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Myrtle Beach is a GREAT place for a vacation

Posted By: In my opinion on 2006-03-19
In Reply to: I'm a little ashamed to say....just I enjoy going to - Myrtle Beach....SM

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Myrtle Beach.
We stayed at the Royal Garden Resort through Dunes Realty (Dunes.com) and had a great time. It cost us about $800 for the week. It was right on the beach and was within driving distance of anything fun.

Hopes this help.
Myrtle Beach! Nothing to be ashamed of! I would rather go there!!!nm
North Myrtle Beach
Having lived at Pawley's Island - this is some really pretty country.  Get out of the car at the Myrtle Beach Sign in the middle of the highway for some photo ops.  Also, for those of you traveling to North Myrtle Beach - please make a short trip (30 minutes with no traffic) down to Pawley's Island and see the Brookgreen Gardens and Hunnington Beach.  There are also a lot of "real" little shops at Pawley's Island with real treasures to find - not cheap souvenier stuff.  You can watch the weavers make the Original Pawley's Island Hammacks.  I know that you are all probably going for either the beach or the golf, but beware that the sewage drains into the ocean up on the Grand Strand and there is usually a daily feces report - so if it is high - don't go into the water.  I hope that ya'll have a great time.  If you get the chance - try some Shrimp and Grits, frogmore stew and some of the other low country delicacies.  You will have a blast.  Remember hurricane insurance, too - in case one is headed that way and you don't want to lose your money on your flight and accommodations. 
Anyone ever stay at Monterey Bay Suites in North Myrtle Beach?
I was checking out there brochure and it said completely renovated for 2006 and their prices are great...Plus you get free breakfast buffet and nightly dessert...sounds great and the pictures look great...but almost too good to be true for that price....Anyone stayed there?  If so, how was it? 
Myrtle Beach has my vote. No passports, no airports, customs... Just kick back & relax!! My vote!!
That's great Patti. Thanks. Have a great time at the beach.
It's the only place I have ever lived.. Great place to retire or raise a family. Low crime rate e
living is pretty easy here. Low stress..
About MQ-A great place to be
I worked for MQ for 7 years and then left to work for another MT Company, thinking I would be better off. To make a long story short, after 3 months I am back with MQ and very happy to be back where I belong. The grass always looks greener, as they say, and when I compare my experience of the last 3 months to my 7 years with MQ, there is no comparison. I have seen messages about no work in certain offices, especially Amherst, but our office seems to be doing well. They are also organized and very considerate to deal with. You can be sure that problems exists with any of these services. Some MTs are hired and then never hear another word from the company. A friend of mine was told she would have a job when the equipment was updated and that was 4 months ago. They are still giving her the run around. So, let's not assume that MQ is the only one with problems; in this business they exist all over. As for me, I am very happy with MQ and hope to be there at least 7 more years.
eBay is a great place for used...
equipment, and that's where I got my C-phone.  They are also sometimes available in the classifies here on the board.  Good luck!
Great place to work! sm

They are very helpful and encouraging and give you plenty of time to get up to speed.  I have been with other national companies and they are the best.  You'll be happy there! 

That's a great place to start...
The majority of Escription accounts I have been offered started are anywhere from 2.5 cpl (insulting) to a max of 4 cpl. So I'd say take it..
Scriberight is a great place!
I've been working there for a while now, and I love it there. We are on EMR system now and it's fantastic. I've never found Lisa to be anything short of wonderful. I really can't recommend them enough.
I agree. It's a great place to work,
most places are very slow around the holidays. And the owner is a great lady.
You're welcome. It's a great place to live!

Except in February.  Dang it's cold in February.

Seriously though, I don't lock my doors and if I need to find the car keys, they're in the ignition.

The way I see it, if them fools need thaht cah baahd enuff, might's well let 'em go ahead and have it. 

Transcend is a great place to work
I can't believe all this negativity! I just love my job with Transcend. From the recruiter to my TL and ROM every single thing I have been promised has happened! I'm very happy! Yes, you do have to produce - but what MLS position don't you? Transcend also gives you the tools you need to succeed and will help you get better, faster and making more $. Stop bashing this company! They truly are awesome!!!! And the promote from within! They are so big on internal growth!!!!
See inside web site. GREAT place for all equipment!
(Actually, Company-Board isn't that great a place to look for jobs -
No mssg.
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Saugatuck, MI is great dog friendly place if you want to go N. Try Lake Shore Reality. Google em.
Oh golly, take the kids on a vacation later. They need this vacation alone Sm

and there is not one thing on earth wrong about their taking it.


Former Myrtle Resident
Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas have to be the most wonderful areas to live ever...unfortunately two years ago I had to leave the area due to my hubby's company transferring us. When you get to go to Myrtle savor every minute of my "home" for me. Its wonderful...take in the fresh salt air and know you are in a little part of heaven.
Becky you work in a great place. With no one hovering, I bet you get a lot more work done w/o agoniz
wants what. The only people qualified to do QA on my reports are the dictating doctors and the rest is just pure waste of money and time. If I have a question fine. But this random QA bites and hurts everyone. BTW, I don't have random QA for those who seem to think I may have an ax to grind. No dog in this fight. Just common sense.
OKAY! I need a vacation. Frank and fans of Frank/MQ who won the Hawaiian vacation?
Does anyone know? 
The position varies from place to place..
Sometimes you end up doing VR, which can be really easy or a real pain. Sometimes you end up simply editing files and all is good. Other times, you end up with more job responsibilities and hours than you ever wanted. All in all better than typing LOL.
Way down here now, but I'm GOING TO THE BEACH!
I have cooked for everyone one in my family and everyone in everyone else's family for the past 30 years (on the nose).

This year my daughter and I are heading east to the beach at a quaint motel with a handful of restaurants. I'm thinking stuffed shrimp this year instead of stuffed turkey!!

You have fun RadGuy!!
Yes! And a beach!
Is there still one in Deerfield Beach?
Try Turtle Beach

Audio Advantage.  Essentially it is an external sound card.  Plugs into USB port and then your headphones plug into it.  I have had one for about a year and cant live without it.  My problem is so called "secret" dictators.  A lot of my docs think their dictation is a secret or something and talk so low that I simply cannot hear them.  The Turtle Beach does wonders for them.  There are tons of options to play with that helps clear up noise too.  One warning though, it will render your speakers useless and you only have sound through your headphones unless you uninstall it.

Me too!!! The beach is the most relaxing and best!!!
I absolutely love Florida for the same reason, the beach. I'm planning Aruba next year, I simply can't wait!
I did South Beach also -
and lost the tummy area first.  I was absolutely amazed how I was never hungry and didn't crave chips, ice cream and chocolate!  I found it time consuming preparing the meals, but the results were worth it.
1.88 yesterday in Va Beach, Va.
cranky beach
I would have to agree with you on the tools.  I was semi-retired for six years due to pain syndrome from what they are now calling "repetitive stress syndrome"  MT itis is what I called it.  LOL
$2.39 for regular in Boynton Beach, FL.
Sunrise over the beach in Rodanthe, NC
Anyone ever been to Flagler Beach, Florida?

I met my husband of 18 years at the beach.
I was 17 and a Junior in High School when I met the love of my life at the beach. It was wonderful - no alcohol involved and we didn't meet in a bar. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary November 14th, and have two children, a son 16 and a daughter 14.

South Beach Diet
I have had this same problem! I gain too much weight with each pregnancy, then when I finally get it off I have ended up prego again. HA. Well, it won't happen that way again. Anyhow, I did the South Beach Diet between my last 2 kids and lost 54 pounds in just a couple of months (a little over 4). I actually lost my weight in this area first. I am just starting it up again for the same reason, and because I know it works--I have done it before. The first 2 weeks are kind of hard to stick to (at least for me as all my teeth are sweet teeth), but it goes by fast actually and you won't believe when you step on the scale and each day your weight is down and you drop clothing sizes. Just typing this is enough motivation again for me to do it. I didn't exercise the last time and the weight just melted off, so I don't know about any exercises. Good luck to you! :)
South Beach Diet
When I did it the last time they only had the blue book out, now they have cookbooks too and the foods at the store so it will be even easier to stick to. I just bought a treadmill and am sad to say after 15 minutes I am dying! HA.

I have even seen the South Beach books on ebay for cheap. :)
south beach d question
would someone tell me please a few examples of 'good' carbs and 'bad' carbs, and/or what causes them to be good or bad?  Thanks.
My friend got married on the beach...sm

They rented this beautiful place for a week for the wedding and the guests - a huge mansion-type place just for them.

They wore white....she wore flowing cotton white, he wore a white shirt and white shorts, they were barefoot (actually everyone was barefoot) with she wearing foot jewelry.  These are not youngsters either (in their 50s) but a first marriage for my friend (she never found Mr. Right until she found Mr. Right - so happy for her - she deserves it and more).  It was exquisite - everyone else was dressed neat-clean-casual - slacks on women, except for her sister who was Maid of Honor......but it was real casual with the finest of food and drinks :)

I think it's up to the people getting married - never let anyone dictate such a special occasion!!! 

South Beach Diet sm
beel ala orange with brown rice and broccoli, carrots, and bamboo shoots...only thing is, they forgot the brown rice...I am still hungry. yarrr.
Does any one know one with a beach and breaker sounds?
Thanks for sharing.  This is the first time I saw something like this. 
I use a Turtle Beach device.

It plugs into the back of the computer and enhances the volume as well as the quality of sound.  But I needed to get an extender from Radio Shack since it plugs in the back (but if you have any USB jacks in front, that would work too). 




kudos to cranky beach
LOL... I just have to say this cranky beach...... with that nickname I would not have thought you to be so helpfulllllll....LOL  You are just a peach of a person to be taking your time to help...and for that I send you mucho kudos......thanks....even though it is not me you are  helping here.
Very nice, quiet, family beach

except for the biker bars (which are really kinda fun!).  Small local market in the square on Friday.  Nice beach, good restaurants, close to Daytona and St. Augustine if you are looking for more action.

A little cool for swimming IMHO, but with good weather it's nice to dig your toes in the replenished beach.

The beach, anywhere. Warm and sunny and lots of fun!
But, Niagara Falls is always beautiful no matter what time of year. It's actually cheaper to stay there in the winter than the summer.

You gotta pick anywhere where you can just focus on each other and let the world go on without your for a night, a couple days, a weekend, maybe a week (yeah right) whatever.
South Beach sounds good - sm
I have actually bought some of the South Beach foods at the grocery store and really like them.  Did you buy the book or what did you go by when you started South Beach?  I don't have a treadmill anymore, but do have an elliptical machine...I wonder about that?  Thanks for your information....
we've gone to Ocean City or VA Beach (sm)
We're looking to maybe going to Idlewild Park for 2-3 days (taking a long weekend) this year.
Look at Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach

It is a USB thing that looks like a flash drive and it bypasses the sound card.  It has lots of settings to adjust to improve sound.   I got it and didn't think it made much difference, but then didn't use it for a couple of days and realized that it did make a difference.  I got mine at Best Buy for about $30.  There have 3 different levels and I think Audio Advantage is the middle one (which was the only one they had at Best Buy).  You can Google Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach and probably find their website. 

Creative is a good brand of sound card and likely it isn't the sound card that is the problem, just poor quality dictation.  The USB thing above will help, but if you don't have good dictation to work work, you can only do so much.   If you don't have them also try noise-cancelling headphones.  They are rather pricey, though can probably get a good pair for about $60 or less on sale, and they make a significant difference too. 

get South Beach Diet book or see online..sm

the author is Dr. Arthur Agatston, cardiologist here in s. florida