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Proper way to write

Posted By: 10 to the 5th E.coli in the urine on 2005-09-27
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Buy if from your husband. Have him write you a receipt. Write it off completely or
depreciate it over a few years.
Proper education? LOL
This is not a regulated or licensed industry. There is no "proper education".

MT schools give a beginner level of knowledge and maybe a little touch on doing dictation but there's no "proper education" to be had here.

I've done this 25 years. I've never had "proper education". I was trained on the job. I was an EMT when I started my first MT job.

And please, stop comparing MTs and nurses like attorneys and paralegals. Those ARE regulated industries. Certification is necessary and a degree necessary.

Get over yourself. ROFL
and maybe some proper spelling
There was a post with the proper
That's all.  Nothing real juicy or anything. 
I would spell it out; don't know what is proper

what's so funny about proper transcription? nm
Learn proper English...
YOU BE HAPPY THERE - Perhaps you be stupid?
How about constructing some proper sentences?
med-surg floor. It's not a proper name. NM
people who are attracted to something that is not proper.
Instincts are not always in one's best interest and to follow those interests doesn't make it right.
Who decides proper? If these two cowboys sm
lived alone with each other and didn't get married and pretend they weren't gay they still wouldn't be proper, right? They couldn't win for losing your book,right? It's views like your that push gay kids to committ suicide rather than live in YOUR world and deny how they were born. And they are BORN that way and here's how I know-who would CHOOSE such a behavior knowing how half of society would shun them??? Who would CHOOSE to be ridiculed and made fun of? Who would CHOOSE to be judged the rest of their lives not on who they are but who they live with???? I know a lot of women married to creeps who I don't judge because of their husbands, judgement by association is cowardly. Why don't you get to know PEOPLE and judge them accordingly based on WHO they are not WHAT they are??
Proper way to submit resignation?
How much information does one have to include in a resignation? Just the date effective? Do you need to give the reasons in the resignation?  TIA!
proper diagnosis!!! for my exhusband too...LOL...sm
but it isn't really funny and I'm not really laughing.....it was him or my sanity, as I posted below, and my sanity won out but you have put the proper diagnosis on it because I've been saying for 20 years, he was/is a passive aggressive.....always pointing the finger, placing blame and never looking inside himself as maybe it's him who is/was the problem......(also a triple virgo male *LOL* sun, moon, rising-ascendant). 
Proper nouns get capitalized...sm
I know, I know, they all have their opinion; but as far as I know, the correct way is if they don't say the "Proper" name of the area then it is just a common noun, which does not get capitalized.

St. Mary's Emergency Room
The emergency Room

West Central Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic
Referred to an ear, nose, and throat clinic.

The account specifics might say different.

Here's one for you:

When you are typing your resume, and you want to say you have experience in clinic notes, do we capitalize Clinic Notes? I'm seeing it both ways. I would say "no" but want to make sure.

Either you know proper English or you don't. It's not something you turn on and off. nm
...your E-mails have to have proper English and punctuation.
Am I alone?
Well, this is America and the proper spelling is check.
they don't move the post to proper board....sm

the moderators may remove a post/thread but they don't replace it on the proper board - that would be your own thing to do. 

HTH (hope that helps!) 

I agree with capitalizing proper nouns only. sm
That is the proper way in the English language. Unfortunately, that may not be what BOS recommends. :(
I have a theory about grammar, proper English going the way of
the dinosaur.  I am beginning to think that with all the ESLs who cannot speak English, that everyone else has totally forgotten how to conjugate verbs, have no idea what sentence syntax means, understand the relationships of nouns to verbs, etc.  I am wondering how long it will take before no one makes much sense and it really bothers me.  I see paragraphs where truly, it is difficult to tell exactly what is being said, what relates to what.  I long for the days when I had an ESL who wanted me to correct her, even to the point of completely reworking her sentences to sound better. 
If the dictators could speak proper English and enunciate clearly,

if the supervisors didn't bounce MTs off of QA in less than a week and then gripe at everyone about leaving blanks, if the account specs were clearly delineated, if the pay was worth a darn, if the QA feedback was constructive and consistent, then maybe the MTs would care about quality and loyalty. 

Sorry, but my account goes by proper English grammar rules
not that made-up garbage from the AAMT.
Poor sound quality, looking up proper names, sm
switching from one account to another, not enough work, repetitive stress injuries, accounts continually changing they way they want things done, uninvited guests, slow ISPs, inability to get broadband, accounts having server problems,lack of proper reference materials at hand (meaning MT word books and dictionaries), relying on Google 100%, visiting this and other boards, chocolate cravings, food cravings, extreme boredom, extreme fatigue, delirium.

If you have your own account and no longer want to do it, how long is proper notice?
I have a very small account that is way too much aggravation.  They have abbreviated things so much and nickeled and dimed me to death.  Plus the dictation is bad.  I'm making almost no money.  I am thinking of telling them they need to find someone else.  How long a period of time (notice) should I give them before I'm done?
Proper or pretentious to use *AA* (assoc/arts) after one's name professionally? (nomsg)
Black IS proper evening formal attire. Sounds gorgeous.
way off topic wedding present question - is there proper etiquette on the amount a guest must (sm)
spend on the wedding present?   I have known people who hardly know the bride and groom yet spend $75 to $100 on a present.  Is this now the expected/correct amount to spend?  I was inclined to spend $25.  Am I being cheap?
The truth will set you free and the truth is more low level income people w/o education or proper
skills to keep up their home or train their children live in trailer homes and low income housing. If that sets you off, maybe you should not visit these threads or read the posts regarding others viewpoints on trailer parks. They have zoning laws against them in many communities because they draw undesirable people are not particularly pleasing to the community as a whole, bringing property values down. If you have issues with this, seek out the government in various communities and have them change the laws. Fact is fact and you cannot dispute these facts.
yu arr sew write!
I gess yu tolt me.  I best be gittin on bak 2 the trailer.  Eye dun bin tolt awf bi a jenyus!  Yu gut me!  Tak to ye after a spell Mrs. Frank.  Buy now.  Doen't choak awn awl that venum, now, ya hear?
Why would you write someone up
gee that is very encouraging, I have been disciplined even with my current job when I was in the mentor program but not written up !!!!! That style of company is not for me, I should have listened to the posts of how they are sweet and than watch out... I'm sure a lot of people are happy with them they seem to have a lot of employees
I just had to write this....
I am now one week free from my best friend is what I like to call smoking.. This was difficult to give up and for the first time in my life I sat in a nonsmoking section at a restaurant yesterday, I can run a mile, I am alert and awake and feel good, my skin is actually looking younger.  I have attempted to quite many many times... The conclusion to this was its my body, I control my body, cigarettes do not control me, I control me, God gives us one body enjoy it, take care of it, REMEMBER ITS YOUR BODY... Sorry if this offends anyone I just needed to voice myself for I feel free for the first time in my Life....
Do you write down your (sm)

job numbers.  How do you keep record of work completed each day?

They need to write one about MTs
Synthroid 25 mg --hello? I have to change that one all the time. Or how about clonidine for anxiety? Or one of my personal faves respiratory rate 70, heart rate 16...happens all the time. Ladies give yourselves a pat on the back for fixing and "spotting" all of THEIR mistakes!
to write or not to write
I have always put on my resumes that I have the ability to transcribe foreign accented physicians and never had any comment made about it, so guess it worked for me.  The QA part, would state as you suggested, experienced in quality assurance....would look oh so pretty on the resume by all means.  Good luck.
You can write off anything you want to, you just have to
be able to document it if you get audited.  I would have DSL if I didn't need it for work and my whole family uses the internet so I can't in good faith write it off.  Even if I wouldn't have it if not needed for work I'm sure you still use it for personal use. 
Why you should write it down
The purpose to keeping a log of everything you do that is not actual transcription, i.e., is not typing to generate lines, is to show you how much time you spend not-working.

This can be a considerable amount of time. It's important to get a handle on it, though, because it goes a long way toward showing you where you can become more efficient.

Awareness of the "not-work" time -- I hesitate to call it wasted, because some of it is purposeful, even if it doesn't generate income -- is necessary if you are to control it.

Nearly everybody pops up out of the seat if it is a difficult dictator. When I code something difficult, I jump right up and find all sorts of errands to run. It's much easier to stay in the seat and stay focused if you are aware that you keep leaping up to run around.

Even taking a sip of coffee takes a few seconds. Looking away to the TV takes a split second here and there. Answering the phone takes a couple more. Pretty soon it's a whole minute, then an hour. If you have one hour a day in non-income-generating activities, if you made $10 per hour, you'd lose $10 a day, $50 a week, $200 a month, $2400 a year. Double that if you made $20 per hour.

Tax write off

Anyone know if we can write off our losses in the stock market last year.  I have no clue as I have always made money.  I sure my accountant is busy or I would call him.  Just curious, as my hubby took a big hit, should have listened to the bunionmeister.    Listen next time hubby. 

We should ALL write them &

tell them why we don't want to be members.  Seriously - although the following quote comes to mind: 

I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member - Groucho Marx

Oohhh, I like that. I'm going to write that down!! Thanks!! nm
You can only write off the percentage actually used...
for work.  Who uses 40% of the space in their house???  I write off 10-15%.  You also must use that work area for work only.  Come audit time (and it eventually may happen), you will need to show a floorplan of your house and what area is for work exclusively.  If you're writing off 40% you will be in deep doo-doo. 
You have it write Broke!!!
You are exactly right. Ooooh let me buy that huge TV or put a brand new Lexus in the driveway. please. Christmas is about giving not about receiving and it is not about giving presents. It is our time and our love that is needed most, especially this time of year. We do the same here. Make presents for each other, make the decorations for the tree, donate our time and our money to those who need it. Soup kitchens, Salvation Army, local homeless shelters, etc, etc. We have never "not" been able to afford going crazy on Christmas presents for our own families, but really just never wanted. Our entire family feels it is much more important to spend on those who most need our help. Kudos for you and a very merry Christmas!!!!!!
Better yet...write a book...
Merry Christmas
I have done both and prefer IC because I can write
everything off. You have to be very diligent about receipts and setting aside tax money though.

The only real difference in pay between the two is 7.25% for social security (self employment. You have to put aside the taxes rather than have the company pay them for you but either way, that tax money comes out of your check not the company's pocket.
Mine was before I became an MT. I used to have to write

a lot, using a lot of fine motor grip, took maybe 2 years.  Typing doesn't bother me unless I do a 12 hour day, but then with rest it is usually better.

I suggest wearing a splint/splints to bed because you may bend your wrists in your sleep and that will contribute to the problem.  Keeping them straight really helps.  My orthopod recommended 15 minute soaks - cold, hot, and then cold again.

I recommend lowering your keyboard tray if possible and putting a pillow in your lap and then the keyboard on your pillow.  This helps take a lot of the stress off.  I also find that I sit straighter with my back pressed against the back of my chair.   If that doesn't work for you put a towel, folded at least once, under your keyboard on your tray and that will help take some of the stress off also, though not as much as the pillow.  If you use a normal-sized bed pillow there is enough pillow to also rest your wrists on and to me is just more comfortable than having an edge of  the wrist pad.  I couldn't get used to a gel one.   If you are using a mouse have it on your keyboard tray where you don't have to bend your wrist as much to use it.

There are vitamins/supplements that are supposed to help  too.  I'm sorry I can't remember when they are but you can Google it. 

My last surgery was 17 years ago and I find that when I grip things, like a rake when doing yard work that my wrists hurt, but it doesn't hurt when I type, different muscles I guess.   I have lost some strength in my hand.  I was the one that always opened the jars no one else could and now I'm not able to open them.


Whatta Re-write!
Weird AL Yankovic could not have done a better re-write. ROFLOL!!!!   Priceless, just priceless.  Good job!
WRITE TO HBO to keep it on for years....*S*...nm
We change cc to mL, but how do we write cc/mL then? Is mL/mL okay? nm
If you ever write a check
you have given your banking information to everybody who sees that check. 
we could all write a book
I've had so many funny things happen working in hospitals and doing medical transcription in hospitals and at home. I wish I had written them all down. We could all write a book! Today has been fun what with the polls and the trips down memory lane we've taken today.
I would write one more letter and CC: to
the insurance commissioner and your insurance company. Write the letter to your physician's office, enclose copies showing proof of your payment of co-pays one more time.  I found whenever I had CC to the Insurance Commissioner, then people got serious about finding the correct records...
Get a tax guy now. His fee is a write-off, of which you will want as many as you can get. Things wi