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Can't your set-up person talk you through this? Or call Dictaphone direct if you're

Posted By: allowed to. nm on 2007-04-19
In Reply to: dictaphone help - Jen


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  • dictaphone help - Jen
    • Can't your set-up person talk you through this? Or call Dictaphone direct if you're - allowed to. nm

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I ordered it direct from Dell ---- talk look at your - sm
foot pedal connection. Does it have pins (metal rods),if so how many, 9 or 15? There are both 9-pin and 15-pin foot pedals. If it is rectangular and slides into a rectangular slot it is USB type connection. If it is not a USB that is where you may have an issue, you would either need an adapter that works (and as I said I could not get it to work but you may not have a problem), or the right port, if a 9 or a 15 you will need that on the back of the computer. There is a 15-pin on mine but it is for the monitor. So obviously you would need 2 of these if you used a 15-pin. But you most likely either use a 9-pin or a USB type foot pedal. If you have any doubts as to what you use get on line and look at pictures of what each looks like, or ask someone you know who would be able to help you with this. I have heard too much bad about Vista. My brother is an engineer and programs building systems, etc. he told us to avoid Vista (which I am), plus it does not work with a lot of programs so until I have to upgrade, I won't, I plan to stay with XP for now.
I would call HIM direct...
(Health Information Management) which is Med. Rec. Normally when you call the director will never answer. Either ask directly "Can you tell me if you have a transcription department or if you outsource your work?" Or ask if they have any openings for transcription. They can only say no we don't or we don't do that here. You could probably even ask who they outsource it to.

Unless you get the idiots that I called the other day. Our coverstatino... Like above post...Called hosp. I used to work at because rumor was they had an opening. Called HIM..Do you have an opening for MT? Umm I don't know I'll have to transfer you to HR. (HR) Do you have an opening for MT? Um no we don't. Do you have opening for an at home MT as described. Umm I don't know we would not know that, let me check with HIM....No they do not. Can you tell me who is the director of HIM now? Umm I'm sorry but we are not allowed to give out that information. I had to call back and ask the clerk in HIM who the darn HIM director was.

Who in the world cannot tell you who the dept. managers are. That was so brainless. Explained that I had worked there previously and wondered if it had changed. Wonder what would have happend if I asked to speak to HIM director. Um I'm sorry she's not allowed to talk to anyone!
Need Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120

Seeking used Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120 transcribers to sell at local flea market. Can buy immediately. (cash paid if locally in Virginia). Please contact C. Johnson.

CAll IT tech support direct and they will help you out.

HELP PLEASE...is there a way a remote Transcriptionist can skip jobs on this system?

I will be out of town for a few days and there will be two people covering the account and one has to do one group, the other another group.  Since the docs all dictate from same source for diferent accounts, this has not been a problem till now.

how can one girl skip the people SHE is not to transcribe??

help quikly please

Anyone uyse a Dictaphone Straight Talk #7120?

I bought this brand new but it has an annoying quiet buzz. Also, how is the tone on yours? Mine sounds muffled. Is there any way to clear it up? I have the tone slider at the top of the "+" sign. Is there another way to up the tone so it is more clear?

My doc tried to test it today and he said all it did was beep at him. He did use an author ID. Do you ever have problems with it constantly beeping?

Of course, the "manual" doesn't give a lot of info.

I own the older model that used tapes and never had a problem with it. I beginning to hate this one and I've only had it since Monday.

Dictaphone Digital Dictation Straight Talk System 7120 user manual

I had posted earlier about a manual for the Straight Talk System 7120.  If anyone has a manual, please let me know.  Apparently someone responded but now I can't find the original posted message.  Thanks!

Talk to a real person! database

This web site has the listings for lots of major companies that we deal with every day.  It includes the numbers to actually speak to a human being and not a computer.  My daughter forwarded it to me, but I haven't actually had need to use it yet.  Thought it might take away a frown  or make someone's day a little better.

It is:  http://www.gethuman.com/us/

NO, you're off. 0.03 x 60 = 1.80 that's without a direct onesuite connect sm

I used them for years. I didn't pay any attention to their rate, above -- but it doesn't matter how fast you type. You could sit there and NOT type, and you're still paying $1.80 for every hour you're hooked up.

And by the way, there are several dictators I'm 1:1 on. Not many though!

I would call your team lead or manager and talk to them. Maybe there is sm
some advice or help they can give.

I have been with 3 companies and range in pay from $1.05-$1.45 per report. I actually make the most at the one I am with now at $1.10 per report because the account is really good.

Call local dentists and see if you could talk (see inside)
with their hygienists. Maybe you could drop by at lunch time or something and they'd be willing to talk to you, or maybe you could arrange to chat by phone when they are not working.
We're in the process of switching my FIL to cable from Direct TV.
It's just too complicated for him to figure out what channels he actually has and what are just black channels that he doesn't. The "guide" seems too complicated for us, or it could be that we're just spoiled at the ease of cable use. Either way, he finally is ready for cable and I can't get it switched as fast as I would like. Direct TV is too complicated in my opinion.
a smart person expecting an important call
Well I wouldn't call a person "stupid" because they aren't from here, but SM
maybe you mean because of the poor use of the language. I know what you mean.
This is strange. I just discussed a flexible on-call person
for radiology with the owner of Keystrokes, where I have worked for 4 years. We were discussing the feasibility of having someone trained on a few accounts, ready to do "x" number of reports a day without a fixed schedule, floating on a few different accounts.

If anyone is interested, please email the office. You can do so through the ads on the job seekers board.
Time to call the authorities and put this person out of business. no mess.
If it's Dictaphone or Philips, you're stuck
If the unit is Dictaphone or Philips and has a proprietary headset with weird prongs rather than a standard RCA plug like you can use with a Discman, then there is no adapter.  Those companies want you to have to buy your headset from them or their authorized vendors.  I've been through it with both.  It's not enough that you've paid big bucks for the unit, they want every last cent they can get, including for the headset.
We all come together to talk about a myriad of subjects. We're mostly
work at home women and don't have that office atmosphere like others. Not every topic has to be MT related. If you see any of the other MT sites they do the same thing.
Such lies. Just yesterday I had a payroll problem. 1 phone call, person answered, and IMMEDIATELY
remedied the situation. There are always people there to help us.  Wendy is just lying, and like I'll bet she's lying about her name! Its sooooooooo stupid to do this stuff when you're a disgruntled ex.
Can someone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call or an email
address. I am interesting in asking a few questions to someone there in hopes of possibly transferring but I need some info first before I go from one problem to the same one elsewhere.
This person has no idea what they're saying.
They're letting their emotions rise to the top without a full understanding of the situation.
You're a good person Paulette
and your mother is lucky to have at least one child who is willing to take responsibility and help her. Not that many years ago, extended families were the rule and not the exception. The truth of the matter is that unless a parent dies early, someone (be it a child, grandchild, or an institution) will probably have to take care of that parent (or parents) emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially. For most of us, our parents cared for us when we were children and when they age the tables turn. I have 2 sisters who are willing to help with my mother but they live in other states and have no plans to move back to our hometown or homestate. Thus, I will be the one who becomes the caretaker.

I think you will have to sit down with your one brother (and his wife if he is married) and ask them for help that is on a more regular basis. Or, alternatively, just call him when you need him to help. Maybe he will get that hint (though he is male and hints go by undetected!).

I hope you find the relief and assistance you need. Take heart in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing.
Oh if you think a person is beautiful, you're a lesbian? HMMM
What planet are you on? God thinks all are beautiful, does that mean he is gay? Didn't mean to get you in such an uproar. But I stick to Angelina being a beautiful person. She helps people in need. You ridicule people..see the difference?
You're absolutely right - I wouldn't recommend this profession to a young person either.
and no respect for it
You're misunderstanding how toll free call in
services work.  You can't just get some long distance service at 3 cents a minute. Where are the doctors supposed to leave their dictation?  We have software that answers, prompts for the dictator ID and password, then keypad functions the doctor uses to leave their dictation.  Then, those dictated files are provided to the transcription service via FTP.  So, our service, at 9 cents per minute is the cheapest on the market offering these features and we do not require a large amount of minutes per month like other toll free call in services do.
Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
We're not a transcription service. We offer toll free call in dictation
service at rock bottom prices. I was only offering you an alternative without having to put out a lot of money by buying handheld units.
Eewwww... you don't talk like an MT, you talk like mangement. Ick. (n/m)
I work for the person. I know. Very excellent person, personally and business-sense.
It is an INSULT to have QA hovering over seasoned MTs who know what they are doing. She trusts her MTs and again if there are questions there is one person, a trainer, who can answer them via phone, e-mail or instant message or you can send the whole report to them if you choose.
Point was is the person willing to make up for the slack of the person who types 1 job when there is

if that is all they WANT to type.   Is the person who wants to be a supervisor willing to make up for those people?

You have crap supervisors, editors and mts in the business like you have good ones.   Sadly, the really good ones of all of them are few and far between. 

When you have a QA person that is picky and another QA person that is very lenient where does that
leave the MTs because some are getting a lenient reviewer and others are getting one that picks at everything. How do you reconcile that issue with the difference in QA mentality. Some people make out well and the other people could be just as good but dont. I wonder about that.
The person MTSO pays is the person who
got the "phone call" -- get this, MQ has hired a bunch of telemarketers to call all of us to

we received our "incentive packet."  They don't even have the wherewithall to contact us personally.   These are temp-agency hired telemarketers sitting around a boiler room making sure we're reading our mail.... told him it don't pertain to me because I've been demoted from FT to SE.... He said, "yes, the letter is vague, but it does pertain to FT as well as SE...." yeah right, we'll see.

*70 will disable call waiting unless you are expecting a call and want it on (nm)
On-call requires on-call compensation by law
This field gets more disgustingly grotesque daily.
One person's "custom" is another person's
"house arrest". I'd never go to the Middle East because of how they treat women. I don't agree with their laws or "justice" system. For example, the woman who was gang raped as punishment for the actions of her 12-year-old brother, a boy who wasn't even an adult. How's that for a "custom"? Let's not forget bride burning. Burqas.

Besides, foreigners don't follow our "customs" when they come to this country. Half of them don't even bother learning English. Instead, we're expected to pay for healthcare and foodstamps for illegals and print everything in Spanish.

I won't be oppressed or treated as a second class citizen, and I wouldn't treat others like that either. A "custom" is more like putting up a Christmas tree, not being abused based on your gender.
i'm sure it will vary from person to person.
I recently did the same thing and am loving it! The freedom from time clocks, the better company, make losing the benefits well worth it to me. You need to set up a plan to have $ set aside for taxes though. I should have done this years ago!
Wrong person. I'm not the person you were
any money.  You have a sucky attitude, a "poor me" attitude.  Get off your lazy whiny a$$ and work instead of complaining and you will make money.  I have one account at 10.5 cpl, two at 14 cpl and one at 15 cpl.  I make a lot of money, even on the 10.5 cpl.  But I'm not sitting around whining either.  And I didn't whine when I made $6 an hour.
Direct TV

We have had Direct TV for approximately 12 years now.  The price is reasonable and I just got an upgrade to the DVR for my sons to record shows, sports events and Direct TV took the box on the t.v. in the living room and put it on the t.v. in the kitchen for my husband to watch.  Direct TV is great.  We only have problems with it during severe lightning storms, but turn it off anyway, (picture freezes when storn is overhead).  It costs about 94.00 per month for all the sports channels, movie channels and then 5.99 month extra for the DVR, which works great.  But our price is expensive because of all the sports channels.  Hope this helps in your decision.  I have never had DISH, as we tried Direct first and never stopped or switched to cable or anything, as we found the service is great. 

MQ direct deposit
On Friday if payday on Saturday.  On Monday if pay day Sunday.  .
MQ direct deposit
As a rule, when the pay date is on Sunday I usually have my deposit in the account on Saturday a.m. The last pay date I think fell on a Saturday and that was deposited on Friday a.m.
They don't do direct deposit for IC's.
Nobody at SS answered my e-mails.
Direct hit on cherrypickers
Just wondering - how do you cherrypick on DQS?
Direct hit on cherrypickers!

Here's some good news - my branch just eliminated cherrypicking by disabling the Dictaphone button that sends reports back into the pool, thereby rending cherrypickers impotent! Yea!!!

Now they have to do the same frickin' lousy docs as meeee!

Direct Deposit
Independent contractors cannot receive direct deposit typically as a standard course of events, I am told, because that would be treating them like an employee, and not appropriate for the IRS and accounting purposes.
Direct deposit
I would love direct deposit!  I have worked for many services as an IC and most offer it but currently do not have it.  I miss it so much!
I think it is in direct proportion to how often
they want to be "bothered" by a lowly MT with questions - lol. I say this because the more exp you have, the less questions you will have. I have seen some with the audacity to put in their ad, "quality-ready work." I doubt they know what it means!LOL!
when privacy direct first came out.....sm

it only cost $2/month extra - today I think it costs $19.95 but to me it's worth it because #1 it cuts all telemarketer calls (and I have been on the Do Not Call list since that began) and I can also take my phone charges off my MTSO business at tax time......

call your phone company and ask them if they offer anything like Privacy Director.  *S* 

Can some tell me, or direct me to, about editing. Sm
I need to expand my horizons I guess.  I've been out of MT work for 6 weeks with no signs of hire in the future.  I've seen editing jobs..editing and editing VR..I don't even know what that involves.  Any helpers out there?  Thanks!
please email me direct--sm
I tried your email link through this message, but it did not work. would love to hear from you on a personal level. thx.
no direct deposit either...this is what I do...
I'm an IC for 2 companies that don't provide direct deposit and I just found that waiting on snail mail to bring my check was too undependable.  I now have my checks sent overnight.  Sure I have to pay for the charge of it but it is worth knowing when my money will be here.  Most companies will do this if you ask them to and they just deduct it from your pay.  I don't know your situation but I am able to use this expense on my taxes each year, so I definite feel that it is worth it.