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Lets cut all cables to India! sm

Posted By: Lyndia on 2008-02-01
In Reply to: Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise - mdlfcrs

You know, some other countries don't permit their citizens to access US websites because of salacious content.

I say, we should not be allowed access via the internet to ANY third world backwater where they are sending American jobs!!!!

We should also block content to said polluted backwaters if it involves employment in this country.

Keep America great, preserve our borders real and virtual. Keep American jobs for Americans and LEGAL immigrants.

umm yeah and please learn to speak English.

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Our country sucks when it comes to teamwork.  My experience is in hospital transcription and 95% foreign dictators.  Most of my dictators are from India and surrounding countries.  Give up you all, India is already way ahead of us!
Used to think we were using India, but now realize India is using us for our med. info, jobs,
lets do it
PLEASE, lets drop this....

I got the help I needed for today.  Let's just drop it.

not sure where my link went but lets try again
a key fob lets you into some place

I live in a huge complex and each building has their own electronic box (boxes) on every door that the owners/residents use a key-fob for to enter...the gym, any external door, business center, conference room, etc.

Is that what you're speaking of?  Something that is usually plastic and hangs on a keychain to allow entrance somewhere......

How to get job that lets you earn only up to
Be honest.

they want to decrease our ME pay by 20%. we need to all be asked to go back to MTs and earn what we are worth

Lets ask Frank about spaces
Well, maybe all us MQ workers should send a friendly letter to Frank (isnt he still the CEO?)  and ask if we get paid for spaces.  I have been told in the past I do, however, I have noted a decrease in lines when switching to DQS and dont know where those lines went.  I have to work one to two hours more a day to make the same line count I made on Cottage, in the **good old days**..OMG, not paying for spaces?  Well, then maybe we should not space between words or sentences, cause it takes our thumb to hit the key board and know when to space, Im working here..It working to put in spaces..I should be paid!!..Or, okay, dont pay me for spaces, then pay me more for my lines and my intelligence and my knowledge of medical..
There you go, lets have a thread about old cars!!!
GO PANTHERS !!! Made it once, lets do it again. nm
What version are you using? Mine lets me do that. sm
I checked to see if there was a setting you need to adjust, but could not find one. I use an older version 8.70b, and it lets me do that, but I know the older versions than what I have did not allow that.
Try a noise machine - we have one that lets you....sm
choose between the sounds of a waterfall, crickets chirping, and other sounds that I got my daughter for $10 at Target. Good luck!
what job lets you decide how much money
lets us know whether or not we need to open the post. NM
What company lets you work off the clock?

I prefer to work off the clock for my extra lines.

Okay, lets just throw aside the fact he lives
So whatever state she lives in, lets stick together on this
lets be realistic and talk about companies
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
Lets vote ladies-show your support
Go Julie!!
Lets set the record straight, email was concocted
enough already
Oh sure...lets get another cigar loving democrat in office again... nm
TransTech lets you use dial-up -there are others - search archives
Just finished Black Creek Crossing - he never lets ya down :-)
If the system lets you access old reports, you'll have
Lets bottom line this, say she leaves and goes to another company
What do you think would be her chances of them going to VR? Do you think it will go poof and disappear? Do you think refusing to take lower wages makes the companies take notice and reverse to go back to the golden days when we had really good salaries? Be willing to bet that next paycheck most would go along with their companies going to VR rather than changing, going to a new job only to find out the same thing happens there.
Well, lets hope they keep the regulars on their own accounts because the hospitals know who types
regularly in those accounts and how the work is and if there is no complaining from the doctors and all of a sudden when you start throwing a whole bunch of new backups in there and the docs start complaining the hospitals can look in those systems and see who is working and then they call and complain to the MQ office and some have threatened to leave if the situation doesnt get straightened out which means you go back to just the regulars that really know the hospital. 
Lets try this again. With all the big nationals running us out or work and lowering our wages what
do you suggest.
Here I was worried about groceries. Lets worry about your stuff. Its easier.
Lets hope it is not geared line count per hour the way we run out of work and are in so many
other accounts all the time. Boy that would be bad.
If it is in India next
india ads
You are right ... and I cannot imagine that these are even remotely sanctioned by MTStars mgmt. Will await their input before jumping to conclusions.
How about it is all going to India???
Why yes! It's very hot in India. (nm)
not sure, but if you were on the national do not call list maybe this would help?? since you do not know where they got your name from it might help. I am on that list and have not received any calls solicitating, selling, etc. thought this might help.

I am sorry to hear of your loss.  We might as well  face it, this industry is going to the birds.  I have lost four Docs because of outsourcing to India.  It is a shame that the Docs have to find a cheap way out because of all the overhead, malpractice, etc. that they have to pay.  I have been in this for four years and I thank God that I have 12 years doing medical billing, for which I am going back to school to do coding.  There is no job security in this industry, you are treated like dirt, you do not get paid on time and not treated like an employee should be and now EMR.  What is next?  Robots to do patient care?  Good luck to you, but I feel this is just a little wakening up call to all of us that things are changing and not for the good.

India MTs
Where did you get this info that there are more CMTs in India than here in the US? Just curious. Thanks
Most of these people, at least at a company I worked for, work 2 shifts every day - company paid for them to get their CMT.

One of the reasons there is still such poverty there is that India still has the caste system.  While becoming more westernized has improved the quality of living for the majority of Indians, those in the lower caste are not allowed the same opportunities.  They live in squalor without running water, food, education, etc.

This is very disgusting! How are we to compete with $500 a year. If India is so great why is it that they hire Americans to edit this crap all the time??? These companies do not understand you get what you pay for just like everything else in life. It's all about saving the allmighty buck. This is exactly why I and I'm sure others out there do not work for any company who offshores!!
Why India?

Interesting article in "The Record".  Would love to hear opinions on this. 


I believe Jax is in India, right?
India and CMT

Please tell me they are not only undercutting us in pricing, but they are also getting  a break on the CMT exam?  I am "saving up" to take it! see below from MT India


"Moreover, with an aim to encourage experienced medical transcriptionists in India to align with global standards and broaden their career avenues, Prometric & AAMT have also announced a special price for the Certified Medical Transcription (CMT) certification exam, which will be available for USD 150 (reduced from previous available price of USD 275)."
I agree, the India thing may be part of some of the problems I have noticed lately. Things are in a bit of an upheaval. Certain accounts that were said to have been largely off-shored now seem to be back here and always going out of TAT. The one I'm working on now is like that, and I wish it would stay here because I like it a lot.
no - that's how they say it in India

Probably the one in India.
From India
Me too, about a year ago, but mine was from India, what nerve.
From India, of course! SM
 What I can't figure out, if WE can't understand the lot of them, how did they ever get through the recruiting/hiring interview and application process, and how to they communicate with their peers and patients?  Via interpreter??
Me neither whether that be here or in India..

I'm not real sure I see your point. 

I'm not being difficult.  I just don't understand how a fire would cause companies to not outsource.

There were fires in California.  There was a hurricane in Texas.  I am quite sure these two disasters did not spare places where medical records are kept.