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Probably a ridiculous question about pasting resume...please see message.

Posted By: Outta work IC on 2007-11-13
In Reply to:

When applying for a job, you know the small box that you are given to copy and paste your resume into? I noticed when I do this that ALL formatting is lost. Does the document retain its format after it is sent or do any of you sit there for an hour and "fix" it in that small box? Forgive my ignorance. I know this is probably a ridiculous question, but I need a job and don't want to send my resume all chopped up.

Thank you!

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Not because of pasting but if you apply to any job
if it reaches the company you sent your resume to, just like when you post a message your email is already filled in.  It's cookies in your browser like above poster said.
question about pasting
Every time I copy and paste something, and right click my mouse, I am getting something that I probably pasted days ago.  Can't get rid of it.  Can anyone help?
Leave it be after pasting it in.
It will align itself in the e-mail.  I have had companies reply to that e-mail from here, and it is all aligned.....  No worries!!!  Good luck in your endeavors! 
Are you still cutting and pasting normals? I can't do
One time when copying and pasting
from a previous report to get a sample of the PE, I noticed that the MT had put in spaces at the end of the sentence and throughout the whole next line instead of hitting enter twice. I never said anything, but I wondered if that MT would ever get caught for that. My company pays for spaces so I'm sure that can add up if he/she does that all the time.
Cutting and pasting from Word....
...was grounds for immediate dismissal at one place I worked.  So what I did was put an icon for the clipboard on my Toolbar so it was easy to clear the clipboard after every report.  That way there was no danger of accidently cutting and pasting onto the wrong report.
Single spaces when cutting and pasting.
I was told when we first went on that platform that even though it looks different when you cut and paste, when it prints out, it matches the other part of the report.  I was never able to verify that by printing it myself, but that's what my manager told me. 
editing/cutting/pasting charging

Would like to know what to charge a potential client that is using voice recog for their discharge summeries, but they want me to cut and paste it into the form on their system. 

Any suggests on how to charge for this since I will not be listening to the actual dictation and doing it.


thanx for any help


typing in MEditech and cutting and pasting - here's how I do it
When you are in Meditech, and it says something like - I can't remember what it asks, but it says something along the lines of Y/N RTF Editor or something like that - ... type yes, and it brings you into Word. Type your report, and then click on the RED X in the corner of your page and HIT YES. This will cross the report OVER INTO Meditech. Then proceed with finalizing your report the way you do.

Hope this helps
You are correct on all points-I ended up copy/pasting
As long as you are cutting and pasting inside DQS, its okay. Just don't try to paste from a Word
Venting-why do people keep putting nm and THEN writing a message?? nm means no message - sm
Please put sm if you have a message and NM if there is no message other than your subject line.  It makes it easier when reading these messages.  thanks so much and have a nice day everyone. 
That is ridiculous
Sometimes people are not where they want to be but where they HAVE to be.  If I didn't have to be sitting here listening to these idiot dictators, believe me I wouldn't be.
ridiculous? no ....
I don't think my complaint was 'ridiculous'. What is ridiculous is receiving pages of scribbles in the mail on a daily basis - half of which I can't even read. THe other MT's in the company warned me already about this QA dude - he's a bit of a nut case.
No, I never claimed to know everything; and I'm open to hearing specs of individual facilities; of course!. My gripe was the pettiness of it all ... but I thought that was obvious in my post, MS Busy MT'ing. Maybe you're the one that doesn't know it all !
That's just ridiculous. nm
This is getting ridiculous.
Now there's a job on the job seekers board looking for an IC MT to do acute care with ops for 7.5 cpl.  IC!!!  With ops!!!!  Give me a break.  That's equivalent to about 6.3 cpl after paying self-employment taxes, not to mention overhead.  Their website says "HIPPA" instead of HIPAA, too.
That's ridiculous!

BUT!  We are supposed to transcribe his work with a smile on our faces....GRRRR.......  I swear they just don't THINK!!!  Good luck with that one. 

That is ridiculous. Don't come WHY?
Looks like at the very least he enjoys his peace and quiet away from family but then maybe there is more to this than meets the eye.
That's ridiculous

I also have a 4-year-old and the whole point of preschool at this age is the social interaction, then the academics come in to play.  She still has another year of preschool before Kindergarten, doesn't she?  Maybe you should consider looking into another preschool.  Sounds like the teacher is the problem. 

Oh please, how ridiculous!
It was her sister for crying out loud! And I can't even believe the OP was questioning this. Extremely odd! ;0
That is really time consuming.  But that is my opinon.  What you could do is to by sylcount and save each patient as a file and then count them and they would list each file out by the patient name.  You could do an extension or by their name do cn for chart note, lt for letter, etc.  Then on your invoice if you do totals by doctor, Dr. Smith total lines, Dr. Jones total lines, etc. and attach the print out from Sylcount that would show each file by the patient's name and the line count.  I thought it was bad when I was subcontracting and I had to break out chart notes from letters/consults/x-rays by date and doctor.  This again makes me thank my accounts as I just keep an Excel monthly line count by doctor, highlight the docs, attach to an invoice that has total line counts done in Quick Books and hand it in and they pay.  Some accounts don't even want the daily break down by doctor just each doctor and a total line count.  Have never been questioned once over my line counts.   If this is a sudden change then I would tell them that there would be an hourly rate to figure this out and keep track of the time it takes.  But again, one of the simplest programs that would do this for you would be Sylcount.   Good luck. 
Really ridiculous especially when...

typing into the hospital system because all they have to do is type in a few things and get this information. 

That's ridiculous.

Is it ridiculous
to list a Brainbench certification for medical transcription on your resume?
Sometimes I wonder how much nicer this industry would be without all the control fanatics.  I wish they could just be shipped out to some island to battle amongst themselves, play those control games that they enjoy so much, and leave us to complete the work in a rational time period without all these ridiculous rules.
Seems ridiculous
As much "fixing up" we do of what is actually dictated, I think it's pretty crappy if you get points off for simple punctuation.

Just think if we all left everything completely verbatum (especially those dictators who say coma every other word or say to put periods in the middle of a sentence)!
the start up $$ is ridiculous

That's what I think is so sinful.  They sucker you in telling

you can be an employee, you can make 12,000 a pay period


None of that is true.  And then you are left trying to figure out

how to pay the insurance, pay for the computer you sunk money

into buying and meeting their requirements, reference books,

the whole 9 yards.

And do they have a conscience about leaving a mom and her children

with no food?   I really doubt it.

And NO a new MT is not then ready for the next job because

all over again he/she will have to INVEST in the new stuff that

THAT particular company to meet THEIR peculiarities.

I'm sick of transcription now.  When they sent us home - that relinquised

the responsibility of these nationals from providing equipment and

turned all the $$ over to profit for them and ate $$ out of our income - not to

speak of the extra utilities run while home.  This computer heats up

my house terribly in the summer - it helps in the winter but it still makes

a considerable dent in my bill compared to my neighbors who work during the


Ridiculous complaint?

Busy, you should really try to be a little kinder.....or read her complaint a little more closely.  I think her complaint was not about CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.  If she gets hard copies she can't read, what good are they?  Just how ridiculous this QA thing can get; one of the editors in a company I worked for corrected my "40-year-old black female" to 40-year-old Black female."  No problem, if that's what they want, that's what they get.  I corrected my Expander to "Black."  Editor #2 comes along and corrects me saying "black or white" is never capitalized.  I fired back a very disgruntled e-mail and said editor #1 had corrected me and that I KNEW black was never capitalized but if they wanted it capitalized, fine with me but somebody needed to get their sh*t together and figure out what they wanted from me.  At least with that company, editor #2 had some sense, she sent back a very nice e-mail saying that to appease editor #1 to go ahead and capitalize it until I was off QA and then do it whichever way I wanted and in the meantime she would not count me off for it.  At least editor #2 had some sense but ridiculous?  YES, indeed. 

Busy, if you're working for both MQ and Spheris, I assume your experience is about the same as mine.  I worked for MQ and for Spheris when they were Edix.  Once I was off full edit (in a very short time), I never heard anything from either company QA again so I assume they were happy and I went right ahead doing my best.

that is a ridiculous comparison!
dogs, birds, cats, etc are all different animals that required different diets and have different needs. You can't even compare 1 dog breed to another b/c every breed has its different needs, so that being the case, how can you possibly compare dogs to birds?? That is just ridiculous.

Ridiculous, it you can't at least make 10 cpl

why not stick to your guns and work in something else for a while?  Who can eat as a newbie at 3 cpl.  If you work at McDonald's you would at least be able to eat!

No wonder the market has gone into the toilet.  It is full of workers who won't stand up for themselves!  If the docs want someone cheap, they get what they pay for.  I am also sick and tired of typing record reviews with mistakes from EMR and dirt cheap workers included.  But they do get the medical words most of the time.  Forget the easy words like seat, it's sit, and that drives me nuts !!

The docs will never get sued like that, so don't count on that one!

No, the whole thing is ridiculous.

I agree he shouldn't have taken the money at all, but it shouldn't have been offered or put him in the situation at all.  Despite whether or not the incident was handled perfectly, it is unfair that he was expected to wait for treatment because of disputes over who pays.  He was unable to reach his employer, everyone was gone, small company.  Reports and money can be figured out later, not when he needs immediate treatment for possibly broken bone or at the very least a nasty effusion that needs drained and could later affect his tendons.

The system is definitely broken.

I'm sorry but I think it is ridiculous for "businesses"
I know I want itemized statements for services. Wouldn't you?

Your own bookkeeping and accounting does NOT give you direct pay, true. It is part of running your business.

Where do charges stop? Do you need to be paid to get out of bed in the morning? To walk to your computer? To turn ON your computer? To load your programs?

Something, ladies, you simply have to do for yourself.

to me, your response is RIDICULOUS!
"American workers are pricing themselves out of the market with both their hourly wage demands......." This is YOUR statement. How else am I supposed to see it?? BTY, I am NOT whining, just stating the FACTS (as I see them). You had your say, and I had mine. Grow up!
Sometimes I think some of these doctors get more and more ridiculous ...

by the day.

I feel for you in this and will be sending positive thoughts your way that you'll get through the rest of the day without becoming too overwhelmed and stressed out.

That pay is ridiculous even for a newbie
If you graduated and did well from a good school (such as M-Tec or Andrews) you will have no trouble finding a decent job for decent pay. Starting pay for newbies should be in the 7-8-cents a line range. No lower than 6.

At 4 cents a line,at 100 lines per hour (typical for a newbie) that's only 4 dollars an hour. At 150 lines per hour it's only 6 dollars an hour.

I think this company is trying to get someone who has NO actual MT experience and may be desperate to work at home--maybe have skid-by skills.

No. Not for PT, not for FT, not ever. That kind of pay is beyond ridiculous.
Okay, I just started SR, but come on! This is ridiculous. SM

First, this is an American, clear as a bell dictator.  Dictation does not come more straight forward than this guy:

SR:  This is a vaginal lady

Actually dictated:  This is a 51-year-old lady

Somebody explain to me how SR is such a wonderful tool?!?!?!

I am doing SR on Dictaphone EXText and it is just awful.  Reports are just full of this kind of crap.  I was just wondering does the Dictaphone SR server "learn."  I know there are some SR programs that learn after the same correction is made consistently.  The SR server will then auto correct itself.  Is this true with Dictaphone?  Because I have been doing SR for a couple of months now and it hasn't gotten any better and I'm making the same corrections over and over!  I might as well be transcribing!

The ridiculous part
... they should know I am smart enough to know the difference. This makes me think that they are concerned about me getting information they would rather I did not have.
That's ridiculous, since you have been working
for about 3 years.
MTSOs work together with MT schools which do anything possible to lure people into their training programs.

Just keep looking and testing until you get hired.

As far as I know one can only get 'additional taining' through an internship (there are very few out there and they ask for a fee and do not pay for work doneduring the internship)) or to register into a complete program.
There are no short 'refresher courses.

If I were you I would ontinue to apply. And don't let 'them' tell you that you are not good, you are good, they only want your money.
That's absolutely ridiculous. Why don't they fix it?
Are you pretty sure from past experience that it's not just ''saying'' it wrong on the results, but if the post does get 10 actual Thumbs Down, it's still automatically deleted?

We should really test it out with this post. Come on, folks, vote only Thumbs Up for this sucker, and let's see if it gets ''automatically'' deleted or not. (Vote on the original post, of course.)
No ONE should do VR for that ridiculous price.
Mine is 4 cpl and with straight intermixed you can make a decent salary.
Simply ridiculous. There are many people here who

have entered viewpoints on certain subjects.  It is an insult to MTStars for you to entertain the notion that only one person would post here with views different than what you would like to see.  Get over yourself and have a nice day for a change.


Maybe things have crossed over to ridiculous

They better soon get some work or everyone will quit anyway. This is getting ridiculous. There is no
doubt they have some agenda with all this continuous hiring and no work.
You're ridiculous. He's an adult and she can't do that.
She can talk to him, keep the lines of communication open with him, pray for him, but she has to decide what consequences she is willing to accept by where she draws her line of acceptance.

You cannot make decisions for grown children.

What a hateful parent to even try. Counsel them with a tender heart-to-heart but try to force them into living like yourself? HATEFUL.

Out of curiosity, what are the ridiculous demands?
Just curious what they might be. 
That kind of inflexibility is RIDICULOUS! nm
Small MTSO here - 6 cpl -- ridiculous

I as a small MTSO would be so embarassed to offer 6 cpl to anyone.  Could not believe what I read.   At the most I take  20 - 25% of what I charge clients and pay the IC the 80%.  I even do the pick up, QA, billing and delivery of finished products.  But to offer 6 cpl is a slap in the face.  Even newbies I offer 7.5 to 8 cpl and start them on the easiest accounts.   Hopefully she can sleep at night and look at her face in the mirror.  


agree with your ridiculous opinion
75,000..what..we're not doctors..'scuse me sweetie..but a doctor could not do what I do. I am worth every cent of upwards of $75,000/a year..I am highly trained medical terminology specialist and there is not one clinician who could sit down and transcribe the multidisciplinary medical reports I transcribe. You go ahead and think you are worth $10/hour...I know my worth. No wonder Medquist and other MTSOs are able to get away with the crap they do...stupid women who feel they are not worth being paid for their expertise.
I find it ridiculous and pathetic that somebody who
volunteers to give expert advice for free, like you, is being attacked by people who are less knowledgeable.
And that it comes to a point that these experts have to 'apologize' for being so knowledgeable, instead to be thanked for their advice and help.

Your writing style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, all are of highest caliber, I congratulate you for this.

And I have never spotted a typo! (I might have missed one, but I do not think so).

Please keep on giving us your expert advice, thank you!
How ridiculous and pathetic, rather slupid!...
Go and drown yourself in drugs and medicaments, we'll see who bites the dust first!

Another Xanax-druggie?!