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Need Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120

Posted By: C. Johnson on 2007-06-14
In Reply to:

Seeking used Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120 transcribers to sell at local flea market. Can buy immediately. (cash paid if locally in Virginia). Please contact C. Johnson.

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Anyone uyse a Dictaphone Straight Talk #7120?

I bought this brand new but it has an annoying quiet buzz. Also, how is the tone on yours? Mine sounds muffled. Is there any way to clear it up? I have the tone slider at the top of the "+" sign. Is there another way to up the tone so it is more clear?

My doc tried to test it today and he said all it did was beep at him. He did use an author ID. Do you ever have problems with it constantly beeping?

Of course, the "manual" doesn't give a lot of info.

I own the older model that used tapes and never had a problem with it. I beginning to hate this one and I've only had it since Monday.

Dictaphone Digital Dictation Straight Talk System 7120 user manual

I had posted earlier about a manual for the Straight Talk System 7120.  If anyone has a manual, please let me know.  Apparently someone responded but now I can't find the original posted message.  Thanks!

Deperate for info on Straight Talk 7120
 bought this brand new but it has an annoying quiet buzz. Also, how is the tone on yours? Mine sounds muffled. Is there any way to clear it up? I have the tone slider at the top of the "+" sign. Is there another way to up the tone so it is more clear?

My doc tried to test it today and he said all it did was beep at him. He did use an author ID. Do you ever have problems with it constantly beeping? I tried using a cell phone and land line. I have no trouble. What could be the problem with him?  My attorney also tried to access the system and it did the same thing.

 own the older model that used tapes and never had a problem with it until it died.. I beginning to hate this one and I've only had it since Monday.

I'm about to lose my doc of 15 years because of this problem. His work is due tomorrow and he never dropped off tapes since Monday. I think I may have lost him and if I did, I'll be really disappointed, especially since his check goes for groceries.


HELP PLEASE...is there a way a remote Transcriptionist can skip jobs on this system?

I will be out of town for a few days and there will be two people covering the account and one has to do one group, the other another group.  Since the docs all dictate from same source for diferent accounts, this has not been a problem till now.

how can one girl skip the people SHE is not to transcribe??

help quikly please

Straight Talk manual

I had emailed you and asked you to contact me for information regarding a manual. You can download it at Dictaphone's website, but since it has been a week or two since I emailed you I can't remember exactly where on their website. I guess just do some looking around. I think it was in frequently asked questions or something like that.

Where do you buy Dictaphone Deluxe headphones with the straight plug? Are they worth the $69? nm
Can't your set-up person talk you through this? Or call Dictaphone direct if you're
Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
Eewwww... you don't talk like an MT, you talk like mangement. Ick. (n/m)
Straight up!!!!! LOL nm
Okay, let me get this straight.
So, Meredith, Star and now Eliabeth are all leaving? And you think Joy's going to put up with Rosie??!? Highly unlikely. Wow, I guess that's the end of the View as we know it. What a shame!
You got that right, straight and
pretty wordy reports. Just not showing up for a few seconds but also audio is jerking along, word....wor....d… word…wor…d
I have my facts straight.
Comments by people on message boards don't matter.  It's the BBB complaints and lawsuits that back up my facts.  Of course, people are going to say good things about a product or service in order to sell, sell, sell.  It's called damage control.
Your going straight to hell.
I wouldn't stand near you in a lightning storm for anything. You are amazingly cruel, bordering on evil.
Get your facts straight

Anything else you care to complain about?
No straight answers
What is so hard about answering questions? sheesh
150 wpm straight typing.....sm
In high school 1st quarter typing I was doing 70 wpm, by the end of the 1st year of typing in high school I was at 100 wpm.  At the end of the 2nd year of typing I was averaging 140 wpm. 
They better get that description straight
Im sure that they made a mistake but that really is not helping on our self esteem. Maybe we could write our representatives to rectify the problem?
I don't as I know several straight male MTs...sm
just like I know some straight male nurses. 
Would a straight line be the

or what is a straight line???

Straight from Escription
I pulled this page from their knowledge base of information:  Hope it helps. 
Can you fax straight from computer

Can you fax it straight from your computer so that you don't have to print and then put in fax machine? If not, how long does it take?  My charge would depend on the time it takes you to do this and how many a day you fax over.  Keep track of how many you do per month and see what you feel it is worth.     If it just takes a couple of minutes and is only one or two per week, I would do a minimal charge but if it becomes more often or ends up taking more time, figure at a rate of $30 per hour and divide that into the time it takes to do one fax and charge that per fax.  

I have faxed over some things and not charged anything as I can just fax from my computer and all I do is go to print and select fax, the page number, put in the number and send.  So it is not that time comsuming for me.  But if it were a daily thing, I would charge something.  


what is the difference between the two when charging a physician.  thank you for your help!
Are you asking for VR or straight typing?
VR will give you much higher line counts but not at 7-10 cpl.
Straight typing please (nm)
For those who have gone from straight typing to VR...
What sort of training did you get?  What sorts of things did you wish you'd gotten for training?  Thanks :-)
Get your facts straight
"This whole mess" as you put it started long before Clinton became president. Also, remember he was dealing with a Republican congress, which is where NAFTA originated. Reagan was the culprit - it was during his decade of greed that America put itself up for the highest bid - like a lady of the night.
I have straight typing in there as well
so that pay is higher and I have speed on fast forward. If you have the speed, probably can do the 3000 or better a day. I set the goal for myself at 3000 so I would bring home what I wanted every 2 weeks.
THAT sure sounds like it was straight out of
"I'm good enough, and I'm smart enough, and doggone it - people LIKE me!"

Is this straight typing....
What exactly are you typing?
vr versus straight
I make more money doing straight typing as well. Boy, is this an offer from TTS in NH?
Get your facts straight
I cannot believe how ignorant some of the comments in this section are. Physicians from other countries go to medical school in their own country. When they come to the United States, they must pass a Foreign Medical Graduate examination. In addition, they must complete their residency here in the U.S. They also must pass the test to obtain their medical license in the state in which they wish to practice. You don't just go to a mediocre school in another country and then come here and set up practice.
This hourly is for doing straight QA, but you
have to transcribe if they need you to in an emergency, like usual companies. I don't know how much experience you need, I just took the test and I did so well they offered me the QA. But, I have done MT and QA in the past, and have lots of experience. You may as well take the test and give it a try, why not. Good luck!
Get your story straight...

You said above:  Morally, especially the "f" word, I can't bring myself to even type it out.

Now you claim you were just asking the question because you were curious.  Our point is, if it's part of the medical record you need to type it.  As someone else said, if you are bothered by just typing the F word, does it also bother you to type abortions, etc.? You are in the wrong line of work if typing a word bothers you so much that you "can't bring yourself to type it".

The difference here is it came straight
I do straight transcription.
I was just wondering about the reports I send to QA. They're making great money off me because I rarely have more than 1 blank and most of the time they can't get it either.
Taken straight from the email nm
Are you doing SR or straight transcription?

Will that be entirely VR or any straight included?
You did not answer, do you also do straight
along with this? Did someone tell you about you could double or triple your line count?
Why don't you set the record straight Ms. AAMT?
Why are you sooooooo defensive?
Setting the record straight

You purchased an IN-155 foot pedal for compatiblility with DVI VoiceWav.  (We have sold nearly 1,000 of these with zero returns.)

When you called our toll free 800 number for support we told you that the problem was not the pedal and was either the software you were using or your computer.  Reluctantly, we agreed to do an exchange for you.  (FYI, when your first pedal came back to us it worked absolutely perfectly and still does.  In fact it is plugged into the same computer I am typing on at this moment.  It has been tested daily since it came back with no problems).

Now, you voice incorrect information on MTStars.  Your problem is in your computer.   

Please feel free to call us yet again if this is not clear to you.

Tom Wilkes


Executive Communication Systems

(800) 644-9525, ext. 101

Try straight white vinegar. sm
I use it all the time. Of course, the smell is horrible but at least it is better than some of that stuff you buy in the store.  I usually rinse it real well after and then dry everything.
no more itching - go straight to waxing - sm
and do not use the wax that is used for eyebrows - THERE IS A WAX THAT IS VERY GENTLE, NOT PAINFUL - FOR THAT AREA.
Isn't THAT pretty straight forward!?
He wants it on there because he wants the transcript to go out NOW!!  Perhaps he doesn't have time to read it NOW but you can bet your sweet bippee they read ALL transcripts unless they all have photographic memories, and half these doctors don't even have the common sense to press pause on their digital recorders, so assuming they have photographic memories or just naturally remember what each and every patient's problem is and everything they did for the patient and said to the patient, well, it's a REAL long shot.  USE YOUR HEAD. This is common sense!
I get 4 cpl for editing and between 8.4-10 for straight typing nm
Straight from the horse's mouth . . .

Snagged this straight from the Escription site.  Hope it helps.

We have had success configuring both the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor and the Dynex USB PDA/Serial Adaptor to work properly with a serial Foot Pedal and EditScript MT. Other adaptors may also work using this setup, however we cannot guarantee that they will.

  1. To set up the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor:
  2. Install the USB/Serial adaptor per the instructions included with the device.
  3. After installation, open the Windows Device Manager:

    1. Right-Click on My Computer, choose Properties.
    2. From the Hardware tab, cick Device Manager.
    3. In the Device Manager window, click the + sign next to Ports (COM & LPT). You should see the USB/Serial Adaptor listed there with a COM port next to it.
    4. Right click on the Adaptor and choose Properties.
    5. From the Port Settings tab, click Advanced.
    6. From the COM Port Number drop-down, set the device to COM6. (Any COM device higher than COM4 should also work; be sure to remember what you set this to.)
    7. Click OK to close the Advanced window, then OK to close the Properties window.

  4. Close the Device Manager
  5. Now open EditScript and log in.
  6. Once you have logged in, click on the Options button in the EditScript toolbar:
  7. From the Foot Pedal tab, change the CommPort setting to COM6 (or whichever port it was set to above).
  8. Click OK to close the Options dialog.

Your Foot Pedal should now work properly through the Serial/USB adaptor.

Pretty much straight typing.
Workers' Comp rehab.
Getting paid only for STRAIGHT TYPING

My company set me up to work from home - - - I am new at this and confused and am need of imput from others in the field. Currently I get pain 8 cents per line.  I have a quota of 7,000+ lines a week - -however the computer I have been set up with does not enable me to add programs (if I wanted to add a word expansion program) and, interestingly, the ability to set up macros in MS Word has been disabled.

With that said - - - For example, I will type a new consult on a patient that ends up being 4 pages in length.  I want to "work smarter and not harder" (who doesn't) so I incorporate word Expanders that I have in MS Word Auto Text as well as an Auto Text "intial office visit" outline which includes the doctor's "normal" exam.  All I have to do are make any necessary changes with each individual patient.  We use a nationally known dictation program/softwear which enables me to go to a "statistics" screen to see the line count for each document I have typed.  I have been finding, however, that on these 4 page consults, I am only being credited for 60 lines or so - - - aren't there 65 lines PER PAGE - - -why is it not 4 times that amount??  Looks like I am only getting paid for STRAIGHT TYPING, not for the total line count of the end product.

Let me see, VR versus straight, which is boring?
Hmmmmm, I don’t think so. I have had majority straight today and really do not like anymore- can fly when I have VR and make $$$$- straight only slows me down and like the bumper sticker I saw the other day- I am not speeding, I am qualifying! Loved that.