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It's great you've got a good system; I'm happy for you! nm

Posted By: You've given me hope. on 2006-05-28
In Reply to: No, just using shortcuts - sm


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IT - great program, great support system. nm
I second the above, great system!
Agree this system is great to use with any expander.
That is great for you.. happy for u too!

However, I have 3 small children at home and I don't work very many  hours.  I only work about 5 hours a day 4 days a week.  I need to be there to raise my kids.  My goal is to make a lot more once they are all in school all day. 

Point is though, I didnt go to school!

It is a GREAT company and great deal! I've had
Vonage about 6 months now and I love it. The only mistake I made was trying to keep my original phone # - I wouldn't recommend that. You have a temp # for a while, and the other provider can fight for the old #, etc. Go to vonage. com. They have new features all the time! There is even a new soft phone that is a phone on your screen. You don't need a real phone when working - just headset. It has 800 #s you can have very inexpensively - great voice mail. You get emails when you have new messages, etc. I only wish I had used them a year ago! Nothing but good things to say, and I complain about everything!
Great answer. Happy
Super! Great news! Happy MT Day to you, too!
That's great news! What a happy ending for them.
I've been there nearly 2 years and still happy. sm

What did you want to know?  Pay is okay, accounts are good, people are good. 

I've purchased one laptop and one desktop system used/refurbished, sm
...both from that place I mentioned, and you wouldn't know them from used. I used the laptop happily for many years (still have it, though it's quite out of date now), and the PC is going on it's 2nd year with no problems. You do have to be careful when buying used, but if you're dealing with a reputable site that has a good rep, it's usually not a problem at all and the savings can be tremendous.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all MTStars members! Have a great day!
I've been to Disney World and not everyone is happy.
minimum wage without benefits.  They have layoffs all the time.  It's not a happy place to work.
It's nice to hear of a happy ending! Great of MT Stars! nm
I'm not happy with my current position, but I've interviewed
tested and me offered positions with at least 12 other companies and none of them have anything better to offer, all less money, all set schedules, etc.  Read the job boards and see what is out there and if you want to test the waters take on a PT IC position - of you can test and interview with multiple companies without making a committment. 
Not me - I'm as happy as I've ever been. Plenty of work, more than I can do - I am so lucky. n
Also need good medical spell checker, new system here
because IT person this morning could not install Stedman's and when we contacted the company also told our company using the old version and did not go with my new computer. Anyone help.........
Good! I am happy for you then!
See ya later! More work for me! I am sure I will see you on here again complaining about the next company you get hired with. I can't wait for that! I will look forward to it.
God is good. I'm very happy for you.
This sounds great.
Happy to help. Good luck to you. :) NM
Good for you!. That lady must be happy at Wal-Mart (sm)
Hmmmm...I have thought the same thing, transcription hasn't been that great lately.  What a relief it would be to just put the computer in the closet.
Happy for you that you found the good stuff...sm

Happy that you found a better man than the first husband.  I, too, was married to a controlling (though he didn't get far with me in that regard because I cannot be *controlled* and since I'm a teenager) french frog whom I divorced 15+ years ago for my SANITY.  My sanity became an issue and I became my own Hero........and have been V_E_R_Y happy DAILY without him.  *L*

I will never marry again....fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me.  I believe marriage is NOT normal...but hey, that's just me.....I believe marriage is an institution and I do not need to be institutionalized.  

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Happy Easter!
That is such good news, I am sooooo happy for you and Tom Kitty
very good All Stars 7 I thought - happy Boogie

You've all been a great help, as always... Thank you
Looks great...I've never been there though.
Maybe I can check it out :-)
LOL! Well, good! I've done ONE good thing today, then. NM
Thanks to all of your responses. You've been a great help!
I'm asking myself: How can it be that I've never ran through your site before? It's a great
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That's bull; I've seen great MTs take a hit
Particularly with dishonest MTSO, which is why I don't work for him anymore!
You've got great production! :) nm
Great idea...I've often thought of doing some...

thing similar.  After all, AAMT was started by individuals with an idea.  Unfortunately the original, most likely that *good* idea has been long lost.

So, form a new organization.  Set up testing.  Issue a credential.  Actually represent the American MT.  What a concept. 

Just a thank you to all who answered this post. You've been a great help!!

I've tried Vivarin and the 1st two days it worked great
But after that they put me to sleep like anesthesia. Go figure.
wrong....I've been there, believe me the stockpile of liquor is just as great as in the US
there are just no bars, and there are underground church services all over.  You learn to make your own wine.   Company I worked for had ministers and priests (called them teachers on their work permit), with full active services in a special house.  Believe me its nothing like you all think it is there.   Nothing.
Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system
Wow. We've all heard it takes about 5 positive comments to overcome 1 neg. Great example. We ne
GREAT -- good for you.
That is the way to take it one step at a time.  You are doing great.  Good luck, hope it all turns out for you. 
Great for you! Good luck. nm
WOW...congrat. That is great, good to see somebody doing well for themselves. nm
My good old days were great..SM
worked full time for a local hospital from home, making 14 cpl, 1 month off a year to start, full health insurance, short-term, long-term disability, all equipment and phone lines supplied.  Those 2 years I made more $ than ever and haven't been able to reach that level since.  They outsourced.
Great post! Good to know : )
Good pay will = great MTs and plenty


Brother is good but HP is great as well!
That is GREAT news! Good for you!

That IS a rainbow after a storm now! 

I am truly happy for you and KUDOS to that hospital system for yanking those jobs out of the grips of the greedmonger MTSOs in India. 

I would apply myself if I didn't have to drive to Michigan!!

I hope all goes well with you.  Congratulations. 

Good for you...I've been there!
I was an IC for over 20 years. I was fortunate in one way, I lived in a small rural town with quite a scarcity of qualified MTs. Anyway, the third account I took on was a solo FP who told me upon receipt of his first bill (and having signed a contract agreeing to the rates) that he really couldn't justify paying that to someone "who isn't a professional." This is the same guy who sent me a ticked-off note because he didn't like the font I was using. Needless to say, I wished him the best of luck finding a replacement and I shut the door on that one quickly. Glad I did. I had to decide what my bottom line was and stick to it, and over the years it has only paid off to do that. Though I will admit it can feel scary to pull the plug on a paycheck!

Best of luck to you!
It sounds **great** ... Good luck! sm
They'll probably already have all the reference materials you need! My hospital did. I don't think it will take you a long time to get comfortable there. It sounds like a terrific gig!
What a GREAT idea! Good for your company. nm
It is great to hear good news!

Good for you!! It is so nice to hear a positive post.

I do not suppose you would care to share your new company?