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Only as a last resort

Posted By: sm on 2007-11-08
In Reply to: problems - anon

I had this same problem occurring on a different computer about two years ago so I'm not even sure a reformat will make it go away because it still occurs on my "new" computer (2 yrs. now). Again, it is sporadic so it's hard to nail it down.

I so HATE to have to think about a reformat since my computer is so customized but I will keep it in mind as a last resort. Thanks.

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Do it as a LAST resort. Try to work with your creditors.
It will follow you around for some years, depending on how you file. My opinion from what I saw in my former world of banking.
I must admit I would resort to something like that. Love my dogs and everyone else's but enough
enough. We have 2 dogs and neither are barkers. I think that is the first thing I teach them. They don't even bark to go outside, just sit by the door. We did have a German Shepard once who was a terrible barker, the neighbors called the police, etc. We bought one of those shock collars, put it on her when she was out and wow, what a difference. She only wore it during the day when she was out. We brought her in when we came home, the collar came off, and she stayed in during the night. Unfortunately for us, our neighbor, 2 doors away, worked midnights, so it bothered him. It didn't stop her completely but it sure helped the incessant barking. Of course, the neighbor didn't want to make any noise, period. I wouldn't recommend them for a small dog or older dog, though. As far as the hose goes, congratulations. My neighber has a dog who ambushed both my dogs, bit the older dog and terrorized the puppy, twice. The next time that dog was going to get the hose as I knew there would be a dogfight. The owner would have gotten it too, I have enough guts for that. Big brother golden retriever hates it when another dog comes by his little cocker spaniel brother. We resorted to a fence and now the dog doesn't even come in our yard. Darn, couldn't try the hose.
When one cannot win an argument with logic they resort to name calling.
They can't help themselves. It's instinct (hee).
Last resort is applying at the service the hospital is using.
Stayed at Vistana time share resort and it was EXCELLENT 5-6 years ago.
I don't know what kind of prices you are going to get at the height of the season but phone Vistana and see what a weekly rate is. They do have shuttle service and lots of activities within the resort itself. There are lots of time shares that have been built since then so check into time share rental. Vistana had two bedrooms and sleeping room in the living area plus kitchen. Whirlpool bath in master. Tennis, swimming, etc. Great place to stay, highly recommend.

PS: I went in the late summer and price for a week was approximately $700.