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As long as you are cutting and pasting inside DQS, its okay. Just don't try to paste from a Word

Posted By: nm on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: Question about DQS - Ollie Woo


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Cutting and pasting from Word....
...was grounds for immediate dismissal at one place I worked.  So what I did was put an icon for the clipboard on my Toolbar so it was easy to clear the clipboard after every report.  That way there was no danger of accidently cutting and pasting onto the wrong report.
Are you still cutting and pasting normals? I can't do
Single spaces when cutting and pasting.
I was told when we first went on that platform that even though it looks different when you cut and paste, when it prints out, it matches the other part of the report.  I was never able to verify that by printing it myself, but that's what my manager told me. 
editing/cutting/pasting charging

Would like to know what to charge a potential client that is using voice recog for their discharge summeries, but they want me to cut and paste it into the form on their system. 

Any suggests on how to charge for this since I will not be listening to the actual dictation and doing it.


thanx for any help


typing in MEditech and cutting and pasting - here's how I do it
When you are in Meditech, and it says something like - I can't remember what it asks, but it says something along the lines of Y/N RTF Editor or something like that - ... type yes, and it brings you into Word. Type your report, and then click on the RED X in the corner of your page and HIT YES. This will cross the report OVER INTO Meditech. Then proceed with finalizing your report the way you do.

Hope this helps
Anyone who needs a laugh, copy and paste link inside. sm

Subject: You Have Got to Listen to This. It is
> Hilarious!
> This Happened on 768 Northwest Highway in Dallas.
> You've got to listen to this! It's a phone call
> from a man in Texas who
> witnessed a car accident involved 4 elderly women.
> It was so popular when they played it on CHUM FM
> that they had to put it on
> their site.
> http://www.chumfm.com/MorningShow/bits/march24.swf

Better no word than the company cutting you off before
We can't cut and paste from word

into that platform, they say it messes up the format in the original reports....so I don't do that, but I do copy the note from the Emdat platform into a word document to make sure I haven't missed anything because my Word program has a better spellchecker. 

I did not know that you could use Shorthand in there...I really don't know what that is...I had Stedman's word Expander program (can't recall the name right now), but my company said it won't work in the Emdat program.....is it call shorthand...do you have the link?  I would appreciate any information.


I too use Meditch and cut and paste from Word...sm

You can set up Meditch to use a Word interface, which is what i do, and then i cut and paste from my verision of Word to the Meditech version of Word. 

I have a remote desktop that i connect to and so i basically have 2 desktops running at the same time..."mine" and "theirs."  It is quick and easy to switch back between the 2 and do a cut and paste.  If you cut and paste directly into the meditech screen it is very slow and painful.  I too have found that the spellchecker and also the expansion component in Meditech is totally useless.  I use Speedtype and it will work in the version of Meditech that I am using.

If you want to know how to set up the Word Interface in Meditech just send me a pm and I can send you the instructions.  It takes just a couple of minutes to do.



Can you cut and paste from Word to Meditech?
Can someone tell me if I can type a report in word and use the bold function, then cut and paste it into Meditech and still have the bold sections bolded (blue)? Also, will lines wrap around correctly when using the tab key.  
It won't minimize so you can see Word in one and QLDB in another, and won't cut and paste. SM

There's nothing "wrong" with my CD, it's just that this edition (2007) doesn't have some of the functions of earlier versions.  It's not something you would find out unless you bought it and installed it.  If you don't care about those functions, go ahead and spend your money.  But for just the wild card or fuzzy search function there are other places on the web, that do not charge, and where you can minimize and cut and paste. 

This was discussed on a couple of other MT boards, with the same conclusion and disappointment as above. 

You decide. 


you can copy and paste from word to meditech...
It is alt V instead of ctrl V. It is VERY slow doing it that way though.
I'd work in Word and cut and paste into their system. SM
Ask them if you can type it in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste (copy the Word document and paste it into their system).

It is not feasible to work without a spell checker. Word has a pretty good spell and grammar checker and there is no reason to do without it.

See if their "tech" department can come up with a macro to copy the text of the Word document and paste it into their program. Or, you could create a Word macro and paste it into their system. Either way. There is an excellent Macro recording program called Macro ToolWorks which is free for 30 days and then $40.00 that can duplicate key strokes and mouse movements, and could copy the document, go to their program and paste it in. They you'd just hit one button, like the Ctrl button plus a number. Their tech department should only take one or two days to come up with some solution.

Good luck. I just would not work without Word spell checker and also Steadman Medical Spell Checker. Essentials to any production typing job. Good luck !
Cut and paste a report into Word and run a line count there.
why on 1 computer for the same report would the word count be different in Word? (inside)
Like on 1 computer with word the document was 27000 character counts w/spaces

and the other computer (the one i type this account on says 13,000. How can there be such a difference with Word being the same? I am baffled.

10% to 15% MTs are cutting pay cuts or thats how much they are cutting from everyone's pay?
Know any good companys that are hiring? LOL
see inside for link and article from Bill Gates...lm (long message)


Bill Gates bets $84M on corn power
Investment in ethanol manufacturer by Microsoft founder shakes up industry.
December 13, 2005: 6:41 PM EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When the richest man in the world invests $84 million in a company, you can be sure Wall Street notices.

That's why Neil Koehler, president and chief executive of Pacific Ethanol Inc. (Research), was looking as if he had won the Powerball jackpot on Tuesday.

"It gave us instant credibility and the equity financing to be very credible and real with our (business) plan," he said of the investment by Bill Gates, the Microsoft Corp. (Research) founder, whose personal fortune of $46.5 billion topped Forbes magazine's list of the world's richest again this year.

"It really differentiated us from the pack," Koehler said. Gates' investment firm, Cascade Investment, agreed last month to buy 5.25 million preferred shares in Pacific Ethanol, a producer of the corn-based fuel hailed by environmentalists as an answer to the earth's dwindling supply of petroleum.

The financing, in which the preferred shares will be converted into common stock, is expected to close in January and will net the Fresno, California-based company $84 million.

The Gates ripple effect

In an interview at Reuters' Times Square offices, Koehler said Gates' investment was a sign that ethanol can be a viable alternative to oil at a time of see-sawing gasoline prices and concerns about global warming and climate change.

"It's all coalescing and, obviously, a smart investor like Bill Gates sees that," said Koehler, who was in New York to attract institutional investors.

Gates' money will help Pacific Ethanol proceed with its plan to initially build five plants on the West Coast to process Midwestern corn into ethanol, he said.

"It's not only had a huge impact on our operations, but it's had a huge ripple effect on the whole industry. It has really caused a stir in the ethanol industry that Bill Gates has stepped up and said: 'I believe in ethanol.'"

The company went public in March and the $84 million will help finance the plant construction.

"This was very much our strategy and they very much synched up and helped us make it more real," he said. "They had decided they wanted to get into ethanol and had looked at many companies before they found us."

Despite the investment, Koehler has not met Gates, who is also known as a philanthropist.

"He's pretty hands-off," he said.

But just the name is enough to attract attention from Wall Street and oil companies, said Koehler.

"With Bill Gates and that whole left-wing, progressive position that he has and the philanthropic thing, it reinforces ethanol's green stamp," he added.

Ethanol versus oil

With crude oil at $50+ per barrel, Koehler sees the market for ethanol-burning vehicles growing. Already, U.S. gasoline contains about 10 percent ethanol and Ford (Research) and General Motors (Research) are developing cars to run on 80 percent ethanol.

With 150 billion gallons of gasoline sold in the United States each year, that represents some 15 billion gallons of ethanol.

"We could do what Brazil's done and have 30, 40 percent of our transportation fuel renewable," he said.

Brazil, which makes ethanol from sugar cane, and the United States are the two largest ethanol-producing countries, he added.

"It's a common fact, we are running out of oil and there is only one commercially-viable liquid fuel alternative," Koehler said.

But historically low gas prices and powerful big oil companies combined to stunt the ethanol industry for years.

"Because of the politics of the oil industry, ethanol has always been viewed as raining on their parade, interfering with their business model," said Koehler.

However, the situation has changed and oil companies now look more favorably on ethanol than other transportation power sources, such as electricity, fuel cells or hydrogen.

In addition, President Bush's energy bill included renewable fuel standards and starting on Jan. 1, it requires a virtual doubling of ethanol fuel use from the current 4 billion gallons to 7-1/2 billion gallons by 2012.

"With $50 oil and up, ethanol is very attractive from a price standpoint," said Koehler.

Ethanol receives a 51 cent per gallon incentive from the U.S. government and today it is selling wholesale for roughly $2 a gallon.

"The actual cost to a refiner is roughly $1.50 and wholesale gasoline is roughly $1.70 or $1.80 today," said Koehler.

And in another sign of the future, he said that, starting next year, the Indy Racing League is converting all Indy racing cars to run on the high-octane alternative.

"Ethanol is racing fuel," he added.




In word?..see inside.
If you are typing in word and say you type a header, return and it would be "Alt L". This will start with 1 and automatical tab over to start typing. When you return at end it will give No. 2. Say you have 3 diagnoses, and when you return it says for, hit return again and this will turn it off. Then to start numbering again, hit Alt L. Hope that works.
See inside (these go on the Word Board, BTW)

"10.3 milliquery technician mag 3."

It is 10.3 mCi technetium Mag-3

Alternates, depending on doctor's/client's style

 10.3 millicuries technetium Mag-3

OR 10.3 mCi Tc-99m MAG-3


is normoreflexic a real word? see inside

He is areflexic at the ankles and normoreflexic at the knees.


MD is very clear.  Any suggestions?  Many thanks !!!

One Word: Siphotrol ...link inside
One can of Siphotrol will cover 2000 square feet of house. I have used this in the past, and it works better than anything I've ever tried.

Also, Word has the AutoCorrect and AutoText--see inside
Also, Word has the excellent AutoCorrect (for expanding words like "tp" into "the patient"). It is an excellent help, the only downside being that it maxes out at about 7000 entries.

Also, for longer portions of type, like something a doctor says over and over, there is AutoText in Microsoft Word. Just put the paragraph or sentence or whatever in th AutoText, and the next time the doc says it, you can put it in.

Also, you can save complete documents in Word that you may use again- like psychiatric tests that they do-- you can just open that document and rename it a new name (keeping the old document as the template, like "Dr Smith Psyc tests" and then rename it when you do it to something new- and you can have all your margins, test headings, tabs, etc.

I would not work without these 3 things being available--AutoCorrect, AutoText, and the ability to store documents that I might want to use again.

So, I'd just drag them into the 21st century! It is actually ridiculous. Would their programmer(s) work without their production shortcuts? They have plenty of them. Ask them not to use any, to type every / and etc. and have no canned programming stored, and see how they like it. Arrogant snobs.
see inside & seach word 2003
See inside for how to access Word's line counter...
Open your Word program and select Tools and then Word Count.
Word Macro to count Lines Strict inside


The solutions others gave are good, but if I just needed to get the number of lines with typing (and don't need an invoice or a report), I'd use a Word macro.

The other solutions offered have this drawback: If the body of your document contains tables, the count Word gives you is vastly inflated, for Word counts each cell in that table as a line. This is not what the eye sees, and becomes problematic when you try to justify such to your client.

Below is a macro for counting what we at Emmaus call Lines Strict. (i.e. Lines with typing on them, vs Lines Extended that includes the blank lines).

To use it, copy from Public Sub through End Sub, and paste it into your macros along with your other macros. Easiest way of doing this is (after you have copied the appropriate lines):

1. Click Tools | Macros, and select an existing macro.

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Once the Visual Basic Editor opens, press Ctrl+End to move to the bottom.

4. Paste the clipboard contents.

5. Click File | Compile Normal. (If you've pasted things that don't belong, it won't compile.)

6. Click File | Close and Return to MS Word.

Merry Christmas!

OOPS! I looked at the HTML code after I pasted the code into the editor on this board, and it added things that when pasted into the Visual Basic Editor in Word will not compile. Here's the code if you want to retype it, but pasting won't work. If you send me an email, I'll attach the code into a .txt document, and you won't have any problems.  vjoet@attglobal.net

Public Sub GetLinesStrictCount()
    Dim CharsStrict As Long
    Dim Count As Long
    Dim ParaswBlanks As Long
    Dim ParasWOBlanks As Long
    Dim LineswBlanks As Long
    Dim BlankLines As Long
    Dim LinesWOBlanks As Long
    Dim NumOfTables As Long
    Dim NumOfRows As Long
    Dim TableRowCount As Long
    Dim x As Integer
    TableRowCount = 0
    NumOfTables = 0
    NumOfRows = 0
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticCharacters)
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticLines)
    CharsStrict = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyCharacters)
    ParasWOBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyParas)
    LineswBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyLines)

    NumOfTables = ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Count
    If NumOfTables > 0 Then
        For x = 1 To NumOfTables
            With ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Item(x)
                NumOfRows = NumOfRows + .Rows.Count
            End With
        TableRowCount = NumOfRows
    End If
    If CharsStrict > 0 Then
        ParaswBlanks = ActiveDocument.Range(wdMainTextStory).Paragraphs.Count
        ParaswBlanks = 1
    End If
    If LineswBlanks > 1 Then
        LineswBlanks = LineswBlanks + 1
    End If
    If ParaswBlanks = 1 And ParasWOBlanks = 1 Then
        BlankLines = 0
        BlankLines = ParaswBlanks - ParasWOBlanks
    End If
    LinesWOBlanks = LineswBlanks - BlankLines
    Count = LinesWOBlanks
    MsgBox "Lines Strict (with typing) = " & CStr(Count + TableRowCount)
End Sub



Setting up macro in Word for jump code...inside
(you can actually use any key on the keyboard, I actually use F3 because it doesn't seem to interfere with anyting.)

I call it a "jumpcode" and what you need to do is create a Word macro for it. For example, I use (Alt + /) to insert blanks in a document. Now if I want to jump to the blanks I use (Alt + >). In reading your question, it sounds as if the symbol you want to "jump" to is already in the document, so you would just have to define the jumpcode for that prompt.

So, first create your macro.
1. Tools - Macro - Record New Macro.
2. Name your macro (ex. Jumpcode) or use the default Macro name
3. Assign macro to Keyboard.
5. Select Assign - Close
6. You will then notice the "record macro function" come on (symbol of a little tape cassette will appear on screen). All key strokes from this point will be recorded until you turn off record macro function.
7. Recording your macro. Since the jumpcode you want to jump to is the >" you should set it up this way:
A. Ctrl + F (the find function). This will pull up the "Find and Replace" box.
B. Type in the prompt you want to find which would be >"
C. Hit "Find Next"
D. Then close "Find and Replace" box.
E. Stop recording. (Hit the square in the record macro icon)

Now when you hit "Alt + J" system should jump to the >" prompt in your document

Kathy - See inside; belongs on Word board; thread locked.

E-mail myself or the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) and tell us what the error message says. We will resolve this problem for you.

Posting policies are posted clearly. If you have problems with posting on one of the specialty boards, you should notify us.

Word has been slow for a long time and I just
cleaned up the Autocorrect and what a difference.  Thanks for the information!
Not because of pasting but if you apply to any job
if it reaches the company you sent your resume to, just like when you post a message your email is already filled in.  It's cookies in your browser like above poster said.
question about pasting
Every time I copy and paste something, and right click my mouse, I am getting something that I probably pasted days ago.  Can't get rid of it.  Can anyone help?
Leave it be after pasting it in.
It will align itself in the e-mail.  I have had companies reply to that e-mail from here, and it is all aligned.....  No worries!!!  Good luck in your endeavors! 
One time when copying and pasting
from a previous report to get a sample of the PE, I noticed that the MT had put in spaces at the end of the sentence and throughout the whole next line instead of hitting enter twice. I never said anything, but I wondered if that MT would ever get caught for that. My company pays for spaces so I'm sure that can add up if he/she does that all the time.
Probably a ridiculous question about pasting resume...please see message.
When applying for a job, you know the small box that you are given to copy and paste your resume into? I noticed when I do this that ALL formatting is lost. Does the document retain its format after it is sent or do any of you sit there for an hour and "fix" it in that small box? Forgive my ignorance. I know this is probably a ridiculous question, but I need a job and don't want to send my resume all chopped up.

Thank you!
You are correct on all points-I ended up copy/pasting
If the cutting you take is - sm
woody (stiff and tree-like), then you really should dip the end in some rooting hormone and start it in dirt under a plastic bag until you see new growth. Woody cuttings are hard to start in water, and sometimes just rot. English Ivy has woody branches, unless you cut the very last inch or two off a branch, which may root in water. Hope this helps.
MT not cutting it
Most places allow a 90 day probationary period.  I would think half way thru that a new MT should be able to at least be fairly proficient with at least one work type and the easier dictators.  There has to be an equal upward progression in both speed and quality.  I have learned from experience though it's better to dismiss someone that you can tell just is not going to get it - no matter how much time you give them.
QA, pay not cutting it
I accidentally posted a (whinier) version of this to the Medquist board, oops. Sorry if anyone is seeing this as a double post.

I have a community college certification in medical transcription, but have only been able to find work as QA. I've been working QA for about 9 months and now do oncology exclusively - I had transcription work for a while, but then the account went over to an electronic system and that went out the window.

The pay I'm getting right now ($0.02 a line as an independent contractor) really isn't cutting it. I know I'm relatively new, but I just don't have 5-10 years to spend making this kind of money to get enough experience for a company that will pay me enough money to live on!

After losing the transcription work I had, I don't have much faith in transcription itself for a career. I think editing would be best, since presumably even doctors/hospitals utilizing an electronic program need someone to edit/proofread the reports generated. So, is it possible to find a QA position that pays adequately? Do salaried QA positons exist? What's the difference between QA and a transcription editor, if any, and how does one make that transition?

Should I just go back to school and become a coder instead?

I would also appreciate links to any QA/transcription Editor message boards.

I want to specify that I am grateful for my job. I like my supervisor and I greatly appreciate that someone gave me a chance. It's just that I can't live off it!

Thank you so much for any input.
I don't think cutting wages is against the law.
Not paying overtime for employees, inappropriate classification of statutory employees, etc., those items fall under DOL.

If cutting wages was a crime, then the airlines, factories, hospitals, virtually all businesses would be under "investigation" and in grave trouble.

What are you trying to accomplish with your post? Just put information out there about a company you won't name? Wanting advice? Truly, I don't understand what you are wanting in reply.

Cutting back.
My whole point in saying that some might need to reevaluate how they are living is that those complaining shouldn't be. Coming on these boards to complain about making money is quite disrespectful to those who are struggling to make half of what they make or are watching their family members struggle to survive because they don't have a job anymore. Does that make sense?
I understand that cutting back on
caffeine helps. If you work alone (as I do), try to use your speakers instead of headphones as much as you can.

Try cutting out soda and replace with
Green tea. I don't know if it will work but I cut out all diet pop this week and have been drinking diet green tea...Arizona brand, Lipton Citrus, and I've been making my own just with tea bags. I'm also 43, lost my dad in October, really depressed here in the Wisconsin winter, and a week ago I was at my highest nonpregnant weight. Well, let's see, actually I weighed about the same as I did at the end of my pregnancy with my first child back at age 21...and I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy! So...not so good. I can't go all the way on induction again, but I have been watching my carbs this week, although I really believe that even without that, this green tea is helping curb my appetite. I used to sit here and grab a snack and always be munching on something all day long. I haven't been as hungry and have hardly been snacking during the day. I'm also not falling asleep in my chair at 2-3 every day. It might be a little change you could try and see if it works for you. One other thing I've done...I've actually gone outside and walked. I work all the time and never make time to exercise, but I was feeling at my wits end and very depressed at getting to that weight. So, on Sunday before anyone got up, I went outside and actually walked for nearly an hour..and it was 32 degrees, although sunny. I've done that 4 more times this past week, when weather has permitted, and I mentally feel better. I've lost 8 pounds this week with these little changes, but mentally feel much better and am just taking it one day at a time to keep it up.
Sounds like they are cutting wages.
They want us to type for free.
Medical institutions are going to feel it as well. They WILL be cutting
An operation involves cutting, procedures do not.
Exercise, cutting down on sugar, and Prozac helps me. nm
Could anyone recommend a good headset and where they got it. Mine keeps cutting out.
I have had a heck of a time finding a good set of ear phones.. Everytime I buy a pair they either break, cord isnt long enough or sound quality isnt good.. HELP...
Hey, it you arent cutting me a check, dont edit
Cut and Paste in DQS
If you Edit, Select All then press the control button and the number 5 (not F5), it will change it back correctly.
First paste it to..
notepad, adjust it and then copy it from there to paste in reply to job ads.
can you copy and paste?

If not, check this site out!!!


Wow - it is interesting. You know, there is actually an organization called The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in charge of standardizing all this stuff up-and-coming.

Did you read the part about "MT changing more in the next few years than it has in the last 100"

This is it, right at this site.

It is documentation that the doctor or nurse, or healthcare provider carries and enters at the time of service...

It even automatically codes for billing, etc.

Rather than 'free text' of a doctor dictating, it is standardized text where the person enters the info...

so much to it, and it is exciting, just wished we fit in somewhere...