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MTs who type in a recliner or bed?

Posted By: Where do you put the pedal? on 2008-11-05
In Reply to:

Isn't it awkward to type in bed or a recliner?  Where do you put the pedal so that you are in a good comfy position?  Are you using a pedal or the keyboard for the audio files?   I am just trying to picture this? 

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My recliner
Because I am not yet working in my recliner, I am not 100% sure what is going to be the best way to handle the foot pedal, but I had bought a tray that I was planning to use to hold the keyboard while sitting in the recliner, which I purchased prior to coming across the AlphaGrip, and my problem with using the tray for the keyboard had always been the stinkin' MOUSE! Well, since I won't need the tray while using the AlphaGrip, my plan is to try using it for the footpedal. I am able to change both the height and the angle of the tray, but it is pretty lightweight so I will probably have to build a "wall" of some kind or weight it down. The chair is able to recline without having the foot pulled up, so for now I just practice the AlphaGrip either from the chair I use while keyboarding or use the recliner without pulling the foot up.

I'll get there one day, hopefully sooner than later :)

I've had to use my recliner in the past when I was having my office remodeled.  During this time, I placed my keyboard in my lap with a small blanket or towel underneath to offer stabilization without being too stiff.  For my monitor and mouse, I used a TV tray which I sat just to the right of my recliner.  I then used a small step-stool for my foot pedal.  It was just the right height and it didn't get in the way when I needed to get up.

Although I was comfortable and had everything in just the right position, I found that my recliner was too comfortable (which I didn't know was possible!) and this lead to back stiffness by the end of the day and decreased production due to the sleepiness that I experienced from being in such a relaxed position all day.

I now only use the recliner when I need a change of scenery or when I am unable to locate my desk due to excessive clutter!  I also have since bought a laptop which can be used with a wireless mouse and keyboard so my lap doesn't get too hot.  Those lap cushions are great for keeping the heat off my lap, but they also put the laptop's keyboard at an akward height for transcribing.

I had bought a tray that I was hoping to use to put my keyboard in my lap. I can't remember the name of it offhand, but it is adjustable in height and angle. My recliner sits on an old futon frame so that I can roll my laptop desk underneath and have my computer in front of me, and I set the tray up at the foot, also on the futon frame, at just the right height and angle. I have threatened to post a picture on here before, but still have not done so. I'll try to get my son to help me with that as soon as I get out from under the work I've got . . . hopefully tomorrow afternoon.
Okay, here is a pic of my recliner setup

from the sitting in the chair view

RE: For those of you who use laptops - where do you do most of your work, i.e. in a recliner (sm)

at a desk, at the kitchen table, etc.??  Just curious.  I'm serious wanting a laptop so I don't have to be chained to this desk


RE: Do you actually use it on your lap, at a table, etc. and if you're in say a recliner, how (s

do you have your foot pedal set up?  I'm looking for suggestion!  Thanks!


omg -- listen, get in a recliner and prop that leg up. then
you can put a small cloth over your footpedal and put it under your elbow and just lean a little on it and type! lol

i know it sounds wierd but it works! that way your foot can be elevated properly and you can still work from the comfort of the recliner!

hope that helps!
You sit in a recliner? I sit in a chaise and love it! Except, I sm
need to use a foot pedal. How do you MT without a foot pedal?
Slept in a recliner for a year before I got mine....LOVE IT. sm

I have degenerative disk disease in my lumbar and cervical spine.  We got a king sized, fully adjustable because of the level of my problems.  I rarely have had to use the adjustments because having found my "number" I am provided with an incredible night sleep.  My number is 35 and it has changed my life.  I have significantly less pain, I can sleep ALL NIGHT without rolling over and over and over in pain.  Wish I would have gotten it when it first came out.  We have had it for 2 years now.  I recommend it to everyone who asks.

Recliner/foot pedal side view
As you can see, it is not all that pretty.  The tray tended to move when I would press the pedal.  A few large, heavy bricks and two PDRs later, all is well!!
I'm trying to purchase a new recliner for my mother. She has multiple medical problems and is ab
5 ft. tall, so her little legs always kind of "hang." I've seen on TV different recliners, motorized, with this and that feature, I keep thinking Craftmatic, but I've looked through there and only see beds. Anyone has any ideas or suggestions? I know my sweet little Mom would really appreciate it.
If is difficult to work in a recliner and push a foot pedal. It can
be done but creates a strain on your feet/ankles and slows you down.  I work on a picnic table under an awning when the weather is nice, but I'm not able to work as well as I do at my desk because I'm not able to have a keyboard tray and working with my keyboard on the table makes it too high.  I've even tried work in bed using a tray across my lap, but then again you have the problem with pushing the foot pedal.   You could use the keyboard for your function keys but it would really slow you down. 
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
For me it isn't an account type but a dictator type ...
and that would be oriental. An oriental dictator (hahaha, that kind of sounds funny...hahaha) is the most challenging for me.
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
remind me, type what they say, type what they say, type....
"He indicated that at the beginning of the year he complained of health problems recently but has gotten better."  C'mon doc, which one is it?????
Shorthand users: Is there a way to type a word, use a slash and then type another word..sm

immediately following the slash and have it expand.  For example if I needed to transcribe mass/sebaceous cyst, is there a way to use my expanded sebaceous cyst without having to back space after I type the slash mark?  TIA

Right above where you type (SM)

There is a "T" with a colored block.  You can highlight the text you want to color, click on that block, and then click on the color you want to make it. :)

I hope your kitty will be around for more years to come.  I know 19 is very old for a kitty.  :(  It's hard to think about losing one of our "babies."

Take care,


TV on while you type?
Do you keep the television on while you type?  I think I would get alot more done if I would stop watching TV and stop surfing the web!
If you don't know what type you have,

you probably don't have an FTP server.  You would have to know that to set it up and configure it. 

FTP stands for file transfer protocol, which just means that it's a way to upload and download files from a server using the Internet.  If you'd like free FTP software for a potential job, you can download CoreFTP for free from Download.com at the following link.


how would you type this?

How would you type "section 8 housing"?  Would it be Section 8 housing, Section -8 housing, Section-8 Housing or Section 8 Housing?


Tabatha in Charleston, SC

you type what?
Ummmmmmm, okay! LOL!
you never type don't or can't but only do not and cannot etc...lol

If all you have to do is type....
and they do all the rest (if you are subcontracting through a service), after the 25% take, they are paying you 9.75 cents per line and that is better than most national companies. Plus, hopefully, you do not have to learn 100 or more dictators! If this is the case, go for it!
Does anyone have any info on USA TYPE?  Thanks
Has anyone heard back from USA type after they have tested for them?  thanks
usa type
I think she must have gotten a big response to the job post and hopefully is just sorting things out.
usa type
How long after you took the test were you called?
usa type
that's interesting . . . sheri told me herself last January that she was selling her medtrans business and wouldn't be hiring any more. . . . .
type it
it doesnt matter if it is someone you know. you still have a job to do while adhering to patient confidentiality.
we have to type it out now? aw man
Just my type ....
Believe me, he'd approach me in a bar .... Just like the late 60's fella with the hot pink sport jacket, rug on his head, and POLYESTER black slacks .... and this was not THAT long ago!! LOLOLOL
type OP.
Type what they say
I was taught to fix them a little bit if needed.  Of course, I work in a teaching hospital and you can do that.  With the foreign docs, they don't make any sense sometimes and get words wrong.  We can fix them, but if they are hard dictators, we just type what they say and let them worry about it.  I have been thanked for doing this for 19 years. 
Is it Type 2 or Type II?
I have been typing Type 2 because I thought it changed but just got corrected. 
Type 2
It's Type 2.  At www.diabetes.com and www.diabetes-facts.com they both have it as Type 2.  Even if you search for Type II and logon to their site they have it as Type 2.  The main thing is how your MT company or physician prefers you to type it.
Type 2
AAMT (2nd edition) shows type 2 diabetes mellitus
all type
i got a call thurs from ann at all type in response to my resume, called her back 3X and she's never called me back. not impressed.
My dog is in my lap as I type this
Was thinking of getting a second dog so he would have someone to play with but after reading your post, that may not be the case! Don't you love it when then sleep? Yup, a tired doggy is a happy doggy.
Why do they always type like
they r in a chat room for teens?  LOL
all type
Good luck to you!
Just type what they say.
ok...here it is, i will type it as

i do it myself so i dont miss a step (it's early for me - PST!!)

Click START.  click ALL PROGRAMS.  Find the program you want a shortcut to be on your desktop.  If that program has an arrow pointing to the right, it means it will open up with more choices.  Move your cursor on top of the program you want...not the manual or uninstall but the actual program.  RIGHT CLICK on that program and you will see a menu. Click on CREATE A SHORTCUT.  It will create one in the menu you have open with a (....2) after it.  Click-and-drag that shortcut, the name with the 2 after it, to your desktop. 

Do this for every program that you want an icon on your desk. 

Those icons will have the number 2 after it and if you dont like that, right click on the icon and click rename and you can take that out.   When the name of the program is lit up in blue, hit END on your computer keyboard and that will take you to the end of the name, then backspace until you erase the 2.  Or you can rename the whole icon if you want...when it lights up in blue just start typing the name you want to rename it to.

that's it the way i understand it!!

How are you able to type in it?

I have tried both of these suggestions, which work just in creating the letterhead, but I am unable to type into it.  Can anyone help me past this point?

Thank you again!

All Type
I am wondering if there are any transcriptionists on here who currently work for All Type located in New Jersey?  I was offered employment by them upon successfully completing their on line test, sent in all required paperwork to them, had an on-line/telephone training course for the platform, email sent to me that I will be working with so and so this evening, have not heard from so and so, and nothing is happening as far as me actually getting going to work for them----all this very time consuming for me on top of it all.  Any input would be appreciated. 
All Type

Would like to hear from anyone who has worked for or is still currently working for All Type, Inc. located in New Jersey.  All pros and cons of working for this company are welcomed. 

that would be had ME type in..... nm
May not want to type that!

This is a good example of what I am trying to say....In the search box I put "People's Support Transcription".  When I got to my options, I saw a response from this web site; about the second one down.  Did you know that our posts are not exclusive to MT Stars?  They go out for the WORLD to see!!