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Microsoft Word Help Please -- New Template Setup

Posted By: OncologyMT on 2007-05-22
In Reply to:

I have done this before and for the life of my I cannot remember how I did it. Can someone help me out?  Okay.  This new doctor would like heading and numbers under each heading.  He wants me to tab over from the number to begin typing and the words to sort of "wrap" so that the second line would not return to under the number.  I will try to show it here.


1.     The patient will ____________________________

        the rest of the sentence would continue under the words "The patient.

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Microsoft Works - deleting template
Can anyone tell me how to delete a template in Microsoft Works.  I have tried to drag it to the trash, I have looked in file after file and cannot seem to locate it within a file.  Any help with this would be appreciated!  I have a feeling that it is in a file within a file or something but just don't know where else to look for it.
I just opened Word, opened the template and saved it as a Word template. nm
Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
Are you looking for "landscape?" In word it is under file-page setup--nm
Can anyone please help me with a Word template? SM

I am going to try to make sense, here. 

I am trying to make a template for a new client I was just given by my MTSPO.  my template is a bunch of letters.  At the top is typical letterhead.  They want this starting at 1" from the top.  Then below will be the rest of the letter.  They want this centered on the rest of the page.  Right now, since I am just making a template to fill in, I have the date line starting at the 3 in. line, the RE: starting at the 3 in. line, Dear: at the left margin, and a couple other sentences and closing and cc line and such.  This is already on the template so that I just fill it in when I am transcribing.  They will dictate 18-20 of these, all in a row, so I do one letter and then just move on the next page to fill in to create another letter, so on and so on.  Does that make sense?  I am trying to make a template for this. 

Here is the problem I am having with trying to get my template set up. I can get it set up so that the letterhead is one inch from the top.  But then when I go in to center the rest of the text on the page, I have problems.  I click to hilight the body of the letter.  I go into file, page setup, layout, vertical alignment, center, center selected text. 


It moves everything I hilighted to the next page! 


If I go in and repeat that process but don't select "selected text", then of course it centers everything, which then moves the letterhead on every letter below my first one. 


I need, on every page of my template, for the letterhead to stay at 1 inch and the body of the letter to be centered on the rest of the page, but then for the letterhead on the following page to be back at 1 inch.  Any ideas how to accomplish this? 


 I am SO frustrated.  I am going to be up all night if I can't get this accomplished! 

Template in Word

My company sent me a template.  How do I convert that and save it in Word so I don't have to retype it all the time?

Saving a Word template.

You should save it as a template (.dot) in the same directory that your other Word templates are located. The default directory would be something like this:

c:/document and settings/your name/application data/microsoft/templates

If you can't see the Application Data folder, go to the Control Panel and open the Folder Options file. Click on the View tab and make sure the button for Show hidden files and folders is selected.

How do you change display on Word template?
Does anyone know  how to change the display to 100%. I have tried to modify normal.dot but no luck.  Thanks in advance.
you must say YES to saving the global template when you exit Word each day. sm
If you are not prompted to save your global template each time you close Word, then do the following:
On the Word tool bar go to Options, then Save, then make sure the box next to Prompt to Save Normal Template is checked.
Microsoft Word
I am purchasing a new computer and obviously we all know the headaches of transferring all of Word information to a new one, or at least I dread it.  How do I save all of may Autotext and Autocorrect entries to transfer to the new Word on the new computer?  Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
Microsoft Word help

I hope I can explain this right:

I can be typing along just fine in Word, and suddenly it will "blank out", causing me to retype sometimes two or three sentences. There are times this happens three or four times per report, and times it does not happen all day. I have to stop, click with the mouse back to where I was, and retype. Does this make sense and does anyone know what I can do to get it to stop? Thanks!  

Microsoft Word help please

For the first time in my 5 years of MTing, I am going to be working in Word and I need to make macros as well as auto text and I am clueless how to do this.

I know it's a lot to ask but y'all are the best.  Can someone walk me through the steps.  You'll be my new BFF, I promise. :)

I do this with Microsoft Word 2000. nm

From time to time I try to add a word into a paragraph and it starts taking out the beginning of the next word so I end up having to type the whole paragraph again.   Today I am trying to change the first word of a normal and it starts taking out the next word.  I cannot type the wole normal again.  I hope you understand what I mean.  Does anyone have a quick fix.  TIA

In Microsoft Word, there should be a record
of changes made and who accessed the report and made it. SOmeone with more technical expertise should be able to tell you what you do.
Where can I get Microsoft Word 2002? sm

Is there a place on-line where I can purchase it and download it?  If not, where can I get a good deal on it?  I need it ASAP!



I recently put installed Microsoft word 2005 in my computer. I use MT world for my job.  Every time I send something after I type to update it sits in updating document for a long time. Has any one else have this problem or have a solution.   No one else in else at the job has this problem but me. 

Guide to Microsoft Word
I have this book and I think it is well worth its price!!  It gives many short cuts that have helped me immensely in my production.  I actually got this book because I was still using WP5.1 and everyone was using/asking for Word.  I had always fought with Word even after taking a college course in Word.   I ended up using this book to help transfer all my private clients to Word and I think I am back up to, maybe even surpassing, my production rate.  I hope this helps you.
Microsoft Word question

Is there any way to have Word open up  automatically with the view screen at 125% (rather than 100%)?  Right now I have to change it each time I start it up.

Thx for any help.

HELP! how to get rid of ruler in microsoft word
I have forgotten how to get rid of the ruler in Microsoft work,  Thanks in advance
Microsoft Word question

When I type out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, how do I get the letters to type of normally instead of  like this: 3rd

I have a lot to learn about Word. :)

Microsoft Word question

When I click on a letter within a word, the whole word is automatically highlighted and selected.  Is there an option I can change so it doesn't do this?


Thx for any help.

Microsoft Word Macro's
How do I set up macro's on Microsoft Word 2003 for frequently used terms?
Help Microsoft Word 2007

Does anyone know how to change a title of a document?  I have named my document and I have to change the name.

Thank you very much!





















Microsoft Word 2007

I had to do recovery on my computer and I added a newer Microsoft Office.  This is MUCH different than my old version so I wanted to see if anyone can help me out.  On old version if I used AutoText for saving smaller things after typing a couple of letters it would pop up with the info that I wanted.  I can't figure out if this new version does that or not.  From what I have read I can't find that it does, but if anyone has any information that it does still do this it would be greatly appreciated!

Microsoft Word 2000, NM
MT Guide to Microsoft word

How many of you have used this or are using it?  I never heard of it before and was wondering if it was worth the investment.

Question about microsoft word???

Okay I am typing a interview and am wondering how to get all the words to automatically tab over so I don't go back and have to do it manually.  It's like this


and all words of response need to be under the response.  Hope that makes sense.


Microsoft Word question

I have Microsoft Word 2003 and for some reason it is not correcting the spelling on capital words (like in a heading).  I cannot figure out how to get it to correct capital words?


You need Microsoft's Word. It is a program that requires
installation. The account sounds good at 13/cent a line. Better invest in Word (costs a bit) unless you have a kind friend who will share theirs with you.
how to indent numbers in microsoft word

I have forgotten how to make it indent the numbers automatically in Microsoft Word.  Help from anyone.  Thanks in advance

Microsoft Word margin jumping
Hello. I've had this happen before when opening MS Word and suddenly the curser jumps to the very top of the page and not at the usual 1" margin that I have set at. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't remember how I did it last time. It just started doing this again. I've checked my margins and they are fine in page set up.Thanks.
Microsoft Word 2007 Frustration!!!
Every time I hit 'enter' to go to the next line (a return), it double spaces. How do I get it to just single space?

Thanks, everyone.
shortcuts for microsoft word 2003


Does anyone know how to create shortcuts or word expansions in microsoft word?  Thanks so much!!!


Where Can I find Microsoft Word 2003? sm
Is this the same as Microsoft Office Word 2003? I need this particular program, and can't seem to find it on the net any place.  Any advice?
Microsoft Word question (numbering)
I started with a new company today.  Anyway, I got my review back.  It said I need to turn off my numbering macro, the numbers should be flush left.  Well, no matter what I do it always indents.  I am working with Word 2000.  I tried the help menu which did not help.  How do you make it not indent the numbers?  TIA. 
microsoft has Word training exercised on the net. NM
might help.
Template question. Somehow this morning I saved the date and patient name into my template? I have t
deleting the date and patient name and resaving as a template but everytime I reopen the template the date and patient name are still there.  Anyone know how to delete them so that they come up blanks again????  Thanks. 
I use SmarType with Microsoft Office with Word 2003
I have had this problem and have even lost documents and was told by Microsoft that this is a Microsoft bug that they have no fix for. I called them and e-mailed and they said they are working on a fix. Can't give me a solution and no time frame of when they will have a patch.
Macro to Search Google from Microsoft Word?
I found one on the net, but when I pasted it in, it would not work.

My version of Word is Word 97. Thanks.
Is there any way to type in microsoft word and then get the document into wordperfect?
This is funny blaming it on Microsoft. SmartType only works in Word and they need to keep up with
Medical Transcriptionist's Guide to Microsoft Word book
Does anybody have this book?  Is it worth the money to buy it if you are pretty comfortable creating macros and such in Word already?  Just wondering.... I am always looking for new ways to increase my speed and make things easier.  Any info would be great from someone who has this book.  Thanks! 
Create your template (save as a template) and use - sm
Control-F9 to make your empty field (as they call it); a set of {} will appear. Save the file, the brackets will not show unless you set it to show the field codes. To jump from {} to {} use F11. You can also preformat the {} with fonts/bold/caps, etc. Have fun.
Well..Here is my setup

I have two different IC positions.  I sought out the second one when the first started shorting my pay and paying late, intending to replace the first completely. 

However, both are IC positions..The one requires that I type 1000 lines between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p,m. I can work overnight if I want to, and often do...

The other just has a daily requirement and I can do that anywhere in a 24 hour period...

However.  I can put out 1000 in four hours..and so I usually do 2 hour blocks...I will do 2 hours for one company, and then two hours for the other...and so on and so forth...the first company, which I now have a part time commitment but still do full time work(they consider FT 10,000 lines in a 15 day cycle), has had a tendency to be slow and run low on work recently...The second company does not ever seem to run low as it is a MAJOR hospital in a largely populated area and there is both inpatient and outpatient dictation. 

I am a single mother of two children under 5, with a car payment and a mortgage.  I am not accustomed to living beyond my means but their father just left last year and I have bills to pay(he took 4,000 a month in income with him when he went and the odd twist on the whole thing is the judge ordered no child support because we agreed on joint custody, even though I am primary)

Stuff happens and we all have to make a living..I remember six years ago making more than I am now and that is insane...wages are supposed to go up, and not down...and that was a local service and I now work for two national!!! go figure


How this is unethical or illegal I do not know as long asthe requirements for both are met.  I think perhaps the definition for both terms needs to be revisited if poster is using them to refer to a situation that meets the criteria for neither. 


Just my 2 cents worth, anyway

op setup
Look in BOS, appendix a, page 443.  I always use them.  No colons, returns after the capped heading.
setup in the car
I like to think that the three day drives to Massachusetts that my family took each year prepared me for this! :)

I have a converter that I can plug into the cigarette lighter so I can plug my laptop in (you can get them at Walmart for 20-30 dollars) and I have Verizon's PC card that works just about anywhere in my area. I usually just stick my foot pedal in the floor board and go to town. The only bad part is my husband likes to take corners quickly so I have to hold on to my laptop or it ends up in his lap! :-D
did you setup?
There's a setting to go in and define what a line is, did you set that?
I had the same setup...
and it worked just fine.  I hope everything works out for you.
Well, that's the setup at my doctor's ofc.
he places the chair where he can see you while he types. It is as if you are dictating and he is transcribing and he types fast! His nurses come in first, and they also type your complaints, vital signs, etc.

I have typed ER in the past, so maybe I will go back to that since it will be the last to go EMR. I just hope I can retrain for something else soon.:)

P.S. more info re: my setup
Sorry, I should give more info. I'm currently using "pre-Stedmans" ST for Word 2000.

Oh, and yes, I too found out the hard way about the weird behavior with Word 2003 and went back to Word '00. Hey Stedmans and M-Soft, keep up to date and work with each other.