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That's bull; I've seen great MTs take a hit

Posted By: on a crappy platform on 2007-02-25
In Reply to: and I disagree with your statement. It's all in the fingers. - Platforms, etc are just all excuses for being slow

Particularly with dishonest MTSO, which is why I don't work for him anymore!

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It is a GREAT company and great deal! I've had
Vonage about 6 months now and I love it. The only mistake I made was trying to keep my original phone # - I wouldn't recommend that. You have a temp # for a while, and the other provider can fight for the old #, etc. Go to vonage. com. They have new features all the time! There is even a new soft phone that is a phone on your screen. You don't need a real phone when working - just headset. It has 800 #s you can have very inexpensively - great voice mail. You get emails when you have new messages, etc. I only wish I had used them a year ago! Nothing but good things to say, and I complain about everything!
You've all been a great help, as always... Thank you
Looks great...I've never been there though.
Maybe I can check it out :-)
Thanks to all of your responses. You've been a great help!
I'm asking myself: How can it be that I've never ran through your site before? It's a great
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I'm asking myself: How can it be that I've never ran through your site before? It's a great
Some friends told me about this site, and now i'm glad they told me about it. right Girl will Do Chair without any questions , Cards will Opponents unconditionally to Steal Grass you should be very Astonishing , Mistery will Opponents unconditionally when Corner Expect Pair Make
You've got great production! :) nm
Great idea...I've often thought of doing some...

thing similar.  After all, AAMT was started by individuals with an idea.  Unfortunately the original, most likely that *good* idea has been long lost.

So, form a new organization.  Set up testing.  Issue a credential.  Actually represent the American MT.  What a concept. 

Just a thank you to all who answered this post. You've been a great help!!

I've tried Vivarin and the 1st two days it worked great
But after that they put me to sleep like anesthesia. Go figure.
wrong....I've been there, believe me the stockpile of liquor is just as great as in the US
there are just no bars, and there are underground church services all over.  You learn to make your own wine.   Company I worked for had ministers and priests (called them teachers on their work permit), with full active services in a special house.  Believe me its nothing like you all think it is there.   Nothing.
It's great you've got a good system; I'm happy for you! nm
Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
Wow. We've all heard it takes about 5 positive comments to overcome 1 neg. Great example. We ne
Bull is right!
He HAS taken enough bull...from people like you...and the liberal press, who are showing us just exactly what they want us to see, and not the good stories: the rescues, the miraculous survival stories, the reunions, the efforts of the volunteers...

I, too, have tears for the people who are suffering, but it could never have been foreseen that this tragedy was going to be so huge, not in enough time to evacuate those who had no transportation and are left behind. Some of whom are making their own and everyone else's situation worse and making their rescue so much more difficult with crime sprees - murder, rape, beatings, burglary. How is all of this Bush's fault?

Yes, it is painfully obvious that he has taken enough bull. This is not Bush's fault, and this person from a red state is still proud to be red. Bush is a good man, as well as a good leader.
That is bull....sm
I am a IC for a company, and I received a pay increase in January without even asking. You should get raises just like an employee. Like in my case I had to start at .065 cpl because I was a newbie. Well after proving myself for 5 months the owner emailed me and said you get a pay increase to .075 cpl. Because I was a good worker.
Is Red Bull safe? sm
Does anyone know exactly how it works chemically? Is it different than caffeine?
If you don't like Red Bull, there are a million others to try.
I guess you wouldn't want to get another dog after this, especially if the pit bull
owners are angry.  Have they apologized to you?  
Bull.... it's not about saving money?
States its not about saving money, its about providing service 24 hours.  There are plenty of people in other careers who work night shifts, why not MTs?  Train people at home!
Taurus the bull. Darn right!
Bull with a gentle forgiving side that is.
Pit bull dogs killed my lab
About 2 a.m. my husband let our two dogs outside to do their business. Our dogs have squeezed out under a spot under the fence before ane we have put big rocks, a pedestal, etc. in the hole and barricaded the gates, etc. My lab, Shadow, is 1.5 years old and 75 pounds. My mixed dog, Flash, is also around 60 pounds. They apparently got out and got separated. Flash found his way back to the front door and my husband woke me up and said Shadow was missing. We proceed to go through the neighborhood for two hours looking for Shadow. Eventually, we go out the back gate (it is very overgrown and wooded) and two pit bulls come up through the woods and attack Flash. My husband and I are throwing rocks everything we can get ahold of and my husband manages to get the dogs off of Flash.

Long horrific story short, Shadow was killed by these monsters and was found by my husband and a police officer in the woods not far from our back gate. Flash survived. These could have been someone's children. Animal control had been called three times this week on those dogs. We called the police and animal control and the dogs are to be picked up today. We live in the middle of a city and our dogs spend 90% of their time inside. These were our "children", as we do not have any children.

I just wanted to let you know about these types of "pets". Google "labrador" and Google "pit bull" and tell me which one you think is a better choice. These people breed these monsters and teach them to attack. It is a wonder that my husband or myself did not get attacked in the process. Please do not let your children around these animals. It is not safe.
Pit bull dogs killed my lab nm
*ADD is bull* ?? Read inside....sm

Top 10 Advantages of ADD in a High-Tech Career
Having ADD can be the competitive edge
Pete Quily (addcoach)    
I have Attention Deficit Disorder (which I find is more of a surplus of attention, really). I coach adults with ADD, have an ADD resource website with over 100 pages of information, an ADD blog, and lead the Vancouver Adult ADD support group. So, I'm fairly familiar with ADD. I've been using Mac computers for 20 years, sold them for seven, and have spent thousands of hours on the net. So, I'm fairly familiar with the high-tech world.

I've noticed many similarities between the two worlds.

I believe there are disproportionately many with ADD who work in high-tech. Approximately five percent of the population has ADD and 85 per cent of adults with ADD don't know they have it. It seems to me that ADD and high-tech are natural fits. The constant change in the high-tech world can be stressful and troubling for some people but is often stimulating and energizing for the ADD-er. A great source of Dopamine hits. Although there are no specific statistics, a number of other ADD experts I've talked with agree with my observation.

Many only see the problems associated with ADD, and many, especially men, avoid getting a diagnosis. This avoidance is attributable to ADD's portrayal as an almost totally pathological condition, which causes it to be viewed as just a weakness.

To give some perspective and to help those in the industry recognize and develop their ADD-related strengths as well as manage their ADD challenges, I thought I'd list some advantages of having ADD in the wired world.

I also hope this might help those who may be afraid of getting diagnosed and treated (medication, coaching, therapy etc.) for ADD because of those who condemn ADD as a moral failure with claims like "there's no such thing as ADD, turn off the TV, stop eating sugar, beat your kid more often, and twirl around 3 times and tap your heels and it will go away." ADD is an inherited neurobiological condition. Every medical and psychological association has stated this. As more people see the advantages of having ADD, they will actually be more inclined to seek diagnosis and treatment. Some wrongly believe ADD is negatively related to IQ or that all ADD-ers are slow learners or below average IQ. I have it and made the dean's honors list, and many PhDs have it. MENSA has an ADD special interest group with more than 300 members. It comes down to a difference in brain wiring, and in some fields, such as high-tech, marketing, media and the arts, entrepreneurship, etc., the unique wiring of the ADD brain is a competitive advantage.

Top Ten ADD Advantages in a Hi-Tech Career

1. The Ability to Hyperfocus

This means hours of full engagement and concentration on a task, IF you find it interesting. You can get into the zone and be totally immersed in what you're doing, while the outside world disappears. When I went on the net for the first time in 1993 at an Internet cafe, I got on the machine at 8 p.m. and around 4 a.m. decided it was time to go home.

2. Rapid-fire Mind

Your brain processes information at hyperspeed. You can do things in 30 minutes on a computer that might take other people hours. The downside is if you're stuck with old hardware and not enough RAM you'll be frustrated because it can't keep up with the speed of your brain.

3. Multitasking at Will

You're able to run 14 applications at a time and effortlessly switch among them without breaking into a sweat and are able to do several projects at a time with ease.

4. High Energy Level

You're able to keep going on a project. If it's interesting, an ADD-er will be more into creative and entrepreneurial activities than clerical or repetitive ones. 14-hour days? No problem, adrenaline is my fuel source.

5. Highly Creative

You're able to think beyond the box. This comes naturally to ADD-ers, while others pay handsomely to learn this. Since you take in more information than the average person does, and you're easily distracted, you're more likely to view a problem from more angles than vanilla people (non ADD-ers) and therefore come up with more possible solutions to a problem. Need an idea generator? Find an ADD-er.

6. Quick Learner

ADD arises mainly out of boredom - you have no trouble paying attention to something if it's interesting. Most people find it difficult to do boring or repetitive things, but these can often totally shut an ADD-er down. Your rapid-fire brain + highly creative mind + the ability to hyperfocus equals fast absorption of new information. Dr. Ed Hallowell, who has ADD and has written several Delivered from Distraction : Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder, said he stopped teaching psychiatry at Harvard University because the non-ADD-er brains were just to slow. He got tired of being continually frustrated waiting for them to catch up to the ADD students.

7. Stimulus-Seeking Brain

A perfect match for the wired world: an under-stimulated brain and an over-stimulated virtual environment. Being an info junkie can be a good thing. Well, not always.

8. Constantly Scanning your Environment

This allows you to notice more and find information and resources that others miss, to see possible problems before they arise, and discern opportunities that others may not see because they have tunnel vision vs. multiplex vision. An ADD-er invented the electronic ticket.

9. Great in a Crisis

In a high-energy, intense situation, with lots of chaos and change? Sign me up - I thrive on stimulation, change, and chaos. We can create order from chaos effortlessly. We can also create such an environment as well, if needed.

10. Risk Taker

Impulsivity means you're more willing to take risks and have a bias for action, acting now while the opportunity is hot instead of getting into analysis paralysis. Many entrepreneurs have ADD, e.g., Paul Orfalea, who founded Kinko's, JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman, who attributes his creativity to ADD. Both are billionaires. Imagine how successful a high-tech CEO would be if they didn't take many risks.

These are just a start of the advantages of ADD - for more go to the list of 151 positive characteristics of people with ADD at my ADD Resource website.

This is not to say there are no disadvantages or real problems associated with ADD in a high-tech career. There most certainly are, and if you don't learn to manage them they can cause a great deal of trouble and grief to you and those around you, but that's another article.

This has appeared on my ADD website http://www.addcoach4u.com and my ADD Blog http://www.adultaddstrengths.com.

2006-02-18 18:29
2006 OhmyNews


Running of the bulls? nothing but bull
This is once again an example of senseless slaughter of a poor defenseless animal.  Shame on you Spain, for allowing this as well as bullfighting to to go in this day and age.  Any one who gets thier jollies watching animals suffer is a deeply disturbed individual and I believe this says alot about our society and where we are and where we are going.  And we call ourselves civilized? How different is this from throwing the Christians to the lions in ancient Rome?  ITs just reversed, only the animals are getting thrown to the humans. 
Bull to running of the bulls
This is once again an example of senseless slaughter of a poor defenseless animal. Shame on you Spain, for allowing this as well as bullfighting to to go in this day and age. Any one who gets thier jollies watching animals suffer is a deeply disturbed individual and I believe this says alot about our society and where we are and where we are going. And we call ourselves civilized? How different is this from throwing the Christians to the lions in ancient Rome? ITs just reversed, only the animals are getting thrown to the humans.

Pit bull dogs killed my lab
Thank you for your messages. I have read every one and I can see the point of each. I am trying to deal with this the fairest way I know how, but I am heartbroken and do not want anyone else to have to deal with this kind of thing.

Thank you for responding. I really do appreciate every one of your messages. OP
Well, I have 3 rambuncious (sp), bull headed boys. sm
Of course, they knew everything then and know everything now. I couldn't pick their friends but boy I sure pounded into their heads that as long as their friends were at my house, they abided by my rules and my boys were responsible for their friends' behaviors. If their friends acted out of line, my boys were responsible for telling them to get the hell out--didn't have much trouble when I gave the kids that responsibility. Sometimes their friends weren't the cream of the crop or came from not very well to do families, but they always acted appropriately at our house, then and now. Have earned a lot of respect from my kids' friends that way. Sometimes, they spent more time at our house than they did their own. My kids weren't angels but they didn't turn out to be felons or junkies or drunks, either.
ADHD is bull. Just maybe try to spend some time
working with her (not pushing her but just introducing new things). I am sick to death of the ADD/ADHD diagnosis of kids. I do not believe in it. Some kids DO have a little harder time adjusting to school and again there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just talk to them every day, help them in any way you can but most importantly be there for them no matter what. It will all work itself out but DO NOT stress yourself out over what some teacher says. Most of the time they are wrong and can be proven wrong. I am a teacher, although I teach adults/teenagers in college and really..... I truly believe elementary teachers try to make it easier on themselves rather than try to work with a child that needs it.
Usually the one who dies is a bull - not a humane sport
That is awful but it's not necessarily just a pit bull problem...
It is awful what happened to your dog but to blame the dogs just because they were pitbulls is not very fair, blame them because they were dogs at large and blame their owners but don't blame the breed.  Pitbulls have a bad reputation but honestly it's not the breed's fault that drug punks and men with big egos and little penises have decided to exploit these dogs. You can visit this site http://archives.cnn.com/2000/US/10/09/pomeranian.kills.ap/ to read about a pomeranian who killed a 6-week-old baby. The lady who had the face transplant over seas was mauled by her pet black lab.  Diane Whipple of California was killed by two Presa Canario dogs in her own apartment hallway. Yes pit bulls bite and maul and all those horrible things but so does every other breed of dog, pitbulls are just more newsworthy than the local neighborhood german shephard or rotty or aussie shephards or any of the breeds. My friends son had to have surgery on his face to repair severe lacerations from their neighbor's cocker spaniel and personally I've been bit several times by blue heelers but never by the pitbulls that various friends of mine have. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss but any group of dogs running loose with a pack mentality is capable of the same sort of thing, being a pitbull should just be a sidebar to the story and not the main point, at least in my view.  
Bull Terrier (Target dog), 3 yorkies and a parrot. nm
**snort** statistics, schmastics, what a bunch of bull
Sounds like a bunch of BULL to me. I agree, I wouldn't let the kids
stay with her again at ALL.  It's not okay for the kid to get arrested and the parents not be told IMMEDIATELY or at least first thing in the door when you're home.  THAT is total DISHONESTY and I don't see how hubby could feel any different.
Oh, bull. I'm with a large national and those clients whose work is offshored
That one statement is bunk.

I live in the Kansas City area and this summer we have had a rash of pit bull attacks especially

in the Independence, MO area.  The city governments have passed laws banning pit bulls and last week something like 100+ pitbulls were picked up by animal control or dropped off at the city pound and all were destroyed.

Personally, I think the owners of these animals should be held just as accountable as the dog.  Well, I guess maybe putting the owner to sleep is a bit extreme.

I'm so sorry about your lab.

I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

Saw him on CMT show with John Fogarty. Great, great singer with a neat personality and drop dead
gorgeous without seeming to know it. 
Great post. I swear by both Advantage and Frontline Plus-- both work great! - sm
I don't know about "natural" approaches for the house. I have always used flea bombs in the past before the miracle of Advantage and Frontline changed my life. Have not had a flea problem at all since I began using those products about 10 years ago, dose all the dogs religiously once a month with the Frontline Plus except in Dec.-Feb. to save a few bucks and because the ground is generally frozen by then and no fleas are scurring about. -- Hope you get flea free soon.
Thanks to all. Got some great feedback and ecouragement. This board is great.
My rant passed, ate a late lunch, now back to the trenches.
GREAT GREAT SHOW! I still think Ellen Pompeo
should have gotten the Emmy/Golden Globe whatever it was for the show. I like Sandra Ho, her character just needs more depth... Next week looks AWESOME!! Maybe there is still a chance for McDreamy!! First season DVD coming out with deleted scenes! Can't wait to get it & watch it!!
Sounds like he will do great then. Again, best wishes for great success!
That's great Patti. Thanks. Have a great time at the beach.
You should feel great as a transcriptionist if they think your work is that great!!!
It is not your fault they approached you. I think it would be a different storey if you were the one searching for the job to take away from a company. They obviously want to get rid of the company and if you didn't take the job they would probably ask someone else. You should enjoy the better position and not feel guilty!!
Great post -great job of wording your answer! (sm)
Original poster - I completely agree with this answer, especially the part about finding yourself and using all that you have learned intellectually and connecting that to something that you will also enjoy with your heart!! You have so many wonderful options for your future - much more than many of us.
IT - great program, great support system. nm
Spell as best you can or blank them and keep going. I've passed many tests when I've left blan
As you can already see, you've come to the wrong board! By using the word professional, you've
excluded about 99% of the population of "whatever" it is that hangs on these boards. Certainly not professional for sure! But you sure are doing a good thing for someone! Its the thought that counts. Sorry you met the dregs right at the start.
HELP! I've turned my screen sideways, I can't straighten it up. I know I've seen sm
this before, but I can't remember what it is.  Do you realize how hard it is to read sideways?  TIA.
I've lost track of how many people who've asked about it to NOT
I've always verified every line I've typed (I have my ways) -sm
If you're supposed to be paid a certain $/line, that's what you should be getting no matter how they do billing unless of course it's specified in YOUR contract with THEM.

BTW, I've never caught a company cheating me ever.