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Question of personal ethics

Posted By: because I need another set of opinions. on 2008-01-29
In Reply to:

If you worked for a company who supplied you with normals, templates, macros, whatever you call a canned dictation, and said canned dictations are full of every type of error you can imagine from spelling to incorrect terms and things typed (I can't say transcribed) in a way that is wrong, and you were told to leave it "as is" and sign your name to it...would you?

I am having a hard time signing my name to something I didn't transcribe and looks like that. I have some pride in my work and I have paid my dues for too long to let ANYTHING so HIDEOUS go anywhere with my name on it!!!!!

What would you do?

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I posted yesterday but it never appeared???

Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your supervisor. I happen to work on an account that's a Catholic Hospital so they refuse abortions.
MT Ethics
The issue is that no one bothered to inform me and YES I am getting less work. This was my account that I acquired and have worked hard on for 1-1/2 years.  I think it's despicable. Yes, my client can contract with whomever they wish, but the decent thing to do is at least notify me they were making some changes. 
That's just it. I am not receiving the same work.    I have actually turn away work to keep room for the work load.  I am disgusted and will NEVER have anyone fill it for me again. Here I am doing the office a favor and then slapped in the face. Where are the morals here?
Work ethics ??

I have been subcontracting through a mom/pop company for about three years.  They have a few different accounts, but I mostly do the same doctor every day, along with a few people in his clinic.  The transcription company owner has had some health problems, so I stepped up and am now doing my share of the transcription, editing, sending the work in, and the billing.  (I am being paid (not much) for my extra work).  Anyway, the one clinic that I have been typing for about three years called me.  They are not happy with the contract holder and said that something needs to change.  She has become very unorganized and rude with this clinic.  I work my butt off to try to keep them happy on my end, but she shows no interest in trying to be nice or anything and she says she doesn't care if they drop her, it would make her life a lot easier.  The final straw before the telephone call was that she returned tapes from other clinics to this clinic and they freaked out about patient privacy (totally understandable). 

Anyway, the clinic called me and asked if I would be interested in working in-house (I'm not) or trying to figure something out as they no longer want to work through this company, but they are very happy with my transcription.  I told them that I was very sorry for the tape confusion and I that I felt that I was being misrepresented by the people who were picking up and dropping off the tapes. 

It is very hard to explain the whole situation, but the lady who I contract through has said, just in passing and I don't know if she was serious, "If they drop my account with them, you can have them."   I just don't know how bad it would be if I stopped subcontracting through her and just went straight to the clinic.

I would love some opinions on this.  Sorry it was so long. I am very stressed out about this.  If she loses the contract and I stay with her, I will lose a lot of lines...thousands.  I just don't know what to do.  Thanks.

guess you have no ethics eh?..sm

no ethics

no morals

think you're going to heaven? 

No contract. And no ethics.
MT Ethics question

Hello-Need some feedback. I am a seasoned IC MT.  The PT office I type for asked that I find a back-up for a vacation I went on in August. I found someone, which took considerable time, to fill in for me. I gave her the opportunity to  make some extra cash and assured her that I would send accounts her way if I could, etc. I just found out, she is also transcribing for this office behind my back. I had no idea.  Isn't this unethical???? Shouldn't she have extended the courtesy of at least informing me?  I would never do that.    Not sure of the circumstances, either. Whether she offered them less rates, or if they initiated contact. Either way, I feel like I have been "had".  Please comment. Anyone?


MQ mandatory code of ethics course?
Did anyone else get an email from Howard about all MQ employees taking a mandatory ethics course? Hmm...I thot I already WAS ethical....
Well let me assure you the company has no ethics...
either and has been banned from this board because of it.  They don't treat this account the way they should and quite frankly the client deserves better. 
cant you report him to an ethics board?
Yes, but can you transcribe? Do you have good work ethics?

Yes, but can you transcribe an easy 2 minute dictation in under an hour?
Do you have good work ethics?  Which, begs the question, do you know the definition of ethics?
Can you stick to days and hours you agreed to?
Can you not make up excuses for not working?
Can you stay in your chair and not a leave a job hanging for hours on end?
Are you in this century regarding technology? Which, also begs the question, can you download, install, configure, and operate the newer programs that MTSOs are using?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you're in the wrong industry and from what this MTSO has been getting lately, there are a lot of you out there who have absolutely no business trying to work in this industry.


i would not babysit them. if their quality is that bad on resume, it would be on work ethics too.
quality as in ethics/morals/education/parenting/will to do one's best and set examples for others
qualities as to working hard to make your life better and not settling for second best so you can drink your six-pack and rent videos while your kids run wild. you know what i'm talking about. quality as to have no grasp of consequences of one's behavior.
well oldtime, I'll bet that you have good work ethics. But, people like you are far and few in
6 to 8 MTs only a couple actually work out.  That is an absolute shame, but it's the truth.  How do I know this?  Because I surveyed several services asking the very same question to each and this is what the averages were.  Of course, someone here will whine about how many services I surveyed, were they friend, etc., but I can say with absolute certainty that I was completely fair in my end figures.
k, that is your opinion, i stated mine. poor quality in my opinion shows bad work ethics if they do
This is not personal for me.
This afternoon I watched coverage of the mother and I am embarrassed for her as an American.  She has gone far beyond the first time I saw her and really felt sorry for her.  I believe her criticism is harsh assuming she knows no more about what happened to her daughter than we do or the judges in Aruba do. 
Isn't that personal?
The best interest of the patient has to be examined here. Why, in order to prove something that is said about other occupations, do you compromise the patient's privacy in order to prove yourself?
Not sure if you mean as MT or for personal (sm)
If for MT, here you go:

my personal ob/gyn uses (sm)
EMR. I must say that as a patient I do not like to sit there while he types into his system, looking up at me occasionally to ask a question. It is very impersonal and, as I think you ORS is going to find, quite time consuming on his part!

I have no idea how he'd get his IMEs done, either. The one EMR report that I've seen (had to take one from my ob/gyn to a neurologist for my migraines) looked very "computer generated" and not "personal to me" at all. What a turn-off for a $150 doctor visit.

If your client is very busy, hopefully you will be hearing back from him once he finds out how time consuming it is entering all that data!!

Bonnie, new to the board
Dear SM, given your abject anonymimity, how can the question be personal?
Try not to take it too personal...sm
sometimes some people just struggle with being nice or trying to help. Everyone needs a break some time...even her. good luck to you!
My own personal take on that....

My daughter was in the process of being preopped for back surgery for scoliosis in her thoracic spine.  She had had before playing basketball, but she got injured during a game, which really exacerbated it when a girl fell on her neck/upper back.

Anyway, the PA in one of the many consultants offices we went to actually asked, "Who fell on you?  A teammate or someone from the other team?"  My DH and I looked at each other and could hardly keep from laughing, but God love my daughter who answered her with a completely straight face, but asked later, "What difference does it make who fell on me?"  That question still makes me scratch my head.

Same here, but it was my personal PC, and...
I ended up pulling off just the bare necessities (critical documents and e-mails), and I had to take it down to the dirt...partitioned the hard drive and reformatted, reinstalled the operating system and all my programs. I have degrees in programming and information systems, and it still took me 20 hours to do. If you can't do that yourself, you need to get it to someone who can, but plan on a pretty big bill, I'm afraid. It may be as much as a couple hundred bucks, maybe a little more.

I am so sorry for what you are going through! I think virus programmers need to be stuck in front of a firing squad.
I'm with ya on that one! ALL of our personal

personal thanks

Thanks so much for being so cordial. I just read a nasty gram telling me that basically I have been complacent for 18 years and now need to join the 21st century. I have done work on-line over the years, but have never had to take a test. I have tons of reference materials and just have nearly always used WP. I do know how to do Word, but don't use it every day.

Can you tell me who you are working for now? Any advice for me?

Again, thanks for being so helpful. I am going to go on E-Bay today and order that.

Write back with any advice, please.

Thanks, Jeanie
work ethics should work both ways

Sorry that happened to you.  Sure, legally they can do whatever the heck they want, but they destroyed their business relationship with you.  Shame MT is a buyers market and they felt they could dump your service just like that (and without even telling you they were dropping you - who the heck are you - Milton? (from Office Space - you know, they just stopped paying him in hopes he would just stop coming to work))

not sure about your personal accout, but
in my office they say just spell it as best you can and let the MR people worry about it unless it is completely unintelligble, then put Unknown and leave a note and forget about it. hope that helps you :)
Any personal experience with HRT?

Can weight gain be a side effect of hormone-replacement therapy? Has anyone tried anything else for symptoms of menopause? I need help! Gained 40 lbs in the 1-1/2 years on HRT and gotta do something about it!

It's a personal decision.

I prefer IC as well.  When you're an employee, they pay you less per line than as an IC.  You still pay taxes, federal, state, Medicare, Social Security as an employee.  However, the employer pays for Worker's Comp and matches the social security and Medicare only portion of your taxes, which I believe is only 7.65%.  That social security percentage is quite small when you consider the fact that self-employment taxes are only 15.6%.  I don't remember the exact percentages because it's been a while since I had to manually figure it all, but you can look it up on Google.

As an IC, I get to deduct every little thing I can think of.  I can deduct my home office, a portion of my utilities, a portion of my Internet and phone, any mileage, office supplies (and I love office supplies!), furniture, software, computers and other equipment, paper, reference materials, everything.

The issue is that when you are an employee, those taxes get taken right off the top so you don't even miss that money.  Most people don't set aside a percentage of their pay that should have gone to those taxes, so they grumble when they owe at tax time.  You actually get to see how much you're paying out in taxes.  However, they got to use their money all year instead of loaning it to the government interest free.  That's a perk.

Just my personal opinion
but I think the Herman Miller chairs are as overrated as they are overpriced. I bought one of the Aeron chairs and ended up sending it back. It would have been great for lounging, but it was all wrong for proper support for typing all day at a computer. I have no experience of the Mirra chair; it might be better. I ended up test sitting several chairs at Office Depot and Staples and found a very comfortable, very supportive chair on sale for about $100 that has worked very well for me. I'd recommend, before you spend all that money on a Herman Miller chair, try out the chairs at office-supply stores. You might find one that works for you at a much lower price.
Must just be personal preference then..
because I absolutely love it.  Been using it for over 3yrs.  Very easy to query the fields to change to correct DOS or patient if need be, upload statuses to use if info is not available.  I am so sorry you detest this platform...I absolutely love it.  As far as the ESP expander, adore it too.  Sure, I had to add everything from scratch but once you get through the major bulk of it, adding ones here and there over time is a piece of cake.  I even have complete reports including headers set up in my ESP files.  Some Expander programs will not allow that.  In answer to your question, no I have never used SmartType (sp?)...but I have no complaints with what I have now.  Guess it's all what you're used to and what you like your expander to be able to do. 

Cut it out with the personal attacks.  If you don't like the subject matter, skip it.  Banning is the next step.  I'm tired of deleting unnecessary, ugly posts. 


Nah, I don't have a tatoo. It's personal art. To each his/her own. sm

Some men find tatooes on women very sexy.

Don't be so judgmental. It's art and very personal for some.
Personal opinion here.... but
I would wait until my test results come back; however, I would be researching into which companies hire fresh out of school and also check with your school to see if they have any contacts with companies for their new graduates. 
This is very personal information.
Eww, I think that is very personal and I wouldn't
Personal preference
I am a former nurse as well and I promise you that the CMT exam is not a speck compared to boards .. something I think I may still be traumatized by and it was way too long for me to feel that way!!  You are going to get a lot of negative feedback here and I can only tell you that as a nurse with really good experience and an MSN there was no real reason for me to take the CMT exam save for personal validation.  I think that if you work in a field and there is a credential then it is a personal choice whether or not you take the exam.  Many companies do pay for your CMT and will pay as well for you to do the continuing education to maintain it.  Additionally, promotions and the like are often given to CMTs first and I'd say mainly because it shows an employer you cared enough personally to validate yourself.  I don't need someone to force me .. it was driven by my own personal goals in this business.  I'd like to see people stop bashing AAMT because of issues that were not put into play because of AAMT but because of politics and big business squeezing for the buck.  I'd like to see people give each other encouragement and support, but women seem not to be able to do that easily.  I'd like to see this business shake itself off and start to live up to principles that make some sense too .. but I fear that my bubble has burst and still life goes on and we need to make a paycheck.  If you think you will benefit from taking the exam (if only personally) then just do it.
Same here . . . no personal experience
My sister had it done a couple of years ago, and we are all (the whole family)truly amazed that she has 20/20 vision now. No problems with the surgery whatsoever.
Just asking you to consider that your experience is personal, as is theirs.
I pay $320/mo with ATT, ATT says no autodialing for personal use, sm
which is what they call when you dial into a phone number for transcription. There must be a real person on the other end, is what they told me. Therefore, I haven't tried vonage, as it says no autodialing. I wish I could find out if anyone else uses vonage and makes long distance calls for MT.
Just a personal preference
I am not the original poster but some people just prefer to do certain types of transcription and it has nothing to do w/ being scared. For me, I prefer clinic notes b/c they are a lot more repetetive and so I find I get more lines with them.
The only certain way that your personal information
will fall into another's hand is to totally remove the hard drive and either replace it with a new one, or sell as is.  Every old computer that I have discarded, I made sure to remove the hard-drive before putting it out to pasture.
Rather personal question, I would say, --sm
and one that I am not willing to divulge. seems like you are just trying to find out what other companies are paying while you are looking for a job. I am not trying to be snitty, I just don't think, quite frankly, that it is anybody elses business how much I make and who I work for.
k ty my personal is a POS and always dies, especially
Good for you! Definitely a personal (sm)
choice to take this exam and I know it's a great feeling to pass. I used the CMT Review Guide as well as the Language of Medicine books to study. Read directions in the test carefully and take your time. Best of luck!
is this personal info?
Getting CMT is a personal choice. Obviously...sm
for you it's not your cup of tea, but that shouldn't deter someone else from sitting for the exam. For what it's worth, it's not 36 hours, it's actually 30 hours - ALL of which is very educational. If one works at home, the education alone is worth a lot. I make more than 1 penny per line as a CMT, but that's of no consequence to me - I keep it updated as a matter of pride. That's not to say that experience doesn't always help, but I know a lot of MTs with that much experience that have no clue about how to be a good quality MT. That said, CMT doesn't always guarantee quality, either, but it does help IMO.
Personal opinion only

Is that it is a side effect of spending so many hours alone.  I worked in one office (in-house transcription)  for 8 hours a day second shift.  I seemed to be better when I walked to work (3 miles to work one way) and could get regular exercise, sunshine, fresh air.  Then I started a business and was unable to do anything more than work, work, work.  Over the next 5 years I wasn't paying attention to the signals.  It wasn't until I cut back and started dating (have since gotten married this year - I'm 41 - yes, there is happiness after 40), and started relaxing that I began to recognize the symptoms.  I think it is a symptom of working too much and being alone too much, and losing a sense of self esteem from becoming a slave to corporate America. 

Symptoms like not wanting to write out the bills even though there is money enough to cover them, not wanting to take the kids out for fun activities, and instead dropping them off so that they can have fun while you return to "things that just gotta get done", discontinuing use of makeup, or ceasing to wear nice clothing and just "bumming it" all the time, no more time with girlfriends or family, procrastinating grocery shopping until you absolutely have to get some, etc.  The symptoms are similar to depression, and it may be part of the solution, depression therapy.  Music therapy, aroma therapy, light therapy, color therapy, church time, friends time, hobbies, play with babies (even if they are borrowed babies).  I think Kissing helps too, but not everyone has that available. 

Just a personal observation...
But are you as dissatisifed and miserable with your personal life as you seem to be with the MT profession?

You seem to go out of your way to spew negativity at even the most benign of posts.

I find myself sitting here and shaking my head at your posts. hoping that SOMETHING in your life pleases you or brings a smile to your face.

If you're as unpleasant IRL as you appear to be on these boards, I truly feel sorry for you.

I hope things start improving in both your personal and professional life, as you are quite frankly becoming just a dark cloud soon to be ignored and avoided by anyone stumbling across your animosity-filled posts.
It is all personal opinion.....sm
Don't worry about the age thing. I'm sure you are beautiful and as young as you want to be.