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It is a GREAT company and great deal! I've had

Posted By: VonageGroupie! on 2006-06-04
In Reply to: Can someone explain how Vonage works? - See message

Vonage about 6 months now and I love it. The only mistake I made was trying to keep my original phone # - I wouldn't recommend that. You have a temp # for a while, and the other provider can fight for the old #, etc. Go to vonage. com. They have new features all the time! There is even a new soft phone that is a phone on your screen. You don't need a real phone when working - just headset. It has 800 #s you can have very inexpensively - great voice mail. You get emails when you have new messages, etc. I only wish I had used them a year ago! Nothing but good things to say, and I complain about everything!

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Stay where you are - it is a great deal. sm
You may see other line rates posted here, but with little to no work and other variables. You have a great company - be happy and keep on transcribing!

Best of luck to you and keep it up!
I do ESLs a very great deal sm
The job I just dumped was about 80% ESLs. Some were barely accented at all, some were fairly accented and a little challenging the first couple of times, and then there were those that absolutely incomprehensible. Honestly, after about 2 months, many of the incomprehensibles moves to the a little bit challenging category. At the end, I had one I simple could not do, not yet, but I had only had about 6 of his reports. I had one where I did fairly well and he never complained about his reports. One who complained constantly and bitterly called the office to compliment a very long report that had been done to complete satisfaction. The cardiologist who had been the bane of my existence became extremely easy for me, and I don't know cardiology all that well.

What I am going to tell you is, no I don't think that those who cannot speak English properly should be allowed to practice. The question is, how does one set that standard? When comes to MT, I am convinced that some of us have "the ear" for ESLs and that many of us do not. Even amongst those with "the ear" certain accents are still very difficult. One might be able to do Spanish speakers and East Indians well, but have trouble with Asians. Even a good "ear" is not perfect and 100% flexible.

I also believe that more and more it will be ESLs that are physically transcribed and that many of the native English speakers will go to speech recognition. This means, if you stay in this business and refuse to edit SR (I am currently one of these, but I think that will change), ESLs will compromise most of the work one sees. On the other hand, if one has a very good "ear" all of this will be fine and I am quite sure that when that time comes, the line rates for transcribing ESLs will be out of sight, relatively speaking.

By the way, ask an Englishman what language an American speaks and he will tell you "American." I am not sure who said it, perhaps FDR...We (Americans and the English) are one people divided by a common language.
That explains a great deal. Thanks for the heads up.
I unsure what the rambling incoherence was due to, but that makes more sense than just her being off her meds or something.
Yes, this is true, the posters are given a great deal
of freedom of speech on this forum, expecially on the 'Politics Board'.

Hey, out of curiosity what kind did you get. I bought a E1505 laptop on there. Great Deal

I just bought a pair of Able Planet (Lynx) NC Headphones I'll give you a great deal on! SM
I did a ton of research and found that many preferred these headphones over the Bose. They were actually more expensive. I paid over $300.00 for these! The only reason I purchased these was because I could charge them on my Dell account. They really are awesome. I can't even hear myself type when I turn on the NC feature. They are comfortable, but after 18 years as an MT, I've just gotten used to the stethoscope style or earbuds.

If you'd like to contact me, I'll give you an offer you can't refuse!
You've all been a great help, as always... Thank you
Looks great...I've never been there though.
Maybe I can check it out :-)
Great company
Go for it. They are a great company to work for. Great benefits, wonderful people, flexible, plenty of work, direct deposit.
Great Company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I currently work for this company, and I can honestly say that this is the first MT job that I have ever looked forward to doing every day. The work is great, the pay is great, and the boss is great. I don't have to share "pool" work with a bunch of night-feeding sharks that eat it all up before the sun rises, I don't have to punch a time clock, and my paycheck comes precisely when it is supposed to. I have answers to my questions whenever I need them, as well as encouragement. I would say to those of you who are complaining about, but have never worked for, this company and it's owner, maybe you should find something more productive to do with your time.
Thanks to all of your responses. You've been a great help!
I'm asking myself: How can it be that I've never ran through your site before? It's a great
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That's bull; I've seen great MTs take a hit
Particularly with dishonest MTSO, which is why I don't work for him anymore!
You've got great production! :) nm
Saw him on CMT show with John Fogarty. Great, great singer with a neat personality and drop dead
gorgeous without seeming to know it. 
MDI is a great company. (See inside)
First off, Liz was not "promoted", she is the prior owner of the company.

Jason was fired.

We have very low turnover in team leaders, and the last time it was posted was around March of this year.

Good points about the backlogs, I will make sure that Deb & Terri send out the list of accounts that are out of TAT
Oracle is a great company.
Your own schedule, their platform is easy once you understand it, they don't bug you all the time, friendly staff, good techs who are very helpful, and it sounds like they fit you to an account that you feel comfortable with. WHAT more could you ask? Okay, if you want your equipment supplied and want bennies, then you'll have to take the stricter scheduling and go with another. But for me, Oracle is the only answer.
Great company to work for!

Maybe I just work for a great company
but where I work they provide the people at home computers and they pay for the DSL, and if they are required to come in to the office during one of their shifts (we do work shifts) then they are paid for travel time to and from. I don't think those things are unreasonable to ask for. A few of us work in house here because we choose to, but most of the MTs are at home.
That is where I work and yes, they are a great company...
I have plenty of work (sometimes too much but I would rather have too much than not enough), have never run out of work in 2 years and have great team leads...in my opinion, they are the best company out there, at least for me..
great company for equipment
If you need headsets, foot pedals, or other transcription equipment, give C.H.A.R.T.S. a try. They have always been super good to deal with and fast. I called yesterday morning, they helped me figure out which generic foot pedal I needed, and it arrived this morning, and I did not pay a huge amount for overnight ship, just a regular cheap drop ship price. I just love this place!


Great post. I swear by both Advantage and Frontline Plus-- both work great! - sm
I don't know about "natural" approaches for the house. I have always used flea bombs in the past before the miracle of Advantage and Frontline changed my life. Have not had a flea problem at all since I began using those products about 10 years ago, dose all the dogs religiously once a month with the Frontline Plus except in Dec.-Feb. to save a few bucks and because the ground is generally frozen by then and no fleas are scurring about. -- Hope you get flea free soon.
Great idea...I've often thought of doing some...

thing similar.  After all, AAMT was started by individuals with an idea.  Unfortunately the original, most likely that *good* idea has been long lost.

So, form a new organization.  Set up testing.  Issue a credential.  Actually represent the American MT.  What a concept. 

Just a thank you to all who answered this post. You've been a great help!!

yes they are very flexible. They are a great company to work for.
Best job I EVER had!
AccuSTAT in Wisconsin. Great company, IC only. nm
What a GREAT idea! Good for your company. nm
I just started with a great company that I had to purchase
Docshuttle and waveplayer.  I had contact with them throughout the period of waiting for the software to arrive, etc.   If you purchased the disk and not just the download, you can return it. 
AccuStat EMR/carolinas is a great company!!
AccuStat EMR/Carolinas is a great company!! I can give you names of over 30 MTs besides my own that get paid with no problems!! They do not pay if work is late or of por quality but that is told to us before we start. If you did not get paid, your work must have been bad!! They do pay and they do not lie. Amazing when people get so upset with a company for not being paid...is usually the MTs fault!! This blog doesn't show that though.
Review in great detail with the company first....
I've tried Vivarin and the 1st two days it worked great
But after that they put me to sleep like anesthesia. Go figure.
wrong....I've been there, believe me the stockpile of liquor is just as great as in the US
there are just no bars, and there are underground church services all over.  You learn to make your own wine.   Company I worked for had ministers and priests (called them teachers on their work permit), with full active services in a special house.  Believe me its nothing like you all think it is there.   Nothing.
It's great you've got a good system; I'm happy for you! nm
Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
There's a great company called Plantogen out of New Zealand.
I just want to add that I work for an AWESOME company with great staff and
(Actually, Company-Board isn't that great a place to look for jobs -
No mssg.
Thanks to all. Got some great feedback and ecouragement. This board is great.
My rant passed, ate a late lunch, now back to the trenches.
GREAT GREAT SHOW! I still think Ellen Pompeo
should have gotten the Emmy/Golden Globe whatever it was for the show. I like Sandra Ho, her character just needs more depth... Next week looks AWESOME!! Maybe there is still a chance for McDreamy!! First season DVD coming out with deleted scenes! Can't wait to get it & watch it!!
Sounds like he will do great then. Again, best wishes for great success!
That's great Patti. Thanks. Have a great time at the beach.
You should feel great as a transcriptionist if they think your work is that great!!!
It is not your fault they approached you. I think it would be a different storey if you were the one searching for the job to take away from a company. They obviously want to get rid of the company and if you didn't take the job they would probably ask someone else. You should enjoy the better position and not feel guilty!!
Great post -great job of wording your answer! (sm)
Original poster - I completely agree with this answer, especially the part about finding yourself and using all that you have learned intellectually and connecting that to something that you will also enjoy with your heart!! You have so many wonderful options for your future - much more than many of us.
IT - great program, great support system. nm
no i don't love being MT but it beats McDonalds. no i don't work for a great company.
no raises and constant shift in management. no i don't make more than enough money to just pay my bills but i have cut down on overhead of regular job outside of the home.

it's an okay job relatively speaking.
Agree! This company is great! Fast service. Big selection. Willing to help, too. nm
Great company but like everyone else they over hire. Haven't had work since before Christmas *sm
because it is a slow time and I refuse to get up at 4:00 a.m. to beat someone else to it.  I am in the process of obtaining a second and third account and am going to start looking out for myself from now on.  I now understand why there is such a turnaround with MTs and companies - seems like the companies overhire and then the MT has to look elsewhere - they work at the new company for awhile until they find that they have now over hired and then they look elsewhere.   I have been with MDI for a few years and I plan to stay there but I am going to take on another job or even two so I do not sit idle when times are slow. 
Wow. We've all heard it takes about 5 positive comments to overcome 1 neg. Great example. We ne
I know of a company who is restarting up their mentoring program for newly-graduated MTs. A GREAT
company to work for - I think they are independent contractor status, though not sure about their mentoring program status. At any rate, they are willing to take new grads and help them transition into actually working! The women who owns the company is truly wonderful.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, though I don't at the moment.  The company is Accu-Stat in Wisconsin! Keep that name somewhere on a sticky or something! Really great people, and she did mention that she really wants to restart this program she used to have for newbies!  Blessings to you and good luck! Have fun! Cause it sure can be fun, while having to work, which, of course, is not fun in and of itself, huh?? Oh, to be independently wealthy.  Congrats on your new baby, by the way!!  And that's SO great that your Mom is there for you! You have a good example to follow!
Thanks for all the great advice! You guys are great!