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Just finished Black Creek Crossing - he never lets ya down :-)

Posted By: nm on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: Me, too! And Koontz and King. nm - Great stuff!


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Black widows are shiny black, females have red spot
There aren't many males around. After the mate, the females eat them lol.

We have black widows galore here in Calif. I actually keep frogs in my yard (provide ponds for them) and they have made a big impact on the insect population.

Remember to always wear shoes (something I try to do).
Goose Creek Symphony..nm
Thanks for the heads up on the Belkin. I'm crossing
this one off my list for sure...I've had to use that type of keyboard before where you have to push too hard on the keys - not good!
I would Not suggest Wolf Creek, very disappointing to me
Puhleez, what exactly is the government doing about illegals crossing the border?

Absolutely nothing.  NOTHING!  The government sanctions sending American jobs oversees, puting thousands of American workers on unemployment!  So why should I or anyone else feel guilty about trying to get what we rightfully deserve?

As far as testing on the phone goes, doxie, you can be listening on an extension and write the answers down for your husband.  Don't feel guilty.  You're going to pay your taxes.

Raintree County, Cross Creek, The Turning Point nm
May-Thurner syndrome is compression of the left iliac vein by the artery crossing over it.
No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

Finally finished, no dead air.

Just finished. Took an hour. No blanks. Going to
and drink a beer lol
36+ years. I wish I had finished my Masters. sm
The field is changing. I would never recommend it.  I do not see a bright future. 
Just Finished Treatment for Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica/piriformis syndrome about a month ago. My physiatrist sent me to physical therapy for Graston therapy and iontophoresis. I was to the point where I had to sleep in my recliner with a heating pad on my hip. Of course, this is the result of sitting for too long......a battle wound common to the medical transcriptionist.

The Graston therapy is pretty painful and you really wonder how it could possibly help. The iontophoresis consisted of a patch with two large circular pads connected by an electrode. The pads are soaked with dexamethasone. The patch is then stuck to the butt for 24 hours. It's painless, except I pulled off a couple of layers of skin when I removed them. I had this done about 5-6 different times over a three-week period. I was also taught some gentle stretches to stretch these muscles, which I haven't been too diligent about doing.

Bottom line is that I completed my PT about two weeks ago and I haven't had any pain since then. I hope you get some relief for your condition. I know how very painful it can be.


Just finished 150 minutes today
Still have 30 to go. 
Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
My SIL finished a course at a local college

She got a job on-site and could be sent home, but she has decided to cross-train for a management position.  If she takes it, the salary is $65,000.00 per year.  So tell me there isn't money in this business.  She just finished her course!!! 

lets do it
Wait. I misunderstood. MS4 = student, a Mr. - R4 = MD, but not finished SM
with residency in his specialty.
My son just finished is enlistment..best thing that every happened to him..I sent them my son..they
Do they hire people that haven't finished their MT course yet?
I'd like to know what kind of test they give people, folks who have barely even started the transcription portion of their MT course, yet they're being hired as MTs. Gives us all a bad name.
I just finished training, which I thought was GREAT! sm
The platform is EXText, although I think they have others. I like the way they seem better organized than other companies I've tried. I'll let you know about the 2-week honeymoon period whether the "marriage" will last or not!
PLEASE, lets drop this....

I got the help I needed for today.  Let's just drop it.

not sure where my link went but lets try again
a key fob lets you into some place

I live in a huge complex and each building has their own electronic box (boxes) on every door that the owners/residents use a key-fob for to enter...the gym, any external door, business center, conference room, etc.

Is that what you're speaking of?  Something that is usually plastic and hangs on a keychain to allow entrance somewhere......

How to get job that lets you earn only up to
Be honest.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
Pole (North): Have U finished ur Christmas shopping?
I'll start: NO!
homemade potato soup, cornbread, and just finished

You might be sending finished work back to an FTP site

they want to decrease our ME pay by 20%. we need to all be asked to go back to MTs and earn what we are worth

Lets ask Frank about spaces
Well, maybe all us MQ workers should send a friendly letter to Frank (isnt he still the CEO?)  and ask if we get paid for spaces.  I have been told in the past I do, however, I have noted a decrease in lines when switching to DQS and dont know where those lines went.  I have to work one to two hours more a day to make the same line count I made on Cottage, in the **good old days**..OMG, not paying for spaces?  Well, then maybe we should not space between words or sentences, cause it takes our thumb to hit the key board and know when to space, Im working here..It working to put in spaces..I should be paid!!..Or, okay, dont pay me for spaces, then pay me more for my lines and my intelligence and my knowledge of medical..
There you go, lets have a thread about old cars!!!
GO PANTHERS !!! Made it once, lets do it again. nm
What version are you using? Mine lets me do that. sm
I checked to see if there was a setting you need to adjust, but could not find one. I use an older version 8.70b, and it lets me do that, but I know the older versions than what I have did not allow that.
Try a noise machine - we have one that lets you....sm
choose between the sounds of a waterfall, crickets chirping, and other sounds that I got my daughter for $10 at Target. Good luck!
what job lets you decide how much money
Lets cut all cables to India! sm
You know, some other countries don't permit their citizens to access US websites because of salacious content.

I say, we should not be allowed access via the internet to ANY third world backwater where they are sending American jobs!!!!

We should also block content to said polluted backwaters if it involves employment in this country.

Keep America great, preserve our borders real and virtual. Keep American jobs for Americans and LEGAL immigrants.

umm yeah and please learn to speak English.
lets us know whether or not we need to open the post. NM
What company lets you work off the clock?

I prefer to work off the clock for my extra lines.

Okay, lets just throw aside the fact he lives
So whatever state she lives in, lets stick together on this
lets be realistic and talk about companies
Well I just finished watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. How that for an evening. N
my friend just finished her BSN 2 years ago, working 32 hr/week making $60K with benefits nm
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
Lets vote ladies-show your support
Go Julie!!
Lets set the record straight, email was concocted
enough already
Oh sure...lets get another cigar loving democrat in office again... nm
TransTech lets you use dial-up -there are others - search archives