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With new membership, will MTstars still have

Posted By: giveaways this year for MT week? nm on 2008-05-05
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I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


In my opinion, no.  It's not worth the outrageous price.
PWP membership

My wife and I both belonged to chapters in the Central Indiana Regional Conference. It is a good organization of mostly good people who , like yourself found themselves in the situation of single parenthood. This is a great suport group, and the only one I've found that caters to kids.

Bill Evans

Anderson, IN 


I had considered it some time ago but having seen them become so devoted to offshore MT's in India, I also agree that they are not worth being a part of let alone me sending them money for membership so they can turn around and sponsor above mentioned overseas MT's training on my dime...


Well, the MT membership is

free the first year and if we don't like it, we don't have to join next year, right?  I don't blame you for being skeptical, but since there's no cost, I can "afford" to give this org the benefit of the doubt. 

I do agree we need an org for only MTs, that way we aren't being sold out.

membership sold
Yes, AAMT does sell membership list with your info -- I asked.  Is one of their main sources of revenue.  Then I asked to be removed from the list they sell and the calls became less frequent.  Then I didn't renew.... ha.
AMA membership/nonmembership

I need to know the signifiance of whether a doctor is a member of the AMA or not.  What exactly does this organization do and what does their membership mean.  Any info would be helpful. I am researching a physicain who is a nonmember.

AMA membership / nonmembership
The best place to start would be the AMA's own website. There the significance of being a member versus nonmember are explained, as well as their bylaws, etc.

or if the link doesn't show, copy & paste:

Happy hunting :-D

and this is what the 'regular' membership is - sm

Individual Professional - $135 (annually)

Any person who is employed in or involved in the field of healthcare documentation and data capture.

Tangible Benefits:

Professional Practices Network
Product Discounts
Vendor Affiliate Discounts
AAMT Vitals
ACE Discounted Registration
Credentialing Discounts
Bank of America Credit Card
Modesto's First Credit Union open membership
20% Discount on Stedman's Products
5% Discount and Free Shipping on all Elsevier Products
Reduced Cost Insurance Program
HealtheCareers Job Bank
Online CECs
Online Membership Directory

Extra Benefits:

Mentoring Privileges
Voting Privileges
Leadership Opportunities
Networking Opportunities
Legislative Representation
Professional Recognition
AAMT Website
Position Papers

She is talking about membership fee for what
was AAMT. 
2.30 (but that was at Sam's Club with the membership card) (nm)
It's not any cheaper after paying for membership.
I dropped my membership after 13 years.

Not just for MTs. Membership is open to all transcriptionists.
This includes general transcriptionists, legal transcriptionists, etc. I did sign up because it was free for now. I am curious to see where this goes.
opting out of that is part of the membership application.
THEIR pro wages paid with membership fees.
They have to make money somehow since they have declining membership dues. nm
Well Done MTStars!!!
They own MTStars.
Scroll down to bottom, and see. Long story short, they know the ins and outs of this field and never heard anything bad about them.

I know they (MTstars) can
I want the question to be absolutely clear to her (admin) because she is not answering the question. If she can read the replies she needs to say that she can instead of deflecting by not answering the question.
here at MTStars............nm
Thank you MTStars.
A big thank you to MTStars for
being the only MT site to honor us with really nice gifts year after year during MT week. My hat is off to you.
Thanks again MTStars!

mtstars sm
Great job, thankful!!!
oh, okay; but don't you mean MTStars
other than MTstars, ?, no. Why?
Thank you MTStars...
So cute! 
Time to thank MTStars...
Firstly, because they are always updating and perfecting the board...

and secondly because they sent me Happy Birthday wishes...(I signed up, but still, it is nice to get the message). 

You're still the best in my book! 

Thanks again...

Visits to MTSTARS...sm
How many times a day, on average, do you come to this website?  Just curious.
OMG, just found it myself! Your bad, MTStars.
See MTStars FlashCount.
MTStars FlashCount
See Freeware by MTStars.

Group you mean MTStars?
This group, you mean, MT Stars?  No, however, I cant let an ignorant poster get away with posting ignorant judgmental stuff..
Yes, and I use the mtstars search too!
this website...mtstars.............nm
Thank you MTstars for doing the giveaway again!

Thank You MTStars and Transcend! now...

please tell me which number I won with.  Was it 68??? 

 I need to play my winning number on the roulette wheel today!!   

Rock on MTStars
Thanks for the prize. I think it will come in handy for all those abbreviations they throw at us.
Ditto - thanks MTStars........

how long has MTstars been around?
How long has MTSTars been here?  I love this board but it can be addictive. Anyone know where the administrators are located?  Just curious. 
Thank You MTStars and Ascend...

I received my Godiva yesterday....thank you so much!  It arrived beautifully packaged and is sinfully delicious!

Thanks again!

Thanks to MTStars and MT-Stuff

I just received my mouse pad from MT-Stuff.  Thanks to MTStars and MT-Stuff for the great recognition of Medical Transcription Week.  It was great.  I usualy have no luck at all so this is truly amazing.

MTStars FlashType
see link
try MTStars flashcount
The invoices are professional and easy to use for a "newbie"
Your mtstars post
Hi - I just posted a reply to your post. I know it is a few days old so I wasn't sure if you would see the response.
mean? the rules here at MTstars is you cannot