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No way. It's a huge wave that's just going to keep growing

Posted By: through all kinds of businesses. Can't stop it on 2007-09-21
In Reply to: Dollar - Rickey


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I had a very very mean dad growing up,
by the laws today he'd have been in jail for abuse.  Outside the home, people knew he was a rough guy, but he was a good guy, always helping people with their cars, not normally losing his temper, etc.  As he aged, he mellowed.  My oldest son know what an SOB grandpa could be.  My youngest son (10 years difference) NEVER understood or believed when we all said how mean grandpa could be.  Grandpa and my youngest son were best buddies.  My dad passed away almost 5 years ago and it hurt really bad.  He and I had become so close after he got over the mean stage and we spent a lot of time together.  I was the one he counted on when he was ill to take him to the doctors or hospital, and he knew I'd do ABSOLUTELY anything for him.  I even talked with him about salvation before he died, as I really wasn't sure and wanted to know for a fact that even though he was a good guy, that he was saved and going to Heaven.  That was really important for me to be able to deal with his death.  So, when he died, I did lose a friend as well as a father and my children their friend as well as grandpa.  Life is short, life is tough, but God is good.
This is part of growing up
I believe they have to start making their own decisions at some point in their life and living with the consequences.  Same as we all do.  I'm not saying he will regret it or not regret it, one way or the other, but either way, it should be his decision.  Take it easy, Mom. 
Growing Companies
Well I know of one company that I worked for an never paid.  How do they get more business?  Well they can undercut everyone else on the playing field because they get newbie MTs to do the work for free.   They charge the doctors less per line and make nearly 100% profit.   It is a win/win situation for the company.  I do not believe doctors check these boards and look for negative feedback.  They just go to the company who offers them the best deal, but that is just my thought on the subject . . .
Not dying, just growing!
First of all, HIPAA does not require EMR for all records by 2009. If that were the case, you would have known about it several years ago, because most physicians do not use EMR and have no plans to use EMR at this point. Most HOSPITALS don't use them, either. Even if they wanted to, there aren't that many viable products they could use!

He may be thinking of other HIPAA requirements which have affected his practice and which he doesn't like. HIPAA did require some privacy and security things which he no doubt found irritating. He now has a need to transmit his claims electronically, which probably annoys him.

I would guess that the concept of paying an MT annoys him, too, so he took it out on you by terrorizing you during your recent visit.

Second, nothing about an EMR means you can't dictate and transcribe.

If you're currently doing only small-office dictation, you might want to expand your capabilities so that you can do hospital acute care. I think that job prospects have been better there since internet-based voice file transfers became possible. There are a lot of jobs available with national services and even with large employers who will let you work from home.

Yes, and also what did HE do about the growing threat of islamofascism?
Hiring because they are growing, have some hard
left (with the company's blessing). Now they are much stronger and better and in my experience, the most professional company I have dealt with in 10 years.
No extensions..he's been growing out his hair

I've seen other pictures of him on some of his Unicef trips and he's been growing it out. I just wanna get my fingers in there...looks so silky and smooth.

Oh, your poor baby! I had one of those growing up
even with a DOCTOR performing the excision. I can't even imagine -- nor do I want to -- what your poor little guy went through. I'd tie your ex down and burn the soles of his feet to let him see how he likes it! Grr!

Okay, on a less violent note, I agree that your ex had no business taking this into his own hands. I would definitely get something in writing legally saying he can't do anything like this in the future. That's just horrific to me. I can't believe he actually thought this was a good idea!

I've had some experience over the years with plantar warts and will tell you that sometimes they even disappear on their own (my son and I both had a couple after a vacation that just went away on their own). The doctor only treated that one of mine because it had gotten too deep and was hurting when I walked. Otherwise, he would've used treatments, probably similar to what you're doing, and just monitored. I recommend getting something in writing because plantar warts usually will recur (not always) and your son may get another later after these are cleared. I'd be darn sure you have some kind of recourse if the "genius" tries this again.

I realize he thought he was doing a "good" thing for his son, but in any other circumstance, that would be considered abuse! Yikes! I hope your little guy is feeling better and that his foot heals up soon.
the reason it is the fastest growing sm
industry is because of the schools out there selling MT training! The schools don't know what they are doing, they are just ripping prospective MTs off.

This profession will NEVER be something that can be learned totally in a classroom setting. If you go to school then you have to be willing to work in a facility for several years. you ahve to be willing to learn to transcribe any and everything and the worst of the worst before you EVER EVER go home to work especially on a production basis.

I don't care who it ticks off but at least it can't be said I didn't tell you the way it was.

The poster "hot pink" is telling it EXACTLY how it is but she words it better than I do. Im sorry for the folks who are losing their jobs (especially the MQ folks) to VR and India etc. But I think alot of the MQ employees used MQ as their very first job and didn't get the experience they really need. MQ should have been after you have worked for several years in a facility. With the training in every kind of work type and every foreign accent, etc. etc you wouldn't have a hard time finding a job now. They are still out there.
Whisperers. Ugh. I can do any accent thanks to growing up (sm)

with my mom who had a cleft palate AND a very strong Brooklyn accent!  But why do they whisper?  Like they are embarrassed someone might hear how badly they dictate? And why can't ESL's at least TRY to improve their speech pattern?  Like the poster below who had the dictator making everything plural except when it really was plural, then suddenly it is singular.  I mean come ON. 

Good venting post Wannie.

Wow! You and I have a lot in common! Growing up in HI and having a Japanese grandmother who
practically raised me, I learned soo much on how to cook oriental and my "American" family loves it!
I can teach you all kinds of tricks - though you sound like you know most of them. Fried rice and fried noodles are super easy.

For anyone interested: Just boil 3-4 Ramen noodles for about 6-7 minutes. While that is cooking, combine 9-5-1

9 T of soy sauce
5 T sugar
1 teaspoon of fresh garlic
Mix all together. Mix may have too much sugar, in which case add more soy sauce or use less sugar.
Then add strained noodles to frying pan and the sauce - after stir frying for about 5 min. add frozen mixed veggies. You can also add a cooked meat such as chicken too! Family's fav.

Fried rice is super easy too. Cook 3-4 cups of white rice or brown rice. Let it sit overnight. When you are ready to fry them for lunch or dinner, use 2 T oil, 2-3 eggs scrambled and then cold rice - to this add approximately 5-6 T of soy sauce, cook, and then add frozen mixed veggies and fry for about 10 min.

I can make home-made sushi WITHOUT the raw fish and we love that. I can also make homemade beef broccoli.

I have tons of super easy oriental recipes. Cheaper too!

Neat sharing recipes like this...
We only have one go around in this life, don't spend it growing roots
The service area is limited, though growing.
I don't know if they are talking about WiFi or an Air Card.   WiFi connectivity is cheap, but unless you live in a large city you'll find limited access.  An Air Card (called different names depending on the company selling them) I then they start at about $249.00 and the fees are pretty hefty.  Not sure how good it works though I've heard people who loved theirs and they traveled a lot and said they never were unable to get a signal. 
It's the "fastest growing" industry in the THIRD WORLD,
And a low-paying one, at that, with few to no benefits.
Fast growing does not mean high paying nm

A lot of girls growing up with privilege like she had turned skank.

If your definition of skank is a female who is openly promiscuous with no regard for others, low morals, and is proud of it, there are a lot of them.  Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchey, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson (claims to be a religious girl -yeah right), Jenna Jamison, etc...there are a lot of them out there. 

Considering all that you mentioned, the fact that the economy is growing is amazing. But,
Or.... how about the famous line "we're growing!!!"
and you see the same ad week after week after week after week. I can think of 3 places that continuously have ads out. I have worked all 3. I now know firsthand why they advertise all the time, they probably can't keep anybody more than a month or two.
wave pedal

When I looked up wave pedal, I saw this ExpressScribe, so do I assume that is what this is all referring to?  I have been typing for one doctor on the side and he now wants to go tapeless. Someone suggested to him that I look into wave pedal.  Can anyone clue me in.  As of right now, I cannot get high speed internet or DSL where I live, only satellite.  Any other suggestions, please clue me in.  Thx. 

VR is definitely the wave of the future

Integris owns several large hospitals and numerous smaller clinics in Oklahoma City (near where I live) and they now do all their radiology transcription using VR. They only employ about five transcriptionists to do editing and what little transcription they need to have done. And their main hospital is the largest one in Oklahoma City. I don't know exactly how many radiology MTs they used to employ, but I do know they were staffed 24/7 and probably had at least 10 or more people working during peak times.

Actually, I think for a while this will work to the advantage of at-home transcriptionists, because it will be cheaper for smaller facilities to have a transcription company handle their work than for them to invest in a VR system. But eventually, yes, I think we will go the way of the dinosaurs.... 

I used their wave player when I had an
account with .dss files.  It worked fine. 
wave/dss files.
I click on the attachment then "save" to "My Documents". I use the Olympus player and can either import it into the player or just click on the file in documents and the player will come up.
All N One Wave Transcriber
Thanks for the advice. After using the 30-day free trial I found on a web site I've decided to stick with Digital Voice Editor (FS85USB). I don't like the pedal nearly as much but I guess I can live with it because the software is excellent. The All N One is okay, the other is just better. Thanks though. I appreciate it.
Wave Files?
Help!  I have a Dr who is trying to send me his dictation thru a wave file and he can't get it to go thru because it is too big (102 mb) Is there anything I can tell him to do to make it smaller, like compress the file?  Thanks!
Do you pay for the wave pedal and software? I don't.
I rent the computer with the pedal and everything for $50 a month.

I have never spent any money on the software -- MQ has provided it free.

They reimburse my DSL 100% every month. When I hooked up to it, it only cost me $12.95 and they reimbursed that as well.

I can makeup time I lost to bad weather. I don't like it, it's not my first choice, but I certainly don't expect them to PAY me just because there is a storm and it is safest not to have the system plugged into power. Even when I worked in a local hospital on an hourly basis, in bad weather we were off the computers...but I also was available for that hourly rate to file and do other things they wanted. I'm not doing that for MQ when I'm able to type for that reason so they don't owe me anything but the chance to make it up or forfeit any action if it caused me to miss my production.

I'm really surprised though, if you are having to pay extra for your pedal and software, etc. Sorry to hear that.

I have extra wave pedal
What is your email address? I have extra wave pedal.  You may have it - no charge.  ssc
Nonprofit MTSOs! The new Wave!! LOL! nm

It isn't the wave files that are the problem, it is the
program you are using to play them and an incompatibility problem with it and your foot pedal.   What program are you using to play the files and what foot pedal - meaning is it USB, game port, or serial port?
wave player woes
check your file type after you hit open on the wav player. Tell it to show you all files. Your first file may be a wav and the second a dvf or some other file type.
Question about wave pedals...please help
I know this may seem like a simple question to most but I have always worked through phone lines to receive dictation.  I did purchase a USB port pedal from Expresscribe a couple of years ago in hopes of finding part time work to go along with my full time but I never could get it to work.  My computer would not recognize that it was connected.  Anyway, I am will to try again but at $189 for a universal pedal, I do not want to get stuck with something I can't use.  So, if anyone has the time to fully explain this to me I would appreciate it.  How does it work?  Can I use my MP3 player on my computer?  If I can use my MP3 player, wouldn't any pedal work in the game port?  Sorry for the questions but I would appreciate some answers as I am really looking for something I could move around with, like on vacations or business trips with my husband.
Trying to download a wave file
I am having trouble downloading a PC-Dart dictation into express scribe... any suggestions?
New Logitech Wave Keyboard...anyone have this??
I am interested to see if anyone has used this keyboard yet...thanks...
I use the microsoft wave keyboard
I'm sorry I didn't go to that link but it sounds like my MS keyboard. I went to a wireless one a few months back b/c it was on sale and had bonus wireless mouse so I thought I would try it. I do like it; I tend to prefer a clacky keyboard (showin' my age!) and it clicks and clacks just enough to keep me happy without being too "hard." The positioning of the keys works for me. It's not as split as my old ergo keyboard, but those are hard to find in the stores anymore so I "made do."
Loading a wave file

Can someone help me?  I just got a Infinity pedal to play wave files and I just loaded Express Scribe's free download. 

Here is my question:  I get my files via an email attachment, so how do I download it into Express Scribe.  Do I have to save the attachment somewhere else in a word file or something and then load it from there?  Hope this makes sense.  Again, I'm new at this so anything will help.  Thank you in advance for the help.

Wave pedal issues ...

Anyone ever had a wave pedal start to go bad? I have a USB pedal that is just three years old, and it's starting to flake on me. It will stop on it's own or jump in the audio without me propting it. Maybe there are loose wires?

I'm tempted to open the thing up and see what I can do (though I'm totally clueless). Just wondering if anyone knows about this stuff or has had the issue and fixed it. If nothing else, I'll buy a new one (or ebay one).

Aren't pedals supposed to last longer than three years?!

I have the Logitech Wave and I love it...
Any opinions on All N One Wave Transcriber?
I am looking for a new transcriber software kit.  The All N One Wave Transcriber by Martel Electronics looks good but they don't have a free trial download.  I don't want to buy without knowing anything about it.  I need something that I can see all the files that have been downloaded to me and that I can listen to and name file by file.  I have a doctor that many times does not complete the dictation in one sitting - may continue it days later.  I need to be able to search through files to see if I have the continuations or not.  Most, from what I have found, don't have this option.  I have Sony's Digital Voice Editor and love it but really dislike the pedal so am trying to find something similar in another software. Does anyone out there have experience with this software and pedal (All N One)?  Thanks in advance for any advice.
I used their software/foot pedal. It is just a wave
file program. 
Love my Logitech Wave keyboard sm

It's not as split apart as the tons of other ones I've tried over the years, it's wireless and comes with a wireless mouse as well, smaller than most others, and not as high to fit on my keyboard drawer.  I saw it at Costco here in Washington the other day; not sure if they carry it at all Costcos or not. 

Anyone know of system that converts files to wave...help please

I am a small company and would like to know if anyone knows of a system that takes the dictation and converts it to wave files and these can then be sent to any number of medical transcriptionists?  I want a system that does nto require a lot of phone lines because of being a little remote, but would allow more than one doctor to dictate at a time and allow me to move files as need to each MT. I was hoping to find a dial in system like this rather than the hand helds because that is relying toooooooo much on them docking the thing, loading it etc.

any suggestions greatly appreciated.


If you are talking about the Logitech Wave, I have that and love it...
very comfortable and there is not an adjustment period like you have with some of the others...
Have Bose surround system and the Wave Radio with
CD.  Have had the Bose surround sound system for at least 7 years, still going strong, and the radio/CD for about 5 years, still sounds as great as new.  There is no other stereo/sound system that has such rich sound, and you won't be disappointed!  Order directly from Bose and get the interest-free monthly payments, easier that way, but definitely worth every hard-earned penny.
Have my own ftp site for receiving wave files...return completed

reports to the doctor the same way... secure, safe, easy.  I purchase the space from startlogic for $90 a year. Hope this helps!

Looking for a machine or something that will convert micro tapes to wave files
Any suggestions?

Thank you!
YUP, huge fan!!!!
OMG, thanks!! That would be a huge (sm)
mistake personally for me, as I do not know how I would make out with the kids, and then to go through all that, train, and not have it work. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for the input!!
Huge, I think it's small on my end (NM)
:::huge applause for you::: nm
DH is a HUGE fan! I watch only for him.
the SEP IRA is a huge deduction...
but I can't say that I've seen people frequently posting they take $10K in deductions. That also means they spent $10K. You may be imagining that. Maybe do an archive search and then try to repost and contact them?  As has been frequently said on this post, the only difference between IC and SE is an IC pays another 7.5% self employment tax but then takes deductions. Don't see how that adds up to 10 grand.
I smell a huge rat
Is your husband up to no-good with this loser? First of all any "my baby's daddy" situation has scumbag written all over it. Second of all, if your husband doesn't mind being used by this lazy bum for a free place to live, he has to be getting something out of the bargain. I'd be doing some serious checking around if I were you.

Meanwhile, you're right to keep this piece of crap away from your kids. If your husband likes him so much let him live with this waste of oxygen alone.

Good luck.