpatient radiology clinic the hospital operated.

One of the girls, a person who at one time folded towels but who was hired as a clerk, was just discovered to ahve not mailed out reports for 30 days.  These include both in house reports and outpatient reports.  They have been sitting on her desk because she "has not had time to do them." 

What do you make of this?   The lead MT is close to this girl (hence her being moved from housekeeper to clerk) and is trying to minimize the impact that not having the reports mailed to referring physicians' offices, as if it is a minor problem (how they found out about it is a doc's office called the MT's supervisor and asked why 30 days worth of reports were mailed to their office yesterday.

They were keeping it from the director of radiology.  I think this is BIG and that heads should roll for negligence.

What do you think?

at home vs office - i am in office
well, I really was referring to the MONSTER MANAGER that I have, who has her favorites here, and she assigns them the easy doctors who say the same thing over and over, you know.  I have to do something.  I am losing my SELF at this point, with no church and no family.  The stuff on here about running out of work, my lack of computer savvy, all  has me just frozen. MOre about in-office.  Do you have little habits like talking out loud to the dr?  Someone will complain about you.  Do you ever say a cussword?  Someone will complain.  Do you ever sigh?  Complaints.  About age - I was offered 2 trans. positoins in San Diego before I came here.  I had gone to a seminar about how to look for work over age 55, had revamped my resume and my "presenting" self, and it made all the difference.  Things are way different than they were evern 10 years ago, you will be judged by someone younger than you, but in this line of work they do appreciate experience and reliability.  And the computer doesn't care if you're pretty.  It's not your age unless you are sickly.  Don't give up!!  if that's what you want. 
come on.. you cannot compare a 2-year-old and a 15-year-old
46/F I have a 9-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.
Got $$$$ back last year but this year
I have to pay them, sold a property I never lived in but I had enough sense to set aside $45,000 so just waiting on them to send me my WT2s so I can get started.