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Proper education? LOL

Posted By: Amy on 2005-08-09
In Reply to: Hahahah! - Sandra

This is not a regulated or licensed industry. There is no "proper education".

MT schools give a beginner level of knowledge and maybe a little touch on doing dictation but there's no "proper education" to be had here.

I've done this 25 years. I've never had "proper education". I was trained on the job. I was an EMT when I started my first MT job.

And please, stop comparing MTs and nurses like attorneys and paralegals. Those ARE regulated industries. Certification is necessary and a degree necessary.

Get over yourself. ROFL

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    The truth will set you free and the truth is more low level income people w/o education or proper
    skills to keep up their home or train their children live in trailer homes and low income housing. If that sets you off, maybe you should not visit these threads or read the posts regarding others viewpoints on trailer parks. They have zoning laws against them in many communities because they draw undesirable people are not particularly pleasing to the community as a whole, bringing property values down. If you have issues with this, seek out the government in various communities and have them change the laws. Fact is fact and you cannot dispute these facts.
    there's all kinds of *education* and education
    and maybe some proper spelling
    Proper way to write
    There was a post with the proper
    That's all.  Nothing real juicy or anything. 
    I would spell it out; don't know what is proper

    what's so funny about proper transcription? nm
    Learn proper English...
    YOU BE HAPPY THERE - Perhaps you be stupid?
    How about constructing some proper sentences?
    med-surg floor. It's not a proper name. NM
    people who are attracted to something that is not proper.
    Instincts are not always in one's best interest and to follow those interests doesn't make it right.
    Who decides proper? If these two cowboys sm
    lived alone with each other and didn't get married and pretend they weren't gay they still wouldn't be proper, right? They couldn't win for losing your book,right? It's views like your that push gay kids to committ suicide rather than live in YOUR world and deny how they were born. And they are BORN that way and here's how I know-who would CHOOSE such a behavior knowing how half of society would shun them??? Who would CHOOSE to be ridiculed and made fun of? Who would CHOOSE to be judged the rest of their lives not on who they are but who they live with???? I know a lot of women married to creeps who I don't judge because of their husbands, judgement by association is cowardly. Why don't you get to know PEOPLE and judge them accordingly based on WHO they are not WHAT they are??
    Proper way to submit resignation?
    How much information does one have to include in a resignation? Just the date effective? Do you need to give the reasons in the resignation?  TIA!
    proper diagnosis!!! for my exhusband too...LOL...sm
    but it isn't really funny and I'm not really laughing.....it was him or my sanity, as I posted below, and my sanity won out but you have put the proper diagnosis on it because I've been saying for 20 years, he was/is a passive aggressive.....always pointing the finger, placing blame and never looking inside himself as maybe it's him who is/was the problem......(also a triple virgo male *LOL* sun, moon, rising-ascendant). 
    Proper nouns get capitalized...sm
    I know, I know, they all have their opinion; but as far as I know, the correct way is if they don't say the "Proper" name of the area then it is just a common noun, which does not get capitalized.

    St. Mary's Emergency Room
    The emergency Room

    West Central Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic
    Referred to an ear, nose, and throat clinic.

    The account specifics might say different.

    Here's one for you:

    When you are typing your resume, and you want to say you have experience in clinic notes, do we capitalize Clinic Notes? I'm seeing it both ways. I would say "no" but want to make sure.

    Either you know proper English or you don't. It's not something you turn on and off. nm
    ...your E-mails have to have proper English and punctuation.
    Am I alone?
    Well, this is America and the proper spelling is check.
    they don't move the post to proper board....sm

    the moderators may remove a post/thread but they don't replace it on the proper board - that would be your own thing to do. 

    HTH (hope that helps!) 

    I agree with capitalizing proper nouns only. sm
    That is the proper way in the English language. Unfortunately, that may not be what BOS recommends. :(
    I have a theory about grammar, proper English going the way of
    the dinosaur.  I am beginning to think that with all the ESLs who cannot speak English, that everyone else has totally forgotten how to conjugate verbs, have no idea what sentence syntax means, understand the relationships of nouns to verbs, etc.  I am wondering how long it will take before no one makes much sense and it really bothers me.  I see paragraphs where truly, it is difficult to tell exactly what is being said, what relates to what.  I long for the days when I had an ESL who wanted me to correct her, even to the point of completely reworking her sentences to sound better. 
    If the dictators could speak proper English and enunciate clearly,

    if the supervisors didn't bounce MTs off of QA in less than a week and then gripe at everyone about leaving blanks, if the account specs were clearly delineated, if the pay was worth a darn, if the QA feedback was constructive and consistent, then maybe the MTs would care about quality and loyalty. 

    Sorry, but my account goes by proper English grammar rules
    not that made-up garbage from the AAMT.
    Poor sound quality, looking up proper names, sm
    switching from one account to another, not enough work, repetitive stress injuries, accounts continually changing they way they want things done, uninvited guests, slow ISPs, inability to get broadband, accounts having server problems,lack of proper reference materials at hand (meaning MT word books and dictionaries), relying on Google 100%, visiting this and other boards, chocolate cravings, food cravings, extreme boredom, extreme fatigue, delirium.

    If you have your own account and no longer want to do it, how long is proper notice?
    I have a very small account that is way too much aggravation.  They have abbreviated things so much and nickeled and dimed me to death.  Plus the dictation is bad.  I'm making almost no money.  I am thinking of telling them they need to find someone else.  How long a period of time (notice) should I give them before I'm done?
    Proper or pretentious to use *AA* (assoc/arts) after one's name professionally? (nomsg)
    Black IS proper evening formal attire. Sounds gorgeous.
    way off topic wedding present question - is there proper etiquette on the amount a guest must (sm)
    spend on the wedding present?   I have known people who hardly know the bride and groom yet spend $75 to $100 on a present.  Is this now the expected/correct amount to spend?  I was inclined to spend $25.  Am I being cheap?
    Also, every other civilized country has a better education system than the U.S. We graduate people who cannot read and write. I only hire Canadian MTs by choice anymore, because with a mere high school equivalent education they're leagues ahead of their U.S. counterparts.

    When we moved from Canada to the U.S. (I was a child), my siblings felt like they had jumped BACK 5 years in school and quickly became bored and disinterested, while they achieved straight As in Canada.

    Education is not a priority here, yet we gripe when jobs go to more educated countries.

    Again, I guess it comes down to our vote.

    Healtchare and education are not priorities in this country.
    You need a little bit of an education.sm
    Homosexuals, pedophilia, nymphos, etc, etc. all fall into the category of deviant, aberrant, and perverted behavior. They are not born that way,they choose to be perverts. No 5 year old knows they are a homosexual, they certainly could become psychologically disturbed after some pervert/deviant did something to them at that age or before that.
    Try education
    a little self-education goes such....SM

    Many people share misconceptions about snakes. In reality, the large majority of them are harmless, gentle creatures that provide valuable service in controlling rodent populations around our farms and homes.

    The snakes most likely to be seen in our area are garter snakes and gopher snakes, both harmless. King snakes and rattlesnakes are encountered much less frequently. The gopher snake's superficial resemblance to the rattlesnake often creates problems for it, but they can actually be told apart fairly easily. Although the gopher snake will vibrate its tail, it has no rattles, the unique property of the rattler. The gopher snake also has round pupils in its eyes like ours, while the rattler's pupils are elliptical, or pointed like a cat's.

    The rattler is the only snake to be avoided in California, and this is not difficult. When hiking or climbing, wear boots and avoid placing hands and feet in places where you cannot see. If you should encounter a rattlesnake or any snake, your best course of action is to back off and allow the snake a way to retreat, which they will generally quickly do. Should someone be bitten by what you believe to be a rattler, attempt to kill the snake if this can be done without delay and take it along to aid in identification. Immediately take the bitten person to the nearest hospital, where healthy people usually recover quickly from such a bite with treatment.

    Most snakes are harmless and helpful, and should never be killed unnecessarily, as the benefits they provide are considerable.


    It all comes down to education. SM
    This is my opinion of course, so slam me if you wish or agree with my beliefs. Our society has gone so "far out there" with regard to morals in regard to the welfare system for example. Our young women in this country, not all, but many (particularly the lower income areas) feel their most important goal in life is to have babies and get money from the government. They have multiple babies from different men and are not even sure who their children's biological fathers are. These kids grow up and continue the vicious cycle. In doing so, the lack of education that many U.S. citizens get is ridiculous. It does not take money to get a solid education, but many women (and men) choose the easy road with the welfare system. No government policies put a stop to this, which I believe is just a crush to the hard working and educated part of the population who are successful citizens in their lives. There may be poverty in foreign countries, but not by the citizens choice. India citizens, for example, are very intelligent and educated and willing to be successful in careers. No, I do not agree with outsourcing our work, and the company I work for does not outsource. My point is that standards and morals in many parts of the U.S. stink, for which I blame the lazy, uneducated people working the system, and the government policies that allow this to happen. (Yes, there are those on Medicaid who truly are disabled and need the support. I am not even referring to those individuals). The middle class should be rewarded for working hard, but instead the lower class just gets more and more given to them via support by the government. If this continues, our jobs will be significantly overtaken by foreign countries.
    Where I am, if you have the education and
    experience, it pays better than MT. Oddly enough, last I heard, no program could code as well as a person, and because profits are involved instead of harder- to-appreciate quality, those who hire have no choice but to care about quality when it comes to coding. The proof is all in the numbers. Put another way, MTs cost money, coders find money. But where I am, the education is stressed more also, and you have to work on-site for the hospitals here (last I heard).
    Do you have any MT education, did you
    get a certificate?  You need to start there first if not.  Otherwise you should list your resume on the various free job boards. 
    You don't know anything about MY education

    Question my actions all you want, but let's leave the personal comments out of it, okay?

    I could give you a run-down on my "education" but that is not the point here. I asked a question about something I had not dealt with before, and asked how other MTs handle it. I did not ask for personal comments or slurs.

    Education is everything - sm
    Point them in the direction of a GOOD school.  I am talking one of the Big 3.  You get what you pay for.  I graduated from M-Tec 8 years ago and have been working from home ever since doing acute care.  When I did QA I saw successful graduates also come out of Andrews.  People from schools outside of the Big 3 were so ill-prepared it was impossible for them to keep a job.  They are the ones who come here begging for someone to give them a chance.  Many, many companies will waive the 2 years' experience requirement because the education received at these schools is that good.  I had recruiters banging my door down to test when I graduated.  Check out the good schools!
    Continuing Education
    Does anyone know where I can get affordable continuing education to keep my CMT? I need 20 hours before this time next year.
    By continuing education, do you mean (sm)
    the credits you need to renew your CMT credential?  If you are an AAMT member, there are articles in the organization's publications whereby you can earn CEC credits.  M-Tec (on line) has a skillbuilding wizard whereby you can earn credits.  Is there a local AAMT chapter in your area?  This is the easiest way to earn credits, i.e., attending their symposia to earn credits.  E-mail me if you need more info.
    BA Music Education. nm
    entertaining education...

    in looking up a term encountered today, i googled to this page, on Tako-Tsubo cardiomyopathy -- quite informative and fun images....so thought i'd share.



    Education assumptions
    Many people assume, because they have have four + years of college and can type well, that of course they would be able to do MT. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is quite a long learning curve and for a long time, the salary earned by an at-home just starting out MT (IF you can get hired) would not be out of place in a third world country.

    I do not believe that being an MT will be viable for many more years. The pay is getting worse and there is less work due to speech recognition and electronic patient records. More and more people are chasing this work (because you will be competing for a job in a global workplace) which, of course, causes the pay to go even lower.

    Get experience and more education first.
    With your statement that you are pretty confident you can do the work, you tell me that you really have no clue what you are getting into.

    You'll save yourself much in finances and in emotional grief if you will go through an AAMT-approved MT training program and utilize that in jumpstarting your career.

    EDIT? Since when did we have the education
    that the physician does and where do you draw the line?? 
    To help us we use education, research and
    How does one get started with no exp. but has education?
    I took the Medical Transcription / Medical Coding program at Blinn College in Bryan, TX and graduated with a 4.0. I have no exp. and the only places I can find all want people with exp. Where should I go look to find part time work??? I am a very fast typist with a high rate of accuracy, I just need a break into the field. Thanks for any suggestions!
    My education is better because I learned on the job.

    I paid too much for a crappy program that did even come close to preparing me for real-world medical transcription. 

    What I am saying is this, take a medical terminology course and keep studying after the course is over, take a human anatomy and physiology course, and take an English or have demonstrated skills in language usage and grammar, and then get out there and get a job. 

    You will learn more on the job then can ever be taught in ANY classroom!  Quite frankly, you could order a medical terminology text book and A&P text books and study on your own and be just as prepared as you would paying $4000, 2000, 1200 or whatever to a school.

    And yes, I have trained and QA'd Andrews and MTEC graduates and they have sucked eggs just as much as the next newbie MT. 

    Online education

    I'm looking at a company called Future MT for online education.  Does anyone know anything about them?

    thomson education direct
    Can any one tell me about this program for medical transcription?  I have started the course, but feel unsure about it.  It is it an okay course?
    You don't owe your children a college education at all.
    My personal advice to my own children was/is this: As long as you want to invest your effort and energy, I will help you past high school in getting an education.

    If you stay home while you attend and keep good grades, I will provide your transportation, you can live here rent-free, eat here, and we will work together to make sure you have all your college expenses paid for and have some pocket money.

    If you choose to live out, as long as I see you are keeping your grades, I will give you a limited set amount of financial aid.

    However, if you feel I owe it to you or you fail to respect my effort to assist you, then you are on your own.

    I also tied their inheritance to their achievements. The more they do for themselves and the higher the education, the greater the percentage of their inheritance. If they felt it wasn't necessary to prepare themselves now, don't count on my estate assisting them later.

    It is hard to let them make these mistakes sometimes but the more painful it is for them, the quicker they learn. Doesn't take but touching the hot stove once for a kid to realize I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!
    I received an excellent education through M-TEC