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No facility should be given permission (sm)

Posted By: passing through on 2005-08-01
In Reply to: I heard on the radio 23 states still have paddling in schools or physical discipline. - Shocked Mom

for any kind of physical discipline.  Its not a spare the rod spoil the child issue.    When having to discipline someone elses child, the results could be far less or far more than what the parents would have inflicted.   The result in some cases, especially in Texas, is the accidental deaths of children.     I spank my children, on the behind but as a LAST result.   THerefore, I would not allow my children to go to a school or facility, camp, counseling, etc, that would attempt to discipline my child physically.   Call me and I will come and take care of it, but don't put yourself in the parents position.  

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Since when do you need his permission ..
to be with him?  That would make me more determined to go.  And you know what...I would still go today.  Even if I had to repack everything to do it..you've already planned your next couple days..it's not too late to go. 
My husband said he had to "babysit" our children years ago.  I told him it was called parenting.  He never said it again.  Just maybe your husband doesn't want you to be more educated/make more money than he does?  That's a powerful thing for men to overcome.  Go for it.  If you don't do it for yourself, NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.   
You asked? What else do you ask permission for? nm
So...you think you have to give permission
now for someone to disagree with you? You really take the cake, Kikki. You came on here and posted your opinions and things that you have experienced with OMs, and this other poster did the same. There is no law against that, and it certainly does not call for you to be rude and nasty to the other poster. He/she is allowed to post their opinions and experiences just as you did. Just because they are contradictory to what you said doesn't mean they aren't true. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone in my entire life as nasty and rude as you!
You probably need your company's permission/log-in code, etc. to do this. nm
I like fax machine as can fax permission slip to
News stories do have to obtain permission to
My DS has much experience in this field.

I am an MT at the facility where the

report came in.  This dictator is not our best, but he's not our worst, either.  I also transcribe his dictation.  MQ does our overflow and has for YEARS!  This is not an ESL dictator, and this physician has been at our hospital for years.  I know nobody is perfect.  All I'm saying is, I would never send a report through with that many blanks without someone checking first. I also know that yesterday one came through from MQ with more than 14 blanks, and it was from one of our easiest dictators!  It doesn't matter whether you are management or an MT in the trenches (as am I).  You should take pride in your work and care what the finished product looks like.  If you have done your absolute best, then okay.  If not, then there's a problem.  With multiple reports coming through like this every day, it makes us wonder if all whoever types these cares about is getting the lines and doesn't care about the work they do.

Maybe work like this is why things aren't going so well at MQ, at least according to what I read on these boards.  And for the record, I worked for MQ for a short period of time as an IC about 6 years ago but chose to go to work in-house for this facility for benefits. 

I have been transcribing for 19 years, and I have had my share of difficult dictators, ESL, bathroom talkers, dictating in cars, airplanes, screaming children, fighting spouses, gum chewing, burping, and hearing other bodily functions, along with transcribing while parties, code blues, superbowl games, etc. are going on in the background.  I know about crappy dictation and good dictation.  I struggle through the bad and rejoice in the good. 

The patients deserve the best.  Our best! Yes, the ultimate responsibility should be the physicians, but isn't it our job to create the best possible report with what we have to work with?  Medical Transcription is not a perfect world.  There are no perfect dictators, but I do know a couple that come awfully close!  In a perfect world there would be no sickness and we wouldn't be needed!

It's time for us to quit complaining about the dictation and do our absolute best with what we have.  We owe the patient that much. 

It is up to the facility not the MT (eom)
Whatever the facility wants is what you should do.
incompetent facility
Your story sounds like something from a small town (or small office). That many radiology reports withheld from being distributed, you know some of them had remarkable findings such as a chest x-ray that needed a follow-up MRI, CT scan, etc. I hope this girl gets terminated soon enough and out of there. Otherwise, the radiologists themselves will be paying the price and hence it would be followed through to the administrative office/CEO office of the medical center/hospital.
This is how we let facility know they need to check
No, I know not every facility/provider is
compliant, but two wrongs don't make a right.  I want to keep my nose clean if the facility/provider is ever charged and investigated for a HIPAA violation - if the gov't has done so thus far.  You think the gov't will buy 'oh, I was non-compliant because my client signed my checks'?...nope!
It is still up to the facility to make that
determination, not the individual MT. We only do what we are told to do.
Wow, this must be directly for a facility. Sm msg

Very hard to imagine an MTSO paying that type of money, although it is well worth every penny!  Good luck!  Grab it quick!

Yes, it is for a facility, remotely. sm
My concern is the salaried position and not hourly. The hours are supposed to be 9 to 5 Mon-Fri; however, if the workload is heavy, no overtime is paid, no shift differentials, etc. because it is a salaried position.

I could end up working a 60 hour week for the same amount of money as a 40 hour week.

That is what is holding me back right now.

I guess I could always try it and if for some reason it doesn't work out and they demand more than 8 hours a day without any type of incentive or bonus pay, then decide to leave or not ~ good idea?

Contact the facility...

That's the best thing to do.  I don't think they want people posting that type of information here.

Been there-done that, but you can not complain to the facility
If you are working for a service, it is their responsibility.  I would not put a report note or anything of that nature with the report to the client as it could cause YOU a lot of trouble.  I have had so many bad dictators like that - one even fell asleep while dictating!!  I know you have to take the good with the bad but like I have said before, an account has to be profitable to me or I do not want it.  Bottom line, I am here for the paycheck just like they are.  When I worked in house years ago, the doctors were actually offended and insulted if you brought up discrepancies in their dictation.  Then the MT company did not care much when I complained.  They just said to make sure you typed accurately exactly what was dictated.  Again, accurate garbage is still accurate garbage.  It is the provider's responsibility to dictate a professional medical document before you can transcribe one.  If he/she cannot do that, there is not really much you can do to help them.
Where I work, the facility wants L used.
Usually Dr. dont hire MT, it is thru facility and
The facility is a "suit" who has no idea of MT. He
If your hospital/facility could take MT back

from the outsourced services, would it be interested in doing so? If you think it's Take Back Time at your hospital, facility, doctor's office, I am ready to offer them a proven solution to take control back into their own hands and create a win/win situation for hospital, MDs and MTs. It's Take Back Time!

How about you? If you could work for a hospital or facility without having a service between you and them, would you be interested? Do you have the proven quality and experience to offer a hospital? (Excluded: new grads, MT wanna be's, and trainees - this question is only meant for those with solid and strong acute care experience)

If the above scenarios appeal to you, contact me and let's talk.  

Usually not Dr. who pays, but facility/hosp that
Doesnt matter what we think. Facility way is
MT works for the company, not the facility
It has been my experience that approaching an issue like this comes across as bullying and I have not had very good results with this method. Its like ha-ha you got one more chance kind of a deal. Rather than putting it off on the facility I would have sent a directive to the MT and asked that it not happen again, stating that the facility expects top notch work from us and anything less would not be acceptable to them. If that fatal second blow were to occur, then let the company deal with any disciplinary action it normally takes and/or perhaps move the MT over to another account. I have worked both sides of the fence, so I know this technique never works, almost always results in more and more errors.
Maybe facility doesnt know how deal with IC,
You do have only one crowd to please. The facility. All this other baloney is
I used to type for a pediatric psych facility.
At first I used to laugh, thinking maybe I'm not so dysfunctional after all.  Some of the cases were just out of control kids and this was the only option, but there were 7-YO or younger who had attempted suicide.   I don't do them now and don't know how someone can do them for very long.  
I was searching for a Kaiser facility and the article came up (sm)

I don't know if I would call it better, but different sites come up.

It doesn't mention what they plan to do about identity theft and their 3 years is now up.  Anybody work for this Kaiser facility?

Yes I have found some facility websites that have pics of all the MDs
and I have to say they may be the most unattractive group of people I've ever seen! I guess if you have nothing else going for you, it's a good idea to become an MD! Sort of ruins that sexy voice visual, huh? LOL
Others are working without spell check, facility
Sounds like facility is trying to save money by
I have a job where MTs were to put in billing and coding number.  Use # X for emergency admits, except if it is Tuesday and sunny, then use # XX.  That sort of thing. I had no idea what I was doing but figured if Dr was going to sign off on this mess, it was all on him. 
Only a problem if your MTSO/facility decide
to use it. From what I have heard, not everyone is going to it.
I inquired about that as my MD provides care at a nursing facility & assisted living, he said
that he just hand writes notes it is cheaper, and if patient has to be admitted he dictates a full note at the hospital. But basically he said it was up to the individual facility, so you might want to check into it.
I think is called preferred vendor? Facility gets certain monetary breaks to only use one


Unless a facility name accompanies the phrases you hear/type, you should not capitalize.
I would start with hospital websites in the surrounding areas to whatever facility you type for. SM

Hospital websites usually have a pretty good physician directory you can search through by name or by speciality, which is nice.

I also use the AMA website which has a sound alike search feature which is helpful.  Here is URL for the AMA doctor finder.


Also, some states have websites for the medical board licensing or professional licensing where you can look up doctors with licenses in that state.  You might do a Google search for whatever state your facility is in.

Another good one that I use is the WebMD physician finder.  Here's the URL for that one:


Hope this helps you.

Hmm..patient information, name of facility, etc. on top of page is a header. Stuff on bottom like ph
How would you handle clinic notes coming up missing after you've delivered them to the facility?

I type the clinic notes at home, print them, verify the all notes printed, place them in a manila envelope clearly marked with the clinic name and dictator doctor's name and date of clinic.  I then deliver the notes to the lead Transcriptionist at the hospital which manages the clinics.  She in turn distributes them to the clinics. 

The last two weeks, I have gotten several calls from the lead MT that I give the work too that clinics are calling saying they are missing certain notes from certain days which is impossible because I type all notes for a specific day in one large document and print them out together.  There is no way that some are printing and some are not.  Plus I ALWAYS verify that each note printed.  Today, she called and said there were missing notes from two different days.

Then there is the issue of my work being typed by someone in the hospital.  When I deliver work I get a print out of what's on the system as far as clinic notes.  It is a worktype specific list that only I am supposed type.  There are a couple of doctors who dictate all their notes in one looooong job.  There were two very long jobs on my list, but were never pooled to me.  When I enter the specific job number, it says they have been transcribed.  In one instance, the dictator dictated half on one job and half on another.  I typed one job and the other just magically got transcribed.  When I've called to ask who's typing these reports, no one seems to know.

These ladies in this particular transcription department are not a friendly bunch.  I have felt that they sort of resent the fact that I am doing work from home while they have to come in and type.  I think they are wondering why they aren't allowed to work from home.  The work I do is very easy clinic work and would be pretty easy lines for one of them to do just to pad their line counts.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the HIM director who contracted with me about TAT and I know they want a shorter TAT than the agreed upon 24 to 48 hours and I know she is going to want me to make more deliveries than the three I do a week now.  I have asked that they set up a remote printer for me so I can print from home that way delivery isn't an issue anymore, but they act like this can't be done which I know it can be done.

I'm about to cut this account loose, but it's such easy work.  It's just that I'm running into brick walls at this place.


Thanks for listening to me whine! 

I agree check with your facility. Enlarging the font size can cause problems once a report uploads

I wrote a macro that would take the font size back down to 100% once I was finished and ready to sign off.  I think I assigned to something like CNTRL+ALT+F and I got into a habit of doing that before hitting whatever function keys to spell check and sign off.  It worked great.