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I agree. It's a great place to work,

Posted By: Dee on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: I have never gotten a "nasty" email. - MDI-MD MT

most places are very slow around the holidays. And the owner is a great lady.

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Becky you work in a great place. With no one hovering, I bet you get a lot more work done w/o agoniz
wants what. The only people qualified to do QA on my reports are the dictating doctors and the rest is just pure waste of money and time. If I have a question fine. But this random QA bites and hurts everyone. BTW, I don't have random QA for those who seem to think I may have an ax to grind. No dog in this fight. Just common sense.
Great place to work! sm

They are very helpful and encouraging and give you plenty of time to get up to speed.  I have been with other national companies and they are the best.  You'll be happy there! 

Transcend is a great place to work
I can't believe all this negativity! I just love my job with Transcend. From the recruiter to my TL and ROM every single thing I have been promised has happened! I'm very happy! Yes, you do have to produce - but what MLS position don't you? Transcend also gives you the tools you need to succeed and will help you get better, faster and making more $. Stop bashing this company! They truly are awesome!!!! And the promote from within! They are so big on internal growth!!!!
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
It's the only place I have ever lived.. Great place to retire or raise a family. Low crime rate e
living is pretty easy here. Low stress..
I agree -- go for it. After all, 9 cpl is not all that great for IC work, and it sounds like you nm
About MQ-A great place to be
I worked for MQ for 7 years and then left to work for another MT Company, thinking I would be better off. To make a long story short, after 3 months I am back with MQ and very happy to be back where I belong. The grass always looks greener, as they say, and when I compare my experience of the last 3 months to my 7 years with MQ, there is no comparison. I have seen messages about no work in certain offices, especially Amherst, but our office seems to be doing well. They are also organized and very considerate to deal with. You can be sure that problems exists with any of these services. Some MTs are hired and then never hear another word from the company. A friend of mine was told she would have a job when the equipment was updated and that was 4 months ago. They are still giving her the run around. So, let's not assume that MQ is the only one with problems; in this business they exist all over. As for me, I am very happy with MQ and hope to be there at least 7 more years.
eBay is a great place for used...
equipment, and that's where I got my C-phone.  They are also sometimes available in the classifies here on the board.  Good luck!
That's a great place to start...
The majority of Escription accounts I have been offered started are anywhere from 2.5 cpl (insulting) to a max of 4 cpl. So I'd say take it..
Scriberight is a great place!
I've been working there for a while now, and I love it there. We are on EMR system now and it's fantastic. I've never found Lisa to be anything short of wonderful. I really can't recommend them enough.
You're welcome. It's a great place to live!

Except in February.  Dang it's cold in February.

Seriously though, I don't lock my doors and if I need to find the car keys, they're in the ignition.

The way I see it, if them fools need thaht cah baahd enuff, might's well let 'em go ahead and have it. 

Myrtle Beach is a GREAT place for a vacation

See inside web site. GREAT place for all equipment!
(Actually, Company-Board isn't that great a place to look for jobs -
No mssg.
Saugatuck, MI is great dog friendly place if you want to go N. Try Lake Shore Reality. Google em.
Great post. I swear by both Advantage and Frontline Plus-- both work great! - sm
I don't know about "natural" approaches for the house. I have always used flea bombs in the past before the miracle of Advantage and Frontline changed my life. Have not had a flea problem at all since I began using those products about 10 years ago, dose all the dogs religiously once a month with the Frontline Plus except in Dec.-Feb. to save a few bucks and because the ground is generally frozen by then and no fleas are scurring about. -- Hope you get flea free soon.
oops - posted in wrong place. I agree with everything QA said,not U.
Agree and disagree -- there is a time and place for discretion -- but it should be with the approval

I used to do shift assignments many years ago ... first off, there are times when you have a newbie (or not so newbie)  who will literally take hours to do a few OP reports, when what you need  is TURNOVER, VOLUME, SPEED ..  in those cases, it may make sense for the overall picture to assign someone new (or ailing) some "easy" work to clear out a worktype ... Ditto, I don't have any problem with requesting (and having request granted) to do certain report types or this-not-that when there is a request for extra hours. If you've already put in your shifts doing luck-of-the-draw, spending extra hours doing the dregs feels like punishment ... and if you're doing an unfamiliar worktype on overtime or extra, your reports will  likely be a burden to QA ... net gain lessened.

There are all kinds of cherrypicking possible depending on the configuration of your job -- switching worktypes, switching accounts, taking a "break" are all ways to pass the exhausting and frustrating on to somebody else ... Oh, and no, I make myself NOT do that ... easy though it appears to be for most people to get away with it.

I once had a coworker (whom I liked) who explained that she HAD to cherrypick because otherwise she couldn't reach her line count within her 8 hour workday ...

And it is my place -- I work for MQ too and
if you don't like it and it isn't changing for you like you want it as quick as you want, get out!

I think all those who are happy with MQ are getting tired of hearing your same old sad story all the time.

If you can't change the company (duh, who thought they could) and it still doesn't suit ya, get out! Leave! Believe me, we don't want you there! You are free to go!
ask the place you work for
PET scans are simple FDG-18 radiopharmaceutical.
We must work at the same place. LOL (nm)
You should feel great as a transcriptionist if they think your work is that great!!!
It is not your fault they approached you. I think it would be a different storey if you were the one searching for the job to take away from a company. They obviously want to get rid of the company and if you didn't take the job they would probably ask someone else. You should enjoy the better position and not feel guilty!!
DSG is a wonderful place to work..sm

Management staff is awesome, plenty of work, pay always on time.  My experience with them has been that if I do quality work, keep my line count committment, and just let them know if I am having a problem (sick, etc) and can't work, I have no problems with them.  I have been there almost three years, and love it.

And before anyone accuses me, NO, I am not management.  I am an MT (employee status)

Need a quiet place to work without .

Trying to avoid interruptions in the home.:)  Any of you work from an added room or trailer that you turned into an office?  Closing the door is not an option.  Would need to actually leave the house even if it is to go to a room added on or to a camper in the yard.  Wondering if others have done the same thing.   I saw in the paper where a company rents out an office for a day, a week, or however long you need it for.  Wondering if that would be worth it just to have the chance to work in peace.


MQ was a good place to work
I have been with them for 6 years and before that with another company. I have been extremely happy working for MQ; but too many things are changing and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. I wish I still had my old office to work from but unfortunately I have no say.

I might be checking out the grass on the other side to see if it is really any greener. What do I have to lose? I am no longer happy.

I wish you well and hopefully your office won't be closed and you are transferred into unfamilar territory.
Anybody know of a place you can work just weekends (sm)
With going to DQS looks like the OT/bonus is gone.  Personally I can't make it without the extra (supporting 4 on one salary). Need to fine a place to work weekends only.  Anyone have any suggestions? 
They keep advertising. Bad place to work
As if being Indian-based bad enough. No Thanks!!!
apparently you like the place you work for...
for the most part.  Maybe you should contact your supervisor and let  her/him know you would be OK with mentoring  a less experienced MT, but let them know you don't want someone else's junk to count against your QA score.  Good luck!
Have bedroom only for work place
Sit to where I can see out to the mailbox and my driveway. I have my television in here though and also husband wanted to join me so he has his computer desk right behind me. He could have had his own room but he wanted to be close to his honey. It works out really well.
sounds like we work for the same place...sm
I have been with the same company for about 5 years now.  What I do is take the first letter of each word for a phrase and make an expander.  Ex:  The patient was admitted to the hospital, I make the Expander with tpwatth.  I have found this the easiest on the platform I use as I was not sure if anything like InstantText or others would work.  You don't have to assign the expander to a specific dictator so this helps with the "generic phrases".  For medications that are capitalized, I also make an expansion.  Ex:  Tylenol is expansion tylenol.  Also have them for drugs that are the same prescription all the time, aspirin 81 mg daily is a81, aspirin 325 mg daily is a325, aspirin 81 mg p.o. daily is a81p.  I even made it for when it is capitalized in a list, Aspirin 81 mg daily is aa81.  Every little thing helps.  I do have expansions for doctors that say the same thing over and over, I just make sure I proofread very carefully.  Try to use abbreviations you can remember.  I even have them for b.i.d., etc. 
Tell you what the place I work for started
I work for a national doing a hospital here in my town. The hospital told the dictators no more cell phone calls just because of what you are talking about. I remember when they were allowed to use and all the cutting out so big gaps left. It will work if someone in charge puts that in force.
The place I work already offers 800 numbers for all
inside accounts and most outside accounts as well. Not all are not good to the MTs.
Anyone really know if allocation of work takes place

I wonder if anyone has true knowledge of work being allocated to a particular MT or MTs.  Supervisors possibly who have done this or have witnesses this could you please tell me if this occurs or if paranoia is setting in? 

It seems to me that this is wrong for important reasons that could stand up as an issue for being reprimanded by anyone who does it.  It is taking money out of one person's paycheck and putting it in another, after all, how sleazy is that???

This is a medical transcription business.  We should all be accountable.  What are we, working for the mob??? 

I work for a place that pays per word (sm)
and to figure it you just get the total word count (using the word count feature in Word).  You would have to find out if the 1000 words is based on "a word is a word," or if there's some "formula" such as suggested in another reply, like every 5 characters counts as a word and does that include spaces in that count, blah, blah, blah.  I don't know. If it's just straight up $5.00 per actual 1000 words, then I don't think that's good at all.  I make .0085 per word, and I've figured out that it would be an average of 8.5 to 9.5 cents per line.  Anyway, if "a word is a word" at least, $5.00 per 1000 words would probably equal around 5-6 cents per line or so.
The place I work for went from no patient names at all to
now it is accepted and used all the time. Go figure!
I disagree. The best place to work is a hospital that has their MTs at home.
Plastic surgery only works if there's something there to work with in the first place.
She's been trying to look like her dad's "golden girls," Heather Locklear and Farrah Fawcett, for years, but it's not working, obviously never will.
You're right about the "prehistoric" part! The place I used to work (sm)
uses Lanier, and it's a mess. It's WORSE than prehistoric. It was down more than it was up. It was also not at all friendly for at-home MTs, either.
Sounds like a good place, where you work! BTW: the other 2 posts are not mine
Somebody is cloning my username now and posting. Guess on a board like this anyone can troll. So, I guess I will change my username again, so as not to be taken the wrong way. Wow, people really have a lot of time on their hands!
Used to work at a place that measured productivity by minutes. Minimum requirement was 90 min. SM

in an 8.5 hour day or 7.5 productive hours (minus 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 min. breaks).  Don't know if that helps.  Also I've heard that it will take the average productive MT twice as long to type as to dictate, i.e. a 5 minute job will take an MT 10 minutes to type without interruptions.  So figure 90 minutes of dictation is going to take at least three hours to type and probably a little longer if you figure in interruptions like phone calls, kids, etc. 

For me, I would probably say 120-130 minutes would equal an 8 hour day.

Don't know if I've helped, but I hope so. 

I agree, Ann! It is great!!! nm
GREAT POST and I agree.....nm
Great posting, and I agree 100%
Whether Dr. Phil says it or one of us says it, no one can make you do anything you don't want to do. Maybe it's time to do some self-evaluation and try to figure out why you're in such desperate need of approval.
Yes, agree with both posters above! Great
stuff. Also, if possible, each dog needs to be able to get away and be alone, if possible. I rescue dogs as well, and also have many labradors. I have an alpha female who is very aggressive when feeling insecure. I have a couple of crates set up around my house with the doors always open. Sometimes as humans, we don't sense the vibes when the dogs might be getting annoyed with each other. So I find different dogs at times just napping or hanging out alone in their crates! I have HUGE crates, so more than 1 can cozy on up, or just 1 to get some alone time. I have never seen an irritable dog chase down a dog to the crate. Its sort of like a safe zone, or time out zone!!  Sadly, yes, no toys at all in our house. I love those Bobo toys from Petsmart!! But toys bring out the beast in them as far as competition. Yikes! Food as well for the alpha female. She wants her's and everybody elses!! But it can be done. Just definitely takes work as others have said! Great for you guys to keep the dogs. So many people find their dogs disposable when their situations change! BRAVO TO YOU!!!  Woof!
Great post and I agree with everything you said.
I make above 75K a year for the same reasons. If you are highly motivated and work into a good focused schedule I know it can be done, improving your production and your paychecks.

You don't have to sacrifice your life either. I work less than 40 hours a week, but those hours are spent on focused WORK.
I work 1 FT and 1 IC. The IC is great, I tell them when I can work. So far it has not been a probl
I agree.... the A Beka program is great!!
Agree - Tessier Surg GREAT!
I love the Tessier Surgical Word Book, too. One other nice feature is that the new edition will lie flat. Just turn it to the page you need, and it stays right there.
Agree this system is great to use with any expander.
I agree - high-speed cable is great....
I use Adelphia and am very pleased.  They offer an introductory rate of $26.95/mo. for first 6 months, and were recently also offering a $50 Visa gift card for "joining".  The fee after that is $44/mo., I believe, but you can group it with a digital cable package and save more money.  I have been very pleased with their reliability thus far.  I went with them literally from day one when they came to my area, and at first the outages were frustrating, but now it is extremely rare for them to go out at all (knock on wood!!!!).