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New Orleans...

Posted By: KYradMT on 2005-09-01
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I don't know about U guys but I'm finding it a lot harder these days to complain about the usual stuff I tend to complain about - bad dictators, bad companies, bad hair days, etc...every time I start feeling sorry for myself the words "New Orleans" keep popping into my mind - and the complaining stops. Those poor souls...

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Anyone from New Orleans?

My son and two other friends doing. Staying in the Cotton Exchange Hotel on Carondelet St in French Quarters. I found this on the internet (after days of searching for an opening), so I hope I have at least gotten them a decent room. Just wondering if anyone knew of this hotel and any suggestions for nice places to eat, etc. (All 20 years olds and never been there)


Anyone STILL in New Orleans???

If so, GET THE HECK OUT! We don't want any MT's to become statistics. Hurricane is a comin'.....

New Orleans
New Orleans is such a beautiful city.  I have visited it twice and always had it in my mind that I would like to live there one day.  For a long time, there have been stories that if a big hurricaine hit, it could devastate New Orleans because it is below sea level.  I can remember driving alongside the gulf with all the old mansions right at the shore.  I am so sad and certainly upset for New Orleans.  Does not look like anything good can happen to alter the catastrophe that we are all watching unfold.  It is heading right for the metropolitan area of New Orleans.  Geez..
New Orleans
According to CNN, the Lake Pont. levee has breached. The mayor NO now says the city is 80% flooded with water 20 feet deep in places. It tears your heart out to think about that. I wonder if anyone got trapped in that? I pray to God not.
S.O.S in New Orleans...
How ridiculous is it that the mayor of a major US city has to send out an S.O.S for help to Bush?? Thousands of people are literally dying on the streets but where are the troops? Iraq, of course, 50 million miles away. Lord help us all until January 2009...
New Orleans
I have been watching CNN a lot this past weekend. The Mayor from N.O was very angry. No one sent buses or any kind of transportation to get the sick and poor people out of N.O. Wal-Mart was turned away two days before the storm by FEMA with a tractor trailer full of water, FEMA said we don't need it. Diesel fuel turned away by FEMA - we don't need it. Two gentlemen were on Meet the Press yesterday morning and they said not one piece of debris or rebuilding of homes should be done in N.O. until they rebuild the city to make it above sea level, which they have been told about by experts for the past 13 years that a grade 5 storm would do this exact thing to N.O. If they rebuild it as it is now, the same thing will happen all over again. Washington has known about N.O. problems for the past 8 years and nothing has been done. I don't know who is at fault, but there was a lack of communication somewhere by someone. One gentleman said FEMA should not be a part of another agency but should be on its own like it was years ago. But of course if you take funding away from the Army Corps of Engineers in the amount of 13 million or so, your hands are tied on what projects can be done. They said the city can be rebuilt the right way, but the cost is in the billions. I just know that because someone did not do something right there are millions suffering, hundreds dead and the rest of the world cannot believe that the U.S. took so long to help out these poor people with food and water. It just breaks your heart. I do hope that they don't just start rebuilding the city of N.O. below sea level and have this happen again, maybe not this year but with mother nature, could happen at any time.
I work in New Orleans

I'm not familiar with that particular hotel, but I would imagine anything on Carondolet Street should be decent.  Just make sure they stick together and stay where people are.  Essence Festival is this week, so should be pretty crowded.  As in any major city, there are definitely areas they should not venture into, and I'm sure the hotel concierge can help with that, as well as restaurants (there are many  excellent restaurants in the area!).  I hope they get to experience many of the great things about this city while they are here.

Animals need help in New Orleans
Anybody want to help the animals in New Orleans, just go to the below link and check out what you can do, many many displaced animals there that need your help.

Rebuilding New Orleans
I think the smell would be better in New Orleans
No thanks.
Or New Orleans! or Mississippi!
I wondered if your NOLA = New Orleans LA!

Yes, I agree, I think that is not a bad wage for my area.  I work for a medical school in NOLA (hint: Go Green Wave ) as my FT job, but transcription is not my primary job.  I honestly couldn't do transcription FT every day!  My hat goes off to all who do though.

My primary account is in New Orleans
They aren't dictating.  They don't need transcription help.  I need work, but I'm not whining.  At least I have a dry home!!!
Nagin of New Orleans, no hero
Not only did he not use school buses, and all public transportation to get his people out of the city, they did not even transport jail prisoners out of the city, they waited until the flood then opened the jails and let the prisoners out on the street. Nagin may run his mouth in public, but is no hero. He will blame anyone he can, other than himself, who is at the root of the problem. Even had the audacity to say, "because of their color". Get real. Who would have thought so may thousands of people would stay there and not evacuate? It was his job to see that people got out, and he FAILED miserably.
Looking for an MT friend that was in New Orleans area...
Angelique...are you okay??  I wish i could hear from you and know if you are okay.  I have prayed for you since the day the storm hit.  I had talked to you 3 days prior and I am sad I didn't have time to say hi a bit a longer.  I miss talking with you dearly!  Please tell me you are okay.  I have tried to email you, but to no avail...this is the only place I could think to try.  If anyone knows Angelique please tell me if you know anything!!
Comment about New Orleans and Ray Nagin, the Mayor...sm

I just read below that a lot of you believe that Ray Nagin is a "hero" for speaking his mind, etc.  My DH just told me this morning that he read the evacuation plans for New Orleans and what the city and its leaders (Nagin being the main leader) were supposed to do in the event of a hurricane, flood, etc.  The manual stated that ALL public transportation was to be used to but the elderly, sick, poor, and those unable to get out to higher ground until the storm or catastrophe passed.  He did not do that. He got on tv and told those to get out. No public transportation or school buses were used to get these people out. 

I hate to judge, but I just cannot help but think that this guy is all talk and no action?  I don't know, sure does sound like it to me.  I too thought he was awesome, until my husband explained the evacuation procedures and how the city did nothing but warn of people to get out - and did not help them....

I know, sounds like the blame game and I am sorry if it sounds like I'm blaming.  I just can't help but state this when now the facts are coming to light.

I hold New Orleans totally to blame

They knew they had a city under sea level. They knew the levees could only withstand a Category 3 hurricane. They had three days to get enough food and water into the Superdome.

Need I go on?

relocate to higher ground! New New Orleans! :) (NM)
Watching CNN - New Orleans. See people walking through water (sm)
A thought comes to mind.  I would be afraid to just walk around in the water.  Isn't there a chance that either sharks or gators could have come inland with the water? 
New Orleans not only below sea level but sinking 1 more inch a year.
The political people knew what could happen if a hurricane hit New Orleans. sm
after 9/11 they diverted the money for the war.  One should not take money from one project to do another.  This tragedy didn't make any sense and there are some people on the political board that says its the mayor fault.  What a joke.