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Good post but one thing.....sm

Posted By: I feel very badly for you....your words.. on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: I think that no matter how much - Spheris offshores...

you said you'd wait until you become financially secure before getting married so you could then could leave him and be okay $$-wise.

I left after 13 years of marriage and we pretty much had nothing....my sanity being numero uno.  The stats are this....that after 5 years of divorce, women are in better shape than men financially and emotionally.  That's what I've read and that's how it also happened for me.  I was in better shape than him 5 years later.  So, don't undercut yourself.  We can make it on our own whether we have a man in our life or not!!!!  It's an old wives tale from post WWII I do believe that women are not *complete* without a man and that is a total crock of s**t.....in my mind/heart/soul. 

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LOL! Well, good! I've done ONE good thing today, then. NM
I was just going to post that same thing!
I went to daycare for one day.  My mother got so upset with them because they parked me in front of the TV set while all the other kids were outside that we never went back.  I was horribly shy as a child, too.  I don't know if not being in daycare or preschool had anything to do with it or if it's just my personality.  Maybe some kids are just more prone to anxiety and social disorders.  I do know that my oldest child, the one who went to daycare the most, is a social butterfly.  My youngest child, the one who didn't go to daycare much at all, is the one that sometimes hides behind me or acts shy if we're in a crowded area.  I had to "stick around" the school during the first two weeks of kindergarten until he got used to everything.  It could be his personality, too, because he's more like me while our oldest is like Dad.  The old genetics versus environment debate.  LOL  I haven't been shy for years now, so I outgrew it.
See my post above about the same thing...
MTSOs do get way more!  When the hospital I transcribed looked into it, they wanted 3x what I charged.
Never would post a thing like that...sm
I would never call anybody paranoid. It's not my place to make such a value judgement. Had to be someone else.
Thank you too! A good laugh is a good thing.

I stated the same thing in another post...sm
I am an IC directly for a small rural hospital in a generally rural state.  Most of the hospitals in my surrounding area have either inhouse MT or remote MT and the medical records dept manages them.  I started inhouse and then have been home for almost 13 years for the same hospital.  I have also done part time work for the nationals.  I basically get paid about the same, maybe more, without all the headaches of having to go through a national company.  I raised my rates 2-3 years ago and the hospital looked into a national company but found I was much, much cheaper and stayed with me. This year, I again raised my rates and they agreed with no questions.  Local MT jobs are out there.  You just need to hound these people until how beneficial for everyone it would be to hire locally.
See post above about a money thing.
That's all that it is. Promoting someone inexperienced to QA for less money. I miss the days when quality mattered rather than this greedy corporate mentality that seems to rule now.
I was thinking the same thing before reading your post!

One thing I left off in the original post...
is that we are basically wanting to state that we don't want any gifts, but we also know that oftentimes people insist on giving you something anyway and want to know what to give us.
The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
sorry, i didn't read your post before I posted mine...says the same thing, pretty much! :) nm
What an ugly thing to post. Your job could be outsourced tomorrow, sweetie. FYI...Job security
It's a good thing

Finally, the animals win one.  Every time some "little darling" mangles a dog or a cat and they get bitten, scratched, it is always the "mean dog's fault".  I'm glad you had your camera on for proof.  I had two collies that were behind TWO locked fences and one of my neighbors called me up, screaming that my female had bitten her 2 yo toddler.  I asked what her 2 yo toddler was doing running around loose outside without supervision and what he was doing on my property in the first place.  I told her about the two locked gates and chain link fences, and she said he managed to stick his hand between the posts and the gates and was bitten.  She thought I was going to "come apart", but instead I went on the attack.  I told her she needed to watch her kids and keep them out of my property and she wouldn't have a problem.  Her 2 yo was trespassing on my property and I wanted him kept off of it from now on!  She backed down in a big hurry.  People make me crazy!

Good thing this is my day off
I meant "way less errors," not "way more errors."  LOL
no, would not be a good thing....sm

would end up making you look bad......

move forward - for every door that shuts, another one opens, I promise....*S*

Yes, it is a good thing.
My parent's church helps with it and my parents and other people in the church have brought from them. It is not a scam. It just helps with fod. There is no way you can buy that much food at the store for what Angel Food gives you for $25.00. Are you thinking of signing up?
Good for you! I think this is the right thing to do.
You've got to take care of yourself to keep making your money. If he has a problem with that, he'd be in for a rude awakening if you woke up and decided my hand hurts and I CAN'T work. I'm glad you're doing what you need to for your own pain's sake. My best to you!
Is this a good thing?
QA that is 'easy on you'?
It can be a good thing if.....

you treat it like a business - learn the law, get everything in writing, charge enough rent to cover the hidden costs.  I've been landlording for several years now and I highly recommend nolo.com a site with good legal information for non-lawyers, especially a book that outlines the landlord-tenant laws in each state in layperson language - It's been very useful to me, kept me out of trouble at least once. 

Or just call a realtor and let them handle it and add their fee to the rental as mentioned above. 

Which is why MT can be a good thing for ADD sm
Days when it is hard to focus will take longer to reach quota. Personally, hormonal fluctuations tend to drag me down and make my day go on forever. Being able to stretch my day out longer as long as I get the work done has probably saved me from losing my job at times. Working all day long is not the ideal, but the perseverance is there to get it done anyway and keep my job. When I worked in-house, I was constantly late and had so many warnings because it was hard to stay on task, couldn't work extra hours, etc. So for me, working MT at home, while not a breeze, is the best fit for me and probably many other MTs with ADD.
The only thing good is Shorthand and you can get
I can't believe you thing those are good reasons.
I cannot believe you think these are valid reasons to do your dog a dis-service like that.  Yes, it is your laziness that doesn't want to go have to get up and let him outside.  As far as fleas, if you cannot afford to care for a dog properly, you shouldn't have one.  The cheapest part about owning a pet, is the initial cost. Your expensive flea med excuse is like saying, "Gee, I am short on cash. Get the dog doesn't get to eat this week."  There are expenses that go with owning a pet and that should be considered before you bring one into your home.  And the digging,,, just don't leave him out for hours at a time and the digging won't be an issue.  THis poor dog.  I unfortuneatly can see this dog's future.  Either he will end up put down like the other poster's dog or he will be placed with strangers.  If he is lucky, it will be with a responsible dog ower.  If he is unlucky, it will be with some one who won't take the time and he will either end up outside all the time or be passed to yet another stranger.  Poor pooch.
Good thing we all get to have an opinion!
I guess if there's one good thing...

the police got to the school so quickly that he was unable to carry out the *rest of his plan* thank God...those poor children suffered enough, thankfully he didn't have the chance to inflict any more harm on them...if you know what I'm talking about...I can't write it...it makes me sick to my stomach!

What is this world coming to when parents feel afraid to send their children to SCHOOL? We don't even let our 7 YO son play outside for 1 second alone, and we live in a quiet subdivision, and know all our neighbors...guess that's just it though, we THINK we KNOW them...anyway, it just breaks my heart and scares me to death...WE NEED TO BRING GOD BACK INTO THE SCHOOLS...we've *kicked* Him out...time to bring Him back...

Change is a good thing.
You’re signature gives you away—typingfool.

Some people need change. Change is good. It’s good for the soul, good for the spirit, and not to mention one’s well being. Some people need to grow and if boredom persists, this is a sign that it’s time to pursue new fields. If everyone held your poor outlook on life, there would be no dreams met, no business owners, no success stories, no hope and furthermore, very unfulfilled listless lives.

We can all compare ourselves to those who are in war, struggling in life, in humdrum jobs but this is no reason to not attempt to fulfill one’s own potential, no matter what that may be. It’s just a matter of decision, as scary as it may be, to try something different. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

I am so thankful that I was not born to you, with your attitude—so stifling!

It is a very good thing for lots of the MTS
to not have lived, say in the 50s on through the early 90s because they would have been out of luck with jobs and the ability to stay home. Those 2 just did not go together. I remember the last job where I worked in house fulltime (92) they told you not to have family/friends on the hospital property to visit- not allowed on the work place at all. I love working from home but I think the choice of this job should not be #1 you want to stay at home because then like I have said before the profession comes off as nonprofessional. I do not care how MTs look but others apparently do as they post these concerns all the time- iether neighbors and/or family thinking they do not really have a job, even a post on a board stating her husband telling her all she did was sit on her a___ all day long, not being taken seriously. I think a lot of MTers hurt their own self when they post their reason for doing this was just to work from home. Just what I read on these boards.
Wow... sounds like it might be a good thing ! -sm
It also makes me wonder about talking to MY vet. She's at a large clinic near my home. As vets see more and more patients, and the procedures become more complicated, maybe that's a new job possibility for some of us. If you take the job, I hope you'll keep us posted on what it's like, etc. Good luck!
Teenagers good to be home with - I did the same thing
Once had an argument with my boss working in the office, because my hours were supposed to be 7-3, or 3:30.  I was on salary (can you believe that) at the time, and she expected me to stay till 5 or 6.  She herself used to practically live there.  I told her no, I wanted to be home with my kids, and she said they weren't babies anymore and didn't need me.  Well, I left everyday after that by 3:30, and believe U me, it is a very good idea to be able to monitor your teenagers, and I would do it again (God forbid I ever  had teenagers again)  They are all grown now.
Good thing you got a sense of humor about it.
Thanks. It's a local rad company, so it'd probably be a good thing.
IF I can even do it.
Good thing you work at home
Hopefully one day when you need to vent, you at not treated the way you treat others but what goes around does come around.
Good thing they're so cute or we'd really get mad at them!
Sometimes cuteness is a life-sustaining mechanism, especially for my 6 previous little fur-ballz.
You poor thing. Good luck to you.

I've been there but had to work outside the home. I had a slug of an ex who paid child support when "he had the money." I learned how to shop and ate whatever the kids left over in their dinner bowls. To this day I will not touch a Spaghetti-O. :)

First and most important is be a parent to your kids. Have fun with them,  but set limits with them and be a mom and not a friend. That's what they need. And NEVER, EVER, say a bad word about their father, no matter what, even if he bad mouths you.  My kids figured out what a slug their dad was on their own. They are both adults with kids of their own and I still refuse to bad mouth their father after nearly 20 years.


Thank you. There is such a thing as good business sense
and doing what is right. Those who have messed with people need to think about that and those businesses know who they are.
white bread - not a good thing to eat but...nm

IC good thing is no more office politics.....nm

Good thing I proof read LOL
I was just proofreading my reports before I send it and instead of typing that the lady hit her head on a window, I typed she hit her head on a widow.  Ha Ha.  I thought to myself - hope they weren't on the way to the funeral.  Okay, having way too much fun here.
Good thing you didn't have to test sm
and it's especially a good thing if they had waved/waived as a question on the test.
Good thing you kept all your wage statements. You'll have
a fight but at least you have the proof you'll need.
Being a high-producer is a good thing, but so is quality,
and by doing more and more high-quality work for less and less per line, we are cheating ourselves. The work is the same. Just because we can do more of it (regardless of software, etc.) doesn't mean that each line is worth less. The big companies are cheating us.
Lucky you. I would do the same thing given the chance. Good luck!


Good advice, but make sure to check 1 thing
When I did this a few years ago, my company had a policy that stated if I did not return after my leave, I could be responsible for any benefits received during the leave.  Make sure to check with your human resources on that.  I ended up coming back to work out a 2-week notice, which wasn't bad.
agree; openmindedness, respect for others' beliefs also a good thing
thing and think!? hehehe.. Again, refill your Valium and good luck!
Thanks everyone! Good thing I asked, as I was thinking of 2-3 weeks! Yikes.
Thanks again.  I think I will give them one month and hopefully if they find someone sooner they will let me go on my way. (what a relief that will be too!)  Thanks!
Maybe that's a good thing - it's a reason for the Indian docs to GO HOME
Gotta read the whole thing, says supposedly good sense...
…Did not say they did....supposedly and do 2 different things- right?
Here, Here! Good post. (nm)

very good post JZ
I have been working at home for over 11 years as an IC and employed.  I have many times tried to juggle two jobs for various reasons, lack of work, always received the worst of the work when work is available, tiring of it, etc. etc., and I have always found it very difficult and actually end up working many more hours than when working just one job.  I wish I could do it, but to date I have had great difficulty working two jobs, even if one is part-time, one full-time, or both part-time.  Be sure it is what you want.  Good luck!
HA! Good post. (nm)
good post but..............sm

I read that BUSH only approved enough money to restore the levees for a category 3 hurricane (this might have changed in the recent past though) and when I heard that, I couldn't believe it.  The levees needed enough money to withstand a hurricane 5.  I know this because I live on the water in the SE for 30 years.  Yes, it's up to the locals and nobody was condemning your governor.  I do agree it's not a political affiliation thing.

But what I saw is that most of New Orleans (not the inner city) and outskirts are where a lot of poor people are/were and my feeling is this administration is not racist...they merely do not know how to deal with poverty and the poor.  That's VERY sad.